studebaker president

K4 steam locomotive that hauled the Pennsylvania Railroad train, the “Broadway Limited” and a 1938 Studebaker President. Both were styled by Raymond Loewy.


One of the best known photo ops on old Route 66 is Roy’s Motel & Cafe in Amboy, California.  The desert climate has preserved the place well.  Last month we visited and patronized Roy’s (getting gas and drinks) and I wandered into the motel area more than in the past.  The cabins that face 66 have a conventional multi-unit motel behind them, complete with abandoned car, which looks to me like a ‘56 Studebaker President.  The office has been converted to a kind of retro museum exhibit, evoking the 1950s-60s atmosphere of the place’s heyday.  Photos taken June 19, 2014.

More on Amboy, the history of Roy’s, and the purchase of the town by Albert Okura of Juan Pollo fame:,_California