studded cutoffs

5SOS Preference - Shopping
Can you do something about 5sos and go to shopping with their girlfriends? Jajaja please? That will be funny :)


“It has to be perfect.” You moved from rack to rack in search for the perfectdress.

“Everyone is going to love you no matter what you’re wearing, y/n.”

“I want to make a good impression.” Your head was spinning and all the dresses were starting to look alike to you. You were going to Ashton’s cousin’s wedding as his date and this was the first time meeting his extended family.

“What about that blue one you wore to our album release party?”

“I was photographed in that; I don’t want to be an outfit repeater.” Ashton rolled his eyes and smiled. He grabbed your wrists so you’d face him.

“Y/n, relax. You’re going to look amazing in anything you wear. My family isn’t going to judge you on your dress, just be yourself and they’ll love you!”

You felt warm inside knowing that when Ashton said that, he genuinely meant it. You went to say something sweet in return but then you felt distracted as your eyes fall on a dress behind Ashton.

“It’s perfect.” Ashton laughed and moved aside before you could run him over.

Your hands landed on the sides of a short, sea foam green dress with a sweetheart neckline. It was simple, yet elegant.  You felt Ashton slip an arm around your waist. You were mesmerized by the dress until Ashton broke the silence, “Yeah, you’ll look damn good in that.” You laughed and grabbed it off the rack, winking at Ashton before leading him to the registers.


“What about that? Guys look sharp in button ups.”

Luke pushed you from behind to keep you walking. “One, it’s a button up. Two, it’s pink. For heaven sakes, y/n, we are punk rock. I can’t look like a softie.”

“Yeah…” You managed to stop the pushing and turn to face him. “But Luke, you are a softie.”

“I am not.”

“Just try it on.” You circled back to the shirt and pulled it out in his size.

“No. Absolutely not.”

You held the shirt to your chest and pleaded with puppy dog eyes and a boo boo lip. “Please?”

“Stop that. I’m not giving into that.”

“If you really loved me, you’d try it on.”

“You’re ridiculous.” He rolled his eyes at you and snatched the shirt, heading to the fitting rooms. You laughed and followed behind, satisfied with your victory.

You heard grumblings and sighs from behind the fitting room door and held back a laugh.

“I look like a pink, fluffy, ridiculous piece of cotton candy or something.”

“Let me see!”

“No way. I’m taking it off! I’m not coming out!”

“Then I’m coming in,” You said as you got up and opened the door. You looked Luke up and down. “Damn.” He looked at you with very annoyed and sarcastic eyes. You smiled. “You clean up good.”

Luke turned to face the mirror and examined himself for a minute. “You’re paying for it.”

You smiled behind him, “Gladly, hottie.” You stood in front of him and looked at the shirt. “I wonder if this looks as good off as it does on…”

Slowly, button by button, you began to undress your very handsome boyfriend.


“Do you mind if I just stop at one more store…?”

“Y/n…” Michael whined, dragging your name out.

“One more, then I’m done.”

“Fine, one more, that’s it.” You stopped in front of Victoria Secret. “I’m not going in there, I’ll wait for you over there.” He pointed to the massage chairs across from VS.

“I won’t be long I promise.”

“Here, give me your bags.”

“No its fine, I….”

“Just give me them.” You smiled at his sleepy tone.

“You’re sweet. I knew there was a reason I liked you.”

“Yeah yeah,” He grabbed the bags from your hands, “Go do what you gotta do.” He winked at you and you proceeded to do your shopping.

About fifteen minutes later, you emerged from the store with one small bag holding something Michael would particularly like. You walked over to where he said he would be, the backs of the massage chairs facing you. You could see Michael’s green hair sticking out from above the seat.

“Alright, bud, I’m done.” No response. “Michael.” You walked around to face him. You laughed as he was receiving a massage, sound asleep. You said his name once more, but he was completely out. You shook his arm and slowly he was brought back to reality. “Morning, sunshine.” You laughed and grabbed his hand. “You ready?”

“How long were you gone?”

“Fifteen minutes…max.”

“I need a nap.” You laughed again at him.

“Then let’s get you home, my love.” Sluggishly, he rose from the chair and followed you out the exit.


Calum dragged you in to dark, smelly store with loud head banging music playing. You saw ripped and studded leggings, cutoff shirts, spiked collars, and oversized hoodies with skulls hanging around the store.

“Calum, what the hell are we doing in here.” You clung on to his arm, barely able to see most things that weren’t five feet in front of you.

“Well…we’re punk rock…so…” He looked around him, “We have to dress punk rock.”

“Then cut up your band t-shirts and rip your jeans.” In the back of the store I could make out a tattoo and piercing station. “What’s next, a nipple piercing?”



“I’m obviously kidding.”

You separated from Calum as he went deeper into types of clothing you didn’t know existed. You walked over to a wall where the “female” clothes were kept. Your head fell to the right as you looked at what appeared to be a purple, lace leotard. Next to that you saw rainbow stripped leggings. You weren’t judging, you were just… surprised. You wondered if anyone ever actually wore a see through leotard out in public.

“Y/n!” You turned around to see that Calum had tried on jeans that looked like they were cutting off his circulation. He held up big, chunky, lace-up, combat boots and a spiked collar. “What do you think?”

A girl that apparently worked in the store came up in between you two. “You can try on the collar and the boots if you want.”

“I think we’ll pass for today, we’re…limited on time…” You gave Calum a look and shook your head violently. The girl looked at you and rolled her eyes, walking away muttering something about you under her breath.

“You don’t like it?” Calum looked disappointed.

“Yeah I just uh…” You looked him up and down once more. “Punk rock, right? Not screamo.”

Calum looked down at his outfit, “You’re probably right…”

“Change back and let’s get out of here, please.”

He went to open the fitting room door and turned back around with hopeful eyes and a cute little smile, “Not even the collar?”


He laughed, “Just kidding babe.” You rolled your eyes and laughed at him as he went back into the fitting room.

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