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MILLIE BOBBY BROWN - photography: Mikael Jansson - styling: Karl Templer - hair: Duffy - makeup: Diane Kendal - manicure: Jenny Longworth - Interview November 2016

  • featured designers: Coach - Simone Rocha - Miu Miu - Louis Vuitton - Marc Jacobs - Gucci

Procrastinating…. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ with D&D fashion doodles.

New ‘found’ outfits (pried from the cold dead bodies of royal guards) for the Druid, Bard, Wizard and my Rogue. Customized in the city to fit their personalities (originally the studded leather was green/white, with a hare motif). I am not sure if the other players had a different look in mind…we’ll see. 

…But at least I added sparkles. Just to make the Paladin jealous.

Okay! Back to business :3

Sunday chain #27

1. It was my mother who first discovered the fuel leak. Or at least, that’s what we thought it was then. My grandmother, who was the last of us to have set foot on Earth, had died the month before. We had gathered in the laundry atrium, which was the largest open space without ongoing maintenance work, and made such tribute as we could: this is one of the first things I remember. My mother said it felt like a new era, like we were on our own. Although of course we had been out of radio contact with Earth for many years by then. And then, so soon after: the fuel numbers didn’t quite add up. The guardian angels of the old world gone, and we were on our own. But we had excess fuel against unplanned contingencies. It was the slowest of slow leaks. No big deal.

2. There is another thing that is odd about the path of the ship: sometimes it makes corrections that we did not tell it to make. Not often, but sometimes. I wish I could say that I was the one who discovered this, but I think it was Grace Cao who first noticed it. The ship does have a mechanism for external course corrections. It was designed for two circumstances: to retrieve the ship in the case of the crew becoming somehow disabled at launch, and at the fabled other end: for our children’s children’s children to be guided into port on the new worlds by the settlers who had landed before them. It uses a separate communications channel: minimal data and supposedly programmable across huge distances. But it is entirely possible that it is buggy. Still, the end point of our journey is the system that it always was. Also, hopefully, no big deal.

3. Over the years, we have gone from thinking of the ship as a complex but explicable machine to thinking of it as a mysterious engine that we cannot quite control. Too much not quite lining up. Maintenance is turning into ritual. The Machine is turning up in the old stories from Earth. It keeps us alive but it can punish us. It is capricious and sometimes angry. So we were ready for the latest development, I suppose. Too ready: there is so me scandal down in engineering with Peter and the Adeosun wards, and I have heard people say, joking-not-joking, that our fuel problems are down to moral failing.

4. Nevertheless, I think the changes we now see are more likely to belong in the domain of the fuel leak. And this time they are worrying. If we sustain this level of fuel depletion to our destination, we will be out of reserves. Too many things to go wrong. There has been an uptick in the rate of fuel loss, and no obvious reason for it. I sent Xuebing and Grace Cao out on a spacewalk to inspect the fuel tanks. It has been a long time since since anyone went on spacewalk. We had to fire up the fabricator to print a new seal for the second suit. But they have not found anything external.

5. The way it fluctuates is curious. I am not sure that we are looking at this the right way.

6. Of course, the other option is that it is something in our course correction. We have certainly not made any deviation in heading for years, intentionally or unintentionally. It cannot be that. Could it be speed correction? We are at the speed we would expect to be at, at this point in the journey. But if were to deviate from this, the ship would automatically intervene to put us back. It would use fuel. But why would it need to? We are in deep space. We are as alone as any humans have ever been. There is nothing here to slow us down.

7. Some further time has passed. Grace Sharma has been plotting the anomaly. But I fear now that we are already beyond the point where the mission is lost. We will not be able to correct at the other end. Perhaps when we get there we can send the settlers a distress call. Perhaps they can rescue us somehow.

8. The crew at the bridge all know it now, but for the while we have not told the others. Maybe there is some way out. If only we knew what was happening! It is hard to extract the information, but with Bernard-Rose and Grace’s help I think we have it confirmed: the engines are running at a higher rate than they should for what is supposed to be primarily a power-generation role  On a whim, I tried assuming the missing fuel had gone into speed correction. What could the forces on the ship have been to cause that? And out came the plot, like a dream, like a nightmare. Because this was a curve that I had seen before.

9. The Wang-Fernstell curve. Physics class. One of a range of competitors to the standard model of quantum gravity. A fringe idea, really. In any case not experimentally confirmable on the small scales available in the solar system. But on a long voyage across deep space: yes, absolutely confirmable. You would observe a slow deceleration over time, oscillating in a distinctive way, increasing in magnitude. Or, if you had a ship that corrected for that sort of thing, you would gradually run out of fuel. And then stop. In deep space. So it seems we have made an incredibly important discovery about the structure of the Universe. And it seems that we will never be able to tell anyone about it. It seems that we are doomed.

10. I have told the others. The ship is very quiet. I cannot stop thinking of all the ships that went before us, of all the ships that will come after. Did they all make this discovery, once they were beyond hope of rescue? Are they all lost? Is the Earth even now churning out new ships to drift, lifeless, into the void, and pinning all its future hopes on them? We have turned off the speed correction in the hope of saving fuel for power, though we will be able to eke a tiny amount out of the solar panels when that fails. But now, of course, the ship has started making course corrections again, ones that we cannot override. Of course. I have asked Peter to move up to the kitchen hold. It is not at all clear that he is safe.

11. Another correction. We are going to run out of fuel. We are coming towards our final resting place.

12. We are coming towards our final resting place. And there is something there. Something gleaming in the starlight up ahead. It is hard to make out. A complex, huge, many-looped grey thing, studded across with tiny lights.

13. It is the ships. It is the other ships. Thousands and thousands of them, all linked up: something between a space station and a planet. We are within radio range of it now. And they have been calling us! We are to dock at the nearmost point. They called us from an atrium full of trees. Trees! I have never seen such a thing. But why not use some of the seeds now, whilst they lie becalmed? And maybe it will not be forever. They say there may be something they can make of the new physics, some way to make these odd forces work for us. But for now I am just marvelling at the thing they have made. It has states. There are parts of it where the languages are diverging. There are parts of it that worship the myth of the machine. We will all have to choose where to live and what to work on. So much to do, to keep it alive!

14. But one thing still to do now: use the remaining fuel to power up the long-range transmitter. We need to send the requisite course corrections to the next ship down the line.

I always see these vines of celebrities with pics of them in their younger years and the song “you ain’t really fuck with me way back then but how bout now?” and they’re fun or whatever but I saw one recently of the SPN guys and I’d just like to address this for a second because uhm





…I’d damn sure fuck with that.

Just sayin’.


I had a request from Ivana (hope you like them!) to do another recolour of EA base game dresses. So I chose this party dress which had a cute bodice but I did not love the weird studded belty thing.

So, a HUGE 30 Recolours that EA dress. I took off the ‘weird studded belty thing’® and tweaked the texture. I have included a plain white version that you can use to create your own recolours :). If you do, please @nibbsnz so I can use yours too!

  • Thanks to EA for creating the ‘weird studded belty thing’® dress
  • This is NOT a standalone file and you can find the recolours with EA’s in the game
  • See my TOU for Terms of Use :)
  • Any issues message me.
  • Thanks to CC creators for the CC I used to show this set.


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Tell us one fun fact about every member pls. two for uruha because hes too cute for just one ok thanks bye

Ruki: used to think that it’s a great idea to glue random shit to his face so long as said random shit has a reflective surface (sequins and rhinestones are one bad idea thing, but studs? really?)

Aoi: twitter is the source for great fun for him, but it has also been his very downfall. once stated he doesn’t consider vocaloid music to be real music, which gave him a bit of a bashing, and he ended up quitting twitter later when he made the grave mistake of replying to trolls spamming him, which then led to out of control trolling and him taking a calming bath before deleting his account. not one to be stopped completely, he continued to tweet via others people by hanging out with fellow jrock friends who were willing to deliver his messages with their own accounts

Reita: mystery man. has a little beauty mark above his eye. it looks great when paired with dangerous eyeliner and not hidden by his hair. Also loves his best alien bro Uruha to death, considers Uruha’s birthday the ‘day of rock’ and often stayed up late to congratulate him via heresy blog.

Uruha: apparently afraid of heights? or he used to be. wrote ‘MY PAL’ on his black God of Rock-guitar because it is his best friend
also Uruha: he’s great at running. once offered to help Sakai (their manager at the time) to get into shape, so they went jogging together, but Sakai couldn’t keep up the pace. After convincing Uruha to go on without him, Sakai commented that Uruha then, in his own words, ‘took off like an antelope’.

Kai: allegedly punched Aoi in the face once

I was tagged by @fieldofclover! Who I cannot tag back, but Tumblr likes to guess at names anyway, and apparently FITSTUDS is an option. So like. Do with that information what you will. 

1. How tall are you?
Like 6″1ish! I can reach every shelf. Every single one. 

2. What colour and style is your hair?
Blonde and short! So very short. I miss having hair that could grow out convincingly.

3. What colour are your eyes?
Blue, but like. With a ring of yellow in the middle. One of them also has a tiny red dot and I’m very fond of it for reasons I can never put my finger on. (Quite literally)

4. Do you wear glasses?
Yes! Though I will often forget and then walk around wondering why everything seems weirder than usual. The frequency with which I do this is probably worrying. 

5. Do you have braces?
Sort of? I had a plate, which isn’t really the same as having braces, but is kind of like having the fun cousin of braces. I quit part way through though and now I have 1x completely sideways tooth, though you can’t actually see it. 

6. What is your fashion sense?
Fandom T-shirts all day every day *finger guns*. Tomoyo would disown me in half a second. 

7. Do you have any siblings?
Two younger sisters! People are often surprised that I am the oldest child. Like, extremely surprised. Then they ask if I am sure. 

I’m pretty sure, yes. 

8. What kind of student are you?
The stressed kind with social anxiety that makes discussion classes something of a panic infused hell roulette. Also the kind to get overly invested in drawing things in the margins of lecture notes and then getting emotionally conflicted when I need to throw them away later. Real talk though, university absolutely ruined my ability to relax. I can’t spend more than a few hours doing nothing before the guilt starts to seep into my soul and I feel bad for not working on an essay instead. What essay? There are no essays. I haven’t been at university for years. But the guilt is there all the same. 

9. What are your favourite subjects?
I adore History and Classical Studies. Languages were also very satisfying, if more work than every other subject combined.

10. What are your favourite TV shows?
I don’t watch too many TV shows (again, because of the faceless guilt that hounds me every of the day) but I’ve been watching Supergirl on plane rides recently and oh my god. I love it. So much. I may have cried openly on the plane during several of the episodes. YOU CAN PROVE NOTHING. 

11. Favourite Books?
Why you gotta call me out like this. Ok, I’m going to go with The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by N.K.Jemisin, because it is fantastic and I adore it in so many ways. I would say more, but I have a small army of bookshelves all glowering at me from across the room and I don’t want to be here all day, so we’ll leave it at that. 

12. Favourite pastime?
Writing! Writing lifts my soul and actually lets me feel like I’m achieving something in life, which is something I can’t go long without. I’m also a huge fan of reading, and playing games, and then talking too much about both of those things. 

13. Any regrets?
When I was younger I spent a lot of time trapped in a cycle of self-loathing that made life very difficult. Finally discovering that things like social anxiety and depression existed for other people in the world changed my outlook on life entirely, and it’s only a shame that I never discovered it earlier. 

14. What is your dream job?
Author! It might not be super achievable, but I’m at the point where I know I have to try for it anyway. I’ve had enough of jobs that I only mildly enjoy.

15. Do you want to get married?
One day for sure! Still have to find the idiot though. He’s around here somewhere.

16. Do you want to have kids and how many?
Yes, but not yet. I feel like 2 might be a good number? Depending? Alternatively I could just get a bunch of cats. I’m not above that. 

17. How many countries have you visited?
Oh my god, not enough. I’ve been to Australia and Malaysia, and I lived in Brunei for a little less than a year when I was little. There are many places I would LOVE to go, but I don’t think I could ever go alone. 

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ok but like vriska and terezi have one good eye between the two of them and they have such awful fashion sense that nobody can tell if it's ironic and kanaya has to sit down every time she sees a new pair of crocs

fuck. you’re right. they probably get into accessorizing their crocs with the little studs

aesthetic - Fine Class Clexa™

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💦✌️ And 🔥 from that last ask thing

✌ - Want any piercings?

Yeah actually!! I already have two on each ear, but I want a cartilage piercing, a nose piercing, and a lip piercing or three. And mayyyyyybe an eyebrow piercing.

💦 - What makes you horny?

I refuse to answer th i s


Any race can be racist, same as any sex can be sexist. Although racism against African Americans and sexism against women is way more common.