Paintings by Lou Ros

I live and work in Paris. I’m a 29 year old painter and I come from the graffiti. To captivate the eye by transforming the clear into a blur and the fixed into a movement is an active ingredient in my research. I paint in a very instinctive way, following the example of the expressionists who fascinate me.
Through the colours, brush strokes, composition, background and rhythm of the painting, I attempt to create works which truly represent bodies in a space without distortion. Without having a clear idea of the final result, I stop my work before it seems finished.
The moment where little is enough to suggest the stucture interests me, leaving the spectator’s imagination open at the moment the scene is starting to appear. Knowing when to stop before saying too much is what I tried to do. 

that moment when a fucking car drives through the coffee shop you used to work at
but your boss was a bitch


A Conversation with Dr. Stephania Papdo (Afro Ô Natural, Germany)

„I want to create a place where blacks in Germany can express their creativity, can be proud of their culture, and set their own beauty trends and standards.„

Dr. Stephania Papdo is somewhere in her 30s and ready to take over the Black Community in Cologne. She is from Cameroon and came to Germany for studies in 2003. Today, she is a wife, mother of 3 children, a physician and a gynecologist.

Frolicious: You are the founder of Afro Ô Natural, tell us a bit about this organisation.
Stephania Papdo: AON is a stucture that I founded 2009, as I stopped relaxing my Hair. I am a very convinced christian, and I had a conversation with God and asked him why he created us blacks with crazy natural hair that we can not show like other races, kinky hair that must always be relaxed or hidden under caps and wigs. I used „relaxers“ until that day when I lost my permed hair during my first pregnancy. The Answer just came to me and I changed my lifestyle: „I made your hair so beautiful! You are the one who cannot recognise it!“ That was the birthday of „Afro Ô Natural„. It started like a small group on Facebook, a channel on youtube to share information and lately the facebook page. I then started to import products for natural hair, and started selling natural oils. Then came the time to move from the virtual to the real world 2014 with the first Event „Celebrate Afro Beauty“ which took place on the 09th Auguust 2014. The main purpose af these Events is to show that African can be proud of themselves, and encourage women to wear their natural kinky hair. That is the aim of Afro Ô Natural! 

Folicious: This year „The Afro beauty Festival“ was held in Cologne. You and your team organized everything.
Stephania Papdo: Yes, the event was on the 18th July in Cologne. It is the second main event that I organised with my group. This year we chosed Cologne and we baptised it as a Festival to touch the huge Afro Community in the NRW, and share the knowledge not only about the natural hair, but also the skin, make-up, Fashion. We wanted to create a platform where every black living in Germany will be proud of himself, and by the way build a stronger self-esteem.

Folicious: How did the audience recieve it?
Stephania Papdo: We got a very good resonance while planning the natural hair and fashin event. We got the support of other active women like Catherine from RYCA, Bonzenga or Nelle-Stern (Made by African). The Event itself was a succes. I did the main exposé on the basics of natural hair-care where I tought how to mix the Shealoe, a mixture of Aloe vera gel, Shea butter and many other oils: it is a very hydrating cream that I mix and sell. We had a Make-up Tutorial with Labelle Beauty, 5 Workshops, I did the premiere of my first Collection I sewed myself. In addition to this, we had great sellers like Krauselocke von Cologne, Eekeya from Paris, Les desirs de Choko, MbokaMboko or Ediyemade. Every participants were happy, they said they have learn a lot and spent quality time. I guess they are waiting already for the next event.

Folicious: Where does the Afro movement in Germany stand compare to France, UK or USA?
Stephania Papdo: We are very far away from the big Afro movements in france or England. We even had some members of the group „Nappy de france“ from Paris all the way to Germany only for that event. Don’t get me wrong: something is happening in the black community in Germany too, but very slowly. Let me explain you why I say it: though everybody was so happy in Cologne, I was bleading in my heart. We planned everything, we had a great program, many likes on facebook. Then I was shocked by the amount of people who came: so many more people were interested on Facebook! So many said they will come. But at the end of the day only a third showed up. 

Folicious: How do you explain this?
Stephania Papdo: I guess there are more and more black women in Germany, who are getting back to the roots, who are proud of who they are and want to show „their“ Africa to the world. The difficulty will be that we are scattered in many small groups through the country. And that is the main problem: we don’t work together, don’t ask me why. I guess it is an African problem. Everybody is concerned about him/herself, her improvement, her own benefits, her image. We forget that we already have a bad image that we should fight, and the best way to win that battle will be working together. It will take everybody to change the beauty standards! As I love to say, every hair must not be straight, every nose small or every skin fair to be beautiful!

Frolicious: Do you have days where you have to motivate youself to go on?
Stephania Papdo: The day after the event was such a day, where I really had to motivate myself to continue this battle. I was asking myself if it is worth to invest so much time, energy and passion for a cause, that is not even main stream. Days when I see so many black women proud of their wigs more than their own hair, or proud of a good product to bleach their skin. And then I see my daughter. I see her hair growing. I see her smile and her cute face. I see my son with his kinky hair that can grow like girl’s hair. And I get motivated, because I owe it to my kids. We all owe it to our black children, to allow them to develope a strong personality and a good self-esteem.

Frolicious: Although this event did not came out as expected. What would you like to achieve in the future?
Stephania Papdo: I am already planning the next event African inspired event. I want all these events first of all to become a real platform. A place where blacks in Germany can express their creativity, can be proud of their culture, and set their own beauty trends and standards. I want it to be a window that shows the new confident and how proud black people are in Germany. The main focus of these African events will remain the natura hair, beauty and lifestyle workshops, because I strongly believe that the biggest poverty is the lack of knowledge. I want Cologne to become a very important city in the black community worldwide, just as Paris or London.

Frolicous: Is there andything else you would like to add?
Stephania Papdo: I have some good projects I am working on, there is so much that needs to be done! As I said earlier I presented my first collection I designed and sewed myself, and I want to really advertise and commercialise it. I also have the natural hair product made in Germany „Shealoe“. It is  the first hydrating leave-in conditionner from Afro ô Natural. It is also at his very early age. In the future I would like to finish the whole hair line for African textured hair, that will have a shampoo, a conditionner, a hairmask (deep conditioner), a leave-in-conditionner and an oil-serum. I want these products with very good and natural ingredients to be available everywhere, especially in Africa to a affordable price. That is the biggest challenge I am facing right now. And I also have my family, my work, as you can see, I will not get bored. Are you ready?

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from A Conversation with Dr. Stephania Papdo (Afro Ô Natural, Germany)
Contemporary (Orange and Blue)

I’ve thought of this long and hard.
If I had to pick a color to describe you I wouldn’t be able to. You are two. Orange and Blue.
I meant for this to be a poem, but I’m not good with words or stucture. I decided I’d do what I do best and ramble as I struggle to explain my thoughts.

You are Orange, warmth and happiness. I felt safe and warm in your embrace.

Yet you are also blue, cool and calming. Looking into your eyes always made me feel at ease.

You have the wisdom of blue, with the enthusiasm of orange. You know so much about so many things. Whenever you spoke of your interest I couldn’t help but fall more in love with you. Your voice was always so excited and your face lit up every time you spoke of your passions.

Although you display the spontaneity of orange, always seeking an opportunity for swashbuckling, I’ve come to know you so well that I can see you have blues predictability.

Orange is friendly and blue is the universally most like color. You never seem to struggle at making new connections with people. Everyone always seems to like you.

Blue is the color of truth and I’ve never known anyone as honestly as I’ve known you.

Orange is said to be rejuvenating: bring back balance into our life. I never felt more complete then when I was with you.

You carry yourself with all the authority of blue. Always appearing so confident.

Orange isn’t afraid of exhibitionism. You don’t seem to mind attention either, but you’re more blue in this area because you do not like confrontations.

Orange and Blue look good on me. They highlight my features. You brought out a side of me that I was so afraid to show for so long.

I wish I could write down my thoughts better so you could see just how much these colors mean to me. So you know just how important you have been in my life. So you know how terribly aweful it hurts to have to let you go.

I don’t know if you’ll ever see this, but I hope you do. I hope it brings you some kind of peace knowing that I don’t hate you. Knowing that I loved you so much that I wrote about you.

Term plate namen sa site and landscaping is 25 year proposal redevelopment master plan ng campus namen, gymnasium ang nakaassign saken na stucture, haha gagawin kong pang olympic like yun hahaha :D fancy masyado hahaha 

Review: Never Let Me Go

I am in no way claiming to be a professional this is simply one girl’s opinion. I only wish to help not hurt. Other reader’s opinions may differ.

The first thing that I noticed was the stucture of your story.

You don’t seperate your dialogue or thoughts. When a new person talks that’s a new paragraph, when there’s a different thought there should be a new paragraph. When everything is blocked together it can be confusing with who’s talking and it isn’t pleasing to the eye.

Another thing that I noticed throughout your writing is you pay a lot of attention to irrelevant details. As a reader I do not need to know every single thing that happened for AJ to get into her hotel room or the little things that Chris did when he first woke up in the morning, it doesn’t move the plot forward. This seemed to take up a lot of your writing and I felt like I was reading fluff.

You wrote:

Pulling up to Marriott Hotel immediately a valet opened my door for me, saying a quick thank you I handed him my keys and made way into the hotel, through the lobby and straight to the elevator and pressed the silver button. Ping! The sound of the elevator opening made me step inside, I then pulled out my my gold, shiny card out of my purse and swiped it through the card reader. Yawning I could feel sleep taking over me but the sound of elevator doors opening woke me up. Walking out of the elevator I headed to my door, once I reached door number 113 I slid my gold card through the card reader and opened the door.Softly closing the door I put my Chanel bag onto the cream chairs and headed straight into the bathroom to remove my make - up. After I was done I stripped all my clothes off until I was only in my black lacy knickers and climbed into the big comfy bed, closed my eyes and let my tired state consume my body.

I didn’t need you to describe her room card or her getting on the elevator or how she put the card in the door. Description is good but too much will make the stroy began to drag. Just keep in mind what’s important and what the reader can understand without it having to be described. You could’ve just described how tired she was when she went into her room.

From what I’ve read, your story line seems to not be fully developed because a lot of things were unclear or never touched again. For example, when AJ recieved the tickets from Tyga she breaks down and cries but I still don’t know what made her cry and you never even hinted at what it was or brought it up again. Within that same chapter, Tyga was at her store which means they weren’t far so why didn’t he come visit her? It just felt like you needed a way for her to get the tickets.

You also need to work on character development because your characters often contradict themselves. AJ talks constantly about how she doesn’t like attention but everything she does from owning a high profile store, driving multiple cars and her some times over the top attitude. Chris’ character also perplexed me it seems that you want him to be mysterious (coming from shadows in King’s room) but he’s also shy with the stuttering and then he’s this big confident goofball. People are multifaceted but the way that their emotions go from 0-100 can be considered almost a mental problem. EVERYONE seems to be emotionally raw in this story and cry at the drop of a dime.

Your story will become better once you develop your characters because you will notice that your characters will began to drive the story.Thier actions will start to make sense and the dialogue will flow naturally. With that being said, you need to began using planning tools and outlines in order to keep everything together and take the stroy in the direction that you want to go in. You’ll be able to pick out what scenes are important and what scenes you can throw away.

Lastly, you need to proof read. There were a lot of typos and missing words throughout the whole piece so you need to read over what you’ve written 2-3 times afer posting, maybe send it to someone or wait awhile and come back with fresh eyes. 

I’m always here if you need help or someone to read over your chapters before you post them. I wish you the best of luck, Love.


Vibrasphere - Tierra Azul

“Archipelago” LP (Digital Structures - 2006)

Korean Dramas 1: Story Structure

17: Korean Dramas & Story Stucture

I had an especially hard time picking out the video for this one. Do I select a “top ten” video that is going to reflect a single fans view or do I focus on the trailer for a single show? In the end I went to a site called The Top Ten, which allows fans of basically anything to vote on a list,  thereby choosing popularity based number of votes rather than personal opinion. With that in mind it’s…

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What’s important

There are a few ‘rules’ that I think this new language should follow.  This will probably change / be updated over time. (see tag: rules)

  • No exceptions.  Exceptional plural stuctures or verb conjugations, etc serve no purpose and are annoying.
  • Phonetic writing system.  Writing and speaking should be one to one. Its a waste of time to do otherwise.
  • No repetitive grammar.  No one should have to indicate plurality in the article, noun and adjective.
  • Modifiers after modified.  Adjectives after noun, etc.  It only makes sense.
  • Easy phonetics.  The sounds used to speak the language should be (relatively) universal and unambiguous.  No sounds that are very close; a person’s accent should not prohibit them being understood.
  • Alphabetic writing system.  Character systems prevent phonetic writing and syllabic systems contain redundancies.

That’s all I got for the rules at the moment.