as every year, revision period means more Golden Lines from my biochem teacher that i jotted down on the margins of my notebook
  • *enters class* Are any of you comic book aficionados?
  • […] red blood cells are essentially dead, but don’t know it yet.
  • It’s a very interesting topic *glares at the room full of students not paying attention* even if I’m going to discuss it only with myself
  • Tasmanian devils are the animal equivalent of Klingons. *dead silence and blank stares* …During their mating rituals, they bite each other’s faces
  • [Cancers] are your cells with their own agenda.
  • What I call “the Daily Mail hypothesis” is that everything in the world either cures cancer or gives you cancer; the doctors know which is which, but won’t tell you
  • Getting old isn’t so bad, if you consider the alternative. (not sure if he meant dying or the downsides of immortality)
  • *looks wistfully into the distance* Have you ever wondered why trees don’t die of cancer?
  • [still on carcinogens] …and the 3rd category are all those things people worry about, like chemicals on apples, radiation from microwaves, Donald Trump… *laughter* Well, you ain’t that orange for no reason.
  • *makes an important announcement a semester in advance bc everyone always skips his classes* *sighs deeply* I feel like a priest on Christmas already wishing everyone Happy Easter too because he knows he won’t see them until next Christmas

in other news today i found out that eddie redmayne has a degree in art history and for his diploma he wrote a 12k words analysis of a picture that’s basically a blue square on a black background; the thing was it was a very unique shade of blue, actually used there for the first time ever; however, being colorblind, i quote, he had no idea what the colour was but well, it looked very pretty to him

and somehow i find this very uplifting i mean if you can pull sth like that off, write a 12k words thesis on a colour you don’t even recognize properly, anything is possible and this is the story of how eddie redmayne officially became my saint patron of high level academic bullshitting

I hope y'all had a lovely start to the week. I will be leaving the States on Thursday since I have to start my practical legal training earlier than expected… I’m so excited to start my legal journey 👩🏼‍⚖️

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Have a great and productive week guys 💕


23/3/17 I’m working on a physical geography practical write up right now about glaciers and it’s really tricky because I’m not sure how I should be answering the questions! It’s due in at 2pm, and its 10am now so I’m going to knuckle down and get it done. I pressed a flower I picked the other week, and its sitting next to my thermos today. It has the quote that inspired the name for this blog on it! Yesterday I got a helix piercing and went and read the lord of the rings in the gardens, so it was a really nice day, but I didn’t get much work done! xxx emily

Hi Tumblr people, how are you?!

I’m still aliveeee, even if I haven’t been posting here since ages - and I’m SO sorry. I finished my exams on Monday and right now I’m enjoying the last days of freedom before second semester starts (on Monday, 27th). 

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Here’s a shot I took some days ago, when I reached 1k on IG. I’m still not sure how this happened but it made my day! I’m so blessed and thankful to each one of you.