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3JSB and the things they remind me of

Iwata: Sleeping in during the weekends, bubble baths, wool sweaters, breakfast in bed, bed hair, sweats & hoodies, bubblegum, baby pink, peaches, sitting on a swing, clear skies, doodles, snapbacks, cinnamon, the smell of freshly baked cookies, acoustic guitars, making wishes on dandelions, cycling down a steep hill. 

Elly: The distant thrumming of music from outside a club, late night drives, fast food, neon lights, gold, bear bricks, remembering all the words to a song you have not heard in awhile, high tops, bathrobes, video games, basketball, bean bags, chain necklaces, morning cartoons, hoverboards, grapes, the heavy bass or a beat drop in a song. 

Kenjiro: Stone skipping, the ocean’s breeze, hairspray, plaid shirts, doing a cannonball into a pool, green, freshly cut grass, the sound of an engine revving up, impromptu road trips, maps, summer, fishing rods, drunk karaoke sessions, camping, the sound of laughter, punching gloves, eating a slice of watermelon during the summer to cool down.

Omi: Sunsets, art galleries, instagram filters, skyscrapers, beanies, leather jackets, chandeliers, red, champagne, tailored suits, scented candles, autumn, lollipops, black cats, blurry photos, milkshakes, stained glass, love ballads, black cats, the feeling of the wind blowing through your hair as you drive with the roof or the windows open.

Ryuji: Fairy lights, piano keys, lemonade, big sunglasses, studs, cuff links, people watching from a cafe with a cup of coffee, jumping into rain puddles, yellow, strawberries, messy handwriting, ferris wheels, lullabies, the feeling of the waves crashing against your feet as you walk on a beach barefoot, the first ray of sunshine that appears after the rain.

Naoto: Laced up boots, popsicles, fireworks, candid polaroid photos, fedoras, spray paint, the smell of citrus fruits, denim jackets, iron on patches, skateboards, graphic novels, winter, trench coats, black & white films, cassette tapes, sketchbooks, movie stubs, the smell of cotton candy, balloon animals, watching the sun rise from a rooftop. 

Naoki: Cherry blossoms, libraries, reading glasses, history museums, the smell of freshly brewed coffee, paper cranes, stargazing, wind chimes, handwritten letters, white, spring, early morning strolls, the sound of rain falling, falling asleep during a train ride, sharing a blanket with a loved one, a piano melody. 

21 Crazy Easy DIY Gifts to make in time for the holidays.  Roundup by truebluemeandyou. 

These are all “stick and glue” DIYs - the easiest crafts I have posted on truebluemeandyou.  

DIY Saskia Diez Knockoff Rope Bracelet and Necklace from Facing North with Gracia here.

DIY Marble Ring from Marte Ravn Tovik here.

DIY Wrapped Crystal Cuff from Thanks, I Made It here.

DIY Gold Leaf Headband from Witchery here.

DIY Easy Miniature Dollhouse Jewelry from Morena’s Corner here.

DIY Dolce & Gabbana Inspired Keyhole Bag from Dare to DIY here. The keyholes are scrapbook embellishments which makes this a cheap and easy “stick and glue” DIY.

DIY Lucky Number 7 Ring from I Always Pick the Thimble here. Package with a deck of cards.

DIY Attached Double Ring from Hapy Friends Shoppe here.

DIY Easy Wire Wrapped Jewel Ring from Jewelry from Home here.

DIY Easy Stacked Chain Necklace from Fall for DIY here. The layers of chain are glued together - see the GIF I made.

DIY Ribbon Bow Earrings from Lana Red here.

DIY Loren Hope Knockoff Jeweled and Studded Cuffs from Life In Mod here.

DIY Cotton Ribbon Rhinestone Bracelet from A Pair & A Spare.

DIY Rhinestone Ring from Behind My Desk.

DIY Torque Bracelet from Thanks, I Made It here.

DIY Scrapbooking Brad Ring Tutorial from Life in Mod here. These are super cheap rings as they use scrapbooking brads, making them perfect to give as kids’ jewelry. Even better, make a kit of brads and ring bases.

DIY Knockoff Iosselliani Fused Stone Skull Studs from Thanks, I Made It here.

DIY Tea Time Dollhouse Miniatures Tin from The Cottage Market here.

DIY Book Necklaces (Easiest Book Cover Pendants Ever) from Two Butterflies here.

DIY Miniature Teacup Ring by a pair & a spare here.

DIY Knockoff By Boe “Leather Reminder Earrings” from Small Good Things here.


Effy Stonem Outfit Recreation

Effy wore this in panda’s episode (3x04). It’s very simple but in my opinion very Effy. I couldn’t find any dresses with a similar print to the one Effy wears, so my suggestion to you is do it yourself! You can get a plain black dress, the one I got above is from Brandy Melville. Then go to a craft store and get some white or light gray fabric paint and either splatter the whole dress or make your own design! Then pair it with some black plastic bracelets, a black cuff with studs, and calf high combat boots :)


G'Kar | Londo 

A post of these two drawings together, including some close ups, as threatened, so you you can see the texture overlays on the clothing, mostly!

I made these with some sort of extended or alternate time in mind, but the main driving force behind it was a sort of tiny exchange of fashion details because of circumstances (all explained under the readmore for consideration of how wordy I am and also spoilers, I suppose!).

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Outfit #159

- white crop top

- black floral skater skirt

- gray cardigan

- black high top converse

- long gold necklace

- gold chevron necklace

- gold stud cuff bracelet


Custom Cleo up in the shop now~ ♥

She’s been given a gorgeous faceup by the talented mil-mascaras , and I have given her a new hairdo, spiked flower crown, outfit, and painted accessories.

This custom doll comes with:

* Face repainted
* Custom hair: Angled bob haircut, enhanced bangs, silver spikes, red roses, black beads (permanent)
* Custom outfit: Black fur shrug, silver tank top, red skirt
* Handpainted accessories: Studded belt, wrist cuff, and shoes
* Custom miniature bottle of Shiraz
* Deep red painted nails
* Basic black stand
* Certificate of Authenticity signed by both artists


Today (4/01/14) at around 5pm i was at Starbucks at Rideau and this girl came in and ordered a grande mocha frap, she was wearing a pink jacket with studs on the cuff, black yoga pants,brown uggs, black hair to shoulders, freckles on her nose, brown eyes and the most amazing smile and when she held her phone up i saw that she was on tumblr. She dropped $200 and i would like to give it back and i would also like to take you to dinner if you see this message me, if its not you please reblog.

Corded Details

By StyleSpectra

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Silver tone gem front and back earrings

Chain Fringe Duster Earrings

ASOS Unlined Leather Fold Over Clutch Bag with Studs

Linear Cutout Wrist Cuff

Glamorous June Lace-Up Dress

Embroidered Lace Up Dress

ASOS Structured Knit Lace Up A-line Dress

Get on the list: Wantering Concierge is about to go live and you don’t want to miss out on this shopping experience.  


etsyfindoftheday 3 | 9.8.15

lace-and-metal accessories by thisilk

  • talaria // lace-and-brass earrings
  • oaxaca // bracelet with lace, brass bird, and navajo weave accent
  • daze // lace, brass and brass findings hair accessory

i’ve been a fan of thisilk’s unique jewelry pieces for a looooong time — and these new styles are even more special than their original pieces, if you can believe it! this creative seller combines lace and metal for super-unique looks that you’ll cherish.