student teacher comics

Now, I am not trying to be offensive in the least and I am not saying that one students problems are less or more than anothers. All I’m trying to get across is that I have taught at both types of schools (Private Catholic and Poverty Stricken Urban) and the students that attend the latter go through some serious shit.


“As you discuss this, please choose your words very carefully. Our mayor calling the participants in last night’s destruction “thugs” is unacceptable. Words matter. And they frame this debate. If you refer to the frustrated and disenfranchised as “animals,” then you are minimizing the complexity of this moment in history. We, as a nation, must be careful how we shape this narrative. Do not reach for the simple and easy explanations that we have been fed for generations. Embrace the confusion and complexity.“

Original text from joshpkramer here.