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I love the side of college that is about the knowledge, the amazing lectures, the beautiful books, the classes, the funny professors, the coffee, the staying up late reading for your class. But I also love the other side of college that is about staying up late in your dorm with your friends taking shots, dancing to Taylor swift, playing board games, getting dominos at 2 am because you don’t want to sleep, watching movies in ur pjs with ur whole floor, catching dinner with friends, going to the gym with ur buddies, going to the football games just to scream at the top of your lungs how proud you are to be going to your college.
That is beautiful. The two worlds are worlds I never want to leave.

Hello, I’m glad to have caught your attention! 

My name is Kelly and I have just joined tumblr and am searching for a few studyblrs to follow in order to fill up my dash. 

I would really appreciate it if any of you, with a focus on studying, could reblog this post or comment with a few names of studyblrs I could follow. 

Thank y’all :)

-Kelly, Fluffy Knit Jumpers

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Because my school still goes on, I’m still an active studyblr (not sure if this is something good)

My finals are starting in a few days. I’m trying a new study plan I saw here: 5 day study plan.  I only had 1 free week before my exams so I converted the plan to 7 day and spaced my learning a period of 7 seven days. It’s going quite well so far. I love studyblr community because I’ve learned a lot of new study techniques thanks to all of you ^.^

And because I don’t have much time before the exams, I’m not rewriting all my lecture notes this time. I prefered printing the slides and writing only the parts that I think the professor will probably ask.

Aaand my snacks on my desk as ALWAYS.



Today I should’ve started genki II, but that didn’t happen. I kept revising the grammar and made them into bullet points. I’ve had a rather shitty day so after three hours I left the library dying with anxiety. Didn’t do much but when you’re not feeling okay you shouldn’t force yourself. Got my study motivations like my mango smoothie and the cute stationary though :) Hope I do more tomorrow!

Ps: apologies for the bad writing I’m just really dyslexic ^-^

Quote about Harvard Law School-
“In reading cases, I soon discovered that most judges and lawyers did not like to sound like ordinary people. Few said, ‘I.” Most did not write in simple declerative sentences. They wanted their opinions to seem the work of the law, rather than of any individual.
—  One L by Scott Turow