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I got an awful, awful bunny. Steve and Bucky were together in the 40s and Bucky comes back after the Winter Soldier and Steve still loves him of course, but Bucky's with Natasha and Steve just hurts. I warned you it was a awful bunny.



They’re not obvious about it or anything because James told Natalia about his past with Steve, what he remember anyway, and that hurts more because it’s like his best friend is hiding from him.

Except Bucky isn’t his best friend anymore.

Bucky died seventy years ago and he took Steve’s heart with him.

Details of the demonstrations

London: Assemble 12 noon, Bank of England, Queen Victoria St, City of London for a march to Parliament Square. Nearest tube Bank

Glasgow: Rally from 12 noon until 4pm, George Square. Co-organised by the Scottish TUC

Coaches for the People’s Assembly demonstration have been organised from all over England and Wales. Here’s where you can book your tickets.

This list is taken from the People’s Assembly website. If your transport isn’t listed email but check website first for update

Thousands rally in George Square - report from Glasgow anti-austerity protest

Thousands rally in George Square – report from Glasgow anti-austerity protest

North and south of the border, last Saturday was an important day in the process of building a mass fight back against austerity. Pete Cannell, from Edinburgh, and Joe Sabatini from Carlisle report from the anti-austerity rally in Glasgow.  Thousands rally in George Square Pete, from Edinburgh, reports: As tens of thousands marched against austerity in London, thousands more attended a rally in…

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The StuCS was lacking in topic ideas and drawing from interests the school’s students wanted to read about proved to be an extremely helpful tactic in eliciting both attention to the paper and acquiring a variety of appealing themes. So, then, why was it that no one was jumping up and down to take up the most requested topic—a story on the school’s host club? One of the members couldn’t tolerate men well, so Inaba quickly discarded her; another had already jumped onto the innocent versus sensual debate in regards to what boys preferred—very funny, StuCS President; the other two were male—and were males that didn’t seem to have interest in other males.

She’d take one for the team, as much as the idea of a host club didn’t particularly call to her.

Still, she’d only managed to obtain a session with one of the club’s members rather than the president, but that seemed fine for this—she didn’t want the actual experience as it was.

Takashi Morinozuka. Mori-senpai, he was called. She sat before him now, placing a recorder at the end of the table, notebook with a pen in her other hand. He was—extremely tall and it was disconcerting her intimidation factor. “Morinozuka, was it? If you don’t mind, I’ll be recording the session. To have something to refer to. Your permission?”

‘Oh, these are mostly just tidal flats. We’ll be okay’ - Biologist
“OH MY GOD I’M STUC- wait no, I’m okay. It’s all good.” - me freaking out every time my boot gets even slightly lodged 😂 (at Cook’s Inlet, Anchorage)

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wait didn’t a raccoon break into your house like a year ago, was that you or am I remembering someone else. are you a raccoon siren.


we have a really bad raccoon problem in my neighbourhood. well, maybe just my house. but it’s bad. they live under the porch, the get into the walls, they sneak into the house if we leave the doors open, and they pick fights with my cats. i don’t even go into my backyard at night because tbqh it’s their territory now. i’ve conceded it. and now they’ve advance to the walls…

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free him

hahaha (i wish! i don’t even know how to get into my walls ahhh)

  • I'm looking to buy a new a computer for year 11, and I'm stuc between a macbook pro, and the Dell XPS 13 with infinity touch, any opinions??