Fire Glass :O

Fire glass produces more heat than real wood, and is also environmentally friendly. It gives off no smoke, it is odorless and does not produce ash. You are able to stay toasty warm without cutting down trees and the specially formulated glass crystals give off no toxic deposit.

Hazushi as a concept of strategy

Danzan Ryu jujitsu is a system comprised of courses. Each course, or list, contains arts that are presented in a manner that conveys the concept of the list. The first list of DZR is named Yawara. The Japanese character or kanji used is the same as “ju” in ju jitsu and ju do. It is the original name for jujitsu which is the original art leading to the concept of judo.

Yawara as a concept means soft, yielding or pliable.

The first seven arts in the list are forms of hazushi. Hazushi, which translates to escape or avoidance, is the first step of a strategic battle. It is taught first for two reasons, the first being that the first things learned, in a crisis situation, are the first things utilized. The second reason is that we want tori to avoid a confrontation above all else. These seven arts described as simple escapes from simple attacks contain no offensive motions, rather using physics of leverage, wedges and spirals to quickly and simply dissolve the attack. Then, step away safely.

Hazushi as a concept means avoiding or escaping an attack.

As a strategy, avoidance really is a primary step for conflict resolution. After that, if for example the person re-attacks tori might escalate the response to a painful joint-locking hold. Then, when re-attacked further, perhaps a debilitating throw, then a throw with a painful pin then throwing, pinning, maiming and so forth escalating to the deadlier arts.

Those few of us with the knowledge of life and death from the higher arts, and with our ability to so easily travel that path with our own or with another’s life is a serious weight on our soul. Therefore, as we get further down that path we MUST be more and more humble. Always taking the higher path of avoidance whenever possible, at least until escalation is the only alternative. Then, release hell’s fury.

A noted verse: ” The boughs that bear the most hang the lowest.”

Good morning

Well I am finally trying to work on myself, not just the weight, but the personal side as well. Yesterday I made a schedual for my self that runs from 8 am till 3 pm, So I am not just sitting doing nothing or just litterally counting the flowers on the wall paper or the squares of the celling tile. 


8 am:       Computer time

9 am:        Breakfast time

9:45 am:  Exercise time

10:45 am:  Craft time

11:45 am:  Clean time

12:45 pm:  Lunch time

1:30 pm:  Nap time

 3 pm:     Snack time

After 3 pm I don’t have a schedual, because then my husband is home and my daughter is home from school, we have things we always do. I felt my life needed some stucture. yes there are days I am up at 4 am or 6 am or both, but I always go back to sleep till 8 am, so that is why I started my day out at 8 am. Do you guys think this is a good idea? Is it a good schedual?


Couple of weeks ago at work, I had seen this really amazing book on anatomy for artists by Sarah Simblet and finally decided to order one for me. To my utmost pleasure, it arrived last friday, just before leaving for vacation. 

It’s just too awesome and I am too excited to have it so I decided to show you. I snapped a couple pic that shows you how beautiful and helpful it is. 

Bones, muscles, skin all beautifully showcased in color and B&W with contrasting backgrounds, charts and superpositions of bone stuctures with vellum paper, you even have respiratory system, digestive, cardiovascular (ect…) 

Im going to have sooooo much fun with this, you have no idea. 

forgive my little pudgy hands everywhere, the book is quite new, and the pages won’t stay open without my intervention! :-) 

It’s amazing. if you like to draw and don’t have time/money for classes and such, it’s a wonderful replacement. 

(plus there’s loads of naked people and a couple of pages on how to draw genitals. *giggles*)

here’s the amazon link, if you want to have a peek.

It is my contention that [Pedro] Zamora’s work was not for other activists, queer of Latino, but was instead for a world of potentially politicized queers and Latinos; for a mass public that is stuctured by the cultural forces of homophobia and racism; for those who have no access to more subculturally based cultural production and grassroots activism. Thus Zamora’s activism preached to the not yet converted, and in doing so may not seem as radical as the work of other activists, but should be acknowledged as frontline struggle and agitation.

José Esteban Muñoz—Pedro Zamora’s Real World of Counterpublicity: Performing and Ethics of the Self in Disidentitifcations

Muñoz is one of the only theorists/humans I’ve read/heard of to ever describe a scale of holistic, proportional radicality and I think it’s one of the most important things to ever even wanting to be an activist. I love this essay so, so much.

Things about Trans* life you're not told

Recently I’ve come to the closing of one year on the testosturone. And what I’ve noticed as a growing adult there are somethings you will have to be prepared for as a Trans* becoming an adult. It’s bot often talked about

As a trans-man. The T does some crazy stuff, my voice has gotten 10x deeper, my facial hair is a beautiful fulling growing beard, and my facial stucture and weight have changed accordingly, but as I am 19 living with my parents, have a job, have many doctor appiontments and transportation. I have to carry my ID at all times. Which has made some recent events difficult.

My card doesn’t always like to be processed so I normally have to have the cashier manually type it in, EVERY SINGLE TIME, the ask for my ID, and on many times I’ve had them stare me down asking if this is truely my ID.

Don’t get me started on phone calls, it’s come to the point in time I HAVE to have the same person pick up that knows what I’m doing BECAUSE they won’t believe me over the phone and I won’t be able to scedule appiontments if I forget just one answer to their many questions to make sure I am who I say I am.

I’m not really complaining but to all my brothers and sisters out there this is something you have to be prepared for. It’s a scary world and I don’t need your getting hurt or accused of of something your not.
With love, Eili

Foundation Determines How Stable Any Stucture Is or Can Be. Thanks for consistently praying for us, thank you pushing us, thank you for your love. You were and still are the perfect example of a warrior to me! I hope I live up to everything u expected of me. #oma #grandma #love # #roots #fouryears #rip #prayermother #imissyou