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The Naked Truth

Written by: @peetaspikelets

Dialogue Prompt: this has got to be the strangest day of my life…(submitted by @xerxia31)

Rating: M (for nudity and language)

A/N: I need to thank Mr Pikelet for helping me bring this story to life. He brought ‘an event’ to my attention and after my initial shock and a bit of a giggle I thought I have to everlark this some how. 

A BIG thank you to my beta @sponsormusings for her amazing guidance, support and advice. I would be lost without you!


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First Date

hopefulstudent: Hongbin- Perfect first date when everything seemed to go the opposite from expected.

Author: Admin V

Character(s): Hongbin (VIXX)/Reader

Word Count: 1,263

Summary: It’s only the first date, nothing will go wrong. Right?

“Hongbin this has really been the perfect night.” And it really had.

It started at 6, after leaving work early and spending 2 hours getting ready. First, you had to shave everything. You weren’t sure where it was going but you weren’t going to take any chances. Then you had to decide on your makeup. Did you go for the smokey eye that said, ‘hello, take me now’ or did you go for something more reserved that said, ‘I’m a freak lowkey’. After deciding on something in the middle, you turned to your hair. The long chestnut brown ribbons were being difficult tonight. Finally you got it straightened and put in a high top pony tail. The dress you had bought for this specific occasion, a halter top sundress that was maroon in color and decorated in white flowers. You wore a flower choker and pearl stud earrings. Picking a pair of flats was easy, as was picking the lavender perfume that completed the look.

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anonymous asked:

I'm intrigued by the mismatched stud earring idea! Can you tell me more? X

Honestly, it started years and years ago, when I lost one of the pearl studs (from a pair) that I used to wear constantly. So I kept wearing the one I hadn’t lost yet, and then another earring. Then it happened with another pair of earrings, so for a while I wore one small pearl stud in one ear and the other ear I wore a small diamond stud.

Now I just switch it up between various random studs: a pearl, a diamond, gold bar, gold stud, various gold shapes, a small gold hoop, a silver safety pin stud… the list goes on. Whatever I am feeling when I decide to finally change them out.

I think it’s more fun to wear miss-matches stud earrings!

A Wedding Gift

“Uhm, Sherlock, aren’t you going to open that gift Mycroft left for you?”

Molly looked up at her newly minted husband. He was currently busy trying to cram all of their clothes back in their suitcases. Their week-and-a-half honeymoon was over, and they were getting ready to check out of the hotel. Molly tried to straighten out their list of things to purchase last minute (she’d wanted to buy a little souvenir for all of those who helped out during the ceremony), and had seen the small rectangular package carelessly tossed on the coffee table.

“Gift? What gift?” Sherlock shrugged, giving the suitcases a final check, and then threw himself – as was his way—to sit next to Molly on the sofa.

Molly shook her head, knowing very well he hasn’t forgotten. “Give it here, then.” The package had come with the champagne and strawberries the flight attendant had served on the private plane ride over. It was a small sized rectangular box simply wrapped in a rosy white matte paper and silver bow, with “Sherlock” written on the tag in what looks to be Mycroft’s own hand.

Sherlock had taken one look at the wrapped box, and managed to put off opening the present by either saying that Mycroft must be showing off: “It’s jewelry which can’t be worn out of doors.” or finally succumbing to envy at Sherlock’s good fortune: “It’s booby trapped—a needle will spring up and infect me with something which would make you a widow.” Whenever Molly started to point it out, he’d just lean in for a kiss, and it would immediately be driven from her mind.

She humoured him, as she usually did, and they spent the ten days in relative bliss, the present languishing on the coffee table with only an occasional guilt-ridden glance from Molly.

Molly carefully unwrapped it, revealing a sturdy black velvet box one usually associates with jewelry. She tried to ignore Sherlock’s open disdain for it (but was rather distracted by him nuzzling the line of her jaw) and pried it open to reveal…

“Oh.” She stared and stared. Sherlock had gone still next to her, apparently as absorbed by the gift as she was.

It was an ornate and obviously antique frame. It was detailed and heavy, with delicate filigree at the top, suggesting an arch of leaves and roses, and Molly would have gushed at its beauty if she were not transfixed by what it framed.

Inside was a photo of the two of them on their wedding day: Molly in her wedding gown; a simple lacy affair that showed off her figure and accentuated her lines. Mummy Holmes’ stud pearls on her ears, a bouquet of multicoloured tulips in her hand, and a somewhat surprised smile on her face. Sherlock was standing just behind her, with an arm woven possessively around her torso, tall and dashing in his charcoal grey tuxedo and with his unruly mop of curls already a jumble on his head, his cheeks rosy in the sunlight. He had on the rare genuine smile on his face, looking somewhat self-satisfied and reassured. It showed the two of them relaxed and happy. Molly couldn’t even remember when it had been taken.

As Molly lifted the framed photo from the box, a note fell out, which Sherlock picked up. He raised an eyebrow as he read it, and then wordlessly handed the piece of paper to his wife.

“In this one instance, brother mine, is your smug demeanor entirely justified. Congratulations.”

“This is very sweet of him.” She whispered, tracing the photograph with a finger.

Sherlock only hummed, and carefully took the frame in hand. He pulled her closer so that she sat on his lap, staring at the photo while his free hand squeezed Molly’s waist, an echo of their pose in the photograph. “I do feel rather smug.”

 “Hmmm? And why is that?”

Sherlock grinned down at her. “I managed to convince you to marry me, didn’t I?”

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Did You Just Call Me Sexy?


Word Count: 1,068

Warnings: Nothing.

Summary: You are on a vamp case with Sam and Dean. Not too big of a case but you need to be the bait. The vamp is looking for girls that have the same complexion as you, but dressed up and alone at this bar a few blocks away from your motel. You were resistant to be bait since you had to dress up, but the votes were 2 over 1.

***********Credit to whoever made this Gif, not mine but works well. Thank you to whoever made it. Don’t remember where I found it.************

“Come on Y/N! We don’t have all day!” Dean yells up as you are getting ready. You roll your eyes as this is just like what every guy and girl couple do. The girl takes way too long to get ready and the guy complains about it. You hate to be the regular girl getting ready stereotype but this was an undercover mission, you had to make sure you were the perfect bait for the vamp.
“Dean, why don’t you and Sam go to the bar and spot the vamp out. I’ll be there in ten minutes at the most. It will look less suspicious anyways if you do!” you yell down and don’t hear anything for a bit so you assume the boys are deciding what they’re going to do and you finish up getting ready.
“Call us when you get there so we can tell you where the vamp is!” Sam yells.
“Got it!” you yell down and finish up putting your lipstick on while you hear the Impala leave. You get your heels on and look in the mirror to make sure you like what you see. You look at yourself shocked at how well dressed you look. This was new for you since you’re used to being in a black tank top, jeans, and your army boots. Tonight you were wearing a tight black short cocktail dress that has long sleeves and showed a good amount of cleavage which made you a little self-conscious but you knew you had to look desirable for the vamp so you had to own it. You straightened your long Y/H/C hair, dark eye makeup that brought out your mesmerizing Y/E/C eyes, bright red lips, you put on fake red nails since yours always broke because of hunting, pearl stud earring, a simple heart locket that the guys got for your birthday last year, and you had black strappy heels. You were amazed as to how you transformed yourself. You just hoped Dean liked it as much more since you thought it was a bit much for being bait for a vamp. You looked at the time and you were going to be late. You grabbed you small weapons and put them into your black clutch and ran into your car. As your were driving you grabbed your phone and called the boys putting it on speaker.
“I’m on my way have you guys found the vamp?” you ask.
“Yeah he’s wearing a black suit in the back. He has black hair and is tall. He’s right by the back door at a table, but you better hurry. He has his eyes on another girl,” Sam says.
“Be there in two,” you say and end the call.
Once you get to the bar you take in a deep breath and put on a smirk, hoping that vamp notices you. You head in and look around for the back. You see who the guys were talking about and he already has eyes on you, and he smirks as he takes a sip from his beer. You head to the bar and sit there. You look around and see Dean and Sam. Sam nods signaling that he sees you and you’re in position, but when you look over at Dean you don’t see the same expression on his face. No, Dean had a few mixed emotions written on his face. First, Dean was staring a you in awe, or at least that’s what it looked like to you. He was shocked by your get-up. Then happy was written on his face, you might not know why but you knew what Dean looked like when he was happy; and he was very happy to see you. And then anger phased Dean. He couldn’t even +look at you anymore. Was it anger, or maybe something else? “Did I do something wrong?” you thought to yourself as you looked away from the guys.
You look around and you no longer see the vamp. You try looking around and calling the guys but they don’t answer either. You stay there nervous as to what to do since you only joined them a few months ago and don’t know their exact plan. After a while you order yourself small martini and that’s when you heard someone behind you say. “And I’ll be paying for that” You smirk nervously knowing this is it and turn around to your surprise to see Dean. He nervously sits down beside you and you look at him very nervous and confused.
“What the hell Dean? Are you trying to blow my cover?” you ask him. He smirks at you.
“Nice to see you too Y/N,” he says and orders a beer.
“Are you going to answer me?” you ask him and he smiles at you.
“While you were sitting her being all sexy and everything, the vamp went off with another girl in the back. We killed him before he got to her thankfully. Did you not notice that any of us were gone?” he asks and you roll your eyes.
“I noticed. If Sam would just check his cell than he’d see that I called you at least a dozen times. I didn’t know what the plan was,” you say and you were going to continue rambling when you caught Dean just staring at you. “What?” you ask him. He takes his beer, smirks and shakes his head. You take a sip of your drink rethinking your conversation you just had with Dean then looked back at him. “Did you just call me sexy?” you ask and he smirks.
“Were you jealous that this was for the vamp?” you ask him with a smirk on your face and right away Dean’s smirk turned into a look of anger. Nope, jealousy. “Oh my god. You’re jealous,” you say and he shakes his head.
“I am not.”
“Maybe not now because the vamp’s dead but you were jealous. You like me. Is that what that whole thing was about? That you li-” you couldn’t finish your sentence before Dean grabbed your face and kissed you. You both moved in sync, it was even better than you imagined. You and Dean parted, needing air. You look into each other’s eyes. “I was wrong. You really like me,” you say and Dean smirks.
“Oh shut up,” he says and kisses you again.

FAKE Part 6

Part 5 

You woke up the next morning and saw Luke sleeping on the couch. You got up and quietly walked into the kitchen. You grabbed a glass and filled it with water, taking large sips as you walked back into the bedroom.

 "Your throat still gets dry at night?“ Luke asked.

 "Jesus,” You said turning around.

 "Sorry,“ Luke laughed. "What time is it?”

 "Almost nine,” You said looking at your wristwatch.

 "I have to be there in an hour.”

 "I’ll drop you off,“ Luke said standing up. There was a knock on the door and then your sister walked in with your mother.

 "Good morning,” Your mother said smiling. Her smile faded when she saw a pillow on the couch.

 "What is it now?“ You asked crossing your arms.

 "Why is Luke sleeping on the couch?” She asked.

 "I didn’t sleep on the couch. I was watching the telly and grabbed a pillow to lay my head down on while (Y/N) took a shower,“ Luke said looking at you.

 "Yeah that sounds about right,” You said nodding.

 "Anyway, today is the day,“ Ingrid said walking over to you. "You’re going to help me get ready, right?”

 "Of course. I was just talking to Luke saying that I had to go in a bit,” You said looking at him. Luke nodded and them looked at your mother who was looking at Luke.

 “We can drive you back to the house. That way Luke can meet with eh groom and the other boys,” Your mum said smiling.

 “Alright, let me change,” You said walking to your suitcase.

 “Your dress is at the house and you look fine,” Ingrid said looking at Luke and then at you.

 “Alright, alright. Someone is way too anxious,” You said grabbing a sweatshirt.

 “I’m sorry. I’m getting married today,” Ingrid laughed.

 “Alright. I will be back over there in a little bit,” Luke said looking at you.

 “Alright. I’ll see you there,” You said grabbing Luke’s shoulder.

 “Why don’t you kiss your fiancé goodbye?” Your mum asked. You sighed and looked at Luke, making him decide what to do. Luke took a step toward you, slowly cupping your face and looking in your eyes. You grabbed Luke’s arm and stood perfectly still as he leaned in. He pressed his lips to you, brining back the familiar feeling. You thought that Luke was going to quickly pull away but he stayed there, leaning into the kiss. You kept your eyes closed, not really wanting Luke to leave at anytime soon. He slipped his tongue into your mouth making every inch of you want to pull Luke toward the bed. Luke soon pulled away and smiled at you. “I love you,” He said.

 “There you go,” Ingrid said from behind you. You looked at Luke and then backed away, walking out with your mum and sister. Luke stood there for a second, crossing his arms and sighing. He loved every second of it. He thought that it would just be one kiss, but as soon as his lips touched your’s he couldn’t help himself. He looked at the door that was now closed and knew that you were long gone. He  scratched the back of his neck and sighed before walking into the bathroom to get ready for this wedding.

 You were listening to Ingrid talk about the wedding and what was gong to happen and the backup plans for if something went wrong. You acted like you were listening but you really weren’t. You were in your head, thinking about what had happened with you and Luke. When your mum pulled into the driveway of the house you got out and walked in with her, smiling when you saw the bridal party already here.

 “Look at that ring,” Bridget, a family friend, said when you walked in.

 “Oh yeah. It’s Luke’s mum’s,” You said looking down at the gorgeous ring.

 “I always knew that you two were going to get married,” She laughed hugging you. You felt your stomach drop but you kept a smile on your face. You walked into the kitchen where the ladies were drinking champagne and talking about their lives. You leaned against the counter and listened about how people were moving on with their lives. How they were going places and meeting guys to settle down with. You didn’t join in because everyone had somehow already learned about your life in the two days that you’d been here. Not even two days. More like a day and a half.

 “Alright. It’s time for everyone to get ready,” Ingrid said standing up. You smiled and followed her into her childhood bedroom where both of your dresses were.

 “Why is mine different from the others?” You asked immediately noticing the difference.

 “It’s just slightly different. I figured my maid of horror, and my sister, should be special. You laughed and shook your head grabbing your dress and walking into the bedroom that was across the hall. The dress were a deep red orange. They had a halter neckline and went to your knees. There was a ribbon about the waist but your’s had a bow in the back while the other’s did not. You wore your hair up in a swirl bun and put the jewelry on that your sister had picked out for you, just a sting of pearls and pearl stud earrings, and then looked down at your ring.

 You smiled for a second, believing that it was real, and then remembered that it was just a lie. “(Y/N)! I need your help!” Ingrid yelled.

 You laughed and ran across the hall looking at your sister looking at herself in the mirror. “You look beautiful,” You said walking in.

 “Thank you. Mum helped pick out the dress,” She said as you zipped up the back and tied the bow. As you were helping your sister get ready Luke was arriving at the church where the boys and everyone else was.

 “Where’s your fiancé?” Ashton asked walking up to Luke.

 “She’s helping Ingrid,” Luke said sliding his hands into his pockets and looking at the ground.

 “Did something happen this morning?” Ashton asked noticing that Luke was deep in thought. Ever since that kiss it was all that he could think about.

 ‘Nothing happened. Stop asking so many damn questions,” Luke harshly said before walking into the church. He saw Ingrid’s finance talking to a woman with long, red hair. He saw Luke and waved him over.

 “Luke, this is an old friend,” He said. The red haired woman turned around and Luke froze.

 “Gwen. Lovely to see you,” Luke said smiling.

 “Small world,” She said, her red lips curling into a smile. “I heard that you’re newly single.”

 “And I heard that you broke up with your boyfriend of two years,” Luke said with a smile.

 “I did. In the end we just wanted different things,” She said looking Luke up and down.

 “That’s a shame,” Luke said not meaning it at all. All of the sudden the kiss that happened between you and Luke was in the back of his mind. “What’s it been? Two years?”

 “Yeah,” Gwen said nodding. “I believe it has.”

 “What are you doing here?” Luke asked looking Gwen up and down.

 “I am here for the groom. I’m assuming you’re here for the bride,” Gwen said smiling. She pushed some hair out of her face as she kept her eyes focused on Luke’s eyes.

 “I am,” Luke said smiling.

 “Well maybe after the wedding we can—“Gwen started.

 “Luke,” Michael said running up. He looked at Gwen and then at Luke, not giving her the time of day. “Your fiancé is here.?

 “You have a fiancé?” Gwen asked as you walked up to Luke.

 “Hi,” You said smiling.

 “Hello Luke’s fiance,” Gwen said before walking away.

 “I haven’t seen her in awhile,” You said looking at Luke. “What did she want?”

 “We were just catching up. No big deal. Wow, (Y/N), you look beautiful,” Luke said looking you up and down.

 “Thank you,” You said smiling. “I actually need to get back out there I just wanted to check up on you.”

 “Oh thanks. I’ll be in the second row with the boys,” Luke said smiling. You nodded and looked down at your feet, wanting to bring up the kiss but deciding not to.

 “(Y/N),” Calum said running up. “They want you back there.”

 “Have fun,” Luke said smiling. He kissed your forehead before you walked away and Luke walked to his seat. He looked over to the groom’s side, looking for Gwen. Michael elbowed him in the side, making him wince and shoot Michael a look. He knew that he was going to get yelled at after the ceremony. Part of him hoped that you wouldn’t find out.

hope you liked it. sorry it’s a bit late


Dear Dairy,

Friday I went to support my friend Lotan Floyd at his cd release concert “The Art Of Music” which is available on ITunes. However I wanted to mindful of where I was at considering that this event was at a church, so I decided to wear a dress.

I saw this particular dress on PassionJonesz YouTube channel and knew I had to have it! I purchased it from Monifc in a size 1x. I bought the snake print version with a particular vision of how I wanted to style it. It features side ruching to give those who aren’t curvy it gives them some shape in the waist. It has an asymmetrical high low hem which is amazing.

I decided to style it with a high bun. I wore a black and gold necklace that I purchased from Charlotte Russe as a headpiece, a simple gold bracelet, and stud pearl earrings. The dress comes with a bold gold plated belt so I didn’t take it off because it truly adds to the dress. Completed the look with my black bow pumps from shoe dazzle and my vision came to life!

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As always Love Yourself, Embrace Your Curves, and Be the BEAUTIFUL You you are!

Love a Curvy Girl


hello eddie readers! 

I am happy to share with you all some tips on how to style your favorite fur coats!

First thing’s first, we will start with the basics. Since a fur coat could be really massive and stuffy, you can pair them with a simple  tee and a a black skinny jeans or tights. You can pair it with black boots and you’re all good!

Second, you could also style it with a laces top and a high waisted shorts. Make sure to pair them with a cat-eyed doll shoes.

Fur coats can be considered as an essential in your closet because it gives you enough warmth when its cold and you can mix ant match it with every outfit of your choice and style! Don’t forget to detail with accessories such as big studded necklaces and pearl earrings; you are good to go!

Remember to associate wearing of this essential with the proper season, I mean you can’t wear them during a hot season right? And always be sure to keep your shin up and be confident on what you are wearing because style is eternal and you got to be your own queen of your style!

love xoxo shai

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forget the smithsonian come to my place for a personal showing of the captain america exhibit

exhibited is, lipstick, nail polish, earrings, compact mirror, compass and case, undercover necklace, two pairs of screen accurate peggy shoes, and the accurate uso shoes, silk scarf that peggy wears in the fondue scene, howling commando joy buzzer, ssr walkie radio, walther pkk, purse, combat bag, peggy’s ike jacket, ssr pins, agent carter hat, union jack’s hat, steve’s shield blank, and authentic war bonds poster that strangely looks like comic peggy carter.

not shown includes any reproduction dresses i own, AOU earrings, clip on pearl stud earrings seen in agent carter, captain america trading cards, accurate bra, garter belt, and stockings, spy camera pen, a vial of steve rogers blood, and actual tears shed because of steggy ruining my life.’s more the exhibit the smithsonian should put on for agent Carter