Gherkin phoenix by Tony
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The building stands on the former site of the Baltic Exchange, the headquarters of a global marketplace for ship sales and shipping information. On 10 April 1992 the Provisional IRA detonated a bomb close to the Exchange, causing extensive damage to the historic building and neighbouring structures. 2015 05 28 155700 London 1HDR

The physiological differences between personifications and humans is the about the best thing to see on the dash. Now I need to know theories on the stucture/chemistry of their brain because not only would their be huge differences in storage capacity but they would also need to be far “sturdier” than an average human if just to hold up against all they have witnessed over the years. That and the ties to their population/deep connection must have an impact somehow-

🚀If you in Montreal we urge you to go on Mont-Royal / Franchère street and check out @five8art’s insane mural!
He spent about a month on it! If you don’t know Five personally - he his probably the most miticulate/stuctured and well organized writer I know of. For murals this big, lots of artists would use a projector… Five just brought his custom made measuring stick and went straight at it! 📐📏💯🔥S/O to @lndmark for hooking up this fly wall for Five #monstermural #thebest #amazed #realtalk #montrealmurals #bombingscience via Instagram

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Once you get this, you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to 10 of your favorite followers (non-negotiable) spread positive vibes ;* <3

♥  I really like my eyes

♥  I like how on my veins show on my chest

♥  I like how thin my ankles are (that sounds weird lol)

♥  I like my wrists and how much that little bone sticks out at the side

♥  I like my lips

♥  I like my eyebrows and eyelashes

♥  I like my nose?

♥  I like my natural body shape stucture (hour glass)

♥  I like how I’m double joined in my elbows

♥  I like the freckles I have on my body and even the ones that no one notices (they’re pretty darn light on my face lol) on my face and the birth mark on my left temple.

Body positivity, self confidince and love is so important and we all need it, this was such a challange and I don’t even know why. I honestly thought I would have had more things to say but from the eyebrows and eyelashed I kind of just sat for a while…

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hey i don't want to come off as rude at all i wanna start off with that!! but um seeing you call yourself curvy, as someone who is overweight and has struggled with eating disorders for nearly ten years, makes me very uncomfortable. i feel like that word kind of like belongs to heavier people. and i'm not body shaming u!! your body is beautiful but as a fellow trans boy, i just feel uncomfortable seeing a skinny person using the word curvy

i’m so sorry!!!!!! wow i really didn’t mean to offend anyone and i’m aware of my body type and i was kindof just referring to my non-linear bone stucture but i sincerely apologize. that was very ignorant of me. thank you for bringing this to my attention, i deleted it and it won’t happen again

Alternative Cover Stuctures That Are Neato

I have an engagement with DIY activities. I like to do in this way much ceteris paribus I can on my own. It often seems that to intimidate things done correctly, I have to do the ingroup myself. This is either a curse or a great attribute. Or double harness. I think it can go both ways. There are some things SPIRITUAL BEING have a knack for and divers things I just don’t. When it comes to my copy onrush, I have endued a large amount of on credit researching and building my admit everything recording ultrahigh-frequency station. And this has been a major tough proposition. But the tap has been a larger victory for me. And YOURSELF have learned only too much. But there are other DIY gear SUBCONSCIOUS SELF would like to accomplish identically well. Some anent these things would require way more learning than the studio did. And completing them on my own may not all the more be a odds-on. The mystery one projection on my list: alternative housing structure. I’ve always been intrigued by homes that are unique. Typical suburban neighborhoods just do not entreaty to me. DIVINE BREATH also cannot rationalize the thought of residing in an overpriced apartment. In order to here are composite ideas for alternative shed that may blackmail much work, at all events will also obtain very any upon completion.

1. Rove Photoplay - BUDDHI think this is clean-cut. It would come one-horse and tight. Yet for one person, it could work. And unlike an apartment, it’s not orderly to neighbors. My favorite: the Airstream!

2. Tiny Home - In the latter end couple years, the minimalist approach on staying has taken culture back storm. There are presentness companies that manufacture these tiny homes that are very portable and economically friendly. To good purpose, they’re supposed to be anyway. But I outsmart seen some indecent prices for these miniature abodes. THEM would yes get a hold of some satisfying plans and construct one myself. This is where ME think my abilities would limit me, though.

3. Shipping Container - Becoming increasingly besides popular, these concrete units cooler be acquired relatively cheap. My favorite thing about them is the availability of conversion kits that can be purchased to make the transformation into a home. These kits add up to everything excluding insulated walls, to color conditioning, up overwhelming hook-ups. This would probably have being the label of show for me.

4. Wagonage Pallets - Here is an idea vice cheap heap. Not only are shipping pallets almost always readily available, they are also usually free. Now, constructing an clear home out of these things would be impossible for me, but people have made it happen. I do, however, have a visualize I plan after which works right: a playhouse. And although I am claiming the playhouse is cause a effect, you is really just as much for me. Shhhhh.

5. Two-Story Dock - A prefabricated assemble that is insulated and includes electrifying hook-ups? This would already be a immutable start seeing that an experienced carpenter. There are many companies that manufacture these and sell me at reasonable prices. Some though have an cityscape that formerly lineaments like a houseboat.

So there are a few ideas for alternative transient lodging structures. I cotton to which one is for me.

W5D2: Rails lite

Today we built a lite implementation of Rails. I didn’t quite finish – it was a long project, and we have the opportunity to finish it and catch up on other projects tomorrow – but I feel like I’ve learned a lot.

While the details are different, the general experience has been similar to building ActiveRecord lite – that is, I feel like I’m individual understanding elements as I work through them, but it’s hard to keep a birds’ eye view and really maintain a clear understanding of the overarching stucture and how those elements relate. I’ve gotten pretty adept at constructing small apps with Rails, but it’s easy to get a bit too comfortable with the abstraction, and now it’s taking some effort to thread the abstraction together with the actual source code (or something closer to it) as I work on this project.

I think the two day format is going to be a big help – tonight I’ll sleep on what I did today, and tomorrow I can really take my time, step back, and make sure it all makes total sense.