student art exhibition


Japanese art student Kango Suzuki hand-carved over 400 wooden moving pieces into a mechanical clock displaying time on a magnetic drawing board titled “Plock”

 A Night at the County Scare…

“Thanks for coming with me, Twyla! Usually I get dragged around doing what everyone else wants to do :(

Oh thanks for bringing me! So.. what should we do first?”

“That’s easy…”

Oh my. That looks sooo good.”

“It is. Let’s eat!”


So what next?”

Hmm. Dad and the boys typically stick around the bbq pits, Clawdeen likes the roller coasters, Clawdia always makes me go see the student art exhibits. She thinks it’ll encourage me and my latent creativity or something 9_9. And mom likes the shops… By the time my turn to choose comes around it’s time to go :(”

“Alright then- what do you want to do?”

Something I never get to do!”

*shudders* “Well ok, but you have to hold my hand!”

“But these things aren’t even that sca…”



(4 Haunted houses and several hours later)

“Thanks for the bunny, Twy… You’re really good at that wiffleskull game ^_^ I always throw too hard >_>”

What about you? You’re like clawesome at casketball! You should be on the team with Clawd- look at all this *giggles* Actually, watch these, I have to use the little ghouls room”


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