stud cards

Every once in a while, the lads from Led Zeppelin would also come over to Bulrush Cottage. Robert Plant didn’t live too far away, actually, and i`d go over to his place, too. I remember one night at Plant’s house - not long after we`d got back from Bel Air - I taught him how to play seven-card stud. That was a big fucking mistake. As i explained the rules, he said he wanted to place bets - ‘just to see how it works, y'know?’ - and then he kept raising the stakes. I was just beginning to think what a fucking idiot he must be when he pulled out a royal flush, and i had to give him fifty quid.
He fleeced me, the cheeky bastard.
—  Ozzy Osbourne (I Am Ozzy)

All Good Things

“So. Five card stud, nothing wild, and the sky’s the limit.”

It felt weird drawing them for the last time this year, the TNG crew were certainly instrumental in my decision to kick off Star Trek 365 having drawn several silly Worf cooking pictures and Picard and Riker fighting over slices of cake (Picard pulls a knife so watch him).

They are along with the original crew the only ones I don’t have to check reference material and could pretty much draw you the whole crew on the spot without drama.  Neelix and some of the bits and pieces such as Chakotay’s tattoo and Seven borg implants will occasion cause me brain freeze and I’ll have to go check them.  I’m always messing up the Enterprise uniform colours and Phlox and I still struggle with getting Odo right or the Bajoran uniforms.  But the Next Gen guys are like comfortable shoes, even Dr Crusher who I admittedly did struggle with, she’s actually my favourite in this piece.

So ummm gulp.  This is it.  Tomorrow is the last day and it’s the last crew to visit.  This has been amazing this trip, I’m almost at the end…  Once more unto the breach, dear friends.

See you tomorrow.

The original is available (for however long) over on the Etsy store.

One thing I love about Shadow Hearts is how there’s a description with a picture of pretty much every items, equipment, monsters and characters encountered. And at some point, there are characters who ask questions about certain type of items/monsters/etc.

And now I’m trying to get all the right answers for the quizz on the Stud Cards.

Reading the descriptions in the inventory is pretty damn important.