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Just 4 Days Left to Register to See Franchesca Ramsey at NCCWSL! 

Are you a college student or campus professional? Don’t miss #NCCWSL16 keynote Franchesca Ramsey at this year’s National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL), the annual leadership conference held by AAUW. Taking place June 2–4 at the University of Maryland, College Park, the conference empowers today’s young women leaders.

Join nearly 1,000 other college woman leaders for the experience of a lifetime.

At this two and a half day conference, students

  • Choose from more than 50 workshops that prepare them for life after college
  • Meet inspiring role models including Women of Distinction awardees and speakers
  • Make connections for life
  • Discover their future from 100 graduate schools and employers
  • Gain the confidence and skills to return to their campuses and communities ready to take action

Registration closes Tuesday, May 10. Register now!


After the Jennings Area Government, I also serve as the grad adviser for the Writing on the Wall (WotW) project. If you haven’t heard of it, you need to implement it on your campus asap!

WotW is a two-week social justice program sponsored by our Inter-Residence Hall Association. This is the first week of WotW, which consists of brick painting. Anyone – professors, residents, students, random people of Gainesville – can come by the Plaza of the Americas (one of our free-speech zones on campus) to paint a brick with any word or phrase that has hurt their feelings, made them feel marginalized or offended them. No censorship whatsoever. Then, the wall stands all of next week. On Friday, we come together to literally tear down the wall.

TURN DOWN FOR WHAT?! A Student Affairs List

1. Free Pizza

2. Free T-Shirts

Look how sweet Taylor Lautner is, giving you the shirt off his back :p

3. Going out during holiday breaks (no students!)

4. Conference Crushes

5. My Least Favorite Student Graduating

6. Eating lunch on the department’s dime

7. Conferences in nice ass cities

8. Free Swag

9. Casual Fridays

10. Half Days at Work

What other suggestions would you give?