stud mom

Jungkook texting Mama Jin
  • Jungkook: dear Mom if I was to pick a flower every time I loved you, I'd be in a garden forever!
  • Jungkook: you are the stems to my flower :)
  • Jungkook: you're beautiful
  • ...
  • Jungkook: Mom?
  • Jin: Jungkook son, get a life or a girlfriend!

rax-writes  asked:

OKAY BUT CAN WE DISCUSS HANK AS A DILF. All his daughters' friends would be ogling him, giggling and whispering, and his daughters are just like "oh mY GOD CAN YOU PLEASE STOP." You catch them whispering one time, and they immediately start apologizing profusely, but you're just like "No, you guys are right, my husband's a stud." (You always tell Hank all of this, but he doesn't believe you.)

yES and he’s really oblivious to it all and even you talk to your daughters’ friends about him like, “oh girls, you should have seen him when we were twenty, i couldn’t keep my hands off him. but he’s still a stud.”


and you have to show him how gorgeous he is and sometimes your poor kids walk in on it or hear it happening, the poor things