I Wouldn't Be A Man

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Sometimes, it’s something little that bothers me about a song. And sometimes it’s the entire song. Josh Turner’s “I Wouldn’t Be A Man” is an example of the latter. Written by  Mike Reid and Rory Michael Bourke, it was originally recorded by Don Williams in the late 80s. Which is where it belongs. I suppose it’s asking a lot for country music to embrace alternative ideas of sexuality, but this really isn’t that extreme. Here’s the chorus:

I wouldn’t be a man if I didn’t feel like this
I wouldn’t be a man if a woman like you
Was anything I could resist
I’d have to be from another planet
Where love doesn’t exist
I wouldn’t be a man if I didn’t feel like this

Ok. In the “reaching for the progressive stars” part of things, not all men are attracted to women. That doesn’t make them less manly; it makes them homosexual. Still a man. 

In the “oh come on now” part of things, people have different tastes! Guys I’ve thought were ugly somehow managed to get lady friends. It’s entirely possible that a fellow could look at this woman and resist her. In fact, I bet it happens all the time. Doesn’t mean he’s from another planet. Just means he’s…not attracted to her. 

Then again, I suppose, “I wouldn’t be a man who’s attracted to women, if I didn’t feel like this/ I wouldn’t be a heterosexual man who finds you attractive if a woman like you was anything I could resist” just…doesn’t work as well. 

Also, does the “anything” bother anyone else? Should it be “anyone”? (Just like in “Gimme That Girl” with “a girl that’s beautiful…”.) I’m not sure on this one.