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Paddle boat driving is so much fun! Believe it or not, I was on a paddle boat for the first time ever on my vacation in Prague! And I was lucky enough to have such a beautiful location for that experience, so I obviously couldn’t resist from taking pictures. The view is beautiful, isn’t it?
And when our “boat trip” was over, we had the chance to listen to some beautiful music - a guy was playing and singing right by the water.


An interesting common motif arising out of the horror literature of the 19th century is the idea of characters encountering a “double” or doppelganger of themselves. You see this somewhat in Frankenstein, and in this story, Der Student von Prag (The Student of Prague), first produced in 1913 starring Paul Wegener, and remade in 1926 starring Conrad Veidt (the superior version), then again in 1935, starring Anton Walbrook. 

The story is inspired in part by Faust, but also by the Edgar Allan Poe story “William Wilson”, and “The December Night”, a poem by Alfred de Musset.  In it, a student makes a deal with the Devil to win the heart of a woman, and is tricked into selling his mirror reflection - a dark double that becomes flesh and proceeds to cause havoc.

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hi so im writing a non verbal autistic character, and im planning to have her special interest be learning different sign languages. im just wondering if this would be realistic, and would love any insight and tips you can give me

Learning sign languages can definitely be a special interest. It’s certainly one of mine. I became fluent in Czech Sign Language in less than a year because I was so motivated and focused. I went to two different teachers, both of them deaf and native signers, and there was no speaking during the lessons at all, so there’s no reason a nonverbal person couldn’t learn just as quickly as long as they were able to control their hands and face.

I have learned bits and pieces of International and American sign languages as well, but they didn’t draw me in the same way. Czech sign language is based on spoken Czech, which has far fewer words than English, and therefore there is a specific sign for almost every word in the language, including names. In ASL, half the words end up being finger-spelled, which I absolutely HATE. It requires a different skill to parse American finger spelling, especially at the high speeds native signers use. Czech finger spelling is rarely needed, usually goes relatively slowly, and the letters use both hands so that they actually look like letters and are easy to parse. Also, letters aside, Czech can be signed entirely one-handed (as long as everyone involved in the conversation is fluent enough to understand without the supporting hand - the chest or a leg can be used in its place), whereas ASL seems to require both hands and more of the body to be used in most cases. ISL is not even a proper language, just a system for people who don’t use the same sign language to communicate essentials, and it’s extremely basic and unable to communicate anything subtle.

I once found myself in a situation where a German deaf woman came to visit and I was out with a group of deaf friends for a drink, and I was unable to communicate with her without someone interpreting because she used ISL, but I just can’t bring myself to learn it. I find it aesthetically unpleasing and annoying.

There are also many dialects of each sign language. Depending on where someone lives or grew up or went to school, they will sign a bit differently. Even in the Czech Republic, a very small country, people sign very differently from region to region. I live in Prague and have trouble understanding a deaf person from Brno, for example. They have different signs for colors, months, and many other words. And there are three schools for “hearing impaired” students in Prague - and at each of them, there are many slang signs that only students of that school know and use. And each generation adds more!

One of my teachers was about 40, and the other about 30, and they taught me very different things. I would use something the younger one taught me with the older one and he would rant about how his language was deteriorating; I would use something the older one taught me with the younger one and he would laugh at how old-fashioned I looked. Sign languages evolve even more quickly than spoken ones, so generational gaps are important to recognize.

So there are a lot of factors for you to consider with your character. Every sign language has its own grammar, style, and quirks, and she may like some and not others. She may simply learn as many as she can, but have preferences. She may even invent her own for fun, and maybe try to teach it to others. I recommend learning at least the basics of a few sign languages before trying to write about them, or at least talk to some deaf people who use different languages, as they are really very, very different.

Another important factor that most non-signing people aren’t aware of is that most sign languages do not just use your hands. Some use more of your body, and most include the face. Facial expressions and mouthed words form a part of the meaning of each sign. For example, in Czech Sign Language, the eyebrows indicate whether something is a statement or a question, and the signs for “don’t know” and “plastic” are the same - the only difference is the accompanying mouth movement. This happens with many, many signs. So if your nonverbal character has trouble moving her lips or forming words, she might struggle with this aspect. It is possible for native signers to understand sign languages without these mouth movements, but it is more difficult and fewer people will understand her.

There are some nonverbal people who can’t sign for various reasons. They might lack the control of their body to do it effectively, or they might be unable to process language at all (I can’t sign when I go nonverbal due to stress or overload). But some people can and do use sign language, so it is realistic for your character.

Finally, thanks for your ask which touches on one of my special interests and brightened my morning! :D

Good luck and happy writing!

-Mod Aira


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My first recollection of Prague Spring started in late fall of 1967. I was 13 years old. On November 2. 1967, a brief news report appeared in the Czechoslovakian government controlled newspaper about the demonstration on October 31st by residents of the Czechoslovak Technical College. The demonstration began spontaneously with nonpolitical motivation. There had been no electrical power to the student dorms for four days and counting which made it almost impossible to study. About 1,500 students went to Prague Castle where the Czechoslovakian president resided. The students shouted, “We want light.” Unfortunately, no one informed the government of this problem with electrical power. They thought the students were using an analogy that they wanted to overturn the government. The police called for reinforcements and arrested some of the demonstrating students. Then the police followed the students back to their to their dorms and beat them up. However, the police were not supposed to enter the college grounds.

This was the first time real news like this was covered by the newspaper and news programs without censorship. It was also covered in news reels shown before movies in theaters. It was so unheard of to see anything like this without censorship for 20 years. I remember my parents taking my brother and me to the movies around the beginning of December just to watch this story in the news reels and leave as the featured film started. Most of the people in Czechoslovakia were doing the same thing.

After the New Year, Prague Spring started with big hopes and open borders for the people in Czechoslovakia to travel freely to the west. A faction of the Communist party started a movement called, “Socialism with a human face.” They loosened restrictions on media and travel started in the Stalin era and tried to create a more humane government. They also decentralized administrative authority.

Soviet Russian leaders did not like these changes. The new Czechoslovakian government refused the Soviet leaders’ demand to secretly put nuclear missiles in Czechoslovakia on the West German borders. After failed negotiations regarding the Prague Spring changes, the Soviet Union invaded Czechoslovakia on August 21st with tanks and put a stop to the Communism with a human face movement.

A little over a year after the invasion, the Czechoslovakian borders were closed, and life went back to old routines and worse with the restrictions of normalization.

On August 21, 1968, I was with my parents and brother at our summer house about 25 miles east of Prague. That morning my brother’s friend woke us up at 5am to tell us that Russians had come to occupy Czechoslovakia. We thought he had to much to drink last night and was making this up - we couldn’t believe him. Our parents lived through the German occupation in 1939 and also the Communist uprising in 1948. They worried about my brother and me and did not want us to go out. We sneaked out anyway. My best friend and I painted messages on the asphalt roads like, “Russians go home.” My friend did the painting, and I directed traffic around our signs. The whole country was so united by current events that the drivers followed the directions two 14 year old boys and drove around their new art. At the end of the summer my family went back to Prague, and we saw the devastation caused by Soviet tanks in our neighborhood. We lived only one block from Radio Praha where the biggest fight took place.

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Do you Know any books with strong Female characters that are not tomboys or something like that. I cant find books with girly, kind and feminine characters that are Also strong. The Only one i Know is GoT sansa stark. I'm kinda tired that Every Female character has to be a tomboy( that cant stand other Girls which is the reason she Hangs out with boys ), i cant relate at all.

ahhhh I feel you!!! I hate it when female protagonists have the personality of a ‘tomboy’ because apparently women can’t be strong unless they show the typical characteristics of strong men (or that a strong woman has to hate other women to be respected)… 

some book to check out with feminine strong women (who get along with other women!):

  • throne of glass by sarah j maas. features protagonist celaena sardothien, one of my all time favourite fictional women. she’s a trained assassin who can seriously rock a ball gown.
  • vampire academy series by richelle mead. protagonist rose hathaway is an amazing woman who is the full time protector of her female best friend (this series also has awesome friendships between women!) and totally owns her sexuality and femininity. 
  • code name verity by elizabeth wein. two female protagonists that stand out the most, showing unbelievable courage and strength when faced by horror and death.
  • the unbecoming of mara dyer by michelle hodkin. poc protagonist mara dyer slays, murders, and struggles with insanity and her moral compass & also wears dresses.
  • the handmaid’s tale by margaret atwood. much darker than the books above, it’s protagonist offred is a woman living in a dystopian nightmare, but she faces it, and she lives it. and this book is a work of art. read it.
  • shatter me by tahereh mafi. just like the book above, this novel features a woman, juliette, forced into a situation where one would break, and she has the strength (psychically and emotionally) to pull through.
  • the grisha trilogy by leigh bardugo. though i myself am yet to read this, it’s been recommended to me time and time again for it’s amazing female protagonist.
  • daughter of smoke and bone by laini taylor. wonderful protagonist karou is an art student in prague who travels the world collecting teeth for her adoptive monstrous parents. she has a mysterious backstory and a spine of steel.
  • mistress of rome by kate quinn. features two amazingly powerful and influential women of ancient rome who fucking slay.

i’m sure there’s more, but those are the ones that immediately leap to mind!!