student art exhibition


little sting

David and I were exploring the area around our city, and we were drawn to an old, small farmer township by this odd, bluntly shaped church tower we could see from miles away when biking through the meadows. It turned out to be a Medieval church that is nowadays maintained by volunteers and used for things like choir concerts by conservatory students and small art exhibitions.

When we had a look inside we bumped into a man who was one of the volunteers, and an old lady with her dog who were preparing the opening of her first ever photo exhibition that was opening the next day. I looked at the lady’s pictures while David had a chat with the two, and I then sat down on the floor and played with the lady’s dog who seemed to like my presence because she kept bringing me used beer mats she found and grabbed from under the organ.

The woman asked us to tell her what we really thought of her work, because she sensed we were sincere and that we “undestand things like this”, so cute. When I later on spoke with her alone, we were kind of giving each other quite personal advice from one artist to another. She told me she always saw the potence in other artists and pushed and helped them regardlessly and stuff, and only at this age she finally saw that she was worth of taking her own work just as serious.

That day held an inspiring, cute message and a nice little adventure! =^_^=


Voilà le travail de quelques étudiants de La dernière année (4eme année). Je n'ai pas mis tout le monde, parce que les autres pièces ce sont des vidéos. Mais je prévois une petite vidéos qui rassemblera tout ce beau monde!! C'est vraiment un travail fabuleux et chacun à sa personnalité Dans ce qu'il a choisi d'exprimer. Ils sont vraiment exceptionnel et on a La chance de pouvoir s'imprégner de toute cette ambiance ! - MllK


Japanese art student Kango Suzuki hand-carved over 400 wooden moving pieces into a mechanical clock displaying time on a magnetic drawing board titled “Plock”


Senior thesis work from the Department of Chinese Painting presented in the 2014 China Academy of Art Annual Student Exhibition. The Department of Painting at China Academy of Arts (CAA) consists of several highly specialized areas such as the Department of Figurative Painting, Department of Expressive Painting, and Department of Chinese Painting.

The Studio (1867). Winslow Homer (American, 1836–1910). Oil on canvas. Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Homer’s The Studio depicts an artist’s studio with its musical performance which illuminates the type of extracurricular events that took place in studios. Yet, surprisingly, none of the artists’ student works were exhibited.

The life size doll which I work on these last two months is almost finished! It’s such a  relief to see the end of this project, since it was the very first time  for me both making a doll and working in these dimensions. Anyway, I think I love her pretty much, don’t you?