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An interesting common motif arising out of the horror literature of the 19th century is the idea of characters encountering a “double” or doppelganger of themselves. You see this somewhat in Frankenstein, and in this story, Der Student von Prag (The Student of Prague), first produced in 1913 starring Paul Wegener, and remade in 1926 starring Conrad Veidt (the superior version), then again in 1935, starring Anton Walbrook. 

The story is inspired in part by Faust, but also by the Edgar Allan Poe story “William Wilson”, and “The December Night”, a poem by Alfred de Musset.  In it, a student makes a deal with the Devil to win the heart of a woman, and is tricked into selling his mirror reflection - a dark double that becomes flesh and proceeds to cause havoc.


Daughter of Smoke & Bone by Laini Taylor

Before you throw judgmental stares, we would like inform you that we are not literature snobs. We read a little of everything and it is our job to inform different types of people who love books about plots and exciting characters they may be interested in exploring. Meet Karou, a 17-year old art student who lives in Prague. She is mystery to herself and everyone around her. She disappears on obscure “errands”, knows magic and speaks multiple languages, which are not all human and has bright blue hair, which actually grows out of her scalp. 

Raised by evil creatures, on one of her strange errands, she is confronted by Akiva, a beautiful angelic figure. What unfolds next is a love story of two-star crossed lovers. The first lines of the book describe their ill-fated story best:

Once upon a time,
an angel and a devil fell in love.

It did not end well.

Before we open the book, we were highly skeptical of reading a “cheesy” YA fantasy love story.  What sold us was Taylor’s prose. Most romance and fantasy writers only dream of possessing her skill or imagination. Taylor is truly a beautiful writer and story teller. Taylor effortlessly weaves in poetic illusions, imagery and mythology. We recommend Daughter of Smoke & Bone mostly to our young readers and those who love the romance and fantasy genres and mythology! This will instantly become your favorite of the year. This is the best paranormal romance novel we have ever read. 

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