Types of Kids on Field Trips
  • Teacher: Everyone! I need you all in single file lines onto the buses!
  • Band Kids: [perfectly forms diagonals instead]
  • JROTC Kids: Is there... a command for that? [looking for the highest ranking cadet]
  • StuCo Kids: [aren't listening and taking squad pics in front of the bus]
  • Unaffiliated Kids: [sitting next to the window with their earbuds in]
  • Theater Kids: [screaming for no reason about something only they understand]
Danganronpa 3.5: Students of Despair Council - Chapter 1 - LuigiThePresident, omniless, Valkyri - Dangan Ronpa [Archive of Our Own]
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I figured I should properly advertise this—

It’s a mutual killing fanfic - starring the Student Council, with our dearest Murasame Soshun as the protagonist, set in a mall setting! People…will die! Tears…will be shed! These kids will get…actual character development! I quit school to write this full-time (I didn’t)! 

I have a lot of fun things planned for this fic. It’s written in VN script format to be more reminiscent of an actual Danganronpa game. Right now I’m currently working on Chapter 2′s investigation! I don’t respond to most comments, but I sure as hell read and appreciate them! All Support Fuels Me.


Okay wow I’m finally back from my own personal hiatus!!! High school, volleyball, and stuco campaigning! But anyways back to the live blogs!!!!

Akko is so sweet. Like yeah even though it’s one of the most powerful wands (as it appears to me at least) she would return Shiny Rod to Chariot once she found her. You pure soul

It’s school property Akko that you are using why would they let you put your name on the broom

Again Akko being excited for shit gives me life


looking thru my old files and i had remembered there was actually a beta?? a first attempt to make a stuco/delinquent au haha,, originally they had their canon uniforms on.


Dia knows better than to expect any productivity when she meets with the school director to discuss club fundings.

Mari’s got her shoes propped up on her desk and a pile of untouched paperwork carelessly strewn to the side like scraps. Her eyes light up when Dia knocks on the door (which is left wide open, meant to invite any students who may wander by) and her feet slam down to the floor. She’s already got her arms wide open, as if she expects Dia to dive in for a hug.


“Hello, Director.” How curt. Dia strides over and deposits the forms on her desk, refusing to acknowledge the gesture. “Have you gone over the budget plan as I had requested?”

“Oh, nooo, I thought that was your job. Student Council President, yes~?”

A muscle beneath Dia’s left eye twitches. “That may be, but the director must review it before any finalizations.”

Mari hums and tilts her head back, arms loosely crossed over her chest. The sun’s beating through the window and drawing sweat over her fair skin, something Dia takes notice of for approximately two seconds. The top button of her shirt is undone.

In the end, Mari is still her superior here, she has to remind herself.

“Tell you what. I’ll just say I read and approved everything, because I trust your judgment and I don’t wanna bore myself to sleep. O-K?”


A compliment is still a compliment, and Dia is caught off guard enough that a bit of color rises to her cheeks. Mari seals it in place with a playful wink. Dia even forgets to argue back.

“Dia-san.” Oh, now she’s just making fun of her. “By the way, when are you ever gonna drop the formality?”

That’s a good question, actually. Dia seizes the opportunity to reel her composure back in and she straightens her back, stiffly gathering the forms and ordering them out with a couple taps on the desk.

“If that is all then, Director,” she sneers, though there’s no real malice in it.

The corners of Mari’s eyes crinkle and she huffs. “Well, Miss President…”

“I’ll see you after school.” Dia pauses at the door, glancing over her shoulder with a disdainful smile. Her cheeks are still tinged. “Mari-san.”

Hey tumblrs. Meet Jeseli Flores. She is one of the busiest bodies I know out there. I met this girlie back when I was a freshman in high school, where I was introduced to her at the microwaves in the cafeteria. “Hi my name is Jeseli and you should join STUCO,” were the first words she ever told me. Granted, it took me a good week or two to get her name right, but I’m those words really did change my life. Throughout my high school years, we stayed pretty tight, and I looked up to her like an older sister. In fact, our “you can’t stop us attitude” got us to be STUCO presidents, Principal Leadership Award recipients and Caduceus Award recipients for our respective senior years. Even though we both lead pretty hectic lives, whenever we both get together, its like we never even were apart. We see eye to eye in many things, whether it be relationships, academics, and everything inbetween. This girl is gonna do amazing things as a pharmacist, and I’m glad to have been coined the “Jeseli on steriods”. 

&& as she says, “we’re tighter than skinny jeans on a fat person”…forever and for always.