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Because I will never, ever be over Professor!Cas ...

(……and I am complete trash for college AUs)

(…..and I simply do not know when to stop)

I just wish I could find it within myself to be more apologetic ……


Born into a traditional Mexican Catholic family in the 1940s, Graciela Iturbide was expected to become a wife and a mother. And that she did—with a camera in hand. Gifted a camera by her father before leaving home for Catholic boarding school, she began shooting black-and-white film photographs and never stopped.

As a young woman she navigated a brave path, carving through the male-dominated photography scene of the 1970s to become one of the best-known photographers in the world.  

Over her long career Graciela has been both filmmaker and photographer, student and mentor and, as she turns 75 this year, she is both artist and subject in a new a graphic biography—a first for Getty Publications—about her life and her story titled Photographic: The Life of Graciela Iturbide.

Read the behind-the-scenes making of Photographic here. You’ll see Graciela’ neighborhood, her studio, and meet the author and illustrator bringing her story to life.



I really need to start adding colour into these, it’s getting boring. I’ll probably theme the next ones to Ko Ko Bop tbh just because it’s so drug induced brightly coloured.

🎵 Photograph | Ed Sheeran

I just got an email, forwarded from out from our university’s art department no less, for “"Students in need of experience opportunities.” 

Client: Students in need of hours or experience opportunities; we are looking for photographers to cover an upcoming event. We can offer photo credit in any future marketing, and are happy to send copies for your portfolios, as well as admission tickets to the event. We have photographers on site for the event, but are lacking a creative eye to capture more candid moments, and better documentation of the overall experience.

If I’m reading that right, they’re not only bringing in students alongside a hired photographer (which I’m sure they’re thrilled about), but don’t think the photographer is even worth their salt. 

Suffice to say I declined, and I’m still wondering what the hell they’re thinking. 

the signs as blog types
  • Aries: geologist, college student, amateur photographer. Always shows up in "recommended blogs" even if you have no interest in admittedly cool rocks. Science Side of Tumblr©
  • Taurus: pokémon blog, has 2 followers, used to be a personal blog but descended into fandom shitposting. #Has #no #idea #how #to #use #the #tagging #system
  • Gemini: theme designer, is never active but has 5,000 followers somehow, probably part of xkit staff. Has caused the website to crash at least twice
  • Cancer: ask blog, frequent personal vent posts, has no idea how to censor stuff so the post doesn't show up in the tags. Gives brilliant advice that nobody listens to
  • Leo: animal blog that sometimes will accidentally reblog furry art but nobody calls them out because they're too pure. Roleplays disney characters. Fantastic mutual.
  • Virgo: photojournalist, fashion, the occasional thinkpiece. Has never made a typo in their life. The only one to use tags properly as a categorization system
  • Libra: really just here for the shitposts. Has started at least 12 memes in the past 3 months. Reblogs the occasional teal stimboard, has a ridiculously unreadable theme
  • Scorpio: feeds off The Discourse™, has been doxxed 7 times, all for completely different things. Somehow still has thousands of followers despite being #confirmed Problematic
  • Sagittarius: animal blog that intentionally reblogs furry art. Alternatively, cyberpunk aesthetic and robotics projects. Mutuals with Leo, nobody knows why
  • Capricorn: one of those deep-tumblr memeing blogs that only posts original content. it's dadaist meta-level shitposting down there. follow them and you never recover
  • Aquarius: Obviously Fake Tumblr Stories, vagueing, comments on positivity posts with "but dont forget [x other unrelated group]!! uwu". posts too many selfies
  • Peixes: bad liberal discourse, a lot of pink aesthetics, flower crowns, reblogs Fake Tumblr Stories with "its true i was there! XD". Thinks they're next level social justice because they said racism was bad that one time