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Were in the middle of Spanish taking a quiz and it’s quiet and all. And all of a sudden from the next class over we hear what sounds like an argument. Naturally because were a bunch of high school kids everyone’s attention immediately goes to the wall as things next door get heated. Finally after the argument turns into a full blown scream fest our teacher grabs her little walkie-talkie and gets ready to check things out. Cue literally every other teacher on the hall rushing to the class and like 5 administrators. It took like five minutes to get these girls apart.

Turns out both girls were wearing the same bracelet and found out they both were dating the same guy at the same time and decided to brawl over it.

“When I read the judgement of my parent’s divorce, I was fascinated by the power of the judge to save lives and grant freedom to people using something called “the law”. I knew that this was the super-power that I would like to possess when I grew up. Therefore, before moving to Hungary I completed my Bachelors degree in Legal Studies at the Faculty of Law “Iustinian Primus” – Skopje. Many people would think that, based on my looks and intelligence, I was never discriminated against or bullied because of my Roma ethnicity. The reality is that, no matter how smart, educated, and talented we are, each of us still faces stereotypes and discrimination on a daily basis. In my personal case, I even experienced multiple levels of discrimination for being a Romani Muslim woman.”