studded leather cuff

im half asleep but: steven going through a goth phase (more like he’s tryna be goth but he’s simply too bubbly and chill to pull it off truly) and the gems are so fucking confused

pearl is scared as fuck and trying to figure out if his gem is damaged or if this is some strange human illness (either way shes always hiding behind garnet watching steven practice his “brooding” )

amethyst doesnt really care but it wigs out pearl so shes gonna encourage it so she actually helps him spraypaint all his clothes and stuff black and draws lil skulls on everything in stevens room in sharpie till the place stinks of it

garnet just quietly lets him do his thing she knows he’s okay but she comes home one day and dumps a ridiculous amount of studded leather cuffs and belts on his bed and smiles at him like where the fuck did you get all this even garnet did you rob a hot topic

this phase only lasts like 4 days at maximum