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MILLIE BOBBY BROWN - photography: Mikael Jansson - styling: Karl Templer - hair: Duffy - makeup: Diane Kendal - manicure: Jenny Longworth - Interview November 2016

  • featured designers: Coach - Simone Rocha - Miu Miu - Louis Vuitton - Marc Jacobs - Gucci

Jockey Men

Scott Curry, Damian McKenzie, Anton Lienert-Brown, And DJ Forbes Hit The Runway In Their Jockeys.

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

I dedicate this Master’s degree to all who died and didn’t get a chance to try.

I achieve for you.

Sons of a Thunder Storm

Modern!Reader x Ragnarssons’

Based on this thread

AN: The translation is probably not accurate but I did my best xD Also I did not intend this part to be so long.

Thank you to my sister wives for all the ideas, in part 2 the boys learn about TV, the internet and just get into a lot of trouble.


Hvat ef vera á? - What is going on

Hverr þú  - Who’re you

“No.” You groaned as your car made a pitiful clunking sound and started slowly rolling to a stop, glancing at your dead phone. “Why now?” You groaned. The sky cracked and the sound of thunder echoed around the field next to you.

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Hump Day Hunks

Robby Looks Very Sexy In The Skin-Tight Puma Jersey.

Woof, Baby!

Show Me The Love!

Hoover Man Shares A Moment With Mike Brown After Defeating Fiji!

Meet You Later, Baby!


lol this me hi
I need to get more tattoos I’m too plain this is upsetting
all I have is a shit ton of piercings, where 3 of them are currently not even visible (my septum, smiley and nose stud on the other side of my nose) out of the 11 I have, and big ass stretched lobes
so I need to get tattoos