student athletics

Me: Can I borrow a pencil

Student artists: A pencil✏️😩 Sorry I only have🙅🏻‍♂️🤚 A superstick color maker👏🌈 They cost 700 dollars each 💸💰 Its okay though 💪 Someday my Steven Universe fanart ⚡️ Will be in MOMA💫 Van Gogh 🌛 Frida Kahlo 💡 Claude Monet 💐🌿 Starry Night is actually called ❌ MY DEPRESSION 🚨💫 I work every day every night 🌙🌞 But passion lasts forever ❤

Me: gosh I’m so stressed I–

AP student: don’t talk to me about stress😩😫. I have to study for five AP–

Student athlete: you don’t know the grind 😤😤 keep it 💯we work for everything we–

Musical theater kid: work?? Try having tech week 🎭🎭the same time as midterms🙀🙀–

Horse girl: Huh? What? I could hear you I was too busy riding HORSES

Social interaction 🗣😩 Sorry I only 🙅🏻‍♂️🤚 AVOID 👏✨ Catch me talking to No One 🚫😤 Friends who???? 💪 You think craving human contact will stop me from fleeing from it?? ⚡️THINK AGAIN 💫 Isolation 💡 Loneliness ❌ AVOIDANCE 🚨💫 I work every day every night 🌙🌞 There’s No End ❤


so those student athlete memes huh

🐴Griffin is👋👋🎩
🗣🌮Hungry👅 for responsibility👏 🍆Horny for 🍌teamwork🤝 And ready to 😩BUST A NUT🥜🥜🥜 in this job!💲💲💲🤑 Skills: 8️⃣ FOOT VERTICAL LEAP⛹️ Young, dumb and full of… you 💦💦know 😏😉 I love you😘💕💕
😭RIP Ms. Beakman🦅

  • stop sign: stop
  • me, a linguistics major: the only 🚫 stop 🚫 i know are plosives 💥 and nasal 👃 stops‼️ but i'm more a 🌬fricative🌬 cause fricatives don't ❌ stop ❌❌❌ that's how ladefoged 👅👀👍 wants it 👄 don't tell me 😡 to stop 😡 i do what i want 😤😤😤 i'm an atelic verb phrase 😫😩 you can't end me 💪 i keep going 🚶👊 no matter what the haters say 💁💁 chomsky 😧
  • Veronica: JD maybe we should stop killing-
  • JD: The killing never🙅 stops❌got 2 cleanse 💦💦👊 🔫🔫the world all day everyday 😱😱 sunrise to sunset ☀🌙 4 people who r decent 😍💪✌👦👧 our LOVE ❤💘💑😘 is God 👉👉 pep rallys gonna be LIT😏😏🔥society churns out slaves and blanks 😤😤 Buadelaire 😍✨👌 rip mom👩😭