Brian Imbus, Hypnotist

Thanks to the Students Activities Council at NJIT we were able to enjoy the incredible Hypnotist, Brian Imbus! On October 1, 2015, 9PM Brian Imbus performed his hypnotist act where ten NJIT students volunteered to be part of the main event! Not only is Brian Imbus a talented hypnotist but he is also a fine comedian making the audience laugh all night long with his humor! A great event for all to enjoy in the the highlander pub.

He will return with his Mentalist act next semester, so keep you eye out in the Spring!

Check out his website for more information



This past weekend was my favorite activity put on by the Student Activities Council - The Amazing Race.  The concept is simple - there are multiple teams of two running around campus in matching tshirts finding clues and completing challenges to the next clue in hopes of finishing 1st, 2nd, or 3rd and winning a cash prize.  This year, 1st received $200, 2nd $150, and 3rd $100.

In short, the race proves to be two-three hours of pure adrenaline.  I like to think I’m a competitive person, so the past three years when I didn’t place I was a little upset.  This year, however, when we reached the last clue (at the pool), I asked the guys working the station how many teams had made it to the pool and only ONE team had done so, which meant that we were in second place!  In the pool, we had to find our weighted-down water bottle that had our team number (eight) on it and give it to them for our final sprint to the finish line.

It was definitely unexpected because my partner and I were not sprinting the whole two hours.  We did figure out most of the clues quickly.  The clues led you to different areas.  For example, one clue was “#1543 23-5-15” which was a post office box.

We finished second, which is super fun.  Pocketing that money isn’t too bad either…
Iron Artist Competition in The Sunflower!

From ‘Iron Chef’ to ‘Iron Artist’
Last Updated: March 10, 2011

It’s one thing to perfect the solution to a math problem. Perfection for artists is more difficult to define. Time restraints force students to face their fears of failure and perfection head on.

Several students created works of art under the stress of a one-hour time restraint during the Iron Artist Competition, an activity put on the Student Activities Council on Wednesday in the RSC… .

NCT as High School Students and their Extra-Curriculars
  • Taeil:the good student. president of glee club. both teachers and students like him. basically no one is against him. teachers always ask him to do something for them. always cries. his vocals reach deep into your soul.
  • Hansol:the tall, handsome man from busan. students often mistake him for a teacher. is hot but always makes a fool out of himself. member of the dance club. makes ovaries explode through his dancing.
  • Taeyong:that one super hot guy with flaming eyebrows. passionate about everything. participates in all student activities. is student council president. member of almost every club. he is a beast in dancing and rapping. he can sing and write, too. his visuals are almost out of this world bc he’s too good-looking. his existence is the reason why women’s standards in men are too high.
  • Yuta:the captain of the soccer team. his vibe can change from a cute cinnamon roll to a dangerously sexy beast. his smile heals everyone. excels in academics, too. always participates in debates and roasts everyone. judges everyone. sassy af.
  • Johnny:the exchange student from Chicago. Instantly became your friend. became friends with everyone on his first day. imitates everyone, evaluates everybody’s fashion. teachers think he’s cool. is best friends with ten.
  • Ten:another exchange student who’s from Thailand. people call him Thai prince bc of his good looks and he rich af. president of dance club. can do any dance and he’s real good at it. he can draw, too. is in the basketball team with jaehyun. also everybody’s friend. best friends with johnny.
  • Doyoung:bunny lookalike whom everybody finds adorable except taeyong. they are arch enemies. he considers taeyong as his rival. ran for school president but lost to him. starts his own talk show but nobody pays attention. tries to be funny but isn’t. member of glee club. his vocals are always on fire. his body was once lanky but he got kinda buffed up. girls now call him daddy.
  • Kun:member of the glee club. the shy type. the quiet type. or so everyone thinks. he observes people from the shadows, collecting information. you don’t have any idea when he’s planning to expose you and there’s no stopping him. just be ready for what’s about to come.
  • Jaehyun:campus crush. guy of every girl’s dreams. he is tall, rich, handsome. he sings, raps, dances and writes. he has a deep voice. he has a sexy body. he lived in America for four years. also participates in all school activities and member of almost every club. wants to try theater. is on the basketball team with ten. both girls and guys find him hot.
  • Winwin:the quiet, handsome guy whom everybody has a lowkey crush on. people barely see him in class even though he attends school everyday. kun claims that he’s weird, sleeping with his eyes open and screams randomly at times. people associate him with the words “whoop whoop”.
  • Mark:his teachers like him. his seniors like him. his classmates like him. his juniors like him. he is very hardworking. he also participates in all school activities and is a member of almost every club, just like jaehyun and taeyong. is also a member of the basketball team. number one victim of donghyuk’s sassiness. everybody uses his iconic line, AND THAT’S A LONG-ASS RIDE. taeyong and jaehyun’s sensitivity strains him. is smart but once forgot what geography lines are called.
  • Donghyuck:sassy af. his number one victim is mark. sasses even his teachers. a member of the glee club. people either like him so much or hate him so much. could be mistaken for a girl if he cross-dresses. ships himself with mark.
  • Jeno:spends a lot of time with Jaemin. is a member of the dance club. has an adorable eyesmile. srsly nobody has even seen him frown. is not known by a lot of people but someday they will. he always looks enthusiastic. he’s the type to take out the classroom’s trash bin after class.
  • Jaemin:flower-boy in the making. his visuals are always on point and everybody loves him. he loves everybody too. he smiles at everyone, hugs everyone, holds everybody’s hand. if you ever feel that he likes you, keep in mind that it’s not just you who feels that way.
  • Jisung:another student whom not a lot of people know about, but is loved by everyone who know him. also a member of the dance club. everyone wants to be his parent.

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Eli Ayase HC: Even a Perfect Student like her, there are times in certain situation or scenario Eli Ayase sometimes makes mistakes, like this one time, where she is frustrated and stressed because of overthinking about of the school being closed down and todeal with the Student Council activities and being a school idol at the same time, while practicing with other members she ends up accidentally saying Honoka out loud instead of Harasho of what she usually says even though Honoka is not there.

That’d be funny to see non-Chans reaction to.

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Thanks for the answer earlier! In Japan, do class reps have to participate in student council activities as well? Because in my country, they do. I'm worried because Nanami has become the class rep and all the student council members have...

I talked about this a bit in this post and in this one, because in real life Japan, the class reps are an entirely different animal from the student council. (My school’s student council doesn’t have a representative from each class or section, they have offices like President, Vice President, Secretary, etc. and then those same offices for the two lower grades, i.e., 2nd Year VP, 2nd Year Secretary, etc. who are all chosen by popular vote.)

The way Kibougamine runs things might be that class reps do take a seat on the student council, though.

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Yoonmin+ Bad boy Yoongi! & Nerdy Jimin! Yoongi ends up falling head over heals for student council president Jimin. And Yoongi tries to keep his "bad boy " image but Jimin makes him crack

“So you’ll come to the review session, right?” No - the answer should be no. Yoongi does not do review sessions, Yoongi does not spend his Friday nights studying with other nerds, hell - Yoongi just doesn’t study, period. 

So why does he find himself responding in a dry voice: “I’ll do my best to be there.” Because of the blinding grin that Jimin shoots him in response to confirming his presence, the way he thanks the older boy profusely before shooting off to another one of his activities as student council president, leaving Yoongi by his locker to curse this miserable crush of his. 

Wednesday consists of his usual shenanigans - smoking out on the roof with Taehyung and that freshman friend of his, the other two mocking him about his ‘Friday night date’. Yoongi insists that it’ll be no such thing considering it’s a review session for the whole class (a whole class of seniors which Jimin - a sophomore - just so happens to be leading because the kid is fucking brilliant). 

Thursday is spent trying to avoid Jimin because he’s certain he may end up blurting out that he knows next to nothing about the material because he’s Min Yoongi and he just kinda wings it. It’s also spent avoiding Taehyung and Jungkook because he’s certain the other two will continue to tease him mercilessly for acting like such a wuss. 

Friday is spent with his stomach in knots, trying to decide whether he plays it cool and sits all the way in the back as is to be expected of him, or if he should give everyone a nice surprise, sit directly in the front row, face to face with Jimin - hell, who is he kidding, he couldn’t do that if he even tried, he’d probably end up vomiting if the kid so much as threw a question in his direction. 

The day passes far too quickly, and by the time 6:00 clock rolls around, Yoongi is trying to decide if Jimin would hate him forever if he just bolted from the library, never to be seen or heard from ever again. He finally decides that yes, the kid might despise him, so he pulls himself together and pushes open the door, marching to the study room that Jimin has booked off - then pauses, anger building in him as he sees the younger student through the window. Jimin is all alone, hunched over his books with his face hidden in his arms. The way his shoulders are shaking is enough to tell Yoongi that this night is not going to go as he’d expected. Steeling himself, he takes a deep breath before opening up the door, peeking his head inside. “Hey… Study session is still happening, right?”

Jimin’s head pops up immediately, and he’s quick to pull off his glasses, wiping off his face before staring at Yoongi in surprise. “You - you came?” he asks, watching as Yoongi sits across from him, dropping his textbooks onto the table. “But - everyone else -”

“Everyone else may have their shit together, but I sure as hell don’t,” Yoongi confesses, shrugging as he leans back in his seat. “Now, come on - this is gonna be one long night for you, you better be more prepared than I am.” The smile on Jimin’s face is nearly enough to make Yoongi’s heart pound out of his chest - not that he’d ever tell the younger that.

‘you know - I can buy you coffee after. as a thank you. for showing up.’

‘there’s no need to do that, jimin.’

‘but what if i want to?’


‘coffee it is.’

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