Finally! You should be able to use this to find studyblrs in your local area. I will continue to update it as people request to be added so just because there’s no one in your area at the moment doesn’t mean it will stay that way.

I’ve been having one or two issues with markers moving around so if you notice that your marker is in the wrong place or says something incorrect let me know and I can update it (for some reason it sometimes copies information from the previous person).

Please let me know if the link works and what you think of the map.

Also please reblog to spread the word of this map. If people want to be added to the map, please check this post and send me an ask with the appropriate details.

There is also a link in the sidebar of my blog. I think that’s it! Enjoy the map!

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Team Clinton ‘worried’ about Bernie Sanders campaign
Clinton aide says Sanders will be a "serious force."
By Ben Kamisar

They  should be worried, they’re competing with the next president of the United States. Bernie Sanders 2016!

Like if you’re a studyblr / langblr

sorry everyone I know there’s loads of these posts going around but my dash is really quiet just now so I’m looking for more;

  • studyblr
  • langblr 
  • anyone interested in university (especially languages) 
  • chatty people that’ll talk to me at 1am haha

// on the balcony again, attempting to study 😖 ~ feeling so unmotivated + have no idea what I’m doing, I now totally understand the year 12s from last year who had started to give up by now 👎 I want to do so well but I’m hella tired all the time and I just want to play Zelda and chill and be happy 💆 apparently that’s not an option though! So I’m going to keep on keeping on and hopefully get somewhere with this ~ wish me luck! 🌊☀️🌴

My desk layout before I start grafting:) diary, sticky notes, my actual notes, vitamin water & pencil bag 📚👌🏼

I have to have a really neat and clutter free workspace so I can concentrate otherwise I start cleaning and get very distracted. But I keep a few pretty things on my desk to keep my soul happy ❤️ (yes that is a real skull 😂 the glass paper weight was a 21st present from my Mom and the dried protea’s bring some color to my all-white-everything aesthetic 🙌🏼)

Hi everyone! New studyblr here!

I had a secondary account for a while but decided to make it its own blog! I’ll be posting pictures of other people’s Bullet journals/study spaces, study tips, fitness/healthy living, and my own studyblr posts!

I’ll follow basically anyone back because I want my dash to be full, so if you like/reblog this, chances are I’ll follow you!