D-tour aka Smut (talks a bit about anal… nothing to graphic though :) But if you are not comfortable with that, just skip this one). Written kind of quick so not proof-red and a bit sloppy at times but could not wait to share :).

Hope you enjoy :)

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You giggle as his breath tickles against your neck.

“ sh.. they gonna hear us.” His voice is low behind your ear. You bite your lips as he pushes you against the wall while his lips trace your neck.

Classic you thought.

Classic H. though it never gets old.

You were both attending a event, as you had so many times before. But you got a bit bored so you decided to go to the restroom, get away from the people. You excused yourself as you placed a small kiss on Harry’s head. You found the restrooms just down the hall. As you just wanted to get away you scrolled trough your Instagram feed as you waited for a bit. Looking in the mirror to check your make up and get back out again. But once you came out you bumped into your husband. The bump almost made you fall but he grabbed your arm just in time. As you looked up you saw the look in his eyes. The look you had seen so many times.

“Thought you might be needing some help.” He said as a smirk crossed his face. You knew that look. As he grabbed your hand he led you to a different side then were the event was held. He tried opening several doors though they wouldn’t open. You giggled as if you were teenagers again while he tried yet another door.

And so here you were. An empty room with his body pressed against yours. His lips placing sloppy kisses against your neck. Your collarbones and back up to your neck.

“Turn around.” His voice husky, barley above a whisper. You did as he asked. He placed your arms above your head, holding them with one hand while the other one went to the zipper of your dress. You gasped as his grip got a bit tighter around your wrists and he unzipped your little black dress.

“Gonna slip this off but… Keep. Those. Hands. Up.”

You nodded as a shiver went down your spine. His breath felt warm against your skin. Your nose got a wif of Tom Ford as some if his curls tickle your face. His hands lets go of your wrists as he slips off the dress, all the way to the ground. Touching your ankles gently as he guides them out  of the dress. His fingers trail back up all the way to your hips. His thumb going along the lace of your bottoms.

He had been wanting to do since he saw you put them on. The two of you were running late and while you were getting ready he walked in on you. Stopping mit track and leaning against the wall. His finger touching his lip as he watched you in uhe middle of your shared walk-in. A striptease in reverse that is how he would describe it. The way you put them on. Sliding them up your legs, wiggling a bit as you reached your but. You reached over to were your dress was hanging. Taking it of the hanger and stepping in to the body hugging black dress you turned around were you saw Harry watching you. You smiled while you put the straps over your shoulders.

“Like what you see?” One side of your lips turned up. “Could use some help.”

His gaze went from your but to your eyes as a smirk came on to his face.

His boots were the only noise as he walked towards you. You smiled in to the mirror as he zipped up your dress. Once he reached the end he looked up. His eyes meeting yours.

“Gorgeous as ever pet.” A small kiss was placed on your shoulder.

“We should go though.” You nodded as you slipped in your heels and grabbed your purse.

He had been touching you the whole time. Holding your hand, placing a kiss on your cheek, rubbing your knee. Anything to just feel you under his touch. He knew you were not wearing a bra and the thing you were wearing worked magic in his brain. Once you left to go to the bathroom he took it upon himself to accompany you on the way back. With a little d-tour of course. This wasn’t the first time though it had been a while since the two of you had done something spontaneous like this. And he was feeling it tonight.

And so it happened that you were standing in front of him. Hands in the air with nothing but your lace bottoms to cover your behind. He got up from his knees. As he did not stop his thumb from roaming your back, your hips, your shoulders, his other hand is holding your wrists. You let out a small sigh.

“No bra… The way the lace fits around our but.” You could hear it in his voice. The way he pronounced the words. The way his breath hit your neck. He needed this. There was no denying that you needed this as well. It started a little after the two of you had began dating. You would sneak out and find a quit place. Though it hadn’t happened in a while it always made you feel like a teenager again. Like you did something naughty and didn’t want to get caught. Which almost happened once…

“’m gonna make you feel… so … so good.” More kisses were placed on your shoulder as his hand kept coming back to your but. Goosebumps rose on your skins as his hands got closer to your inner thighs. Touching more and more of your lace underwear. Though no where near were you wanted him most. Yore body was very aware of what Harry was doing and it almost becomes unbearable as his hands slide between your thighs. His thumb lightly brushing against your center.

His mouth is next to your head “ ’s wet.”

You know that he feels how wet you are. But when he confirms it it’s sends a shiver down your spine. He reacts on your body by touching you again. Your body moving against his hands as you are looking for more friction. He stops abruptly.

“Not gonna happen’ yet… Gonna take these off first.” He uses one hand to take off the last piece of clothing. And as he does he spreads your legs just a bitt give himself a bit more excess. And by then you know you will be done in seconds. As your body is alert to every touch, every movement and al your senses are focused on him. The way he smells, the way his breath is warm against your skin the way his hand has a grip on your wrists so you can’t do anything about what he is doing. And the way his other hand knows exactly what to do. As he starts by sliding his digit against your wet folds. As he teases you by going slow. Very slow. And as every time you move your body against his hand for more friction he stops.
You moan softly as you hadn’t forgotten were you were.

“Was that?” He intensifies his strokes, touching your clit just a little

You moan again

“What? Can’t hear you love.”

You know he is teasing you as you can barely form a normal sentence.“Ne-ed you..”

One of his fingers slide in “Like this…”

Your moans become louder and your breathing picks up it’s speed as he inserts another finger and moves it faster and faster. You can feel your legs start to shake as he pumps in and out.

“Come for me.” His words sent you over the edge as you can’t control the shaking of your body. His hands stil around your wrists, while his other one is slowing down.

Once the shaking comes to a stop he finally lets go of your wrists. You turn around to see him with a confident smirk on his face.

You know what he wants. His eyes are dark and as you look at him intensely he puts one of the fingers that was just inside you in his mouth.



Good.” He closes his eyes as he sucks on his digit.

“Want me to suck on something else?” You ask as you touch his crotch.
His eyes pop open and the smirk is back.
You take of his pants and his erection springs free from where it was held. Your eyes glow as you get on your knees and look up at him. Taking the tip in your mouth collecting the pre-cum that has gathered there already. One hand guiding your mouth as you bob your head up and down while the other one is touching his balls.

His breathing gets louder as one of his hands leans against the wall. You move your head faster as a grunt escapes his mouth. You can feel him being close. Real close.

So you stop. And as you look up you see Harry looking down. A look of surprise on his face.


You stand up. Unbuttoning his shirt.

“If I’m gonna be naked, so do you.”

He pulls you closer, touching your but placing sloppy kisses against your neck as you unbutton the last button.

“Such a tease…” He says before taking of his shirt. You giggle as he places another sloppy kiss against your neck.

“I need you…” And that’s all he needs to know. He lifts you up and pushes you softly against the wall.

You close your eyes as you feel him entering.

“Good?” His eyes scanning your face just to make sure. When you nod he picks up the pace. Rocking his hips.

You can feel the sensation building up. His full length pushing all the way in, It feels like he is touching your belly button from the inside. the tingling sensation starts to take over again. He feels it as your walls are closing around him squeezing him, taking all of him in.

“So good…” His voice is low and his breathing is starting to get heavy again. You moan his name as you release yourself, his strong arms holding you up as you get of your high.

“Like that?” You nod as you open your eyes.

“Not done yet though” his lips crashing onto yours. Heavy, full of lust his tong finds it’s way to yours. His hands are gentle as he puts you back on the ground. Your hands roaming his back as his hands cup your face. His lips let go of your lips and as you open your eyes he is studding your face.

“Turn around for me pet.”

You do as he asks. You know what he want’s. It’s not the first time this has happened.

“Tell me if it hurt ‘k?” You nod.

He enters and a moan escapes your lips. You know that its not all that is going to happen. His hips rock slowly as you hear him putting one of his fingers in his mouth. Making sure your little bum is wet. Wet enough to take one of his fingers. You know what it feels like, being so full. And as he starts out slowly you push your but against his hand encouraging him to go faster. You need to feel him like this and he knows you do. He picks up the pace once again. One hand on your hip while the other is working your butt. You vibe ons his pace and pick up your own until you are both rocking at the same speed. He grunts as you can feel him being close again.

As you keep one of your hands steady against the wall you take the other one to rub your clit. The ouch of the sensetive bundel of nerves sends a wave of feelings trough your body. You can barley keep yourself up as you know it’s going to be intense as full as you are. An you were right. Shaking on your legs, barley able to keep yourself standing up. And before you collapse to the ground you feel Harry releasing himself into you. Your name leaving his lips.

You smile as you sit down to catch a breath you feel his cum dripping out of you thinking of what just happened.

You look up at Harry, catching his breath.

“Well this day kind of got interesting didn’t it?”

He chuckles as he reaches out a hand to help you get up.

“I guess it did.” He hugs you before the two of you put on your clothes again.

Harry opens the door and peeks out to see if anyone is out in the hall. But no one is. You quickly run in to the restroom to check on your make up. Most of it is still in place though your lips are swollen and the lipstick is nowhere to be found. You put on some new lipstick and give yourself another glance over to see if you look presentable. You think you do and walk out to Harry who looked as though nothing happened.

You hurried to get back to your table as people were probably wondering were the two of you had gone.

“Were did you guys go?” Harry’s looks at you and then over to the one asking the question.

“Just a little D-tour.”