stud horse

Four Egyptian stallions selected for import to South Africa in 1945. 

Of these four, only Zahir has purebred descendants. El Moez did not breed on in South Africa, Nader died of strangles shortly after his arrival, while Zad El Rakeb did not even make it to South Africa, as he died of colic on the ship. His importer, Claude Orpen, believed he was poisoned to prevent him falling into the hands of an unbeliever, as the Royal Agricultural Society did not want to part with him; there was an attempt at losing him on the walk down to the harbour, but when the runaway Zad El Rakeb was caught again, according to Orpen the only recourse left was to poison him. 

Zahir left his mark on South African Arabian breeding through his two most important sons, the asil stallion Gordonville Ziyadan out of Barakah, and Robdon Zingari, whose dam Yasimet has one line to Skowronek.