Stuck: Chapter 3

Emma’s POV:

I finish my coffee and head to my first class of the day, and by day I mean morning. As today being the last day of this college year, we’re only having a few classes in the morning and then we’re free to summer. I’m actually anxious that next year is already senior year. I am still not really sure of what my plans are gonna be after college even though they were pretty clear nearly four years ago.

“Hey, Emma wait up,” I’m followed by a deep but cheery voice and I look behind me. A jogging Liam. “Mind me joining you to class?” I smile and shake my head.

“Not at all.” He reciprocates the smile and takes a seat beside me as soon as we get into the classroom.

The class goes by and I’m reminded of how boring the last classes are. I fight myself not to fall asleep and search for a way to keep myself distracted.

“So…” I turn to Liam. “…about this party tonight.” His bored frown turns into a lazy grin. He grabs a pen and rips a bit of paper from his notebook as quick as he can without even looking at me, like he’s been waiting for those words to come out of my mouth, and starts writing something on it.

I lean in closer to him and tilt my head in an attempt to read it. Fuck, he smells so good. How haven’t I even noticed yet. My gaze travels up the view in front of me and ends up on his lips, to his brown eyes and back down to his jawline and I notice he hasn’t shaved in… I’d say three or four days. It looks extremely hot on him.

“Hello? Emma?” His hand shoots in front of my sight waggling to the sides and waking me up from my thoughts. “You’re back?”  He chuckles lowly with a tiny smirk and I giggle.

“Uh yeah, I was… distracted.” He nods letting it go for my sake and taps on the piece of paper he was writing on previously. 

“The address. I really hope to see you guys there.”

I nod and keep the paper “Yeah, I’m bringing Ashley. How did you know?” I tease him. Obviously, I didn’t bring her up to the conversation before and he just denounced himself. And obviously, it was all about Ashley. Not that I mind because the times I’ve turned horny guys down are enough for not having sex as my identifier. Well at least that’s what everyone else thinks, or who actually gives a shit about the subject. I only don’t have night stands. Not sex overall. 

His cheeks turn pink and he looks even more adorable which makes me chuckle. At least we’re even in the embarrassment now, “I was just kidding, chill out,” I poke his cheek and I can hear his low nervous giggle. “But we’re both coming. Thank you for the invitation.” I smile kindly and he relaxes a little bit more.

“My pleasure.” He smiles back and turns back ahead on his chair still smiling.

The morning flies by and I spend every minute with Liam. He’s so nice and charming. Woah charming. How long haven’t I even thought about this word. So damn long. I haven’t found any guy charming since the last time I really liked someone. Maybe charming is the keyword?

No. Okay. Enough. I need to stop anticipating every fucking good thing that happens to me.
We talked about more than I thought we ever would during the morning. I didn’t imagine we had the same tastes on almost everything. Alright that he’s kinda crazy and throws brutal parties but he’s like the nerdy one of his group of friends. I suppose. I’ve thought of the possibility of him not even having that many friends and only random people from the campus would show up at his parties but I figured out he’s pretty social and has a lot of friends cause he’s very easy to talk to. And charming. He even mentioned a guy who is his friend and made sure to explain why Ashley’s presence at the party was so desperately needed. His friend is back in town for like two weeks now and he wants good company. I didn’t really care that Ash was the target because I didn’t really mind it but now that I get why, it’s like a weight has been lifted off of me. We didn’t talk much about him or his other friends for the rest of the morning. Only Liam, and I got to know him loads better.

Niall’s POV:

Bless. My head isn’t pounding in ache for the first time at least this month and I couldn’t be prouder of myself for not bringing any glass of alcohol to my lips last night. This morning isn’t a moody one for me and I’m glad. As much as hangovers make me very moody and everyone seems to need a fucking punch in the face, I realise how annoying I am when I’m hungover and I wish it could disappear every once in a while cause sometimes I’m the one who needs a fucking punch in the face.

I get out of bed, run my fingers through my hair as if it would make any difference to how bad it looks in the morning and get out of the bedroom “Harry?” I knock lazily on every door down the hallway. Who knows if he is even back in the house yet.

“Yes?” He answers from the other side of the bathroom’s door. I take a few steps back and knock again “Yes…?” He says again hesitating.

“What are you doing in there?”

“Uh… Reading a magazine…” Poop. Alright.

“Oh, what time did you come home? I didn’t hear you coming in.” I don’t even know what I’m still doing here talking to this guy while he’s pooping but I’m just too lazy to keep walking and go make something for me to eat at this point.

He chuckles, “In the morning, honey. I tried to be quiet,” I laugh and walk away still laughing. He’s right, that was being a weird conversation anyways.

I make myself a sandwich and leave a plate with another one on the counter for Harry if he’s eventually hungry. I sit on the couch, turn the tv on and start zapping. Nothing  interesting enough for me to watch right now. I simply turn the tv off, lay down and eat.

“I didn’t even know you were here already,” I hear Harry’s voice after a while of my sandwich being finished.

“Same.” My eyes stay locked on the ceiling.


“I didn’t know you were here already either,” I stand up and follow him to the kitchen “Did you stay at Sky’s?” He just nods and takes a bite off his sandwich.

“Did you drink?” I say and he shakes his head “Thanks” He says with a full mouth and lifts the sandwich a little bit and I assume he’s referring to it.

“No problem mate. You’re coming to the party tonight?”

He swallows slowly and furrowing his eyebrows like he’s outraged or something “How come did I only hear about that party like two days ago?! It wasn’t even from you nor any of the others!” I giggle and shrug my shoulders.

“Do I look like I know?” Harry playfully shakes his head as if he’s let down while taking another bite and I chuckle and pat his shoulder “Sorry sweetheart, it won’t happen again.” I’m joking but it really won’t. If he’s letting me stay in his house I gotta open up and talk to him about what’s going on like a normal person would do.

“We better start getting ready. It’s nearly three and Liam will call us to help him set everything up.” The sandwich is almost finished as he speaks with his eyes on the clock on the wall and he looks back at me. Three?! I thought it was like then or eleven in the morning. I look back at the clock and back at him nodding.

“I’ll take two minutes to get ready.” I assure him and jog back upstairs.

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