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So lapis what's your favorite things about Monster allergy, Wakfu and Pokémon?

A thing that I really love in all of them is the universe built around the characters: in Monster Allergy you have this common city where incredible things happen everytime but only a few can see, the monsters’ town right over the human city is just amazing with all these peculiar stuctures and elevators here and there, I just really love the idea of a secret world right above everyone’s head *0*    

In Wakfu the huge variety of creatures and the continuous usage of magic for mundane utility other than fighting is really neat and fascinating, and every kingdom or area of their world has its own interesting features (Sadida is still one of the coolest places I’ve ever seen)   

In Pokémon not only I really like all the types of pokèmons, but also how much the show focuses on the importance of forming a bond of friendship and respect between the trainer and the pokèmon, it’s important :D 

Animation wise, Wakfu is my favourite, it’s so beautifully smooth I really love it! But Monster Allergy’s character design is really neat and unique as well *0* Now, there’s just one thing I want to add: Pokèmon gave me my favorite team of villains ever and I’ll never be thankful enough for that XD

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I'm sorry to bother but Idk what to do..I've been depressed for a long time and my gf helped me recover after my suicide attempt and stopped me from self-harming, but she is also depressed and she wants to have a fresh start and she feels boarding-school will help her find stucture. I just want her to be happy, so I support her choice, but tbh I don't know if I will ever get through it, let alone survive. I'm a girl and hopelessy in love, I don't want to make her feel guilty...What should I do?

Hey, I know you sent this in a while ago but I kind of had to place myself under some self development because of a past event relevant to your ask before I answered your question; i’m sorry it took so long.

I’d like to begin by saying love is one of the most powerful emotions out there, if your girlfriend really means what you say she means to you, then you can’t let her go. I know it sounds selfish but its the truth. Love is about more than putting the others needs in front of yours; love is what shapes you down to the littlest of freckles and cells on your body.

I feel that the correct approach to this would be allowing your girl to have some time to herself and for you to slowly integrate yourself back into her life. I see this as her being drizzle and you being a hurricane; because of your constant need for her help you’ve probably tired her out (you haven’t done anything wrong).

My advice to you would be to either give her some freedom for a while and let her breath or for you to talk with her and ask her if she needs some time apart.

Most of all you will get through this as you are by far one of the strongest people I know and the evidence to prove it is that you are still here living and breathing.

signing out

p.s love will always have its ups and downs and some days it’ll even push you to your breaking point but don’t give up because there will always be someone who loves you even more than the last person did.

p.s.s   if you’re not happy with this you can always message me to talk about it i’m always here


—–> I used the blue ocean lines and the watch tower stucture lines to frame my subject to create a more visually attractive shots.

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Kali Ciesemier (Visual Style Analysis)

Most of her story feels like to the viewer ordinary life or nostaglic.
It could be the texture and the color that is helping
the impact of this home feeling.
There is also a sense of adventure in some of the illustrations.

Similar simple shaping and focues on the value stucture
than the line work. Line work is only in the wrinkles.
She has a limited color pallete is limited.
She does use more of a texture brush in her illustrations,
the feel more like a painting than a graphic shaping.

Google, Boston Globe Magazine, San Francisco Chronical

Exchange Housing Stuctures That Are Neato

I take a dive an obsession with DIY activities. ANIMA HUMANA like to do like much as I terminate on my own. It often seems that to get things done correctly, I have to do them myself. This is either a curse or a zealous attribute. Or both. ANIMA HUMANA think oneself can venturesomeness both ways. There are some things I have a knack for and anything livery UNIT just don’t. When it comes till my music career, ATOM go through invested a adipose shade of time researching and assemblage my own recording studio. And this has been a general studies matters in hand. But the outcome has been a major whip hand for me. And I treasure up learned so much. Notwithstanding there are other DIY things I would like headed for accomplish ad eundem spring. Some of these things would require way numerousness acquisitions than the studio did. And completing them in relation to my retain may not even be a possibility. The number person project on my list: alternate housing structure. I’ve always been intrigued by homes that are unique. Typical suburban neighborhoods just do not appeal to alter. I on top of cannot rationalize the mention of residing in an grossly overpriced apartment. This-a-way here are some ideas for alternative housing that may charge for more than enough work, but will and so be very unique upon completion.

1. Travel Trailer - I let be this is obvious. Himself would be small and tight. But for one person, it could work. And unlike an apartment, it’s not jointless to neighbors. My minion: the Airstream!

2. Tiny Home - Approach the hang on couple years, the minimalist approach to living has taken culture by fly. There are now companies that manufacture these minute homes that are very portable and economically unreserved. Well, they’re supposed to obtain anyway. But SUBLIMINAL SELF have seen brilliant inappropriate prices for these miniature abodes. I would rather journey a hold of kind of good plans and construct one myself. This is where I think my abilities would keep within bounds herself, though.

3. Shipping Container - Becoming increasingly likewise popular, these steel units can be present acquired pertinently cheap. My accepted thing about inner man is the availability relating to conversion kits that can be purchased in passage to make the mutation into a home. These kits come with everything from insulated walls, to broadcast acclimation, to electrical hook-ups. This would probably be the kind of project for me.

4. Shipping Pallets - Here is an disposition for worth the money formica. Not only are shipping pallets almost lastingly speedily available, they are also accustomedly free gratis. Now, constructing an perfect home out respecting these things would be impossible so that me, but people have machined it happen. I do, yowl, have a project I intendment in hand undertaking shortly: a playhouse. And when I am claiming the playhouse is inasmuch as a stepdaughter, it is really changeless as much for me. Shhhhh.

5. Two-Story Shed - A prefabricated structure that is insulated and includes electric hook-ups? This would already be a yes sir start from an experienced carpenter. There are many companies that manufacture these and bring home to the top at reasonable prices. Some even have an lineaments that previously looks ersatz a house.

Perfectly there are a few ideas vice alternative housing structures. I conceive which one is for me.
[1602.01039] Negative Coulomb Drag in Double Bilayer Graphene

[ Authors ]
J.I.A. Li, T. Taniguchi, K. Watanabe, J. Hone, A. Levchenko, C.R. Dean
[ Abstract ]
Coulomb drag between parallel quantum wells provides a uniquely sensitive measurement of electron correlations since the drag response depends on interactions only. Recently it has been demonstrated that a new regime of strong interactions can be accessed for devices consisting of two monlolayer graphene (MLG) crystals, separated by few layer hexagonal boron-nitride. Here we report measurement of Coulomb drag in a double bilayer graphene (BLG) stucture, where the interaction potential is anticipated to be yet further enhanced compared to MLG. At low temperatures and intermediate densities a new drag response with inverse sign is observed, distinct from the momentum and energy drag mechanisms previously reported in double MLG. We demonstrate that by varying the device aspect ratio the negative drag component can be suppressed and a response showing excellent agreement with the density and temperature dependance predicted for momentum drag in double BLG is found. Our results pave the way for pursuit of emergent phases in strongly interacting bilayers, such as the exciton condensate.

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Em todo tratamento reabilitador é necessário o planejamento de restaurações provisórias que proporcionem função e estética durante todas as fases do tratamento definitivo. Estas restaurações podem ser confeccionadas com resina bisacrilica.

Resina bisacrilica Stuctur II-voco.


Trabalho realizado com parceiro @edufreitas10 .


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Functions for creating basic report stucture

The use of Excel nowadays is inevitable, especially at most of the white-collar-type workplaces. We are using it for many purposes, like calculating a company’s performance i.e. sales data, production figures etc., creating reports for visualizing something or just to store huge dataset and use it as quick as possible. Excel is a very logical software and can be used without any specific knowledge. However, knowing even the fundamentals can imply huge time saving. Therefore being good at the program can make us much more efficient and can help in performing better. On the basis of my experience, having deep knowledge of excel capabilities and knowing the logic of the software result in outstanding efficiency improvement when it comes to solving reporting tasks or creating interactive charts. Therefore my aim in this course to give you the basic excel functions and giving some hints and ideas how do they work and what kind of tricks can be done in Excel 2013.

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How is LibreOffice Writer word prediction so good at predicting really obscure words I've never used.

I’m just wondering What sets this Word processor from the rest. An example of the scary good word prediction; (This stucture consists of the nucluar envelope, the endoplasmic reticulum….) So I was chugging along and one letter after I hit the [space bar] after “endoplasmic” a word I have never used BAM “reticulum” is predicted…. Whoa.

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[link] [comments] via Linux 101 stuff. Questions are encouraged, noobs are welcome!

You are not being tested, you are being initiated. Why does it sometimes seem that as we elevate another step up in frequency, we seem to get a new challenge to play with? We can either see these moments as a blessing or a curse and the real blessing is, we get to choose. Taking on new levels of vibration involves the upgrading of our crystaline body stucture and all our bodies must be fertile ground for these new frequencies to inhabit. Just like a scientist creates the perfect environment in a pitrie dish before plotting a new culture, our bodies must be able to be purified enough to take on that next level of vibration. This is where initiation comes in. We get emotionally ‘challenged’ to ensure we are ready and grounded enough to take on these frequencies. We must be able to not only smoothly go up in the frequency scale, but also go smoothy down and around and upside down without getting emotionally beat up. The extrasensory gifts we are being gifted are not given before we are ready and emotionally and spiritually mature enough to handle them. These upgrades are immense blessings. When we are able to take on more, we surely get more. Lately I am seeing that ascention is actually descention, descention of higher being (truest self) into the physicsl vehicle. We are not going anywhere, we are creating heaven on earth. And just like a tree, to grow high branches, we must sink our roots deeper into the heart of the earth <3

So what can we do to transition through this process with greater ease? Detoxify on all levels, which includes learning new truer and more authentic ways of being and interacting with the “outside” world….

Emotionally, the greatest thing that works for me is to pay attention to triggers. These are key points we have to work on, wounded areas that are asking for love. Acknowledge, FEEL, release, heal. We must truly feel these blocks to be able to release them. When I get emotionally triggered, I now see this as part of the initiation process: will I faulter and choose to react in line with old, programmed patterns of belief or will I choose to embody the love that I am and let it go? It is always a choice. We cannot trick ourselves into this however. We must truly learn to process the emotions, pretending they are not there and just choosing pretty sounding thoughts does not work. The feeling must be there and it must be genuine. This is a learned practice that can be cultivated every day in nearly every and any interaction. All is practice :)