stud week



This was insane to put together, but quite the experience.

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I think we all need a Lexark week where we just celebrate the gift that is Elyza Lex and Alicia Clark being cute af together. And then we make another week appreciation for Dapper(fine stud) Lexa/baby girl-messy artist Clarke. And then of course, a Clexa week. And one for Lexa alone–because lbr, there’s not a day since March 3rd, 2016 that we do not miserably miss her thoroughly. We should make it a regular thing. I think it’s a much needed break from basically everything that’s been going on in our fandom since 307. What do you think, kru?


etsyfindoftheday | 12.19.15

STEAL OF THE WEEK: luna // small sterling silver studs by foxandthefawn

tiny, delicate, shining silver discs look like mini moons — and these itty bitty sterling studs are just $22, too! two varying sizes available for the ultimate gift-giving win.