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So I’m not sure about you all, but I always get bored within a couple of weeks of summer break! So I’ve basically compiled a bunch of really awesome videos I found on youtube (not gonna lie, LaurDIY was super helpful with this) and almost all of them are pretty reasonably priced, and you can make a bunch of cool stuff(:

EDIT: If any DIYS have a * on them, it just means that It’s a new thing I added(:

If you do try any of it out, be sure to submit me the pictures so I can see!


DIY Caged Back Bandeau

DIY Lace Crop Top

DIY Choker Necklaces

DIY Body Chain

DIY Hair Bows

DIY Bow Back Tops

DIY Studded Shoes

DIY Wire Rings

DIY Flower Sunglasses

DIY Glitter Wall Art

DIY Chain Headband*

DIY Lace Trim Shorts

DIY Body Butter

DIY Beanies

DIY Tribal Print Shoes

DIY Cut Out Shirts

DIY Ombre Shorts

DIY Chokers

DIY Moleskin Notebook Covers*

DIY Heart Shorts*

DIY Brandy Melville Inspired Sign

DIY Head Chain and Flower Headband

DIY Skater Skirt

DIY Lush Bath Bomb

DIY Makeup Organizer

DIY Scrabble Pillows

DIY Floral Fabric Shorts

DIY “Sparkle Balls”

DIY Light Up Headboard

DIY Tie Dye Sundress

DIY Iridescent Shoes

DIY Solid Perfume

DIY Kimono

DIY Tie Dye Bikini

DIY Strap Back Bra

DIY Crop Tops

DIY Bath Jellies

DIY Crayon Lipstick

DIY Ombre Shoes

DIY Beach Bags

DIY Marble Nails

DIY Vanity Lights

DIY Glue Rings

DIY Peter Pan Collars

DIY Boyfriend Cuddle Pillow

DIY Half Bleached Stud Shorts

DIY Lotion Bars

anonymous asked:

can you describe all of bittys tattoos and piercings? im speciically curious about the roman numerals and whether he has a dick piercing the public needs to know

omg would bitty have a prince albert??? the world may never know.

ok so the roman numerals are 6.26.15, the date gay marriage was legalized in the US (there’s a version floating around that says 6.30.12, because it was a placemarker i forgot to edit but i fixed it on the original post. me at 1am: ok 6 is vi, easy. 26 is x…x…? v? or vx…just put an x ill fix it later. ok 15….uh….). 

ok so my idea is lardo and bits met in college, lards was a punk already and bits is just a smol southern boy. bits has a rough time being so far from home and so unsure of his future and lards is like “ok youve always got me tho so what if we got matching tats” and they were supposed to be bigger but lards only got as far as a circle on his elbow before bits called it quits. she got a match and now it’s a thing they do every year.

the second tat is the rainbow (obvs reasons), then moo-maw’s recipe, then senor bun, then a beyonce quote down his abs: “If everything was perfect, you would never learn and you would never grow.“, then the flower bed, then lardo laughs at him for getting the tattoo bug and everything else piles in as well, tats that don’t necessarily mean anything, but just look nice on his skin. There’s a cross on his shoulder (bits is a religious gay fight me), a tribal design on one bicep, some dripping clouds on the other, a gentle pulse down his forearm. the numerals were next - bitty cries when lardo sketches them onto his pec (he wishes he’d gotten the flowers on his other shoulder, so they would fit over his heart instead). He calms down with his tats after that - he wants to make sure every single one makes him feel as good as the last. That’s when he gets the piercings (4mm gauges, 3 cartilage studs in each ear, bar through his left brow, lip ring, septum, tongue??), and as lardo sinks a needle through his septum she tells him about a business idea she has and for the first time in a long time bitty has a plan for the future and designs himself a little logo to sit low on his back.

He also has more circles with lardo on the backs of his calves, two for every year theyve been friends. No idea what they’re going to do when there’s 80 of them.


I’m so excited to finally be doing my “what I got for christmas” post. These are all of the cosmetic type gifts that I got this year (I got a few other non-makeup related things as well). 

1. I got the Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar palette, I really like the first one and I’m so happy to finally have this one!

2. I got the Sephora + Pantone Universe Marsala palette, I’ve been obsessed with reddish toned and grey neutral toned colors (thanks to Lime Crime’s Venus palette) and the colors in this palette feed that obsession as well!

3. I got a lovely makeup bag filled with deluxe sized goodies from my amazing friend thepryncess . It came with a Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara and a Tarte Lights Camera Lashes mascara (both of which are my favorites), a Tarte Amazonian Clay blush in Magic, a Tarte lipgloss also in the shade Magic, a Buxom lipgloss in the shade White Russian, and a Hourglass lipstick in the shade Icon

4. I got all six of the NYX Simply Red lip creams in the shades Russian Roulette, Knock Out, Candy Apple, Maraschino, Seduction, and Leading Lady

5. My boyfriend went crazy and bought me 28 Colourpop Lippie Stix. The shades he got me are Feminist, Brink, Tipsy, Cake, Wifey, Punky, Rocket, Brunch, Chi Chi, Clique, Frenchie, Trixie, Bossy, Bichette, Ellarie, I <3 This, LBB, Flawless, Grind, Leather, Brills, Raw, Charm, Bunny, Wet, Pitch, Creature and Bull Chic

6. I got all 12 of the NYX Wicked Lippies in the shades Betrayal, Scandalous, Trickery, Wrath, Sinful, Stone Cold, Immortal, Mischievous, Risque, Power, Cold Hearted, and Envy

7. I got 12 Kat Von D Studded Kiss lipsticks, the shades I got are Poe, Lullabye, Thin Lizzy, Lovecraft, Gothica, Hexagram, Bauhau5, Coven (I had already bought this one but a backup doesn’t hurt :D ), Motorhead, Wolvesmouth, Slayer, and Wonderchilde 

8. Lastly I got 2 Kat Von D Everlasting liquid lipsticks, the shades I got are Vampira and L.U.V

I am completely in love with every single thing I got this year and I honestly can’t wait to start using them in my daily makeup looks! I will definitely be doing reviews for you all on most of the things here once I’ve had the chance to really wear and test them out :D

When You Have Nipple Piercings (MONSTA X)

Rated P for Props to you for having the courage to get your nips pierced bc the good Lord knows I’d pussy out without a doubt not be able to do it.

curiously fascinated 

Shownu didn’t mean to stare at your chest so blatantly from his side of the couch, but after quickly noticing the protruding spots where your nipples should’ve been through your thin shirt, well, he was greatly confused. Knowing that he wasn’t going to ask you outright what was going on there, you chose to simply lift your shirt up and arch your back a little, exposing yourself to him without any verbal warning. Shownu didn’t say much of anything as you did this–his suddenly red face and wide eyes spoke for themselves. After his sense of initial shock passed, you found yourself being hoisted up by his strong arms, and were soon straddling his lap as he gingerly touched the metal with his finger tips, quietly mumbling to himself, “These are neat… Neat nips… Neat. Yes. Neat.”

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unsurprisingly, very greasy eager to touch

“Hey, Wonho. Guess what today is?” You asked. He glanced up from his phone screen to see your grinning face. Your excitement radiated over to him and he smiled back at you. “Besides Monday? I have no idea. What’s today?” “Today is the day that you get to see these~” You exclaimed, not wasting a second before lifting up your loose tank top and to reveal your bare chest to him. Instantly, Wonho was directly in front of you, hunched over to be eye-level with the jewelry on your nipples. “Do I only get to see them… or do I get to touch them now too?” You giggled. “How badly do you wanna touch them though~?” Wonho licked his lips and met your gaze with a look that let you know he was struggling to stay off of you. “Take one quick look at my lap and you’ll know how badly I need to touch them right now.”

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surprisingly level-headed despite the raging feelz inside

“What kind of earrings are these?” Minhyuk asked, picking up a silver-barred, pink studded piece of jewelry from your jewelry box. You glanced over at him standing at your dresser, nosing through your things again, and blushed bright red when you realized what he was holding. You turned to lay on your side on the bed, facing his direction, as you said slowly, “They’re not earrings, Minhyuk.” “Then where do they go? Do you have your belly button pierced?” You giggled at his innocence and sat up straight, then lifted your shirt up and over your head. Minhyuk visibly gulped as he watched you. “They’re nipple piercings. See?” You ran a finger along the white diamond you currently donned. Minhyuk slowly put the jewelry back in the box where he found it before approaching you. “Let me touch one. I wanna touch one… I’m touching one.” “I see this, Minhyuk.” “They feel funny. In like, a good way.” “Thank you, Minhyuk.” “You’re welcome… these are nice.” “My piercings?” “Your titties.” “Thank you, Minhyuk.” Cue smile as shown below

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this little shit tickled pink and giggly

“Baby, are you cold?” Kihyun asked. The question was otherwise innocent–but his smirk was eluding to something other than that. You raised an eyebrow. “Um, no, I’m not. Why?” You were confused even more so after Kihyun started giggling. “Your body is telling me otherwise~” He sang, bursting into more laughs. You were stuck. “What are you–oh. Gotchya.” You realized after looking down at your shirt what he meant. With a shrug, you pulled the material from your body–this caught his attention immediately, and his laughter stopped. “I’m not cold, Kihyun. My nipples are pierced. Surprised it took you this long to notice…” You trailed off, getting distracted by your own body jewelry and beginning to play with them. You looked up again to face Kihyun, only to find him inches apart from you, phone in hand, smiling too widely for his own good, as he took pictures of you playing with your chest. “Kihyun!” You exclaimed, trying to snatch the phone from him. He pulled it out of reach before you could grab it. “That’s for later,” he said, setting the phone down on the coffee table before crawling over your body and laying you out on the couch. His grin was noticeably more seductive now as he lowered his lips down to your chest. “This is for right now…”

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Smol n squishy baby boy v v shy n giggly

“Ouch, son of a bitch,” you cursed. You had dropped your phone on your titty in just the right spot. It wasn’t necessarily your cursing that drew Hyungwon’s attention, but rather, the dull sound of metal hitting metal after he watched you drop your phone that made his eyebrow raise. “What was that?” He inquired. “I dropped my phone and it dinged my bar.” Hyungwon, unfamiliar with this terminology, raised an eyebrow and chuckled lightly. “What?” You looked up at him, blinking once. “Oh, I guess you haven’t seen them yet… You’re such a gentleman, ya know? Here. Lemme show you.” You rose from your back and turned to straddle Hyungwon’s waist, not giving him time to register much before your flimsy clothes came off and he was met with the sight of your tits in his direct line of vision. You cupped them and tapped on the shiny piercings on your nipples. “See, I dropped my phone and it hit right here,” you explained. Hyungwon tried to cover his face with his large hands, absolutely embarrassed by your suddenness–but definitely not mad about it. He giggled loudly, but you figured it was an attempt at a distraction from the growing problem in his jeans that you felt on the inside of your thigh.

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“OH? Oh! Okay. W-ow! Yes! Much wow!!” vibes

You hadn’t realized how long you’d been looking through all the jewelry at the store you were in until Jooheon came up behind you and said, “Don’t you have enough jewelry already, babe?” Upon closer inspection of the items you were looking at, Jooheon raised an eyebrow, picking one up. “These look funny. Where’s the back piece that goes behind your ear?” “These aren’t for my ears, Jooheon. They’re for nipples. I can’t pick which ones I want. Which colors do you like?” It was almost as if all wires in his brain had been cut. “Why are you looking at nipple piercings if you don’t have your–wait, you have your–” One glance down your shirt that you were holding open gave him his answer. Red faced and frazzled, Jooheon put his hands over yours and pressed your shirt closed again. “Those are for my eyes only! What are you thinking, doing that in public when anyone can see you! Over there is a window! To the outside! Someone else could’ve seen those!” He took the items from your hand and set them down on a display table and then promptly took your hand in his and led you out of the store. You whined, having really wanted new jewelry. “I’ll give you something to whine about when we get home,” Jooheon said. “I can’t believe how naughty you are.”

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/instant boner

The two of you were supposed to go to the beach today with a group of friends. Changkyun was quick to get dressed, so while you changed, he started packing everything up by the door. “Are you almost ready yet, babe? Everyone will be here soon to get us!” “I just need to find my towel! Have you seen it?” Changkyun picked up a yellow towel that had been lazily tossed on top of your beach bag. He smiled. “I’ve got it here!” You came out of the bathroom and turned the corner, approaching him with a smile on your face. Changkyun stood up and immediately enveloped you in a hug. You giggled, pressing your chest close to his as you wrapped your arms around his neck. “I’m so excited~” you sang. “I even got new piercings to match my swimsuit! Even though no one will see them, really.” Changkyun raised an eyebrow. “What do you mean?” You grinned and detached yourself from him, lifting your clothes to reveal your chest to him. “Lookie~” you giggled, tapping at the shiny jewelry at your nipples. Changkyun groaned and hunched over slightly before turning around and taking his cell phone out of his pocket. You watched him put the device to his ear as he spoke. “Hey, Jooheon… Uh, something came up, and, well, we can’t make it. You guys just go straight to the beach, okay? …Yeah, yeah. Next time man. See ya.” You were dumbfounded. “Changkyun! What the hell!?” You whined, not believing what you just witnessed. “What came up out of no where like that!? What bout the bea–” He crossed over to you and pulled you by the hips into his. You gulped almost immediately, now getting the memo as you looked at him with big, innocent eyes. He grinned and cupped your cheek in his hand. “I’ve got something else you could ride besides the waves, baby.”

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I feel like MX are the kind of guys that would be like, “Oh, you have tattoos/piercings? Cool.” / “You don’t have tattoos/piercings? Cool.” // I wrote them all, then mid-first-round-editing, I realized that the Anon who requested this never specified a preferred gender, so I went back and re-wrote them as Gender Neutral as I could. Hope that’s okay ;~;

- Temporary Contributor, K


My makeup for today. Continuing the theme of trying out my new products, today I felt like trying out one of my new kat von d lipsticks and my semi sweet chocolate bar palette. I used too faced semi sweet chocolate bar palette and a light blue eyeshadow from lime crime for the eyes, tarte for the cheeks, and kat von d’s poe for the lips (I’ve been wanting this lipstick for so long and I’m so fucking happy to finally have it and it’s so gorgeous omfg!!)

"Words with Friends" by bettydays

Words with Friends (22252 words) by betty days
Chapters: 8/8
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: Explicit
Relationships: Castiel/Dean Winchester
Additional Tags: Dirty Talk, Shameless Smut, Sexting, Dick Pics, Friends With Benefits, Friends to Lovers, Gay Panic, Alternate Universe - Human, Best Friends, Anal Sex, Het, Mutual Masturbation, Voice Kink, Facials, Dom Castiel, Sub Dean, Tattoos, Tongue Piercings, Phone Sex, Bondage, Angst, Threesome - F/M/M, Porn, Porn Watching, Punishment, Resolved Sexual Tension, Humor, Angst and Humor, Paddling, Spanking, BDSM, Chains, Rimming, Breath Control Play, Asphyxiation


“Dean Winchester is as straight as an arrow. He’s a lady’s man of epic proportions: the king of the one night stand, the messiah of the friends with benefits paradigm, the emperor of perpetual bachelorhood.

Except, apparently, when it comes to his best friend, Castiel Novak.”

Wherein a longstanding acquaintanceship leads to friendship, then best friendship, then sexting, then dirty talk, then mutual masturbation, then, inevitably, fucking.

Of course, Cas takes that moment to stare at Dean, wide-eyed, eyebrows lifted, and absently, slowly lick his lips.

It totally interrupts Dean’s train of thought, because he catches a glimpse of something metallic on Cas’s tongue.

“What the hell is that?” Dean asks.

“What’s what?”

He points to his own mouth. “That thing. On your tongue.”

“What? This?” Cas sticks out his tongue momentarily to show Dean an image that will likely stay in Dean’s spank bank for all eternity.

Cas’s tongue is pierced with a large, silver stud. The long, thick bar is in the dead-center of his tongue and there’s a shiny, silver ball at each end.

“Jesus Christ," Dean breathes out involuntarily.

Nonchalant as fuck, as though Dean didn’t almost cream his pants a second time just looking at it, Cas adds, "I got it when I was eighteen. Why?”

Dean rubs a hand over his face, completely baffled at his own life and how he managed to miss that his sexy-as-fuck best friend has a motherfucking tongue stud.

Dean swallows, and averts his eyes, scratching the back of his neck. “No reason.”

Cas stays silent until Dean is forced to look at him again, and when he does, he’s giving Dean those same dark, flirty eyes that he had while teasing Dean under the table, and asks, his voice a deep, quiet growl, “Would you like to come back to my place?”

To emphasize his point, Cas slowly darts out his tongue, sharp blue eyes greedily trained on Dean, shiny ball of metal on each end of the stud dragging slowly across his luscious, pink lips.

Dean gulps, eyes wide and unable to see anything but Cas’s gorgeous mouth. “Yeah,” he answers, voice deep and breathless. “I would.”

Dear Castiel in heaven, tattooed be thy name—

Basically, this version of brilliant yet depraved, wicked yet considerate (he always gets consent!) high-school English teacher dom!Cas will ruin you for all others, and you will never be the same again, but always pine because he can’t be your dominant IRL boyfriend. Or Dean’s. Or someone’s.

NB also that this very sideblog’s safeword comes from “WwF” (well, “Sex 101,” but that’s a different ficrec). It’s also really funny and has a couple of truly hilarious Sam and weekly-trivia-night-at-the-pub interactions, including, well, there’s no other way to describe this…a foot job. (Don’t think about it. Just go with it. You’ll be astonished.)

But ultimately, don’t say you weren’t warned. "Liferuiner" is a very real thing and once you’ve read “WwF” you’re pretty much doomed to reread it every few months for the rest of your D/s Destiel existence. #sorrynotsorry

Cas growls out between clenched teeth, “Come on, Dean, I’m not your fucking prom date.”

Dean smiles and says, “But I bet you wanted to be.”


etsyfindoftheday | gift blitz 2015: jewelry | 12.10.15

featured: glam baubles by lexluxe

  • xo stud earrings
  • diamond bezel vertical bar ring
  • raw gemstone necklaces in rhodolite garnet, aquamarine, or padparadscha sapphire

lexluxe, i love your swagger. and i know all of you followers out there will, too!! from eclectic mixed-metal studs to hyper-sparkly rings to colorful gemstone necklaces, you’re bound to find a new love at this shop that’s just perfect for gift-giving!!

Olicity: Guess

Anonymous said: I have a prompt, but its a bit cheeky. Set before they were dating, going on a business trip Felicity gets stopped going through airport security and has to have the metal detecting wand waved over her, and has to admit that the industrial piercing might not be the only unusual body piercing she has.

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“Why didn’t you just let me see?”

“A woman is entitled to her privacy, Oliver.”

“If it was about the industrial piercing.”

“It wasn’t, let’s just leave it at that.”


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What to Wear: Office Holiday Party

5 chic office party-appropriate outfits

‘Tis the season for office holiday parties, so it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to wear. Instead of re-wearing last year’s dress or trying to make a too-sexy party outfit work-appropriate, debut a new dressy look that will wow all of your coworkers. Steer away from anything too flashy or low-cut, and make sure you feel comfortable in whatever you choose. After all, chances are you will be on your feet for a good chunk of the night. To save you last-minute stress, we put together 5 festive looks that you can wear again after the party. Shop our go-to looks below!

Outfit 1

Button Coat

French Connection Liv Skater Dress with Mesh Insert

'Giddy’ Suede Pump

Skinnydip Gold Embellished Clutch Bag

'Karat’ Bar Stud Earrings

Outfit 2

Collection velvet shawl-collar tuxedo blazer

Desaix Blouse

Classic Woven Trousers

ASOS HARD BEATS Heeled Sandals

Nail Polish - Ecume

Outfit 3

Neat Tailored Coat

Needle & Thread Embellished Blossom Dress

Stuart Weitzman Pointed Toe Pumps - Queen High Heel

Flat Clutch in Buff Amalfi

Double Midi Ring

Outfit 4

Mango Soft Leather Zip Biker Jacket

Whistles Abigail Crepe Jumpsuit

Mirror metallic high-heel sandals

Combined Clutch Bag

Gwendolyn Ear Cuff


Thanks Bio sis for the ceLLular vid, and Miss Little Hot Mess of Stud Bar for letting do this show! An Honor!