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TURN DOWN FOR WHAT?! A Student Affairs List

1. Free Pizza

2. Free T-Shirts

Look how sweet Taylor Lautner is, giving you the shirt off his back :p

3. Going out during holiday breaks (no students!)

4. Conference Crushes

5. My Least Favorite Student Graduating

6. Eating lunch on the department’s dime

7. Conferences in nice ass cities

8. Free Swag

9. Casual Fridays

10. Half Days at Work

What other suggestions would you give?

Interview season is coming

I’m hoping this list helps those SA grads (and other grads/grad hopefuls) who will soon be interviewing for internships, jobs and programs!

During my undergrad, I always struggled with the last part of interviews (“do you have any questions for me?”) simply because I always forgot to think of possible questions. And sure, there’s no scientific data backing this up, but I’d like to think that there’s a strong correlation between me not asking questions and me not getting offers after interviews. 

If you’re like me, it’s helpful to think of interview questions this way: Dressing professionally is a part of your routine. You brush your teeth every day (I hope). You have your resume during interviews. So why isn’t having questions for the interviewer a part of that plan?

On a side note, No. 2 of the list above is one of my favorite types of questions. You spend the entire interview talking about yourself, but you also want to know the company/university/program/whatever-you’re-applying-to’s atmosphere. What better way than by asking why their representative is there?