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Voltron AU: Wings 03

(Many thanks to @ladydouji and @eastofthemoon. We had fun talking about these.)

Humans are born with wings, downy, fluffy little things, but their wings usually aren’t strong enough for them to start learning to fly until they’re around seven or eight.

That doesn’t stop little ones from trying to fly, and parents often put “wing hats” on their wings to make sure they don’t get themselves in trouble or hurt their wings trying to fly too soon. They’re just soft cloth or knitted covers that fit over their wings ad make them too unwieldy to even try to fly.

Sometimes in really cold places, even adult will wear wing hats, although it’s more common to tuck wings under bulky coats that are designed to accommodate them.

Needless to say, Hunk has pictures of Lance as a toddler wearing brightly colored and stripped wing hats, courtesy of Lance’s mom, and he threatens to show them to people when Lance is really being a pain.

Wing adornments are also fairly common, as is dying feathers, although molt patterns are generally pretty random and can lead to some strange looking wings as the color molts out in spots.

There are a few spots on the wing that can be pierced without doing any harm, and Hunk, Shiro, and Pidge all had their wings pierced before they joined the Garrison.

Hunk and Pidge both had a piercing in each wing. Pidge liked sparkly studs and occasionally clusters of dangling chains with little gemstones on the end. Hunk liked polish stone studs, and he would happily tell anyone who mentioned liking them (or mentioned them at all), all about the geology of the stones.

Shiro was kind of a punk. He had three piercings in one wing and two in the other, and he liked metal studs and occasionally chains strung between the piercings.

Lance never pierced his wings because he was worried about it slowing him down, but he had a helix piercing, and his favorite stud was a tiny stone turtle that came from Hunk, although he had a silver one shaped like a rain drop that he really liked too. Lance would also sometimes wear light, chain meshes over his wings. He liked the sparkle and swore the weight was good strength training for his wings, although it weighted almost nothing.

All of their piercings are long closed up. Garrison dress code doesn’t allow piercings because they’re a safety issue when they’re doing combat training or physical conditioning. There is no paladin dress code, but the prospect of having a piercing ripped out during a fight has so far swayed all of them from redoing the piercings.

Keith never had any piercings. He just never cared. He liked being able to fly fast so he didn’t see any reason to do something that might slow him down.


New diy project. Having trouble deciding what to do with it though. It took some experimenting with different dyes to get the vest to these colors (it started out as a bright red), but I love how it turned out and I kinda don’t want to cover it all up in patches and stuff because I like it clean so that the colors show. But I also don’t want it to be too clean. And I’m not sure what I feel about the back… Fuck, I’m not sure how I feel about anything. Except the colors.


etsyfindoftheday 3 | 4.25.17

gemstone jewelry by lexluxe

another longtime favorite here on etsyfindoftheday, lexluxe continues to delight season after season. their unique gemstone jewelry pieces combine earthy stones and geometric lines for head-turning and gorgeous results.

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What ONE 16th century portrait is serving the most #looks?

Like honestly there are SO many paintings from the 16th century and it spans so many different fashion styles and art styles and prominent figures and there are SO many potential contenders (especially from the most EXTRA Elizabethan #looks) but… you know… you know I gotta stick with My Girl


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Okay so maybe you already answered this in bits and pieces with your other modern grisha hc's but like... in modern day what style/makeup/hair preferences do you see the grisha-soc girl gang having? Sorry I just find that stuff a lot of fun so I was wondering if you had ideas.

aksjdjkas THIS IS SO CUTE AND FUN omg!!
- alina probably has no time or energy for elaborate hairstyles so her hair is always in a messy but or cascading down her shoulders in lazy waves. the most she does for her hair is brush it + dry shampoo it so it makes it even beachier and ~effortless~. same with make up - she’s either bare faced or wearing very very light bb cream + mascara and that’s her regular Day Look™ - the only exception is a white or golden eyeliner she puts in the corners of her eyes and needless to say it goes rly well with her entire sun summoner vibe. her style is minimalistic + simple but sweet - white tshirt, mom jeans, bright yellow sneakers/loafers, lots of colorful chokers, symbolic jewelry - a pair of antlers hanging around her neck, a handful of bangles from inej, a green emerald glimmering on her finger, a pair of earrings in the shape of a lightning bolt
- genya is a MASTER of make up (naturally). she’s not just experimenting but creating her own formula; always messing around with hues and pigments, and everything she does is cruelty free + totally safe for any and all skin type. she’s very informed when it comes to brands/artists and she’d never support the brand if she doesn’t like the people/company behind it. she might take the concept they have and recreate it/turn it into smth better just to prove she can + they’re Not That Special. it’s a slow process but we all know it’s what she does best and the result is always epic, iconic, legendary, spectacular, never the same. eyeliner on fleek, bright ruby red matte lipstick, heavy contour, dramatic eyes, rivulets of ginger hair everywhere; A Vision™!! her sense of fashion is a+ too but she has a thing for gold/red - short vinyl skirts, checkprint leggings, shimmery see-through tops, aphrodite is shaking in her sandals, truly
- zoya is literally the living, breathing definition of Dressed To Kill™. leather pants, deep blue turtlenecks/halter tops, heels longer than any of alina’s love interests’ 🍆, big silver hoops or dangling earrings that reach her shoulders. cat-eye is a must, she always borrows genya’s matte lipsticks and it’s either nudes or deep, dark colors like plump/dark mauve - nothing in between. she’s either going for soft with a touch of danger or deadly with a secret tender side only a few people are privy to. long ink-black hair that holds storms between its streaks, highlighter brighter than my future, filled in eyebroows, long eyelashes, YES M A M A yEs yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss!!!!!!!!!
- tamar’s style is simple but smart - basic monochrome tshirts that wash & dry easily, distressed jeans, combat boots, lots of chains & studs, maybe a pop of color in her leather jacket - a bright heart-shaped pin here, a rainbow badge there. her lips are always glossy or shimmery, her cheeks are streaked with glitter, her favorite eyeshadow palette is called killer babe and it’s mostly pinks/reds. her hair is either held in a low pony or sticking up in spikes, which makes nadia run her hand through her gf’s hair more, instinctively trying to smooth them down. a part of her outfit always matches nadia’s and alina always notices bc [voice drops to a whisper] she notices a lot of things about Girls™
- nadia is a vision in pastels and vibrant make up that somehow always goes with her outfit despite it being a rather clashing combination. she loves her soft hues - dusty rose, pale lilac, washed out blue. her lips are either baby pink or nude, with a lot of blush that makes her look even more ethereal and her hair is always braided - either up or down, always smth elaborate she’s spent hours and hours looking at youtube tutorials just to get it right. sometimes she’ll let tamar draw little symbols on her cheekbone - an uneven heart, the wlw labrys, a tiny rainbow peaking from behind a cloud, and sometimes it’s just a kiss print left on their way out
- nina is a goddess incarnate. even genya’s super impressed and genya’s like?? a legitimate beauty/fashion expert?? idk if you’ve seen barbie ferreira’s ig but like that is It. that’s nina right there, from top to bottom, down to the toes. her style is bold, edgy, challenging, unapologetic, body-positive, SEXY, beautiful. she has no problem going braless and wearing a semi see-through top, or crop tops that show her entire belly + a bit of underboob, matching pastel sets of ribbed skin tight short +  top, swimsuits tucked into jeans, the iconic stripes + denim combo, A LOT of lace, a lot of healthy, glowing skin. and she loves to wear big, heavy jewelry, the ~femme fatale~ kind - big earrings, velvet chokers that cover her 80% of her neck, body necklaces, massive rings. her hair is loose and you wanna get lost in it, like a sailor driven to madness by a siren’s song. her cheeks are bright and red, her lips are the color (and flavor, probably,,, inej might know best) of sweet cherry, there’s a lot of sparkle going on - on her eyelids, on her cheekbones, on her entire body. she uses a lot of body glitter/shimmer and her style is never boring, never like the day before, always has you on your toes
- and last but not least, inej!!!! her style is what you’d call efficient, humble, simplistic but stylish at the same time - she wears a lot of black and dark tones that help her blend into the shadows so she can become the wraith, but she likes to splash a bit of subtle color here and there - pastel yellow or orange nails, soft blush, pumpkin colored lipstick or lipgloss (nina complains lipgloss is sticky but then inej laughs and suddenly sticky is good, sticky can stay - or be smeared away,, if you know what i mean). she loves light perfumes - something natural, like the smell of forest fruit or an ocean breeze, or freshly picked flowers. she prefers boots all year round - short or open booties for summer, long knee-high boots for autumn/winter. she rarely wears jewelry; her knives are enough. however, alina likes to pamper her the most bc she holds her very dear & close to her heart, so she always surprises her with something dainty and small - her favorite pair of earring is probably two tiny curled knives, no bigger than her nail - they’re made from steel so they can’t cause any irritation and they’re forever, they’re unbreakable, like her. her hairstyle is usually a thick braid - either whipping around her shoulders or curled into a bun. she doesn’t wear a lot of make up either but sometimes she’ll put a bit of deep purple/blue/graphite to go with her outfit. she loves scarves!! all kinds of scarves - big, small, long, short, printed, monochrome, even plain ones that just smell like something fresh and satisfying, like freedom. she loves things with hood - dresses, tunics, tshirts, classic hoodies, jackets, parkas. granted, her style isn’t the ~loudest~ of the girl squad but it definitely makes you pause and turn around - and then she’s gone

Day Forty-Two

-A woman brought up two items, one she wanted, one for price-comparison. I am used to this. However, she insisted I give her the lower-priced item for the higher cost. I think I see where she is coming from, but this is not the place for oneupmanship. 

-I will never forget the advice that one elderly woman gave another in regards to buying clearance Halloween items. Whenever I am making a decision, her voice will echo in my head, whispering, “do it, because of YOLO.”

-I was asked to double bag $80 of Halloween decorations in the largest bags we had in stock so that a woman in her sixties would be able to hide them from her husband in the car. For my next heist, I will undoubtedly be in contact with her to plan our seamless getaway.

-A kindly, sweet man in his seventies paid for his purchase with money from a large, studded, jet-black, leather chain wallet. This man keeps Hot Topic afloat.

-A man sat on my register, setting the example for two other men to sit on adjacent registers. The trendsetter remarked, “Why stand like a chump when you can sit?” My response was almost to suggest manners as a reason, but then I realized I would be playing directly into his hands and revealing my true nature as a chump.

-I was informed by a guest that, due to the fact that the counters on the registers were just slightly taller than the carts, I was guaranteed to be a VP someday. He told me that it could be for Nickelodeon, or possibly the Bahamas, but the where does not matter when this man has so much faith in me.

-Making faces at a baby strapped to their mother’s chest resulted in the infant excitedly jumping up and down as much as one can when confined to a living straightjacket. Despite all of the fun that young one was having, the warden was having none of it.

-Entering the store, a man threw his arms out and shouted, “Hello, Target,” and I aspire to take after this man and star in my own movie at every minute.

-I asked a man if he wanted me to bag his bottle of Mountain Dew. He looked at it intensely and told me not to, as he had plans for it. I hope beyond hope that his plans involved drinking it.

The Narrow Line Chapter 14

This is the end of Wee Doctor as a fanwork.  I’ve loved your likes and reblogs, your kudos and comments, fan essays and encouragement, your tweets and your amazing art.  I love all of you and I hope this last foray into Wee Doctor was as good a gift as it felt for me to get 1000 followers.  So here it is, the thrilling conclusion!

Summary: Thursday gets meta, things get mental, and Sherlock gets something out of the experience.

Words: 4788

Sherlock waited in a convenient mausoleum until it was dark, then grabbed his shovel.  He hoped his assumptions were correct, if they weren’t this could become a bit messy. He’d considered what he’d seen of the Watson family, what little Roost had told him of this not-a-gun, and his own knowledge of John.  Tried to apply it to this Johnny, who already looked too used to knowing too much and not mentioning it out of politeness, with the same kindly exasperation of Sherlock’s John.  Sherlock had looked at Bad Davey with his perfect suit and his suffering eyes tinted pink from crying.  Sherlock recognized the look in Davey’s eyes what had been lately staring back at him in the mirror, Johnny would have too.

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It’s always good to remember that the leather, studs, chains and collars was Yugi’s idea of fashion, not Yami’s.
I think it was actually stated somewhere that Yami HATED that style of dress, but he kept quiet because he respected Yugi’s body and his preferences.

It’s so weird to think that there’s a punk rocker beneath the panda eyes and friendship speeches lmao I love it, he even wore a cut out shirt and gold converse at the Festival for promoting the new film!

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Kitten/ leashes/ shock collar/ "bad boy"

“Meow.” The sound came out short and emotionless from the young Earl as he stood on his bed on his knees, his hands imitating cat paws with one raised higher than the other. His face was strained as he forced a smile which ended up being distorted. His left eye’s bottom lid twitched.

Sebastian stood in front of the bed, arm over his front and the other’s hand holding his chin. His brows furrowed in thought as he watched his master. Finally, after many fruitless attempts and pleading, he succeeded in getting his master to put on the attire he got for him last year.

Ciel was dressed into a pair of panties with a frilly mini skirt that was more of an accessory than a garment. On his neck was a leather collar with metal studs and a chain leash hung from the metal ring. On his head was a headband with cat ears. Lace cuffs adorned his wrists and ankles. The most interesting part of the outfit was the cat tail because it wasn’t just a ‘tail’.

After seeing his master’s bad performance, Sebastian sighed and shook his head. One of his hands reached into a pocket.

“Hng!” Ciel moaned and fell forward, ending up on his fours as he propped himself up on his hands. His buttocks tensed as his hole tightened around the dildo that was inside him. The tip of the tail part curled. The interesting feature of the tail dildo was that it wasn’t just a vibrating dildo. It was that the higher the vibration mode was set, the more the tail part would curl.

Sebastian smiled at that reaction. “You’ve been a bad, bad kitten. You know that?” He came up to the bed and moved to sit on it. As he did, he withdrew the vibrator remote which also controlled another thing. On one side of the remote was the control for the tail vibrator, and on the other was the control for the shock collar that Ciel was wearing. The butler pushed the button that had an arrow pointing ‘up’ on the collar control side and Ciel jolted as a quick shock of electricity was sent to his neck. “Turn your butt this way, please.” Sebastian said.

Ciel slowly moved to do as his butler told him, hating what was happening even more than just wearing the ridiculous outfit.

“Now say “meow“ again.” Sebastian said.

Ciel pressed his lips together, feeling reluctant.

To that, Sebastian increased the vibration of the dildo. The tip of the tail part curled up more.

“Mmgh!“ Ciel hung his head, his hands clenching into fists.

“Say “meow”, My Lord.“ Sebastian repeated.

“M-meow.“ Ciel breathed out.

“Again.“ Sebastian ordered, administering another light shock of electricity.

“Ah! … Meow!” Ciel let out with a bit more confidence.

“Once more, My Lord!” Sebastian was definitely loving this.

“Meow!” Ciel raised his voice.

Sebastian smiled. He raised the mode of the vibrator to maximum just like that and Ciel screamed, throwing his head back. Sebastian took hold of the tail part and started to fuck his master’s hole with the toy as it vibrated.

Ciel’s thighs tensed and his hips shook. He moaned and panted. From time to time, Sebastian would shock him with the electricity from the shock collar and Ciel would let out a “meow!” As this drew on, Ciel grew closer and closer to his orgasm.

“Again, Master!“ Sebastian said. He sent another electric shock to Ciel’s neck and angled the vibrator so it would press against the boy’s front where his prostate was.

“MEOW~!“ Ciel cried out, tossing his head back as he ejaculated onto the sheets below him, his body trembling in pleasure.