studded vests

So currently I’ve been working on this vest.
I put glitter and glow in the dark fabric paint on it and am working on placing patches, studs, spikes, and am thinking about making different back patches for it.

I’m slowly working on it and it’s been a fun little project ~

Plus it’s going to say “NERD” on the back, so that way when someone is like, “what a dweeb,” they will know that I am quite aware xD

Kawaii fo lyfe homie.

If you want to dress like a punk, dress like a punk. Fuck people putting you down about it especially the people who say “you don’t have to dress punk to be punk” while simultaneously tearing you down for wanting to dress the way you want, enjoying studding vests and painting jackets. Fuck that bullshit. Wear what you want. Be who you want.