Paintings by Lou Ros

I live and work in Paris. I’m a 29 year old painter and I come from the graffiti. To captivate the eye by transforming the clear into a blur and the fixed into a movement is an active ingredient in my research. I paint in a very instinctive way, following the example of the expressionists who fascinate me.
Through the colours, brush strokes, composition, background and rhythm of the painting, I attempt to create works which truly represent bodies in a space without distortion. Without having a clear idea of the final result, I stop my work before it seems finished.
The moment where little is enough to suggest the stucture interests me, leaving the spectator’s imagination open at the moment the scene is starting to appear. Knowing when to stop before saying too much is what I tried to do. 

Contemporary (Orange and Blue)

I’ve thought of this long and hard.
If I had to pick a color to describe you I wouldn’t be able to. You are two. Orange and Blue.
I meant for this to be a poem, but I’m not good with words or stucture. I decided I’d do what I do best and ramble as I struggle to explain my thoughts.

You are Orange, warmth and happiness. I felt safe and warm in your embrace.

Yet you are also blue, cool and calming. Looking into your eyes always made me feel at ease.

You have the wisdom of blue, with the enthusiasm of orange. You know so much about so many things. Whenever you spoke of your interest I couldn’t help but fall more in love with you. Your voice was always so excited and your face lit up every time you spoke of your passions.

Although you display the spontaneity of orange, always seeking an opportunity for swashbuckling, I’ve come to know you so well that I can see you have blues predictability.

Orange is friendly and blue is the universally most like color. You never seem to struggle at making new connections with people. Everyone always seems to like you.

Blue is the color of truth and I’ve never known anyone as honestly as I’ve known you.

Orange is said to be rejuvenating: bring back balance into our life. I never felt more complete then when I was with you.

You carry yourself with all the authority of blue. Always appearing so confident.

Orange isn’t afraid of exhibitionism. You don’t seem to mind attention either, but you’re more blue in this area because you do not like confrontations.

Orange and Blue look good on me. They highlight my features. You brought out a side of me that I was so afraid to show for so long.

I wish I could write down my thoughts better so you could see just how much these colors mean to me. So you know just how important you have been in my life. So you know how terribly aweful it hurts to have to let you go.

I don’t know if you’ll ever see this, but I hope you do. I hope it brings you some kind of peace knowing that I don’t hate you. Knowing that I loved you so much that I wrote about you.


Vibrasphere - Tierra Azul

“Archipelago” LP (Digital Structures - 2006)

What’s important

There are a few ‘rules’ that I think this new language should follow.  This will probably change / be updated over time. (see tag: rules)

  • No exceptions.  Exceptional plural stuctures or verb conjugations, etc serve no purpose and are annoying.
  • Phonetic writing system.  Writing and speaking should be one to one. Its a waste of time to do otherwise.
  • No repetitive grammar.  No one should have to indicate plurality in the article, noun and adjective.
  • Modifiers after modified.  Adjectives after noun, etc.  It only makes sense.
  • Easy phonetics.  The sounds used to speak the language should be (relatively) universal and unambiguous.  No sounds that are very close; a person’s accent should not prohibit them being understood.
  • Alphabetic writing system.  Character systems prevent phonetic writing and syllabic systems contain redundancies.

That’s all I got for the rules at the moment.


Sillimanite is a rare gemstone mostly known for its fibrous cat’s eye variety, but in rare cases, sillimanite can be faceted when found in high quality transparent crystals. Sillimanite is a polymorph of both Kyanite and Andalusite, meaning they share the same chemical composition, but each have differing crystal stucture. Sillimanite is the rarest of the aluminum silicates, and usually the most valuable too. It has many industrial uses, including steel and iron smelting, as well as the the production of industrial strength glass, cement, ceramics and alumina bricks. #gemselect #gemselect-reviews -


Walking around outside, at first intrigued with the squared tinted windows that created large triangular shapes. Then went closer to the building and found the use of materials joined unimaginably together. The rundown of the exterior colours caused b changing of climate throughout the years adds a wise character to the structural ideas behind it. Inside at first sight there was a lot to take a careful look at while trying to warm my hands and feet up. Most impressed by the way the poll holding the roof up is centered down the middle of the structure, almost takes away the focal point from the stage at one corner. Yet its smal stucture produces a beautiful sound system, one that will never require electronics to do the job.

  • 26. Best thing that has ever happened to you? omg this is a really hard one. idk. a lot of good things have happened to me in my life. one of the best things is that someone stopped me on the street when i was 14 and told me i should start to do sports bc i hadgood body stucture and i was tall. so i started to do sports and i realised i’m good at one and this sport has become my life.
  • thanks for asking :)
Photospace Gallery/ Gilberdmariott Gallery

It is an up stairs gallery which separated into several small rooms. In one of the main photo exhibition space, each photo is lined up on a line by using the center point which creates the idea of each one is an individual piece of artwork.

Partition wall is clipped onto the steel beam stucture to increase area surface for puting on more artwork as a temporary gallery space.

In The Morus serrator Project exhibition, several plinths are placed in the center of the room to display models. This set up makes the model as a focal point of the exhibition. 

Sketches and draft drawings are clipped onto fishing wire which creates the same design language of temporary 

The italian tradition/mentality does have bad points, one- religion is too much of a ,people count maturirty as something restricted printed in words and not something as easy going as the brits, three. Italians are big for being great romantics and having good emotional balance/maturity but when it comes to a more profound overview and understanding in someone more on a deeper level, alot of europians don’t seem to pass a level that remains only on stuctured logic or other, depression is something that takes too much away from yohes, changes you in a way you don’t even know yourself until it’s too late, being easy- going/laid back here is not an option as it’s considered lazy or uneducated when the reality is that alot of europians can’t push themselves to rationalize with problems that might be for anxiety or heavy peronal issues people mistake for not giving the respect people want or poor work structures, lack of normal confidence is mistaken from “you need to meet moee people”. Some people will never understand no matter the age above you. Bottom line, fuck most europians, egocentrics at it’s finest.