friends : *talking ‘bout sex* 

me : *starts talking ‘bout what i know*

friends : how da fuck do you know these kind of things??

me : there’s this thing called smut, go read them and you’ll learn more bout sex from fans rather than our teacher

bc fans are seriously kinky af, no kidding. 

Steve felt very hot. Suddenly Steve’s eyed fluttered open. A smile crept onto his lips when he saw the familiar face before him. - “Never Seen Eyes So Blue” by Trinkette on AO3 (@redbuckybear​ on tumblr)

These are my pieces for one of the writers I partnered with for this year’s Stucky Big Bang! (x) They wrote a charming story that focuses on Steve and Bucky falling in love as teens… Goes from sweet to hot, lol. <3 Well, I did try to make them look 16-ish here! Not sure if successful, ehh… Oh, anyhow, I hope the pretty 1930′s wallpaper I chose is enjoyed! ^^ (Get ready for a bunch more fic-related illustrations from me this summer… Big Bangs and art/fic trades are keeping me nice and busy! Hope you folks look forward!)

(My Art /// My Marvel Art) *Please don’t repost(?) or use elsewhere without my permission, thanks. And don’t delete my captions!

anonymous asked:

If you could, how would you change civil war stucky-wise? 🌚

There’s so many things that I wished could’ve happened, but I’ll try to keep it slightly realistic:

  • They have more screentime since it’s a Cap film :////
  • they talk to eachother more lol
  • after Bucky proves that he remembers Steve they take his arm out of the vice and Steve just hugs him
  • more flashbacks
  • when Bucky tells he Steve that he doesn’t think he’s “worth all this” Steve makes sure that he knows that he is
  • more gay
  • Bucky mentioning some memories of them that came back to him
  • a reassuring hand squeeze
  • (while talking about when Bucky spent all his money on Dot) “All I remember about that day is you, pal”
  • more parallels maybe??
  • Maybe if it showed what two best friends being reunited after being separated in the worst ways imaginable would actually be like?? embracing?? tears???
  • more hugs
  • More of Steve trying to convince Bucky that it wasn’t his fault
  • “You kept the outfit”
  • This isn’t really Stucky but more about Bucky’s past as the soldier? Maybe him telling Steve this?
  • “I saved you [from the river] because I knew you were important to me, didn’t remember how at the time but I just knew
  • HUgs
  • Tbh the Russos could’ve kept up the Chemistry™ between Steve and Bucky that was in CA:TWS
  • The mid credits scene: Bucky is sitting on the table after getting patched up and is talking to Steve, they hug really really tightly i fuckin love hugs ok let me live
  • Bucky going back into cryo isn’t mentioned
  • Instead it shows him and Steve sitting down with T’Challa and discussing ways of possibly reversing Hydra’s damage to Bucky’s brain.
  • Cuts to Steve and Bucky looking out through the massive window overlooking Wakanda. They smile and it’s a sort of parallel to the helicarrier scene
  • end

Sorry I got so carried away with this omg

Steve Rogers is honestly so pure like not even saying this in a joking way I’m dead serious he’s my favorite hero because there’s never any ambiguity in his actions and he genuinely just loves and cares about everyone around him. But the thing that creates such compelling proof for his romantic relationship with Bucky is the simple fact that, when it comes to Bucky, there is ambiguity there. He is the only person that Steve ever makes exceptions for. Steve’s values are firmly rooted in the law, doing right by his friends, and serving his country. But when Bucky is in the picture…those lines blur. A lot. He’ll break the law, he’ll put entire cities in danger, he’ll abandon his dignity, he’ll go on a suicide mission, he’ll fight his own friends…all for Bucky. He would literally do anything for Bucky Barnes, and that says a lot when you actually consider the way he acts when it comes to other people. They don’t get any exceptions. Bucky gets as many as he needs because Steve cannot lose him.

give bucky a dog (or three) 2k16 - steve and bucky loves polaroids okay. nat too. 
they’re gonna adopt as many dogs as it takes to form the howling commandos again. because they live for that kind of puns.

cap - three legged mixed lab/shepherd/probably something else too. (x)

monty - small mixed lab (x)

dumdum - adorable rescued pitbull because c’mon, who else but Bucky could understand perfectly what it feels like to be fed with violence and feared because of what you are? aaaaand i made myself sad. (x)

bucky and steve meet pup!cap (x)

bucky sleeping with cap (x)

bucky playing with cap who has his metal leg :D (x)

Just Imagine...

Okay so I was re-watching Avengers: Age of Ultron and it got to the put where we see Steve’s worst fear and it there is Peggy with her hand stretched out towards him and say “The war is over Steve…we can go home….just imagine” and I know this probably isn’t exactly what the directors and writers were going for but I was thinking maybe the reason living after the war was his worst fear was because he just found out Bucky was still alive and enslaved by hydra and that is what hurts Steve most the thought that he lost his best friend and thinks it is his fault that Buck is dead and he could never truly get over that and the only thing that could at least help him cope was that fact that he respected Bucky and his choice to follow him ‘into the gates of hell’ with no regrets however after finding out Bucky didn’t EVEN get to have chance to live through his choice to die for his country but rather was stripped of his will and freedom and made into and brainwashed killing machine and THAT… that guilt of being able to live and be happy after the war without Bucky and knowing that he is suffering… Maybe just maybe that is truly what Steve’s worst fear

By the way this is just my thought hope i do upset anyone by this it is only room for thought