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Magnus Bane’s S2 Wardrobe: a Study | Coats & Jackets (part 1)
↳ While a lot of his coats and jackets are on the grittier side with chunky chains and studs, Magnus also has a repertoire of softer garments; his several black velvet jackets are a literal example of this. In his collection there’s also a number of toned down jackets without much embellishment or flair to them. These are usually worn to make other statement pieces pop; like a simple black jacket worn with a boldly colored/patterned shirt, or a bundle of silver necklaces that stand out against an otherwise black outfit. The red thread that weaves through all his outerwear is the dark color palette that mostly consists of dark blue and black. The exception to the rule is the black jacket with a red pattern, which was appropriately worn during the body switch with Valentine and can be interpreted as a visual cue that something is wrong.


New diy project. Having trouble deciding what to do with it though. It took some experimenting with different dyes to get the vest to these colors (it started out as a bright red), but I love how it turned out and I kinda don’t want to cover it all up in patches and stuff because I like it clean so that the colors show. But I also don’t want it to be too clean. And I’m not sure what I feel about the back… Fuck, I’m not sure how I feel about anything. Except the colors.

Voltron AU: Wings 03

(Many thanks to @ladydouji and @eastofthemoon. We had fun talking about these.)

Humans are born with wings, downy, fluffy little things, but their wings usually aren’t strong enough for them to start learning to fly until they’re around seven or eight.

That doesn’t stop little ones from trying to fly, and parents often put “wing hats” on their wings to make sure they don’t get themselves in trouble or hurt their wings trying to fly too soon. They’re just soft cloth or knitted covers that fit over their wings ad make them too unwieldy to even try to fly.

Sometimes in really cold places, even adult will wear wing hats, although it’s more common to tuck wings under bulky coats that are designed to accommodate them.

Needless to say, Hunk has pictures of Lance as a toddler wearing brightly colored and stripped wing hats, courtesy of Lance’s mom, and he threatens to show them to people when Lance is really being a pain.

Wing adornments are also fairly common, as is dying feathers, although molt patterns are generally pretty random and can lead to some strange looking wings as the color molts out in spots.

There are a few spots on the wing that can be pierced without doing any harm, and Hunk, Shiro, and Pidge all had their wings pierced before they joined the Garrison.

Hunk and Pidge both had a piercing in each wing. Pidge liked sparkly studs and occasionally clusters of dangling chains with little gemstones on the end. Hunk liked polish stone studs, and he would happily tell anyone who mentioned liking them (or mentioned them at all), all about the geology of the stones.

Shiro was kind of a punk. He had three piercings in one wing and two in the other, and he liked metal studs and occasionally chains strung between the piercings.

Lance never pierced his wings because he was worried about it slowing him down, but he had a helix piercing, and his favorite stud was a tiny stone turtle that came from Hunk, although he had a silver one shaped like a rain drop that he really liked too. Lance would also sometimes wear light, chain meshes over his wings. He liked the sparkle and swore the weight was good strength training for his wings, although it weighted almost nothing.

All of their piercings are long closed up. Garrison dress code doesn’t allow piercings because they’re a safety issue when they’re doing combat training or physical conditioning. There is no paladin dress code, but the prospect of having a piercing ripped out during a fight has so far swayed all of them from redoing the piercings.

Keith never had any piercings. He just never cared. He liked being able to fly fast so he didn’t see any reason to do something that might slow him down.