studded look

The first video I watched was the special clip “Hero Rooftop Ver.” My initial reaction/first impression of them was that they were bold and sexy. I found the lifting of the shirt dance move creative and different. I was surprised that this boy group was so unapologetic and bold about selling their brand of masculinity and sexiness. They had a certain coolness to them too–that they were bad ass and literal monsters. For some reason I was just drawn to them. I wasn’t good at telling them apart initially so by the end of the video I was just like… “That was very sexy…” all confused and whatnot. It was kinda like a “What the fuck just happened?” sort of feeling. But then I just slowly realized that I really liked the video. Keep in mind that I’ve never been interested in Kpop prior to this. In fact, I was reluctant to get into it and even doubted I would like them as much as I do now.

 Around the third time I watched it, I realized that it was the guy with the brown hair and split bangs that was pulling me in with his charismatic facial expressions and his adorable smile–the little cute movements of his face. “Aah, this is what Kpop is all about” is what I thought when I saw him at the front. I wasn’t looking at his abs. I was looking at his connection with the camera and how he handled himself in the spotlight. The camera loved him and so did I. I couldn’t take my eyes off him.

Hardcore Monbebe Challenge (1) First impression of Monsta X

anonymous asked:

oooooh can u write a lil au for ten?


  • pizza delivery boy ten
  • wears the uniform cap backwards and it’s cute because his ears poke out from under it and you can see all his piercings
  • owns stud earrings that look like pizza slices. got them as a joke gift from co-worker johnny but jokes on johnny because ten LOVES TheM
  • totally delivers pizza but then spends half an hour driving around town because he doesn’t want to go back to work LOL
  • you order pizza one night because you decide you’re gonna treat yourself for a week of hardwork and in the extra comments you’re like “send the cutest delivery boy you have”
  • and you’re like half joking but you forget to delete it and end up submitting your order and you’re looking at your computer screen like oh G O D
  • and behold twenty minutes later you hear the door ring and when you open it,,,,,,,,wow ok they got your order right,,,,as in this pizza delivery boy is vERY,,,,v e r y cute
  • and ten grins and is like “you look a little surprised, were you not expecting someone so handsome?” 
  • he winks and twirls the box around and you’re like blushing like ,,,,shut up i wrote that as a joke,,,,,
  • and you reach around in your pocket to give him the money but when ten takes it, giving you another killer wink and smile
  • he goes “wait, there’s one more thing: have you eaten dinner?”
  • and you’re looking at him quizzically like “no,,,the pizza is my dinner???”
  • and ten is grinning so hard he has to bite his lip back and he leans forward and he’s like “well i haven’t had dinner and you bet, i wanna PIZZA you”
  • and it takes you a second but you’re like,,,,Oh my god thaT WAs a PICK UP Line and ten is laughing and you’re blushing and you’re about to be like bYE and close the door to be embarrassed in peace
  • but ten is like “no no no im serious though, can i have your number because im cute but woooooo you’re cuter ;)” 
‘A Brand New Dawn’ The Complete Art - by whitebear-ofthe-watertribe

In celebration of me FINALLY finishing ‘A Brand New Dawn,’ I figured I’d post all the art I did for it in one master post for anyone who didn’t get to see it before :) This has been such an incredible journey; the process of writing the equivalent of a book, as well as learning how to do various digital art mediums, all in the last year, has really helped me to grow a lot. Part of me still wishes to do a sequel, but being in my last year of college leaves little time for frivolous things like sleeping and eating, let alone the many hours needed to do any writing justice. But maybe someday!

To my Readers, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your support. A huge thank you SO MUCH to everyone who sent in fanart for it! I still cry over them because WOW!! And to every single person who either commented on the fic itself or sent me personal messages, you are positively amazing! This process would’ve never seen completion without all your encouragement, so thank you for sticking with me through thick and thin and major hiatuses between cliffhanger chapters, until the very end (especially since that “end” took yet another hiatus of half a bloody year, haha). You are all incredible and very dear to my heart!