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An average day in Forestry class
  • Professor: WOOD you be interested in learning about a new tree today?
  • Students: Yes!!!
  • Professor: OAK-ay let's go outside!
  • Students: Field trip?
  • Professor: YEW are right!
  • Students: Yay!
  • Professor: Lets LEAF now, and BRANCH out! Keep in pairs of two because TREE's a crowd!
At 2:04 am
  • Eagle: Where do Vanished objects go?
  • Ravenclaw student: No. You know what? You know what I'm not going to do? At 2:04 in the FUCKING morning? Put up with this shit. I'll answer your riddles any other time, but not this time. I just came out of the library writing that FUCKING potions essay due today first class that I've been working on ALL FUCKING DAY because there's no FUCKING internet here. So, to answer your riddle, FUCK IF I KNOW. VANISHED OBJECTS GO UP MY ASS.
  • Eagle: [lets the student go through]
More harry potter queer headcannons

-a genderfluid student having to have a bed in both the girl and boy’s dorms because the staircases will only sometimes let them up. So a gendefluid student would be perfectly capable of going up the stairs to the girls dorm for a solid week, only for it to inexplicably turn into a slide on saturday.

-genderfluid/agender students having to make fucking awesome forts that make eveeyone slightly jealous in the common room because sometimes neither of the staircases will let them up.

-agender students finding clever ways to get into the dorms because THEY NEED A BED GOD DAMN IT.

-demigirls pairing up and sharing a bed because most of the time only one of them can get up the stairs.

-Cis students/trans students helping the genderfluid/agender/demigender students get up the stairs.

-bigender students making it halfay up one staircase only for it to turn into a slide.

-everyone just kinda being generally awesome and supportive.

-the school finding time to make genderfluid dorms .

BTS Reaction to dropping off their toddler for the 1st day of pre-school

@tearsdryonmyown requested:  hi sweetie can i request a bts reaction to dropping their toddler of pre-k for their first day ?

Jungkook: Jungkook would be more ready than you would be to be honest. All he’d want to do is have the moment where he watched his son take those few steps to the classroom door where the teacher stood greeting all of her new students. Your hand would slowly let your son’s hand go which Jungkook couldn’t help but smile sweetly at you because he knew you weren’t even close to letting him go but knew he had to go. Seeing his son wave by and scurry to the door made Jungkook feel proud as a father but even happier seeing the boy that the two of you created.

“He’ll be fine jagi.” Jungkook smiled grabbing your hand and slowly leading you both away from the classroom.

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V: Taehyung was nervous, it’d be completely the opposite of Jungkook. You’d be the one super happy and excited about letting your daughter go to her first day of pre-school but Taehyung would be the one full of nerves not ready to let his little girl go. He’d be literally just hugging her and potentially suffocating her because he just really didn’t want to let his lil girl go. You’d have to slowly pry him away from your daughter, giving her a kiss on the cheek before she ran and kissed both of you guys back then running to her new teacher. Taehyung would slowly stand up seeing his daughter disappear into the classroom and sigh. 

“When did our baby grow up?” He’d lace his fingers into yours giving one last look to the classroom before leading the way to walk back to the car.

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Jimin: Jimin would be super proud to see his little girl take her first steps into her new classroom. He’d just stand tall, a big smile on his face while he sees his daughter wave back to the both of you. He’d look over to you to see tears in your eyes, you weren’t sad it’s just the realization of your little girl growing up in front of you made you see how fast time with her really does go.

“She’s going to grow up fast isn’t she?” You ask, a slight frown on your face. 

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J-Hope: Hoseok would be tearing up the whole car ride there and while he was hugging and kissing his daughter to death. He’d just be an over emotional daddy who couldn’t bear to let his daughter grow up in front of him. If it was his choice he’d probably be 100% okay with taking her back home and just homeschooling her, but he knew that wouldn’t work with you. He waved back to your daughter then slowly let a few tears slip.

“Can we please just home school her?” Hoseok begged, hand squeezing yours. You just shook your head and laughed pulling the upset father along with you.

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Rap Monster: Namjoon wouldn’t want to see his son leave for pre-school either. He’d be happy of course that he was able to see his son walk of those few steps to the classroom but deep down he still wanted the days where his son couldn’t walk, the time went so fast in his eyes that he really cherished this moment he got to spend with both you and your son. Namjoon watched as his sun literally went off running into the classroom happy to get away from his too overly loving parents. You both sighed before looking at eachother and smiling. 

“Our baby is growing up.” 

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Suga: Yoongi would be a lot like Jungkook if not exactly like him. You wouldn’t be ready to let your baby girl go, not yet. You felt as if it was all too soon but with a simply squeeze of your shoulder you looked up and saw your husbands eyes looking down at you, a small smile on his face. You instantly sighed, kissing your daughter goodbye before seeing her go off to her teacher.

“I’m not ready.” You whined letting your body fall into Yoongi’s. A laugh emitted from him as an arm wrapped around you. Yoongi kissed the side of your head before leading the both of you back to the car. You gave one last look to the classroom before being tugged away by Yoongi. “My baby needs me, Yoongi!”

“You will literally see her in a few hours, you will live!” Another laugh left Yoongi as he struggled to pull you away from the classroom.

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Jin: Jin would be sad dropping off his daughter for pre-school but it’d be that kind of happy-sad feeling. He’s happy because this is a huge milestone in your daughter’s life but sad because his baby girl is growing up right before his eyes. One moment he was changing her diapers and now he’s giving her a kiss good bye as he watches her walk off to her classroom smiling at her new teacher. You quickly hug him and just stay there for a while before leaving to go back home, spending the first afternoon alone together without your beautiful baby girl.

“I don’t know if I like her being gone for this long.” Jin admits, grabbing two water bottles from the fridge and handing you one.

“Jin it’s only been fifteen minutes.”

“That’s too long!”

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~my morning routine~ 

It’s 6am which means I have to get my lazy body out of bed. Okay, 5 minutes of struggling and I’m awake. All of this proves, that a new day has become and I really should start doing something. 

Good morning! I usually wake up at 6am, but it also depends on my mood. Sometimes I feel really down in the morning and decide to treat myself with another 30 minutes of dreaming. My school starts at 8:20 and I live quite far away from it, so I have to leave the house at 7:30. Which means I have an hour and 30 minutes to get ready. Trust me, for me it’s not a lot of time at all.

I’ve read lot’s of different post and articles about perfect morning routines but all of them take too much time. So, I’ve decided to write my own in order to help other busy students organize their morning. Let’s get started! 

  • I always go to the bathroom to wash my face with cold water. Trust me, this might not be the most pleasing ritual but it does wake you up. 
  • Then I head downstairs to get myself some breakfast and a cup of coffee. 
  • At 6:20 I go upstairs and I still have more than an hour to be ready, so I usually let myself get under my soft blanket and scroll through all the mails and messages I got during the night. REMEMBER!!! Do not fall asleep. If you feel like that, get out of bed and do some exercises. 
  • Speaking of exercises. When it’s approximately 6:40 I start doing morning yoga, which I’ve found somewhere on Tumblr. It usually takes only 10 minutes but I feel really stretched after. 
  • At 6:50 It’s time to get ready. I choose what to wear to school. We don’t have a strict uniform but we do have to wear official clothes like black pants and skirts + white blouse or a t-shirt. And being in the last year gives you an unwritten permission to dress more casual, so I often wear black jeans. When I’ve chosen what to wear, I start packing my bag with all the books and notebooks. 
  • After that it’s time to put my makeup on (my favorite part). I won’t get too deep in my makeup routine because it’s very long. I usually go with natural makeup but sometimes I can do something brighter (today is that day yay) 
  • When i have put on my cozy coat and scarf (it already feels like winter) plus some trainers I am ready to go! 

That was my every morning routine, which i do every day (except for sunday) before school. Hope it was somehow useful for you!

Lily Luna Potter only ever got one detention. It came from hexing a kid after he said Teddy was just a half breed, that he wasn’t even part of the Potter family, and did not deserve to be considered part of the Potters, and Weasleys.

None of the teachers wanted to give one under the circumstances, but had too because of the severity of the hex. They could not let this go, otherwise students would get the wrong idea.

Professor Neville Longbottom laughed himself out of breath upon hearing, Lily reminding him of a hot tempered young Ginny Weasley. Professor McGonagall and the others were proud to see her stand up for her friends. 

Lily Luna received three “Howlers” soon after.

One came from her mother, saying how proud she was especially since Lily had used the Bat Bogey Hex, and that she was so happy she stood up for her best friend/brother. 

Another came from her father, saying he was immensely proud that she had stood up for her friend, and recounted a story about her mother’s bat bogey hex, and if she was even half as powerful as her mother, she would have caused immense damage, but that the boy deserved it for what he said. 

The final came from Teddy. In his howler he was crying tears of happiness at how his little ‘Dovey’ had stood up for him even though he wasn’t even her brother. He told her how happy the news made him, to know that even though his parents had died, he did have a true family who would stand up for him, no matter the consequences. Lily wrote back to him calling him stubborn to even consider for a moment that she would have let that boy get away with what he did, and for thinking that he didn’t have a family who loved him, but telling him she would always be there for him.


Here’s a friendly reminder that you deserve to go after your goals and dreams, and that you don’t live your life to please others because it’s your life and you have only got one - one life, one chance to make it right, just the way you want it to be. Don’t do anything 20 years from now that you’ll look back, regret about “why didn’t I do this? Why didn’t I go for it? And now I feel like I’ve wasted my whole life away.”

Prove the haters wrong, and when it comes down to your own life, YOU DO YOU! And you go after what YOU want, don’t let anyone stop you in your stride.