My Master’s Project is finally FINALLY done! Many thanks to my team and my friends who kept me sane and fed!
So chuffed with the result and the overwhelming response it’s had online! It’s been featured on CGBros and CGSociety already which is PRETTY COOL. 

anonymous asked:

Hey. I am in need of a job but no where in my town is hiring. Do you know anything online that could substitute as a job ? :( Not like a sugar daddy or something haha like a real job. Thanks in advance !

I know just the thing!! I’m a broke college student so I know the struggle lol. I use this to help me earn money. Just sign up and bam! On to making money! It’s so simple, it allows you to earn some extra cash by just blogging about you favorite stuff! Like games, apps, fitness, food. Just about everything!  You’re basically getting paid to blog! Let me know if you like it. I hope all works out for you♥


11&12/100 | 30/08/16 & 31/08/16

Yesterday was my last day of summer holidays so I plannned my whole year and also made a printable that will help me with revising biology! I spent the evening in the garden, picking apples and reading under the blankets :)

Today I am beginning my biology study session that will last til January. Wish me luck!