the heartbreakers club: checkmate.

which one are you: the heartbroken or the heartbreaker?

pairing: OT7!bangtan x reader
genre: angst, fluff
type: au series
word count: 1,465 words
warnings: implications of sex, eventual profanity
author’s note: this is the prologue to my new series that i’m very excited to write. the series is based on john alan lee’s color wheel theory of love and inspired by hey violet’s break my heart.

There are only two types of people found in the world: the heartbroken and the heartbreakers.

In the vicious game of love, there is only a thin red ribbon separating the two, but fragile threads always break so easily. With just one snip of the golden scissors, the cerise strands can be pulled apart, and in that very moment, a heartbroken can slip through and masquerade as a heartbreaker.

And how, you ask? Because it is much harder to break a patched up heart. When you stitch the pieces of your heart back together, your heart is now glued together with something much more durable than the flimsy gossamer fibers of love, affection, and false promises.

And for you, once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, three times is a habit. Three heartbreaks are already three too many, and you’ll be damned if you have to endure a fourth. And by the third round, you have reapplied the glue enough times that your heart is so encased that it simply cannot possibly crack anymore from guy number four.

Nothing is more dangerous than a heartbroken girl with a vengeance.

So dry your tears, swipe on your mascara and rouge, pucker up your cherry red lips, bat those perfectly applied fake eyelashes, put on the little black dress that makes you feel like a million bucks, and slip on the mask of a heartbreaker.

After all, if you can’t beat them, join them.

Welcome to the heartbreakers club.

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Stuck with A Mafia Boss!

“What the fuck is wrong with you!?” You slammed both your hands at his desk, which created a loud bang that echoes across the room. You glared at him, trying to get a logical explanation, but he gave you a dead cold stare. “Seriously Yoongi!?” You shouted at his face again. “How dare you talk to him that way?” Namjoon crossed his legs as he lean on his left palm. “I don’t care, and will you just fuck off Namjoon?” You cuss which made Jungkook beside him curve a smile. “Told you hyung you’ll never win.” Which made Namjoon slapped him at his nape, and make Jungkook whine in pain. “I clearly told you, I want nothing to do with you all! Why can’t you understand that!” You screamed at him once again. “This is why I hate dealing with girls.” He breathed. “It’s either they are clingy as fuck, or just plain annoying, and you fall at the later part.” Your brows shot up once again! “I wanna smack your good looking face right now, I wanna see how you look with a cut in your savage dirty mouth.” “Oh, so that’s your kink?” He leaned towards you and flashed a teasing smirked. “Do you find me attractive now?” “What the fuck! Shut up! Who do you think you are? One lifeless, heartless and cold person? You’re not attractive in my eyes.” I scoffed at him and crossed my arms together. “Stop with all these Yoongi, I swear to God. Just fuck off too.” You both battled in terms of staring game, his black orbs bore right inside you, which sends chill to my spine, but You tried to be composed, you don’t want to loss this battle, but in the end you’re the one who averted his gaze, because your heart started pounding hard as you look at him each passing time. “Just don’t mind them, if you’re uncomfortable that their around, trust me you need this one.” He told you in a low calm voice. You sighed and frown at him, and finally stomping out from his office, before you can reach the knob, he called to you once again. “Kitten, trust me will you?” His voice has that hint of sadness in it which made your breath hitched for a second, but you composed yourself once again. “I’m not that person anymore.” You make your way outside the door and walked to the corridor. Men with black suits bow their heads as you walked pass them. You’re wearing your usual clothes which are ripped jeans, a black oversized sweater, with your favorite louboutin spacer flat high top black suede. If any person will see this scenario right now, they will be confused as why these men in blacks are bowing to a girl like you. Well, your inside the mafia lair by the way, and you’re the fucking daughter of the late mafia boss, who apparently died due to some illness You didn’t care to ask what’s its name. Well Dad is cool, we always had this “us” time where he spends one whole week with you. None if his boys or work will disrupt that time, because it’s his number one rule. His daughter is his top priority. You we’re aware of the mafia, growing up around them, you we’re amazed by their combats skills, and intrigue by their way of living. To the extent that you learn taekwondo as a kid, and earned your black belt at the age of sixteen. Your dad we’re proud of you when you won your first match, and brought home a gold medal. As the only parent you have, he sees to it that all your needs are given, your life is lavish but that never made your head blow up, because your dad kept you grounded. You enjoyed all the attention until one man came running at one of your private resort’s doorstep, asking where your father was. You looked at him as he bobs his head backward. “Don’t you know you can’t disturb him if he’s in a vacation?” You scrunch my eyes together. “I need to talk to him. Urgent.” His cold voice made you chill, though it’s summer time. He stood in front of me, arrogance and sex appeal is oozing from his body, he’s just wearing a plain black shirt and black ripped jeans with a clack Birkenstock. “Done checking me out kitten?” He smirked at you, which made you gasped with disgust! “Yah! Do you want your head rolling out my doorstep?” You gripped hard to the door banister because of anger. “Who’s there?” Your dad asked you as he stood by the stairway. “You’re already awake dad.” You glances at him, and back to the mysterious guy who is still standing in front of you. “Someone is looking for you, is he one of your boys?” You raised your hair with a mocking tone in your voice. “Oh, is that Yoongi?” He asked you. “I don’t know, but is he not aware of your rule? It’s family week.” “I called him, so stop torturing him and let him in.” Your dad laughed and peeked at the door. Yoongi guy bowed his head upon seeing your father. “Good morning Supremo.” “Come in son.” Your dad let you opened the door. “Let’s talk in the study.” They went up as You followed them with a disappointing gaze. “What happened to rule number one?” You muttered under your breath. It didn’t took them long enough, and they are back in front of you while you were munching at your carbonara. “Thank you for coming Yoongi, despite the short notice.” Your dad patted his back. “No problem supremo, I’m inside the vicinity after all.” He nodded. Your dad glances over you, you’re sitting across the kitchen counter in you favorite high chair. “By the way meet my daughter.” You just looked at him again as you opened your mouth and take another scope if pasta in your mouth. “Y/N, this is Yoongi my right hand.” Upon hearing it, you choke by your own food because of shock. He’s like your age and he’s the fucking Right hand of the mafia boss!? They rushed towards you, your dad fetch a glass of water from the dispenser, as Yoongi patted your back. You coughed, and punched your chest as you try gasping for air. “Drink! Don’t fucking die on me!” Your dad screams as he gave you the glass of water. You drank from it, with occasional coughing, the pain in your chest subsided. “You alright now?” Yoongi asked you, his hand is still patting your back. “I-im Alive..” you whispered with corse voice. “I’m glad!” Your dad sighed and sit beside your high chair. “Next time be careful, chew your food! And just shoved it inside your mouth, you nearly gave me a heart attack.” Your blood rushed to your face, as Yoongi’s patting turned to lazy grazing at your back, the palm of his hand soothes you, as he runs them up and down. Your aware of his close proximity because of the manly scent his emitting. He smelled like aftershave and bath soap. You looked at him and mouthed a simple thank you, because You can’t coherently say anything now besides that. His lips curved a bit and nodded. “Nice meeting you..” he removed his hand from my back. “Eat well..” he smirked, and heads to the door. He bowed once again before closing the door. “Miss the chauffeur already park your car outside the building.” The security snapped you out from the memory lane. You nodded and pulled out your wayfarer from my Steve madden stud clutch bag. “Thank you for visiting the main office.” He bowed and opened the tempered glass door. One if them opened also opened your car door, they once bow again and closes it as you sat in place and clicked the seatbelt. You sped off the main building, you’re already at the express lane when your phone kept on buzzing. Mafia Boss calling… You groan as you plugged it in your Bluetooth speaker at your dashboard. “Now what!?” You asked him. “Where are you going? That’s not the way to our house kitten.” He said in a cold voice. “What the fuck… Are you seriously pulling that again?!” You groan once again, as you check the rear mirror. Two black sedans are behind you. “I already told, you stop doing this Yoongi.” He clear his throat. “Stubborn as usual.” He clicked his tongue. “If I don’t see you waiting for me at home, I swear to God, you’ll regret you opposing me…” “We already talk about this, stop tracking me damn it!” You slammed you palm at the steering wheel. “TURN.YOUR.GOD.DAMN.CAR.AROUND.” His cold voice echoes inside your car. “You’ll regret this, I’m telling you.” Once again I sighed. “Okay! I’m going home now!” As you turned at the nearest U-turn area. Is this the fucking price of being the Mafia boss’ wife!? To think both of you just marry each other yesterday! ——

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[Written for Gency Week, Day 4; updated with fanart 7 Jan]

Warnings: Violence, mild profanity, and the antics of a spoilt younger son.

Summary: A different take on Genji’s origin story. Genji unexpectedly crosses paths with Mercy while she’s on a mission. 

“Genji-sama. The Boss wants to see you.”

Obscured by the steam of the hot springs, Genji couldn’t tell if Nishida was grimacing or smiling. Maybe neither. All those old dogs who had worked for his father for decades, they knew how to conceal their emotions.

So Hanzo was looking for him, eh? No doubt to give him another tongue lashing about the ‘Shimada Legacy’. Since their father’s death, his elder brother had become insufferably uptight about growing the Clan’s influence. Well, let the damn empire crumble. There was nothing noble about the Shimada Clan. Born out of the dark and secretive ways of the ninja, in modern times it was no more than a criminal syndicate.

 “You enjoy being an errand boy, Nishida?” Genji sneered.

“Errand boy is fine. What I don’t enjoy is being a babysitter.”

That stung. Genji rose from the bath and flung a wet towel at the old gangster. Nishida didn’t dodge and it struck him across the face with a sodden slap.

“Hanzo can keep waiting.”

Nishida shook off the towel and it fell to the floor. For a moment he hesitated, as if deliberating whether to say more.

“You have a problem, old man?”

When Nishida opened his mouth again, it was neither angry nor frustrated, just matter-of-fact. “It’s not just the Boss that has changed, Genji-sama. It’s a different inner circle now. The Old Master wouldn’t have liked it. I don’t like it. But it is what it is. We all need to watch out.” He paused and then turned to the door. “I’ll wait outside. We must go meet the Boss quickly.”

Genji scowled and pulled on his clothes. Peeking between the wooden panels of the sliding door, he could see a black limo and three men in dark jackets. His brother’s current right-hand man, Udaijin, was perched on the hood smoking a cigarette and looking at his watch. Genji was always being monitored, being judged. When he put a foot wrong, no-one in the Clan would dare physically attack him, but word would get to Hanzo and life was made unbearable for him in other ways.

Forget Hanamura. He needed to get lost in a mega-city, to bury himself in the chaos and the crowds. A few days in Tokyo living it up would cool his anger. Even the danger of trespassing the territory of other mobs – Tokyo was not under Shimada control – was nothing compared to the poisonous atmosphere here. Genji made his way to the second floor of the bath house, with little effort vaulted onto the roof of the next building, and was off.

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Girl Meets Popular Farkle [Riarkle Fanfic] Chapter 4

Fast forward to GMW’s junior year. Farkle is officially THE popular guy at Abigail Adams, it was bound to happen with his brains, looks and charm, but Riley’s having a difficult time sharing her best friend with the Farkle fanatics. Multi-fic story (not sure how many chapters there will be) exploring what it’s like for Riley to be on the other side of this predicament. Did she miss her chance?


Chapter 1: THE Farkle and the best friend [x]

Chapter 2: #1 Homecoming Draft Pick [x]

Chapter 3: The Purple Astronaut and Pluto [x]


Chapter 5: Mr. Matthews’ Daughter [x]

Chapter 6 | Final: Princess Anne & Joe [x]

Chapter 4: Maya, Smackle Time

The next morning Maya took notice of Riley’s drowsy appearance. She eyed her suspiciously as she watched Riley scour through her locker, “Whoa, you okay there Riles? You don’t look so good.”

She found a hair tie in the back of her locker and pulled her hair into a quick bun, hiding her disheveled locks.

“Couldn’t sleep for some reason. I’ll make sure to go to sleep early tonight.” She brushed it off and took out her makeup compact. She quickly dabbed some concealer over her dark circles.

She put on some kiwi lip gloss, mascara and her original tired self looked actually quite presentable. Riley announced, “Ready!”

Maya followed her into homeroom and began to pepper her with questions. “Did you give any thought to who your painting was about?” “Do you think it’s really hidden in your subconscious?” “Is there someone new in your life you’re not telling me about?” “Riley?”

Riley sat there partially falling asleep. She spun around and looked at Maya, “What?”

Her friend’s eyes rolled in annoyance, “Riley you’re not even paying attention. Let’s just go homecoming dress shopping after school and talk then.”

Riley shook her head, “No I actually don’t need to go dress shopping.”

Maya gave her a confused look, “No Riley I don’t care if you don’t have a date! You, me and Lucas will be a quadrilateral like old times and we are going to go dress shopping.”

Riley laughed, “Maya I don’t need to go dress shopping because…”

Zay walked in and leant against Riley’s desk, “Riley you didn’t hear it from me, but you’re going to flip at homecoming with what Farkle’s got planned.”

Maya’s mouth dropped in surprise, “You’re going with Farkle? What since when? Who asked who?”

Riley opened her mouth but Zay interrupted, “Yes Riley’s going with THE Farkle, it’s a new development as of a couple of days ago. According to Farkle, Riley asked him. Think Riley and I at homecoming last year. Totally platonic.”

A pit grew in her stomach again, right platonic she thought.

Instead of elaborating she simply nodded her head, “What he said.”

Maya groaned, “Am I the last to know?”

Smackle and Lucas came in at the same time, “Certainly. Farkle recounted yesterday when…” Lucas placed his hand over her mouth to stop her from ruining any of the surprises.

“Yes, he told us during lunch when you were busy in the art room.”

Smackle threw his hand away from her mouth, “Lucas! Don’t court me in front of your girlfriend. I am no floozy!” Smackle interjected before he could explain further.

Maya turned her attention to her boyfriend. She shot him daggers with her eyes.

“Hi honey, you look so pretty today,” he complimented with a bright grin.

She growled, “We were video chatting for hours last night and you didn’t tell me!” Her voice boomed significantly louder. Zay clapped with excitement, he was thrilled to have a front row seat to witness what would happen next.

Before the bell rang Farkle entered the room, he waved bye to a girl from one of his classes who accompanied him to the door before dashing off to her homeroom.

“Hey guys what’s up?” Everyone groaned.

“So Farkle, you decided to conveniently leave me out when you told the rest of the group you and Riley were going to homecoming together?” She stood up from her seat and stood directly in front of him, blocking him from his chair.

He smiled, “I told everyone at the cafeteria table. I’m sorry I did it while you were preoccupied in the art room.”

He casually sauntered around her and sat down. She huffed, “Well that’s annoying.”

“Hey Maya, what is the big deal anyway?” Zay was slightly afraid of Maya but out of the group was the least frightened to approach her even when she was in a mood.

She gestured to the group, “I hate being the last to know. It’s like when Lucas was planning to throw me a surprise party and no one told me.”

They all chuckled, “Maya it was intentionally a surprise of course we weren’t going to tell you.” Farkle stated as he dug into his pocket and checked his phone.

She shook her head, “I just wanna be in the loop. Sorry!” She dramatically sat down and Riley glanced down at her phone as it binged with a new text message.

It was from Farkle.

- F: Is she really upset because she’s the last to know? -

Riley replied inconspicuously so Maya couldn’t see.

- R: Partially but I think she’s also mad she hasn’t finished her latest piece. She’s frustrated, you know how she gets when she’s artistically frozen -

Farkle peered over at Maya who buried her face into her arms as she leaned forward into her desk. Lucas offered to get her a piece of devil’s food cake for lunch but she turned around and snarled at him, “Not today!” She dropped her face back into her arms.

- F: Maybe you should spend time with her after school, help her loosen up and retreat from her inner turmoil. It might help. -

- R: As long as I’m on her good side, I rather not be Lucas #2 right now. How about you, wanna tag along? -

Farkle contemplated for a minute and pulled out his planner and then replied.

- F: Can’t, I’m meeting possible recruits for academic decathlon. -

- R: Okay, have fun! :) -

- F: Maybe afterward we can meet up, cafe around 8? -

- R: Sounds good. -

Riley looked toward him and he smiled at her. She couldn’t help but smile back. Maya lifted her head briefly and caught the exchange. She glanced at Farkle’s shirt, it wasn’t unordinary - it was an astronaut.

Her mind began to wonder - was Riley’s painting about Farkle?

The bell rang and they all began to depart to different classes. Maya caught up with Riley and Farkle who were on their way to AP Lit.

“Hey Riley, I know you don’t need a dress for the dance anymore but could you go shopping with me afterschool to help find mine?”

“Of course, Maya. See you then.” Maya stood there as her two friends walked side by side. She thought about the possibility of Riley’s feelings for Farkle once more but decided to investigate after school.

The girls walked around Demolition in search of Maya’s perfect outfit.

Maya entered the dressing room trying on her second pink dress.

“Maya, don’t you have the full Holly Golightly signature ensemble at home? The one from Farkle’s house?”

Maya sighed, “Yeah but it’s an Audrey Hepburn themed homecoming - how many girls will be wearing a knock-off of that outfit Matthews?”

Riley nodded her head, “Valid point. So you’re trying to replicate her pink dress, with the matching coat and tiara?”

“Don’t forget the studs and clutch!” Maya jumped out of the room in a floor length bubble gum pink dress.

Riley shook her head, “More Pretty in Pink Andie than Holly.”

Riley eyed the room for anything that caught her eye resembling the dress. She spotted a garment tucked in between a number of dresses. She pushed her way through the sea of clothes and plucked it out.

“Would you look at THAT?!” She squealed triumphantly.

“Peaches, special delivery!” She ran over and handed the dress to her friend.

Almost like it was meant to be, the dress closely mirrored the pink textured dress Hepburn wore in her movie.

Riley smirked, “You look beautiful! And we can sew on a pink bow to go with the whole dress and I have a pink studded crown you could use and my mom has a pink coat and earrings I’m sure she’d let you borrow. Oh it’s perfect!” She clapped happily.

Maya examined herself in the mirror, “And dad told me to charge the dress to his credit card.” It didn’t take Maya long for her to refer to Shawn as dad, similar to how much Katy loved calling him her husband. The family became quite affectionate for one another.

Riley walked toward the glass case by the cash register. She bent down and glanced over all the items, she was about to stand back up when she noticed a pair of gold antique astronaut cufflinks.

Maya returned to the dressing room. While she was by herself Riley asked the cashier if she could purchase the cufflinks, it came in a small black box so she slipped it into her bag.

Maya finished and made her way to the cashier to purchase the dress. Afterward they left the store and opted to check out a candy shop down the street.

“Am I dork for being excited for the school dance?” Maya inquired as she picked up a box of fancy licorice and studied the wrapping design.

Riley picked up a large gummy bear in a box and greeted it hello. “Of course not Maya! You’re going with the love of your life, the theme is the great Audrey Hepburn and you have a beautiful dress. It’s perfect, you deserve it.” She replied sincerely.

Maya put down the candy and picked up a large lollipop with a big, smiling face on it. She narrowed her eyes at it and put it back down. Instead a lollipop in the shape of a cowboy hat caught her eye, a wide grin grew on her face.

“I mean you got the most popular boy in school as your date. How do you feel about that?” Maya giggled, she still had a hard time believing that their Farkle was the hottest guy in school and anytime she’d laugh he’d walk up to them and she’d remember why he clenched the title.

Riley let out a sigh, “If I’m being totally honest, I’m kinda imitated.” She turned around and found a unicorn doll, she lifted the oversized plush doll in her arms and snuggled her face against it.

Maya gave her a peculiar look, “Why? He’s just…”

“The most popular boy in school.” Riley interrupted. She placed the unicorn down and took a seat in a bright neon orange chair. Maya plopped down in the blue chair beside her.

Riley continued, “Yes, he’s still our best friend from the first grade but he’s grown into this…man that everyone wants. Maya, as much as I adore him, it gets to be a little difficult enduring all the glares and whispers.”

Maya scoffed, “Riley forget those girls. Farkle might be the bachelor of Abigail Adams but he’s our best friend and you should be able to hang out with him and not feel inferior.” She pulled Riley’s face into hands, “Riley you’re an amazing woman, don’t let Farkle’s groupies make you feel otherwise. He’s kept us as best friends because we’re fierce warriors.”

Riley nodded her head and Maya pulled her in for a hug.

“Thanks Maya, you know just what to say.” Riley deflated in the comfort of her arms.

Maya continued to hug her but had one more thing to bring up, “And Riley…”


“If you ever decide to have feelings for a certain person. Please remember you’re more than good enough for them.”

Riley’s breath hitched in her throat. The two separated slowly from their embrace and Maya looked at her completely genuine, “I’m not projecting anything nor am I trying to push an agenda. I just wanted to let you know that if you’re confused about your feelings for a guy because you think it’s too weird or he’s out your league. He’s not…in fact you’re in a league of your own Riley Matthews. That’s why you’re my best friend.”

Riley looked down at her shoes, she was unsure of what to say in that moment. She rubbed her head and closed her eyes but for some reason all she could picture was the pair of astronaut cufflinks in her bag.

She opened her eyes and the first thing she saw was a candy solar system display in the corner with a Pluto made out of salt water taffy dangling along with the rest of the planets.

Riley let out a chuckle, “I am a Farkle fanatic aren’t I?”

Maya’s smile stretched and she clapped in typical Riley fashion. “Yay!” She hugged her best friend excitedly. “And no sweetie, you are not a fanatic you are his Riley.”

The girls sat there in silence til it was time to meet Farkle at the cafe. Maya could sense the nervousness radiating from her best friend. She charged two big bags of candy and the large ‘won as a grand prize at the county fair’ sized unicorn plush doll to Shawn’s card.

When he called her about the hundred-dollar charge from the candy shop notification that he received via email she embraced her daughterly title of being Shawn Hunter’s mini me and then explained the ring power emergency, that little Cory realized her feelings for little Minkus.

He was putty in her hands and said he’d expect her to save him a handful of jellybeans as punishment.

Maya and Riley stood outside of the cafe. Riley was toying with the idea of running back home, instead Maya pushed her through the door and standing there a foot away from her was Farkle, talking to three other girls.

“I’m sorry ladies, I’m taking my best friend. Oh hey impeccable timing. This is Riley.” He pulled her by the hand and introduced the girls from school. Riley shyly waved, clutching her doll in her arms and Maya burst into the circle the second she saw the leggy redhead groupie glare at her best friend.

“Hi I’m Maya, their best friend. Ugh I’m just so glad Farkle is going with Riley to the dance.” She placed her hands around both of them, “Did you know he used to be in love with her ever since the first grade? So cute!” She overly gushed. The three girls appeared to be extremely annoyed.

Maya loved it. “I mean you know what they say about first loves.” She chuckled wildly and Riley’s blush deepened while Farkle laughed at Maya’s overzealous acting.

“I love both these girls very much.” He concluded, his admirers didn’t seem to love his answer but smiled along, after all they were still attracted to him.

“Riley!” She heard her name and found her younger brother and Ava sitting beside the bookcase.

“I gotta go, nice meeting you all.” She excused herself as quickly as possible and sat next to her brother. “Auggie, you don’t understand, but I owe you big time.”

Ava giggled, “We can guess what was going on over there. We saved you from Farkle’s fan club didn’t we?”

Riley narrowed her eyes at them in confusion, “How did you know?”

Ava pointed to Farkle, standing in between all the girls and their big, captivated eyes. “We know he’s the top dog in high school, that’s what Mr. Matthews calls him when he talks to Topey.” Ava recalled, “Plus, every time we’re here, there’s always a group of girls surrounding him. Unless…”

“Unless?” Riley asked.

“Unless he’s with you Riley. We’re pretty sure he likes you.” Riley burst into a fit of laughter. Everyone in the room turned to her as she laughed hysterically and the two kids stared on with stoic expressions. She mouthed sorry to the room and quietly whispered to the pair.

“Of course he likes me, we’re best friends.”

Auggie shook his head, “No, you and Lucas are best friends. But you Farkle are like mom and dad best friends. Riley you might be my older sister but I think I know what I’m talking about.”

Ava nodded her head, “Don’t look now, but he’s looking straight at you. He does that every time we’re in here.”

Riley smiled, “For how long has he been doing that detective?”

Ava smirked, “Since Auggie and I became friends.”

Riley looked up from the two and noticed Farkle gazing toward her direction. The girls with him were still chatting but he took a second to wave at Riley and smile.

Ava giggled, “Told you.” She whispered.

Riley looked back at them and picked up the familiar book sitting beside her brother, “How about I read to you two detectives?”

Auggie nodded happily and Ava pulled her chair next to the two of them. She offered to hold onto Riley’s unicorn doll as Riley held up the book. They distracted themselves with a couple of chapters until Maya asked to borrow her.

Riley followed her best friend to the group’s usual area, where everyone was hanging out. “Riley, you’re just in time. We need your help,” Zay inquired.

She peered at them with concern, “Sure, anything!”

She took the open seat between Farkle and Lucas.

“We’re in the midst of a rousing debate concerning attractiveness…” Smackle recalled.

Riley nodded her head, “Okay?”

Maya groaned, “I happen to think Farkle has the face of a thousand Disney Princes, whereas Smackle has been going on and on about Lucas’ genetic makeup being far superior blah blah blah.” She motioned boringly with her hand.

Lucas narrowed his eyes at Maya, “Even though Maya seems to forget who her boyfriend is.”

She rolled her eyes, “I’m a realist darling. I’m speaking on behalf of the majority of Abigail Adams. You can’t fault me for that.”

She sat back in her seat with her arms crossed. He continued to stare at her in playful disbelief, “Yup, all I heard was ha-hur-hur-hur-hurrrr.”

Maya winked at him and Riley entangled her hands together, “But what about Thomas, Smackle? He is your boyfriend afterall.”

Smackle shook her head, “Thomas maintains the second highest intellect, after me of course…”

“And me,” Farkle interjected.

“However, in this contest no one compares to these two. So help us with split the decision, who is the winner Matthews?”

Riley looked at both boys and began to furiously blush, “I plead the fifth, Zay take it away for me.” She stood up from her spot and made her way to the counter to grab a smoothie.

Zay glanced over both guys and let out a chuckle, “I vote me, I win.” He declared contently.

Riley sat on the center counter stool and greeted Katy.

“So Riley, I hear you’re going to the dance with Farkle. Good for you!” She wiped the tabletop as Riley nodded her head.

“Thanks.” Katy noticed her unenthused spirit; she grabbed a smoothie and handed it to Riley.

She eyed her with concern, “What’s the matter baby girl?”

Riley let out a sigh and played with the straw in her cup, “What do you do when you think you have feelings for someone and telling them might really disrupt your friendship? Possibly multiple friendships…”

Katy smiled widely and stepped forward and whispered, “Just tell him, if I were a betting woman I’d have all my money on you.” She nodded to the boy walking toward them.

“What could I get you THE Farkle?” He looked toward Riley and back at Katy.

“Nothing actually, I was just going to order this pretty lady a drink.” He placed a hand on Riley’s shoulder and she looked up at him curiously.

He sat next to her and inquired about her afternoon with Maya and how it went.

Riley gave him a slightly fabricated version of their dress, candy excursion leaving out vital discoveries she wasn’t ready to unveil just yet.

As she spoke she noticed how sincere he was while listening to her. He was always the best listener and over the years she realized how much she enjoyed their one-on-ones.

“It sounds like Maya’s in a better place, good work partner.” She smirked at him internally recalling their middle school dirt ball assignment.

Riley offered him her smoothie and he gratefully shared with her. The two were succumbed in a conversation, reminiscing about middle school memories.

Smackle glanced over at the pair and a grin broke onto her lips as she sat beside Maya.

“It’s about time.” Smackle whispered so only the girl to her side could hear her.

Maya furrowed her eyes and gestured to their friends at the counter, “Why am I not surprised that you knew about that before I did?”

Smackle shrugged, “I’m a genius duh! Plus, I’ve been waiting for years for that to occur. Ever since the pair of them would mischievously pull each other out of the room in middle school. I approached Farkle freshman year with my hypothesis that he had romantic affections for Riley.”

Maya chuckled, “What did he say?”

Smackle side smirked, “I then reassured him that I wouldn’t be upset and to follow his heart. He sighed apologetically and said I was always right. We amicably broke up. I’ve been pressuring him to be truthful about his feelings, unfortunately…”

Maya’s mouth dropped, “You mean to tell me Mr. Genius over there has been harboring feelings for Riley since practically middle school?”

“I can assure you there’s only one genius in this group and that’s me.” She pointed to herself triumphantly. Maya wrapped her arm around her good friend.

“So Smackle, I believe we have a mission on our hands. Care to join forces?”

Smackle threw her arm around her, “As long as we win! Let’s do it!“

Five Fall Collections We Can’t Wait to See

Who to watch at Fashion Week Fall 2015

The creative buzz and chaos of fashion month will commence once again this Thursday, starting off with the first round of presentations at New York Fashion Week. In anticipation of the big event, we’ve rounded up which runway shows we’re most excited to see, from Stella McCartney in London to Dries Van Noten in Paris. Scroll down to take a look at their past collections and shop our favorite designer pieces to get you in the mood for all the fashion festivities.


If we could afford it, we would fill our entire wardrobes with Céline. With one wise move after another, like creating the minimalist’s ideal handbag to designating Joan Didion the face of Céline for Spring 2015, Phoebe Philo is on a roll, with no sign of slowing down. Her clean lines and beautiful silhouettes, teamed with her impeccable presentation, make our jaws drop every time. We can only assume her fall’s show will be just as memorable.

Céline Spring 2015 runway

CELINE VINTAGE small clutch

Tortoiseshell round-framed sunglasses

CELINE VINTAGE pussy bow collar shirt

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney knows what a woman wants and how she wants to feel. This sentiment is clear throughout her collections, which consist of wearable pieces that look comfortable, relaxed and effortlessly sexy. Never too basic or annoyingly serious, Stella has a rare skill for making everything look easy. We can’t wait to see where and what she shows next.

Stella McCartney’s Resort 2015 collection

Cut-out denim playsuit

STELLA MCCARTNEY mini ‘Becket’ satchel

STELLA MCCARTNEY blossom dress


We’re convinced that Valentino dresses are what dreams are made of. A marriage of chiffon, lace, organza, embroidery and glimmering embellishments, Valentino’s signature fairy tale aesthetic is one that never, ever gets old. Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli’s designs range from resort-ready separates to red carpet gowns, all in touch with an ethereal lightness. We’re awaiting their next collection with wish lists in hand.

Valentino Spring 2015 runway

VALENTINO beaded collar cable knit dress

VALENTINO stud detail clutch

Valentino Floral-Embroidered Ankle-Wrap Espadrille, Blue

Dries Van Noten

Fashion enthusiasts know that, at a presentation, the atmosphere is just as important as the actual clothing, and there’s no one better than Belgian designer Dries Van Noten to create an immersive experience. From having Colin Greenwood of Radiohead play live at his show to using a specially-made mossy carpet as his runway, Dries is never short of creativity. His Spring 2015 show was, in one word, dreamy. We don’t doubt his next show will be equally as enchanting.

Metallic Jacquard Roslyn Coat

Metallic & Chiffon Darah Slip Dress


Louis Vuitton

A fashion editor’s paradise, the Louis Vuitton show is always wonderfully over-the-top. Instead of your typical runway, the models inhabit a themed world, offering up every notion that fashion is about much more than what you’re wearing. With Marc Jacobs at the helm, and his visual kaleidoscope dream world still vivid in our memory, we’re expecting an amazing presentation in Paris later this month.

Louis Vuitton Spring 2015 runway


LOUIS VUITTON VINTAGE tote print scarf


Which shows are you looking forward to seeing this month? Sound off on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

**My Forged Wedding: PARTY**

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→ Must wear Studded Clutch with Ribbon from Xmas Party Night Fashion Gacha.

2. Ren and Takao’s Whimsical Fantasy Style
→ Must wear Fairy Boots from the Battle Challenge Campaign.

3. Yuta and Kunihiko’s Kawaii Pop Style
→ Must wear Kawaii Bob Hair from Tokyo Kawaii Fashion Gacha 2.

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