I’ll admit that I get scared of losing you sometimes,
alright, a lot of times,
but it’s real hard not to because
we’re practically in two different worlds right now,
where the weather and the people and even the time, they’re all different,
and I get scared you’re gonna like those different people more
because they are different and they are not me.
And you wouldn’t believe how many monsters come out at night,
ones that I’m not strong enough to face alone, at least not yet,
but I suppose I’d have to learn how to if I lost you,
but God, what a grueling trail of glass that’d be.
So yeah, with tongue tipped in shame and guilt, I admit that I get real scared, real often,
and I feel real bad about it all.
But I must thank you,
because you’ve got this benevolent voice that cures everything soon as I hear it,
and all the monsters flee as fast as they can, lest they be purified by it and lose all of their might,
and I must admit that hearing it makes everything feel alright for a while
—  “Monsters in the Night” - Alec Prevett (Taken from Juvenile: Volume Three)

100 Days of Productivity: 3/100

Same place, same things.
Today is been a day full of study. I’m on my way to finish the revision on my History of Architecture’s notes and I’m very happy about it! I also have done one of my favourite things to do when study: a time line! It’s very colourful and it helps me a lot since I have to study a very looong period of time. This afternoon I wanted to go out for a nice walk in the park but it’s started to rain so my plan got cancelled. Always positive!

My Essentials for Long Days in the Library: 

  1. 13″ Apple MacBook Air. 
  2. Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones.
  3. Muji 0.38 Black Ink Pens.
  4. Toshiba 2TB Portable Hard Drive.
  5. Bullet Journal (Moleskine Black Squared Notebook)
  6. Plenty of food and water - and, of course, coffee.