student outfits



Superhero Princess
Steampunk Princess
High School Princess
Stylised-Punk Princess
Halloween Princess
Gothique Princess


(*´▽`*)- Kawaii pewds’ with his awesome japanese student outfit !

ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) - And Late for school. Because they are always late.


he’s actually eating roast duck’s thighs- toasts are too mainstream for japanese school girls…

I feel also sooo shameful for haven’t drawn him yet with this outfit. it’s too fabulous for me i gueess. 0A0


Worked on this some more, but now I need to have lunch and work on my commission.  I’m not putting the Superman logo on the shirt because it’s a DC Comics trademark, so I hope people don’t mind the plain diamond.  Also, the silly straw was surprisingly difficult to draw!

Really in love with her winter outfit. Still I have to say that I love all Naoto costumes xD and her style. And I won’t resist to cosplay Naoto in all of them!
So yeah, this is a quick Sketch / Fan Art I did of her, about this event that I enjoyed so much, in the game and in the anime of the Persona 4 Golden

Character: Naoto Shirogane
Anime/Game: Persona 4