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College Comparison and Application Checklists

Hi guys! As an obsessive spreadsheet maker, I am constantly using Excel for EVERYTHING, including when preparing to apply for college. I’ve just been told that, for once, the spreadsheets I made for comparing college options and organizing my application checklist are actually helpful, so I’m here to share them!

The first can be used for initially comparing and deciding which colleges you are interested in and the second can be used more as a checklist to see if everything has been submitted or completed.

To make things convenient, I’ve made them available in Google Sheets, from which you can copy to your own Google Drive or download as a Microsoft Excel file! They are also both editable so that you can add or remove categories and compare what’s important to you. Colleges are not one-size-fits-all, so feel free to edit the spreadsheets to cater to you. As a quick example, I’ve used Harvard to demonstrate what each category is for, but you can use it however you see fit. Since I personally have not looked into Harvard, the examples used are not the most thorough, but they should still provide a general idea.

**DISCLAIMER: I am still in high school and have not yet applied or gone to any colleges/universities. I am no expert on college admissions and do not know everything about finding and selecting the perfect college. Please keep this in mind. Any constructive feedback is welcome!

College Comparison Spreadsheet:

College Application Checklist:

To use, click on the link, go to “file”, then either click “make a copy” and save to your drive or click “download” and then whatever format you want. A guide to using each is below the cut. Happy college hunting and good luck!

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anonymous asked:

when I first saw what Rian said about the romance I was really really upset but then I read what other people said about them being allies and how it takes time for a romantic relationship to develop and that literally lifted my mood. what I'm absolutely terrified of is what the antis are saying. I've already seen what some of them have said but it's going to get so much worse and they're going to bring that point up in literally everything. I just want to be safe and happy but idk if I can now

Here’s the thing, anon, and I’m going to be as blunt and honest as I can here.

When I was being abused, nothing terrified me more than fucking up. Even if it was minor, even if it was inconsequential, even if it was an honest mistake or just a human one. Because I knew that my abuser would lord it over me every. single. time they felt threatened, any time something good happened to me, any time I was already hurting and down on myself, any time they felt powerless and just needed to kick someone to make themselves feel better.

Antis have the exact same mindset. Think about it: when are they the most vocal and at their nastiest? a) When something comes out that’s good news for the Reylo fandom (shift in balance of power: we’re happy and they’re threatened); b) when something comes out that’s good news for them (need to strike out and hurt less powerful group to maintain euphoric feeling of power and righteousness); c) weekends/evenings/summers/any downtime, particularly for students (primary demographic for antis; we’re dealing with summarily miserable people, and downtime to think and self-reflect can lead to anger/helplessness and the need to project and lash out). 

And they will trot out the same fandom missteps over and over and over again, using it to tar the whole fandom with the same brush. They need us to be the bad guys. They need us to be wrong. And they will use every single scrap of ammunition they have to attack and try to reframe the narrative so that we are. They got some pretty good reinforcements today, just like my abusers did when I did something wrong, or when someone else said something justifiably negative about me that they could then twist and weaponize. 

I mention this not as a pejorative or to draw a neat parallel between antis and abusers (although there is significant connective tissue). The important part is how I finally stopped them from being able to lord those mistakes over me and kick me in the ribs:

Zero contact. Total inaccessibility. None of my past abusers have any access to me. I know that if they did, they’d resort to those same behaviors, because that’s how they operate.

And antis are the same way. In order to stop them, you have to keep them from getting to you, in any form. 

Block liberally and on-sight. Don’t ask questions, just block. I go so far as to block anyone I see liking or reblogging anti posts. Never, ever engage or speak to antis. Restrict who can view your blog if you have to. Disable anon asks. Blacklist anti keywords and remove yourself entirely from the discourse. The bottom line is that antis are mentally abusive and emotionally exhausting to deal with; protect yourself and don’t let them close enough to penetrate your defenses. Because they will, and they will attack with absolutely everything they have.

Remember: you’re dealing with people who want to hurt you. And the only answer to that is to not let them


Kunugigaoka Class Overviews and Personalities 

Each class has a page dedicated to it in the databook, with the exception of Class A, which gets two pages. There’s a bit of retreading on old information, but there’s also some interesting stuff in there. It’s six pages of the databook in total, so I’ve left the actual translation under the “Keep Reading” tab, but for a quick highlight of some info I thought was pretty neat:

  • Each class seems to have its own “personality”. It’s not like Harry Potter where people get sorted based on personality, of course, but one’s standing on the academic ladder and the pressures that come with it seem to affect each class’s morale as a whole. A casual summary boils down to -
  • Class A: We have a lot of expectations piled on us so we are very, very stressed, but we’d rather die than lose our “elite” status
  • Class B: We’re not as strong as Class A, but we’re actually the most popular class because we’re smart, we’re friendly, and we value teamwork
  • Class C: We just don’t want to stand out, but please don’t forget we’re here either. The best amount of pressure is no pressure. 
  • Class D: We may be near the bottom of the barrel, but we can still be the best goddamit!!! We have the most spirit!!! We’ll crush Class A!!! Also, we have to assert that we are not as bad as Class E by constantly degrading them!!! [TN: I have the feeling that most of the animosity towards 3-E comes from this group]
  • Class E: We’re supposed to be dirt, but this year we’re not  ;)
  • Gakushuu actually cameos in the background in the baseball arc (Page 15 of chapter 33). I never noticed him there because his hair is quite different! It looks like Matsui was originally planning on a different hairstyle for him
  • If you see random students drawn in the background, they’re almost certainly from Class C. It seems Matsui decided that Class C is the “random mob character” class
  • Oono-sensei (Karma’s and Nagisa’s old teacher) is apparently extremely hot-blooded. I felt like the book was describing Might Guy o_O 
  • Class E’s building is about 1 kilometer from the main school building, and one round trip takes 1 hour

But for those who want to read it themselves and not just my extremely casual summary, here’s the translation below:

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Bullet Journal Channels on YouTube I Highly Recommend

If you’re just starting out or need some more inspiration, I compiled a list of my five favorite channels to get not only ideas but information about bullet journaling. These are just my opinions and I am always looking for new videos and people to follow for these types of videos. I hope you find something useful from this list. (I either linked the playlists of their bullet journal videos or just their channel). Here’s a recent post about what I’ve learned after Bullet Journaling for a year.

She was probably the first person to even introduce me to Bullet Journaling. I stumbled across one of her ‘plan with me’ videos and subscribed right away. Kara’s the reason I tried Bullet Journaling in the first place. If you’re new to the Bullet Journal scene and are looking for more information or just need some good inspiration from someone who has evolved her style into something memorable, I would for sure go check her out.

Amanda’s videos include hauls, doodle with me, and bullet journals. She is an inspiring artist and makes beautiful spreads and themes for each month of her journal. Since I do not have an artistic bone in my body, most of the ideas I get from her are layout based. While she has tons of doodles in her spreads, it still has a minimalist feel to me. If you’re more of a doodler in your journal, definitely check her channel out.

I have recently just found Caitlin’s channel and let me tell you, if you are a student bullet journal-er or are just looking for some studying tips, this is the place for you. She keeps her bullet journal videos very real and not super fancy and caters to the student demographic of the bullet journal community. They get to the point of the video while also giving its viewers inspiration and tips for their own bullet journals. If you are a student looking for ways to incorporate your bullet journal with your academics, I would say to check out this channel for sure.

While Miss Erica Louie’s videos are mainly about fashion, her bullet journal videos are just super relaxing to watch. She enjoys painting in her bullet journal and her spreads are beautiful. Her videos take you through what she plans on planning for the current month, giving you a recap of the past month, and occasionally a supplies haul. She’s not afraid to switch up her weeklies and has plenty of ideas to go around. If you enjoy more of an artist’s approach to your journal, give Miss Louie a go.

Just like Miss Louie and AmandaRachLee, Ann Le’s channel is primarily a fashion channel. However, she also does bullet journal videos. And just like Miss Louie, she also paints in her journal too. These are absolutely beautiful and make me upset that I can’t paint or draw at all. Her Bullet Journal playlist is also her painting playlist, so I sometimes find myself just playing her playlist in the background of any school work that I might be doing. Ann also isn’t afraid to switch things up in her journal, so new ideas are readily accessible. Again, just like Miss Louie, I would recommend her videos if you enjoy the artist approach.


This is an extensive list of careers, with over 1000 listed careers, from small time all the way up to astronaut. Ever had trouble figuring out what your character could be doing for a living, or are you sick and tired seeing the same occupations listed over and over again? This masterlist will help you both in creating a unique original character, or occupationally diverse pre-made- and skeletal bios for your RP.

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Diveristy in Science as a whole and chemistry in particular ( the presentation I gave to my lab group)

Chemistry is the study of matter, but what does that mean? Chemistry itself often seems abstract. Balancing equations and Avogadro’s number have little to do with the average person’s day to day lives. But the people who make our drugs, who analyze and purify our water, who make our make up and design our diagnostics are chemists. So what does it mean that certain minority groups and women are underrepresented in chemistry?  In addition to the normal concerns of inequality and a reduced scientific pools, it means that there are some problems that will never be solved because of the limited perspectives of the people expected to solve them. And as chemists are increasingly expected to work as part of a scientific team, it means that the diversity and subsequent creativity of these teams suffers. 

So where does chemistry stand? 

Above is a graph comparing demographics of chemist belonging to the American Chemical Society (ACS) and the US population. The is a national society of chemists from the undergraduate level and above. It has hundreds of thousands of members and their census provides a pretty good snap shot of the makeup of the chemical community. As you can see from the data, men, white people and asian people are over represented while women, African Americans, Hispanics and Native Americans are underrepresented. This isn’t a judgement call about how many people there should be. Rather its comment on how many there are versus how many you would expect there to be in the absence of any other factors. 

As far as race is concerned, there has been some improvement over time. The numbers appear large (50% increase, wow) but the starting numbers are so low that any gains, even small ones look larger. Given the trends, there’s no indication that the dramatic under–representations will correct themselves in the next 50 years. You can’t even see African Americans, Hispanics or Native Americans when whites are included on the graph

Women seem to be doing better, but they still only make up about 30% of the chemical community. Gains appear to be steady, but there is still marked under-representation. 

So the question becomes, where do these discrepancies start, and what causes them. about 51% of chemistry degrees are given to women at the bachelor’s level which is what you would expect since women make up about that much of the US population. But then you see a slight falling off at the masters level at a sharp drop at the PhD level. Something is happening to women at this point that pushes women out of chemistry. 

You see some drop off at all levels, which makes sense. Not every with a BA/BS goes on to get a PhD. Some people go to med school, or law school, or say “screw it” and move to nyc to be a street performer. The numbers for underrepresented minorities have a more expected fall off about 3% (thats not a percenttage decrease, it just 3% less at the PhD level than the bachelor’s). But they are still under-represented, even at the the bachelor’s level. 

Part of what happens to women is family. And if it were as simple as women choosing to leave the sciences and starting families, that would not be an issue. Women are and should be free to make their own choices about their lives. The problem is that when you talk to women about children and family, you find that they would like to work, at least part time, but that their schedules aren’t flexible or they’re expected to do the majority of the child care. They are expected to “do it all” and when they can’t, they end up choosing family. 

Minorities are also significantly more likely to be fired or layed off than their white counterpoints. This even applies to Asian men who are dramatically over-represented in the sciences (3X more in science than in the general population). 

It has been shown that women are also systemically discriminated against. A study was conducted at six unnamed but major research institutions. 2 applications for average candidates (not stellar, not terrible) were sent to various professors in biology, chemistry, and physics. They were exactly the same except one had a “male” name and one had a “female” name. Competence was measured on a scale from 1 to 7 with 7 being the highest. Women were routinely deemed less competent that men and offered a lower salary. This trend held, even when the professor was young, or female. 

So if a mixture of family and discrimination is keeping women out of science in general, and chemistry in particular, what’s the deal with minorities?

According to the National science foundation URM’s (African Americans, Hispanics, and Native Americans) show similar levels of interest in STEM careers as their white and asian counterparts, but are less likely to finish their degrees. Those who drop out are more likely to have taken less rigous coursework in highs school (AP and.or advanced classes, science courses, calculus etc), to have taken time off between high school and college (or taken longer to complete high school), to have worked their way through college, and to have had uneducated parents. Conversely, URMs who did complete their degrees took rigorous coursework, went straight to college from high school, and have parents with higher degrees.

Part of the problem is a lack of role models and/or familiarity with the higher education system, part of it is financial, and part is that minority students are not being prepared for careers in science.

  The national assessment of educational progress is a test given to eighth and forth grade students.  Looking at the demographics of the students receiving the top 1% of scores tells you what kinds of factors might influence who is doing well and who is not on these exams. URM students and women (to some extent) are less likely to do very well on the exams, but under-representation is most pronounced when looking at students from poor and uneducated households, indicating that poverty and education level are better predictors of success than race or gender. Or put another way, under performance is caused by a lack of access, not by women or URM’s being inherently worse at science and/or math. 

Just a quick note about poverty and race. Free and reduced lunch is often used to measure child poverty since it is granted based on parental income. URM children are over-represented amongst the poor, but the majority of poor children are still white. So when you see a school with a large number of minorities, it is likely that the school is poor. But when you see schools that have a large number of impoverished children, it is most likely that the school is predominantly white. And when you see a trend that’s consistent across high minority and high poverty schools, its an indication that the poverty is the issue, not the race of the people involved. 

High poverty and high minority schools have worse teachers. Teacher quality is directly correlated to teacher experience, and inexperienced teachers are more likely to be at poor and black/latino schools. These inexperienced teachers are also more likely to be unprepared to teach, according to self reporting. 

Its hard to blame the teachers for this trend. 

Since teachers at these schools face unique and serious challenges, as shown in the above graph. Teachers who can go somewhere else, do. And even though teachers typically receive bonuses for teaching at impoverished schools, those bonuses aren’t enough to offset the disadvantages. As soon as they can, they move. Its not their fault, but it is the students who suffer. 

The issue isn’t the individual people, its the systems that keep URM’s in poverty and make that poverty self perpetuating. Impoverished people are unable to access opportunities that would increase their incomes ie education. Their children are poor as well, and encounter the same challenges. And on and on it goes. 

Even with funding issues and the recessions, science is still a pretty good field to get into. Engineering and computer science are routinely ranked as one of the highest paying and fastest growing fields. Even chemists who are among the most underemployed still make an average of 100,000 per year with a PhD. 

grannyshanny  asked:

"My name is Lyssta, I used to be a mentor for students upon Dalaran before the entire city had decided to purge half of my students' demographic. You seem familiar, perhaps you have...heard of me?" The exceedingly tall, big-boned, female Draenei smiled kindly to Moraluna - @damn-she-big

Usually reserved with strangers, Mora finds herself nonetheless smiling at the taller Draenei woman. She adjusts the strap of her bag over her shoulder. “I am sorry, I haven’t spent much time on Dalaran, but your name is familiar to me for some reason.” She thinks for a moment. “It is quite possible that we have crossed paths. I visit some of the shops on Dalaran when I need supplies I cannot find elsewhere… maybe that is how I heard of you?” 

She tilts her head, inspecting the other Draenei. “Either way, it is nice to meet you. Do you spend much time here in Stormwind?” 

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OK Bernie Sanders Fans, lets get serious

Here is the thing, Bernie Sander is the only presidential candidate who offers some hope for the country actually addressing the major issues that are destroying this nature rather than ignoring them in favor of the old standbys.  I judge presidential Candidates on the basis of their answer to this question “HOw do you win a war on terror?” and Sanders is the only one who seems likely to actually be able to answer that honestly without common off like a moron.  But lets be honest, he is a long shot, so if we want to promote him, we need to get serious.  Here are some things we need to get worried of soon/be prepared for 

1) If he wins the first Primaries, then the DNC is going to tighten its ranks.  See Sanders is in this magic sweet spot right now where he can get national attention and the support of the base because even establishment democrats want him to pull Hillary to the left.  But remember when Mike Huckabee won the early primaries 2011 and the GOP suddenly rallied around Romney because they realized that Mike might win and he was a candidate who will never win a national election.  Now MIke would never win because he was a fucking psychopath and Bernie sanders has a chance, but the DNC is traditionalist and they will all rally around Hillary when that happens.  So what ever happens, don’t get into a celebratory mood if Bernie wins, because that is when things are going to get tough, and plenty of Democrats are going to come out with the old “You don’t want to see Jeb Bush be president?” phrase.  Here is the thing, no GOP candidate except MAYB Rand Paul can win a national election, they are just too damn racist.  So take advantage of the period right now, before the New Hampshire primary to spread the word as much as possible and try to get enough of them on the bandwagon before Clinton gets really scared

2) Don’t fall into the trap of Clinton inevitably.  Its a myth, it isn’t true, Hillary is a very weak candidate, because she is a damn Clinton, we know how they work.  They are corrupt to the core.  But that myth is going to be popular, it is going to be pervasive, and comparison to Ralph Nader costing Gore FLorida are going to happen (he didn’t).  The establishment is no longer needed as much as it once was, and if the internet is used properly, Bernie Sander’s strengths and Clinton’s weaknesses can be promoted.  But once Bernie starts getting to the debates, we are going to hear more and more about how Clinton can’t possibly lose

3) He is Jewish.  This won’t be a problem for the primaries, but if he goes up against what ever GOP hack they spawn, suddenly his not being Christian is going to be a very big deal.  Lots and lots of people are going to come out and start saying how MERICA IS A CHRISTIAN NATION and “DA JEWISH CONSPIRACY”.  Be prepared for that, get your defenses ready for that, turn that into a strength.  

right lets talk about some things that Bernie Supports need to do right now make him stronger

1) Appeal to minorities.   Right now.  Here is the thing, the reason why the GOP can’t win this next election is that not enough of the electorate are white men.  Hispanics, African Americans, Asians, GSM, young people, and women mostly vote Left, and they are making up more and more of the country.  the most dedicated of the Right wing voters are old and they are you know…old and are dying off.  ALl of the GOP candidates have spent the last few decades proving to the world that they are horrifically racist, sexist, and religiously intolerant, so winning the majority of the country will be difficult.  The only one who has a chance is Jeb Bush and….well this country isn’t ready for another Bush.  Now Bernie Sanders as 4 main groups who like him in this country.  Jews obviously, the all important student demographic is interested in him because you know….student loans reform, old people because of his age (even some conservatives and independents like him because he wants to reform Social security) and a surprising amount of white people like him.  But minorities in this country are distrustful of him because he hasn’t been on their radar and they are generally mistrustful of whitey (for good reason).   The clintons are well known and connected to Obama.  Notice how Clinton has passive aggressively been saying that Sanders is not invested immigration, when he has done more than Clinton has.  But they really don’t have any reason to, he has a good record on immigrant reform and you know…he actually knew Dr. King.  He marched during the Civil Rights movement, which is more than any other person here can say.  I mean, he was the only president candidate who not only called the Charleston massacre both the result of Neo Confederate racist culture in the south AND called it an act of terror.  And considering how many of the problems minorities face are descended from the economic inequality in this country, a candidate who can address that will be doing more to help ethnic minorities in this countries than Clinton’s connections to banks ever will.  

2) Talk to women.  Sanders again has a good record on women’s issue, and is pretty evenly tied with Clinton in that regards, so why should women vote for an old man?  Well two things, first his proposed healthcare reform will go a long way to helping with various women’s issues (Like affordable birth control) and unlike Clinton, he is more trustworthy.  The Clintons infamously will change their stance at the drop of a hat (she voted for the Iraq war for god’s sake), and so even if she can talk the talk it isn’t guaranteed that she will walk the walk.  Women are essential to winning any election, and Bernie Sanders has made his views on hate groups quite clear.  If he can just stand up to the MRA crowd he’d be perfect.  

3) Rally the base.  Try to get anybody who cares about real liberal issues to come out and get behind Bernie now before the establishment has its chance to turn him into traitor, with the internet this is actually possible.  Everybody on the left needs to start talking about the issues that the Clintons are too sacred…or well connected…to talk about.  Like ending the War on Drugs, ending the war of terror, addressing the wealth gap, bringing wallstreet under control and addressing the main issues of Social and Civic Rights.  AKA, addressing police brutality and the government disregard for the 4th amendment.  

4) Really go on the attack towards Clinton.  Because she voted for the Iraq war, and is a Centrist more than a liberal.  She (and her husband) are corrupt and utterly connected to all of the worse aspects of government.  She is the standard politician joke, utterly untrustworthy and just competent enough to get herself elected, and just likable enough because she is better than anybody the GOP puts up.  But she is not your friend, and she is not trustworthy, nobody with a Super Pac is.  

For that matter, the only GOP candidate you really need to focus on attacking is Jeb Bush, because there are many desperate people in this country who will vote for him even though the Bushes have been nothing more than a parasite on this nation, because he is the only one who seems to offer (on the surface) a reasonable chance of the conservatives winning.  

5) Finally, you know what Bernie Sanders offers?  A great deal of independents, and in fact Republicans might vote for him.  Because while the TEA party is mostly just full of vile paranoid racist sexist homophobic super racist theocratic conspiracy theorists, many of them are pissed about Wall Street corruption.  Many of the conservatives who cry about this country becoming “dechristinized” are also really poor and suffering.  Certain social issues are used to divide people who have something in common.  Famously in the south, the issue of race has been used to keep poor blacks and poor white from uniting against the rich, because poor whites will choose racism over their own well being.  Sanders is going to try to get people to vote there interests, and so its important to try to get people who normally don’t vote democrat to realize that the only candidate who is honestly suggesting to bring jobs back to the US in a real way, because you can’t be cozy with big business and want to bring jobs back to this country it doesn’t work.  

But finally here is the most important thing to remember, the Clintons (and they do work as a team) are old.  They are very old in politics, and lets be honest, they have a lot of dirty little secrets as most political high rollers have and there are MANY people who hate the CLintons.  And lets be honest with ourselves here, some scandal or gaff is going to come out in the next two years which is going to seriously damage the champaign and once that happens, Bernie needs to be strong enough to take advantage of it and present himself as a reasonable alternative before she can recover 

The fact is, this is age of the internet, random people have the power to change political elections…….if you organize.  If you focus and take these steps, Bernie has a real shot at office and we can finally have a real liberal in office not one of these centrist dopplegangers.