studded leather pants

Things Dick Grayson Owns
  • a pink “baby slut” shirt
  • an espeon onesie
  • bedazzled bat logo on his phone
  • PINK leggings, the ones that say PINK on the ass and he works out in them constantly
  • a pair of stilettos because he likes how it makes his legs look
  • a shirt that says “i’m not saying i’m nightwing but have you ever seen me and nightwing in the same room together?”
  • a vision board
  • one of those shirts that has a picture of an ugly face wally was making and then he took a picture with wally in the shirt and put that on a shirt and it just keeps going on he’s on his 5th one
  • a target poison ivy costume and red wig from that one time he went to a halloween party as her
  • every season of friends on DVD blu-ray with director’s commentary 
  • aerial silks that are a really pretty royal blue and he practices on daily
  • a shirt that says “stud muffin”
  • leather pants that leave literally nothing to the imagination, you can see everything

I’ve been working like crazy as of recent in order to bring a new collection to shoot in with the gorgeus Demona van Hell this Sunday, as well as clothes for Alestorm, Sister Sin and more!

I will not be shipping out items until the 1st February now as I’m away from my workstation on a well earned break in Germany. Feel free to contact me still and I will reply as soon as I can :) here’s a teaser of new items available for the first week of Feb!