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Let me tell you a story about a girl who quit med school

There once was was a girl who really enjoyed learning. She rarely had problems with her school work. Science has been something she had a particular interest in.

She has always been one of the best students in her school and her fascination in biology and chemistry has been noticed by her teachers. She Attended an individual education program in these two subjects, where she could learn faster and learn more with a couple of students with similar interests. At that point in life she wanted to be a scientist and work in a laboratory. So whenever anyone suggested she became a doctor, she would just say that it’s not something that interests her.

Her idea of future has changed the day she started high school. She decided to leave the door open for other ideas and see what life brings. The thing she was sure of was that in adult life she wants to help people. Her family, teachers and friends were telling her that that’s where they see her in the future- in a hospital helping patients. She really wanted to become a doctor at that point.

She read a lot of medical books, did volounteer work at an organization, which helped cancer fighters and worked extremely hard to pass her finał exams in order to be accepted into med school.

And then it happened! She got several messages from several medical universities that she is accepted! But the university of her first choice said no. She felt extremely proud, because her tests went great and she could pick from university offers, but that one university she was wishing to study at the most turned her down. That’s when she started having doubts. What if she wasn’t meant to be a doctor and life was giving her a hint? But she got accepted into other schools and that had to mean something aswell.

She decided to give medicine a try. She packed her bags, rented a small flat in a completely unknown city and set off for the biggest adventure of her life. The first couple of weeks were amazing! The new books, new friends, new classes. Everything was so fascinating to read about! But after some time, after the first fascination, the struggle started.

She no longer enjoyed studying the subjects that she was taking. Some days she couldn’t concentrate at all and just sat at her desk for a couple of hours not getting any work done. She missed her family and old friends a lot and didn’t get along too well with the new buddies. She cried every night, but she knew that these studies were hard for everyone, so she kept moving on, despite the health problems she started having.  After all, she wanted to help others.

But one day something inside her cracked. Within minutes she completely fell apart. She couldn’t stop crying for a couple of hours. She decided to call her mother and ask for some comforting words. They were on the phone for 2 or 3 hours. That’s when she told her mom, that she doesn’t want to do it anymore, she just can’t handle it any longer. Her mom understood and said that she noticed that something has been wrong for a long time now, that she was miserable and forgot about her health. Her mother wasn’t angry or disappointed. She wanted her daughter to live again. That moment of understanding, her mother’s words gave her the courage to stand up and get herself out of the hopeless state she found herself in. 

And that’s when the girl decided to quit, to end the struggle. She tried her best and fought till the end, but medicine just wasn’t for her. She’s been thinking about it for a couple of weeks now, but that phone call gave her the courage to do so. The next day, she signed her resignation paper, handed it in, packed her bags and headed home.

That girl is turning 20 in a month and her name is Zuzanna, or Zuzia as people call her. 

Yes, I am that girl. I quit med school after nearly a year of hard work, many tears and generating health problems. I tried my best to fit into the med students community, to start enjoying studying again, but I failed. But I don’t feel ashamed. It took me almost the whole year to understand that medicine is not for me. It took me a year to see that it only seems so perfect form the outside and on the inside it’s just full of abnegations, disappointments and illusions. It took me a year to see that my teenage dreams of becoming a scientist are my true dreams.

I am full of respect and appreciation for all the doctors and medical students, who sacrifice their lives to serve every person in need. The career you have chosen is probably one of the most amazing and wonderful paths in life. But as doctor Luanda Grazette once said: 

“Medicine is only for those who cannot imagine doing anything else.”

And I could imagine myself doing something else. I actually want to study biology, something I’ve always been charmed by, and try to help others either by teaching or working in a laboratory. But for now, I’m planning on getting healthy and finding peace and happiness in life again.

If you are going through relatable problems, have comparable doubts about your studies or have any questions concerning this issue, feel free to message me either though this blog or through my private page here.

“Sometimes it takes a wrong turn to get you to the right place.”
― Mandy Hale 



Jaden Smith, Will Smith’s son, tweeted these on his verified account.

Other symbolic tweets from celebrities:


Little is known about them, since they held taboo against keeping written records. The total surviving information on them comes from Greek and Roman writers, and later Christian missionaries, and fills a few dozen pages at most.

According to Greek and Roman authors, the Druids were a privileged caste, exempt from taxation and military service. Their teachings were contained in verses, which had to be memorized by their students, taking as long as twenty years to accomplish.

Greek and Roman scholars divided the Druids into three classes:
Ovates; who practices divination and studied nature.
Bards; whose poetry and music formed the living memory of Pagan Celtic culture.
Druids Proper; who taught students and superintended at sacrifices to the Gods.

The Druids of Gaul and Britain suffered persecution in Roman times, since the Druids were identified as potential leaders of rebellion against Rome. In Ireland and Scotland, which never fell under Roman control, Druid traditions flourished until the coming of Christianity.

The fragmentary historical records from the early Middle Ages, when Christianity finally penetrated the Celtic lands of Northwestern Europe, provide only rough dates, but by the year 800 or so, Druidry in its original form had died out.

hi this is a ca.llout post for @nonpareiltactician / @i-nsubordination for single handedly ruining my life, every day I have been personally victimised by jessica, since our first encounter I have known no peace, snakes have been manifesting physically in my house,

Ryuu, Kyouya, and Soujirou have fused to become: Taji-sensei!

Otherwise known as: Vice Principal 

Taji is known by the students to be…a bit of a jerk. He is strict and unfair with his ‘my way or the highway’ philosophy and anybody who has held a conversation with him finds him rather self centered. He doesn’t seem to seek out personal connections but is always seen around busily running the school as the second hand to the principal. What he doesn’t put forward in charm and cheer he focuses on his commitment to the students. Despite popular belief he cherishes the students and sacrifices a lot of his free time to plan and facilitate school events: games, festivals, field trips. He’s pretty emotionally stunted, so much so that even when he tries to be sincere he slips very quickly into his rough edges and cruel stubbornness. When given a task, Taji will complete it to the best of his abilities, taking great seriousness in his image as an honorable man.

His favourite items are: Goldfish Scooping Booth, Kagami Mochi, Broomstick


Because offering your student as a sacrifice is the most reasonable (and efficient) thing to do.

canon story. Kvothe really sweared in that part.

Haha. Another Kingkiller Chronicles fanart.

Sorry, these are sloppy, I know. I’m just suffering through a confidence crisis and indulging in sloppiness.

And I had no idea how Lorren was supposed to look like… So yeah. I actually imagined him with dark hair when I was reading the book, but I have no idea why. Lol. I think my brain skipped his physical description altogether.

Also I wonder if Lorren is just used to… Elodin appearing from his window in the middle of the night… They are both amusing.

And Kvothe is terrified of Lorren ha-ha-ha. :D

Oh Kvothe what would you do without Elodin.

I’m Not Even Gonna Think Of A Mysterious Title Simply Because Everyone Needs To Go And Read This.

Warning: You are gonna be lost to A LOT of references unless you’ve already read this (x), and this (x)!

Dedicated to @gazebos-are-bullshit, who’s commentary on Eddie’s future ended up inspiring the first song. 

- Do you remember that time, when we were 15; you told me you loved me at the Arcade?  - Eddie looked deep into Richie’s eyes as his boyfriend held his hand, trying to get him into the rink.
Eddie then took one careful step in and complemented: - I had that accident, and everyone around was too confused to help me; because you started singing “It’s been seven hours and fifteen days, since you took your love away”, in a very bad impersonation of Sinéad O'Connor? ’Cause I hurt myself and needed a couple minutes to get up from under the table?? Remember that?
Richie and Eddie were at a Disco-themed College Party, three months after moving out of Derry, using some stranger’s party to celebrate some personal peace of mind. 

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GIF Request: College AU w/ Iscariot


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Is the total sweetheart jock-looking guy who looks like he should be a jerk but is actually the biggest teddy-bear who will drop everything to help people. Has an intense rivalry with Alucard due to Anderson believing that he is “leading innocent people astray” with his bad boy look.


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He is the teacher’s pet who acts like the perfect student around professors, but is actually willing to sacrifice other students’ grades to get what he wants. Does not get along with Integra.


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Sort of like Seras, she’s constantly stressed over everything, not to mention her split personality giving her a lot of unneeded stress and grief. She is passionate about schooling, but wants to be done with it so she can move on with Heinkel.


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Although they are a fantastic student, Heinkel is not happy with life at all and feels absolutely trapped within college and just wants to bloody graduate. They want to be done with it all and move on with their best friend, Yumie.

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I think bragging about pulling all-nighters and skipping meals to study is selfish and conceited. Students we should aspire to become are those who can manage all their commitments while still taking care of their health and living normally.

i mean yeah all-nighters and not eating are both unhealthy. i don’t really see people glamorizing that but im sure it happens. unfortunately the way our education system works lots of students sacrifice their wellbeing for school (i fucking have) but yeah it shouldn’t be like encouraged

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Any advice for future college students, oh wise one?

I’m not very wise but I can pretend to be for a bit!

As for college advice, I may be a little reckless in saying some of this but here I go anyway.

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Transitioning from high school to college is kinda like going from a parking lot to a monster truck rally. You can count on structure in public school ad nauseam but you start to miss it in college when you realize that all that’s keeping you from an endless abyss of unemployment is your drive to sign up for classes and choose a major. For some, this realization tempts them into skipping classes and eventually wasting a lot of money failing. For others, this is the most liberating experience of their lives and gives them more motivation to become an independent adult. Or if you’re like me, you’ll try a little of both sides and end up in the middle. 

In the beginning, I was really worried college was going to be like high school but even harder and I wouldn’t be able to catch up. I was extremely tense about signing up for the “right” classes and doing everything “right” because this was the beginning of my adult life. But the more I tested my boundaries, the more I realized that there were so few. For example, the first week of college is “Syllabus Week” where the professors go over how the class will go, textbook stuff, and so on. Some people skip this week entirely since often the the syllabus is online and most professors don’t give assignments yet. But I recommend going of course. And attendance in general is completely different than high school because every professor has their own rules and figure if you can pass the test then that’s what matters. I was shocked at first when classmates would just get up in the middle of class and leave, sometimes to get a snack and sometimes just to go home. You pay for the classes so it’s up to you what you wanna do. 

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But of course with all this power comes responsibility. Once I realized that I could choose to skip days and leave early, I quickly started to abuse this freedom. And as a result, I ended up skipping a very important day that an assignment worth 30% my grade was due. Many regrets were had and even though I still passed the class, I worked my butt off studying for that final exam. Even someone like me who prides herself in following rules and being prepared can fall into this trap, so just make sure to plan your laziness. Also, remember to work smart, not hard. This isn’t about who can read the entire textbook but instead who can allocate their time by focusing on what’s important. You’re gonna have 3 papers due at once suddenly and you’re gonna have to decide which one is worth the most on the syllabus and just pray the rest get done. But every college student is making sacrifices and weighing options, so you wont be alone. There are great study resources as well so take advantage of them and visit the library. I hang out there all the time to just be in a quiet place for awhile. You’re going to be the one to choose your pace and choose your place this time. Deciding what’s important, allocating time, balancing your life: this is the real adult world.

I feel like I’m only beginning but I’ll wrap up this essay with some bullet points…

  • Don’t take it too seriously, you know what you’re needs are
  • Don’t take it too lightly, you can’t just sleep all day either
  • Your syllabus tells you what assignments to pay attention to
  • You pay for this class, remember that
  • Work smart not hard, don’t overdo it
  • You can’t do everything, start with what’s important
  • You have to be your own mom now

Really sorry for the long post but I wanted to express my own journey in case someone was going through a similar thing! You’re gonna find your own way, so just get out there and start!

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5 Way Organizing Spaces On College Campuses Fail Marginalized Students

1. Ignoring intersectionality. 

Many of us quickly realize that we literally need to go to 10 different groups/centers/organizations to get our various needs met, and with the exception of a few others like you, your friend circles will almost never overlap. You see the problem is that the feminist co-op is full of white girls super interested in going to rural Indonesia to do white saviory thing; but the Burmese group ignores the existence of Burmese people that are not cishet, at best; but the LBGT center tends to forget not everyone is white;but the POC theater troupe won’t challenge institutional oppression; and the anarchist collective is extremely misogynist. So you end up either silently moving from space to space and slowly leaving all these people when things don’t change, or you run around trying to make these spaces more inclusive and end up slowly leaving when things don’t change. 

2. Prioritizing the wants of allies over the needs of marginalized students. 

I get it. We want people to like us. But institutional oppression can not be stopped by winning a popularity contest. Allyship that comes demands niceness from the oppressed is useless. 

3. Refusing to address, or even acknowledge, intra-groups problems out of fear that those outside the group will exploit said problem. 

I can not care about an organization that does not care about me as an individual. There is a mentality that we must protect our “safe” space from those outside it, even if it means making it unsafe for those who occupy multiple identities. Somehow the imagined community of the group becomes more important than the actual community members. 

4. Demanding academic, emotional, and physical sacrifices from students to prove they are truly down for the cause.

Guilt and peer pressure are the weapons of choice used to exploit the passion and dedication of student activists. Our faculty advisers, co-organizers, and peers ask us to give amounts of time, money, and resources that are beyond reasonable, and then make us feel like we are not dedicated enough if we can not for whatever reason. We are made to feel as if we, personally, need to make up for all the school refuses to do for marginalized students. 

5. Valuing the favor of administrators towards the organization over creating effective change for students. 

Official groups, especially those in favor with college administration, occupy a precarious space. They are in constant danger of becoming so deradicalized that they no longer serve marginalized students and serve largely as a symbol. They become part of the neoliberal, multiculturalism, politically correct image of the school, and can actually undermine the efforts of other students activists. 

laura hollis went to silas thinking about all the cool people she’ll meet, the parties she’ll go to, and the shit she’s gonna learn. Basically what every freshman thinks when they go to college. And she’s so fucking excited.

But what she got instead was: her roommate going missing, finding out the school is run by a vampire cult who sacrifices students, almost getting scarified herself, her friend getting kidnapped and being possessed by the dean. Oh and falling for her vampire roommate and seeing her die without telling her that she loves her. 

And when she thought she could look past all this shit and finally be happy: her vampire roommate’s sister waltzes into their lives and basically tells her girlfriend that laura’s not good enough, that she’ll get tired of laura soon, and that laura’s not the only one she’s loved so she isn’t so special. Oh and someone also killed the whole newspaper staff. 

laura just wants to have a normal college life. But here she is trying to save the school (again) because if she wont, then who will? 

so stop giving her shit, she’s 19 and she’s trying to overthrow an administration, look for murderers, and balance her chaotic love life all at the same time.