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So out of curiosity if werewolves existed, do you think their social stucture would be the closest thing to the whole "pack" myth? I think so because they're also human and social hierarchies are common in humans, added to whatever wolves would do

I do think it would be! My bet is that not only would the inherent tendency for humans to need to have an explicit pecking order show up, but that because our society is so invested in the idea of ‘wolf packs’ and our fiction about werewolves is so full of alpha pack dynamics there would be no room for any other social structure to even be considered.


Fire by Tony
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You fought hard and you saved and earned But all of it’s going to burn And your mind, your tiny mind You know you’ve really been so blind Now ’s your time burn your mind You’re falling far too far behind Oh no Oh no Oh no You’re gonna burn Fire, to destroy all you’ve done Fire, to end all you’ve become I’ll feel you burn You’ve been living like a little girl In the middle of your little world And your mind, your tiny mind You know you’ve really been so blind Now’s your time to burn your mind You’re falling far too far behind Fire, I’ll take you to burn Fire, I’ll take you to learn I’ll see you burn

“Arther Brown”

2015 05 27 200144 London 1HDR

Wow yesterday was a long day. Got to the venue and then I meet some great girls in line and it was fun. Then the concert was great but the meet and greet and photo were really fast so I was nervous. The only bad thing was my car got locked in a parking stucture until 8am so the girl with pink and blue hair let me say with her and her sister and drove to get my car out this morning. It was a great day and I touched Jays nipple/chest it was so smooth. Oh and I like my bangs now
R.J. Buckle Associates - Clinical Aromatherapy

Nurses - This continuing nursing education activity is approved by the American Holistic Nurses Association’s Education  (250 CEs: AHNA 1155 - through 10/6/2017). Endorsement: Clinical Aromatherapy for Health Professionals (CCAP) has been peer-reviewed and is endorsed by the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA).  It was the first aromatherapy program in the USA to be endorsed by a national nursing organization in 1997.

Clinical aromatherapy is the controlled use of essential oils for specific outcomes that are measurable. These effects can occur at a physical or psychological level. The choice of essential oil is often based on the chemistry of the essential oil, as the chemistry will indicate the properties of the essential oil and thus the safest method of use. The choice of essential oil will also take into consideration the smell likes and dislikes of the patient.

Essential oils are stored inside microscopic secretory stuctures within aromatic plants and are only obtained by a process of distillation or expression. Essential oils are complicated compounds containing up to one hundred different chemical components. Each essential oil is multi-talented – having more than one single property, eg anti-inflammatory, calming or stimulating, antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, antispasmodic, mildly analgesic etc. There is a science and an art to clinical aromatherapy – much as there is to conventional medicine. Clinical aromatherapy has an important role to play in healthcare.

‘More than anyone other person, Jane Buckle has labored to integrate clinical aromatherapy into hospitals, not as a possible add-one but as a legitimate part of holistic care’.  —Dr Oz. MD. Columbia/Presbyterian Medical Center, New York. 2008.

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Functions for creating basic report stucture

The use of Excel nowadays is inevitable, especially at most of the white-collar-type workplaces. We are using it for many purposes, like calculating a company’s performance i.e. sales data, production figures etc., creating reports for visualizing something or just to store huge dataset and use it as quick as possible. Excel is a very logical software and can be used without any specific knowledge. However, knowing even the fundamentals can imply huge time saving. Therefore being good at the program can make us much more efficient and can help in performing better. On the basis of my experience, having deep knowledge of excel capabilities and knowing the logic of the software result in outstanding efficiency improvement when it comes to solving reporting tasks or creating interactive charts. Therefore my aim in this course to give you the basic excel functions and giving some hints and ideas how do they work and what kind of tricks can be done in Excel 2013.

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- Faith
Words are words when they hold weight on a individual conscious beeing.

Closed minded
- crazy or insane

Letters makes up story that express the inner child true feelings.

- let the stucture balance the tone for the meaning can guide the understand of a new realm.

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I’ve been more patient with my work recently.. shading in dots. This was a large image and my attention to detail wore off the more my hands tired. That’s because I tried to do it in one day. That wasn’t a good idea I would change his chin and the left side of his face stucturally but yes ive learned the importance of breaks. Im a fan of Jared Leto’s work. Im working on another drawing that I will finish tomorrow. Thanks for reading #JaredLeto #thirtysecondstomars #marsart #sketches #sketch #dotwork #portait #art_spotlight #gallery #instagallery #instaartwork #supportart #sketchbook #sketch #ink #inkart #instaart #instaartist #echelon #dots #blackandwhite

Thought via Path

NAM AIR Merupakan Perusahaan jasa penerbangan yang sedang berkembang pesat NAM Air group dari SRIWIJAYAAIR
saat ini membutuhkan tenaga kerja yang Handal,Profesional dan Kerjasama Team yang baik
Saat ini membutuhkan tenaga sbb:
Engineering & PPC Division
- Power Plan (PP01)
- Stucture Engineering (ST02)
- Cabin eksterior interior engineering(CBE02)
- Engineering standart,Analisis AD/SB ,Reliability analisis (ES)
- Technical Record

Kealamat e-mail
Batas waktu 30 April 2016
Batas umur 35 tahun
Lulusan aviation diutamakan
Fresh Graduated welcome

Thanks at Safety And Security Department Of Lion Air – Read on Path.

Take 5 Final





This design I wanted to incorporate my realationship with nature and urban. I liked the white curve illusion stucture and then using the greenery to contrast. I came from the Wairarapa and now live in the city. We had to do something different from our other takes so I decided to challenge myself to use curves which I had struggled in the past. I did a lot of experimentation with different techniques to make curves but the one the worked the best and very difficult to work out how to use it but manage to find a method through trial and error. I learnt a lot of different technique and have felt I have really advanced from this paper.