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Student’s Jokes

~ This morning, for a drawing game I organized for one of my classes, I asked my students to make teams.

Me : //CLAPS// So ! Group 1 ! What’s your Team’s name ?

One of them : TEAM BURTON ! ( And turning to his mates ) Get it ? Tim Burton, Team Burton, sounds the same !

Well… At least he knows about Tim Burton AHAHAHhfdghfmg

Finished my Patton Jr. Quote page. And after a long week of what felt like EXTREME (says that in 90’s extreme sports announcer voice), pressure… maybe I’m going to turn into a diamond.

If that is the case please cash me out and pay off my student loans… kthxbai

Clumsy Introductions // Kim Yugyeom AU!

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Pairing: Yugyeom x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary//Request: Anonymous said: Can you write something for yugyeom? Y/n and he meet for the first time at a coffeshop where he is the barista. When he gives her whats she ordered, she unhandly takes it and spills it over herself so he takes her to the staff changjng room. 

“2 large Americanos and a mango ice tea!” Yugyeom called the order to his co-worker as he handed his customers their change. “Here you go, please wait over there for your drinks. Enjoy!” he said cheerfully, smiling at them as they thanked him.

Yugyeom  glanced down at his watch and saw that it was almost 6pm, meaning that in another 30 minutes, his shift would be ending and he could finally get home and catch up on some well deserved sleep. Working as a barista wasn’t a difficult job for him, but the long shifts mixed in with college life took their toll on him from time to time. He sighed, closing his eyes while he thought about the amount of coursework he had due for next Monday. Luckily, the shop wasn’t too busy today, but there was a nice steady flow of customers none the less.

Yugyeom began tidying up some stray papers behind the counter, when the door opened and the bell chimed.

“Welcome!” he called out, not even looking up to greet who walked in as he put the paper into the recycling bin. He grabbed his orderbook and pen, before turning around to see you standing at the counter, licking your lips while your eyes gazed at the menu above you.

Yugyeom was at a loss for words upon seeing your face. He stood still, blinking several times while watching you study the menu and how you licked your lips slightly and furrowing your eyebrows together. He swallowed, taking in your beauty before clearing his throat, remembering that he had to be professional and do his job – you were a customer after all.

“Good evening, can I take your order?” he asked you, his voice breaking slightly making him cringe with embarrassment. You averted your gaze from the menu to him, feeling suddenly shy. He was tall with dark blonde hair, and he had the most cutest smile you had ever seen. You noticed he wore several earrings in his lobes – the same as you. You widened your eyes upon noticing that you kept staring at him for a little too long before giggling slightly.”

“Yes! Sorry, umm…hmm…” you thought, looking back at the menu and feeling thankful that you were the only customer standing in line to order. Yugyeom looked at you, not knowing what to say as you tried to decide what you would like.

“Do you have any recommendations?” you asked him, in the sweetest voice he had ever heard, making him blush in turn.

“Uhhh, yes, well…do you like tea or coffee?”

“Hmm, I think I’m in the mood for tea~ I drank way too much coffee earlier. Student life…” you joked. Yugyeom chuckled at your statement before replying “I totally know what you mean, I have a mountain of coursework waiting for me after I finish my shift tonight” he said quickly, not knowing why he opened up to you the way he did. Your face lit up at his comment, making you smile back at him warmly.

“How about a hot cup of ginseng tea, seeing at it’s cold out tonight? It will really warm you up~” he said, now noticing your white coat and gloves.

You hummed quietly before nodding your head. “Sounds good! Ginseng tea is really good for you too, I guess I should drink it to detox my insane amount of coffee intake from earlier” you giggled, making Yugyeom grin sheepishly from ear to ear. He found you absolutely delightful about how you could talk so comfortably to him, no awkwardness involved at all.

“One ginseng tea coming right up! You can take a seat, I’ll bring it over to you when it’s finished. Make yourself comfortable” he smiled again. You blushed a little at his words, before turning around and finding a nice, cosy seat by the window to watch the busy passerby’s outside before you took your phone out and began playing a game.

Yugyeom looked at his watch, seeing it read 6:30pm. He could have just easily told his co-worker to take over the order for him, but for some reason he couldn’t quite put his finger on, he actually wanted to stay and do this for you. He quickly prepared your tea, taking care as to not spill it as he walked over towards you with the tray slowly. Arriving at your table, you didn’t notice him standing there with your tea as you were too engrossed in your phone and the game you were playing.

“Here’s your tea, sorry” Yugyeom interrupted, making you shoot your head up in his direction.

“Oh no, don’t be sorry! I was the one being rude. Thank you so much!” you said, as Yugyeom went to place your cup and saucer on the table. As he did, you completely misread his actions and thought he was handing the tea to you. You reached out your hand to grab it, causing the cup to clash against your hand, thus spilling the tea all over your white coat and legs. You winced at the hot liquids contact with your legs, cursing inwardly at your stupidity.

“Oh my god I’m so sorry! Are you okay Miss? Are you hurt? I am so sorry, this is completely my fault” Yugyeom said as he bent forward and took the cup from your lap, placing it on the table before searching your face with wide eyes.

“No no, I’m fine and it’s not your fault, it’s mine! I’m such a clumsy person, this happens all the time…” you trailed off, rubbing your thighs trying to ease the sting of the hot tea.

Yugyeom felt guilt wash over him. Thankfully the coffee shop was practically empty and he didn’t cause a huge scene, but he noticed his other co-workers now lingering closer in an attempt to assist the situation. Yugyeom knelt down in front of you, noticing your slightly red thighs and stained white coat. He inwardly groaned to himself, knowing that he really messed things up.

“Please, come out to the staff room with me so we can get you cleaned up. It’s a little more private and you won’t have an audience staring at you.” He said in reference to the other people in the coffee shop. You looked around, seeing several faces of concern looking at you before looking back to Yugyeom and smiling. “Thank you so much, I’d appreciate that” you said shyly, as you stood up and grabbed your phone and handbag before following him past the counter and into the staff room.

“Sorry it’s a bit untidy, but make yourself at home. I’ll be right back” he said, his hands clasped together as he walked off into another room. You smiled at how nervous he was, obviously shaken up from what had happened. Of course you weren’t angry at him. You weren’t lying when you said these  kinds of things always happened to you, you were just naturally a very clumsy person.

Yugyeom returned a few minutes later with some towels and a pack of ice. He stood beside where you were sitting and placed them on the table.

“I’m so incredibly sorry about this. Your beautiful coat is ruined…”his words laced with defeat as he examined your coat.

“Oh, this old thing? I got this for $5 at a flea market last year. I needed an excuse to get a new one, and now I can justify it!” you said quirkily. Yugyeom looked at you in shock before bursting out laughing with you. He didn’t know you at all, but he loved your carefree and positive, quirky attitude which made him feel comfortable and warm inside.

You took your coat off, revealing your black dress underneath with a pretty white collar, exposing your legs fully as Yugyeom examined the little red blotches from where the tea had burnt you a little. He sighed, imagining how painful it must have been for you.

“Don’t look so depressed, hey!” you exclaimed, catching him feeling sorry about the incident. “I’m a walking disaster, trust me. And it doesn’t hurt at all, I promise~” you assured him, making him smile nervously as he took your coat and began dabbing it with the towel, before passing you the ice pack.

“For your legs…please…” he begged, even though you said it was fine. You pouted cutely, before placing the cold pack on your thighs making you wince at the sudden coldness.

“I’m (Y/N) by the way” you said suddenly, looking up at him.

“I’m Yugyeom” he smiled at you, thinking how gorgeous your name was. Fitting, he thought; for a girl as wonderful as you.