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ohoh oki so only gonna ask 5 of them otherwise you're gonna hate me : number 6-40-49-61-95 =D

6. Which character have you played the least?
Probably Bastion. If I ever play him it’s because of mystery heroes 

40. Whose gold gun do you currently want?
I’m really hesitating ah!!! It’d be between Sym Hanzo or Zen! 

49. Favorite emote?
zegerg I can’t pick one but the laughing + dancing emotes are the best!!! (+ reaper’s shrug)

61. Pro-Omnic or anti-Omnic?

95. Best Mercy skin?
the Witch skin  👀 👀

Thank you ♥♥
Overwatch questionnaire

stuckinmypheels  asked:

Sorry not sorry for reblogging 20 thousand things, your tumblr is great and also you might have wrecked me in a game not long ago I'm not sure, but damn you're good on hanzo ! Jelly ><

I really love when people stay on my blog and reblogs many stuff, thank you !!!
Hahaha it’s possible maybe lmao if it was on EU and I was called Ceadeus, then it was me :> (or Element1414 before I changed my battetag)-(feel free to add me btw!)
Ah thanks again ♥♥♥ I need to practice more on him tho, these days I don’t play him :0 Hanzo is 50% aim 50% positioning :D