I never really have much to complain about when it comes to school. Sure, there’s a lot of homework and some teachers suck, but that comes with the package. What I do hate though: the fact that some students work so hard they only get a few hours of sleep every night. The fact that GPA matters more than 3 square meals a day. The fact that having an unrealistic amount of extracurriculars is more important that spending quality time with your family. But most of all, I hate that I, an incredibly hard working student, am overlooked simply because I am not number 1. And that is the American school system in a nutshell.
—  how I’ve been feeling lately
Types of Kids on Field Trips
  • Teacher:Everyone! I need you all in single file lines onto the buses!
  • Band Kids:[perfectly forms diagonals instead]
  • JROTC Kids:Is there... a command for that? [looking for the highest ranking cadet]
  • StuCo Kids:[aren't listening and taking squad pics in front of the bus]
  • Unaffiliated Kids:[sitting next to the window with their earbuds in]
  • Theater Kids:[screaming for no reason about something only they understand]

Hey tumblrs. Meet Jeseli Flores. She is one of the busiest bodies I know out there. I met this girlie back when I was a freshman in high school, where I was introduced to her at the microwaves in the cafeteria. “Hi my name is Jeseli and you should join STUCO,” were the first words she ever told me. Granted, it took me a good week or two to get her name right, but I’m those words really did change my life. Throughout my high school years, we stayed pretty tight, and I looked up to her like an older sister. In fact, our “you can’t stop us attitude” got us to be STUCO presidents, Principal Leadership Award recipients and Caduceus Award recipients for our respective senior years. Even though we both lead pretty hectic lives, whenever we both get together, its like we never even were apart. We see eye to eye in many things, whether it be relationships, academics, and everything inbetween. This girl is gonna do amazing things as a pharmacist, and I’m glad to have been coined the “Jeseli on steriods”. 

&& as she says, “we’re tighter than skinny jeans on a fat person”…forever and for always.