studded wristband

Driving Forward

Fandom: Dream Daddy

Characters: Lucien and Ernest (who are step-brothers in this fic)

Warnings: a character briefly thinks another was forced into sex (which didn’t happen)

Note: Lucien is in his fourth year of high school and Ernest is in his second year, meaning their ages are roughly 18 and 16.

AO3 Version: Driving Forward 

Summary: “Normally immaculate eyeshadow and eyeliner threatened to smudge from the watery, red-rimmed edges of Lucien’s eyes. His adam’s apple brushed against the choker adorning his throat as he swallowed thickly.

‘Like hell I’m letting you drive like this,’ Ernest retorted. Rage boiled in his stomach, and it leaked into his tone. Whoever had upset Lucien had singlehandedly reached the top of his shit list.”

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I just realised that Kisame actually fits the Perky Goth trope, (with hints of metalhead?)

* Skull motifs on sword + knitting buying sweater with bright green and red skull pattern for said sword-dog

* Old sword had multiple studded wristbands as decoration

* Pointy teeth and constant comments about Samehada eating people but actually just goes cake-hunting with Itachi or brings Samehada to a dog cafe with the terrifying order of herbal tea with honey (+ chicken and rice for soul sucking dog-sword)

* Morbid trivia about shark cannibalism counts as both warnings and fun facts

* Matching purple nail polish with partner

* Dramatic black and red uniform but also stripy arm-warmers


🐜Rings X Webs🐜

Combichrist and Lords of Acid concert tomorrow. I really need this so I’m so excited 😃😀!

I now have all of what I need for my Halloween costume 😍! Can you guess what it is? It’s not particularly hard to lol. Either way, look forward to it 😉.

Spiderweb armwarmers, spiderweb mirror necklace, multi-ring collar and O-ring studded wristband from Dysfunctional Doll Clothing
Multi-ringed Wristband from Petunia Rocks Fashion
Top, skirt and velvet-lined cardigan from Burlington Coat Factory
Engagement ring I’ve had for years from Babe 😊🌸💞

commission for the ever-lovely @lydiejo as a present for @violue based on a snippet of their fic:

“Dean can’t help but be caught off guard by Castiel’s clothes. He’s only seen the guy the one time, and that was in the shirt and slacks for the hotel. That was Hotel Castiel. This is Regular Castiel, and apparently Regular Castiel wears jeans, black converse sneakers, a blue t-shirt with the main character from The Lego Movie, a blue studded wristband, bracelets with Legos and Lego heads instead of beads or charms, and a black cotton mini skirt over his pants. Dean’s surprised, but he likes it. Especially the skirt

“Wow, I almost wore the same thing,” Dean says, smirking.

read the fic here!