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Fareeha Amari studied Engineering in Canada

So, many of you may not know, but in Canada, students of Engineering are given an iron ring upon graduation, that is typically worn on the pinky finger. And, if you look closely at her panel in the Christmas comic, you’ll find that Fareeha appears to be wearing such a ring.

Fareeha Amari confirmed for Canadian-Egyptian woman in STEM!

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I just want you to know that your voltron shitposts are a gift to our species

honestly?? where’s my nobel prize

  • shiro: “I need an adult” pidge: “…you… are an adult?” shiro: “yes but I need a better one”
  • hunk’s hairstyle is definitely inspired by young han solo
  • *paladin sneezes* allura and coran, horrified: “what the fuck was that”
  • pidge is too short for her head to be a good armrest for anyone, but does that stop lance from trying?? no
  • allura is the living embodiment of bringing a gun to a knife fight
  • sometimes lance will go to the training deck while keith is training for the express purpose of making lightsaber noises whenever keith swings his sword to piss him off
  • coran is scandalized by hunk and pidge’s lab etiquette
    • pidge’s approach to science is “safety goggles are for squares” and hunk’s is “eyeballing it is a valid method of measurement right”
    • i mean pidge is 14 and hunk is an engineering student what was he expecting
    • he gets hunk a god damn ruler for his birthday
  • lance: “- so the most important thing is that we get in and out without being seen at all. any ideas?” keith: “okay, so what I’m thinking is that i’ll bust into the main chamber and go for zarkon-” lance: “alright, I’m gonna explain again, and you’re gonna tell me where I lost you”
Icy What You Did There

Dean and Cas and skating needed to be a thing that I wrote. Yuri on Ice has done stuff to all of us and this is what it has done to me today. Hope everyone enjoys reading as much as I enjoyed writing!!

if you prefer, read it here on AO3!

“I can’t believe you actually managed to talk me into this.”

Lacing up his skates, Dean cast a dark look over at a red-haired, bright-eyed girl sitting directly opposite him: Charlie, fellow engineering student and long-time friend. She’d already finished tying up her ice skates, and was shuffling on her bench impatiently.

“Come on,” she said. “Lighten up, Winchester. Ice rinks don’t stick around for the whole year in Kansas. This is our last chance before next Christmas to -”

“- make complete idiots of ourselves,” Dean finished for her. He wiggled his toes; the ice skates felt heavy and cumbersome on his feet. “In public.”

“Speak for yourself,” Charlie said airily. “I’ve been skating every year since I was six. I’m not bad.”

Dean’s dark look melted into outright indignation.

“You said in the car that we could suck at it together!”

Charlie tilted her head sideways at him. “Well,” she said, “we can. You do the suck part, and I’ll be here for the together.

“That doesn’t even - hey, wait!” Dean got to his feet and started walking, feeling as ungainly as a gosling, following Charlie as she made her way over to the edge of the ice rink. “Charlie - maybe I should just watch.”

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Half way through the last week of exam period.

⭕️My sleep routine has been improving 😊
❌I didn’t studied as much compare to last week because of being overly stressed about exams 😥


I’ve been on studyblr for a couple months now, and I thought it was about time to make an introduction

My name is Erinn, I’m 16 and currently a high school sophomore. I am asexual, aromantic, and currently exploring my gender identity. I am currently in the closet to my family and most of my friends but if anyone ever wants to talk i’m here.

I want to be an engineer or a computer programmer (or both). I also am working towards being fluent in french which i’m hoping would lead to me becoming multi-lingual.

In my free time I like to read watch Netflix and sleep. My favorite show is Doctor Who but I cannot for the life of me chose my favorite book. I love the Harry Potter series, Slaughter House 5, The Giver, and the Legend series.

I joined the studyblr community because it helps keep me focused and keep me excited about learning even though school can sometimes bring me down. I found that it really keeps me motivated to put my best effort into my school work and other aspects of my life.

Some studyblrs that inspire and motivate me are… @coffeesforstudiers @studyblr @elkstudies @sushi-studies @hermionegoals @teaandstudying @engineeringstudyblr @french-studies

I was trying to figure out where mechanical engineering majors would fit in at Elsewhere University, since the fair folk probably wouldn’t want to hang out in the same places mech engineers do…


There’s a frantic knocking on the door and Hadassah opens it. 

“Someone’s after me.” Dassi recognizes Laurel, an English student who always has the most beautiful words. Now, her words are stilted, tripping over themselves. “One of the Gentry–Forgot my ring and salt, I’m dizzy, can’t think straight–”

Dassi ushers her in. “Come on.” She closes the heavy door behind her and shoots the iron bolt home, but it almost doesn’t matter. There’s not a single member of the fair folk of Elsewhere University who would come in here.

Laurel’s nose wrinkles as she takes a deep breath; it’s a common expression for those who don’t come to the machine shop often. But to Dassi, the smell of iron and oil is home. 

Various students glance up as Laurel comes in; a few are working on projects at various hulking machines, but some are just camping out until the glamour clears from their eyes. Jack, the machinist, looks up and grins. “Another one? There’s hot chocolate in the back room. Milk in the fridge, too.”

Dassi and Laurel walk past the machines and Laurel looks around a little sadly. “I bet you barely see the Gentry at all.”

Dassi shrugs. “I mean, we do, just at much more of a distance than most of you.”

“I’m sorry.”

Dassi frowns. “I don’t think there’s anything to be sorry for. It doesn’t always seem like the best thing, to interact with them like that. I mean, look at the way you came in today.”

Laurel has a dreamlike, faraway gaze. “I know it doesn’t seem like it, but it’s worth it, to see and interact with those incredible beings. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

The back room has several students lounging on couches and chatting. Laurel immediately sees one of her friends–Tony forgets his protective items too often; he’s in here at least once a week–and goes to hang out with him, visibly relaxing. Dassi heads back out to the main floor of the machine shop. It had become a place of refuge for so many students trying to escape temporary attentions from the fair folk that there were more non-engineers than engineers in here right now. 

Ahmed almost immediately jumps in front of her. “Dassi, check it out!” He’s holding that little piece of iron that had been giving them so much trouble over the past week. “I really, really think this will fit.”

Dassi laughs and grabs it. “Yeah, but you said that every time we tried to work on it. Look, if it doesn’t work this time, maybe we should try adjusting the housing instead.”

“Yeah, yeah. But seriously, Dassi, I have a good feeling about this!” Ahmed’s hair and clothes sparkle faintly with iron filings caught there, and there’s a small burn from a soldering iron healing on his thumb. 

Dassi glances down at herself. There’s a huge oil stain on one leg of her jeans, and her fingertips are stained green by the copper wires she’d been wrestling with earlier. Engineering leaves so many little physical marks.

She and Ahmed walk over to the workbench and she inhales the scent of solder smoke, oil, iron…she spends so much time here that the smell comes back to her dorm room with her and settles in a little deeper every night. There’s no smell that speaks so strongly of peace and security as this one.

She and Ahmed bend to their work and she sees that his eyes are sparkling with the same excitement she feels, brighter than pure copper. The feeling she gets when one of her creations works–there’s nothing that compares. It doesn’t matter that she can’t interact with the fair folk. She can protect her classmates from them, and that’s enough. And the discovery, the knowledge, the ability to create; it’s more than enough. She wouldn’t trade it for anything.



Just finished Quiz 1 in my geotechnical quiz and I think I did good :)

I wrote every thing that I learnt from reviewing and mistake that I did while I was solving. It is totally helpful to navigate where should I focus more and what to keep in mind.

the engineering buildings numbers are always different. you could have sworn your professor’s office was here last week, but it’s not anymore and nobody questions when engineers are late to classes.

you save your lab data to three different places and double check your voltage readings; even though They may not be able to touch, it doesn’t mean there’s no effect.

engineers keep wires around their wrists and screwdrivers in their pockets.

engineers work with metal and electricity and all of the things They cannot affect, but there’s always the coffee shop on campus, the endless staircases in the building, the moon creeping over red brick at 2 in the morning when you’re still programming.

They are fascinated with things they cannot affect.


I LOVE THIS wow yes the allure of the entirely incomprehensible runs strong on both sides