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You hadn’t seen Parker in years. Not since you were both around 8, and she had been whisked back off to the orphanage. That was the worst year of your life. Two of your best friends were gone. It was hard to lose Luke, and it was even worse that the driver turned out to be drunk; but it was harder to lose Parker. Mostly because you knew that she was still out there, somewhere, hurting from the loss of not just Luke, but of her foster parents, the friends she had made in their little cul-de-sac that summer. She was going to go to school without friends, without a home. It was awful.

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“Thanks for inviting me, Archer,” Levi smiled as he climbed onto the mattress in their makeshift tent. “I never get to do anything like this. I’m always stuck at home with my boring parents.”

“Really? You & your friends don’t have sleepovers?” Archer asked, sitting up & scrambling to sit next to his friend. 

“Well, they do,” Levi shrugged sadly. “I’m always too busy. On top of the cello & voice lessons, my mom wants to sign me up for one of your dad’s dance classes too.“

Archer sighed as he leaned back, shaking his head slowly. “I’m too shy to make friends. Even if I did though, I would have the same problem. But hopefully you’ll be in one of my classes… If your mom makes you take dance,” he chuckled softly, trying to evoke a smile from the boy next to him. “Do you ever invite people to your house whenever you do have free time?”

“Not really,” Levi mused softly, closing his eyes. It was late, his eyelids were heavy & it was getting hard to fight off sleep. “My parents are pretty strict. I get in their way enough, which is probably why they keep me busy. That & they hope I’ll hit it big so they can have some of my money. I’m.. I’m really happy I’m here instead.”

“I’m happy you came too,” Archer quickly agreed. Jodi never wanted to do anything fun like this & it would be a while still before his sister would be able to. “Now we both have someone to hang out with.”

May is National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month. This is a time when many pregnant and parenting teens are inundated with shameful advertisements that try to place them inside a box and make them feel as though their lives are destined for failure the moment they receive that positive pregnancy test. These advertisements contain very derogatory and shameful statements, such as the following from The Candies Foundation:

“Get pregnant, and you won’t be moving out of your parents house anytime soon.”

“You think being in school sucks? You know what sucks a whole lot more? A baby – almost every two hours for feeding time. Guess school doesn’t suck that badly, huh?”

“…but you got pregnant, and now you’re stuck pushing a stroller around while your friends are kickin’ it without you.”

Yes, parenting is extremely challenging. It is ideal to become a parent when you are financially and emotionally stable, which isn’t typically during your teenage years. It truly is the most difficult job in the entire world, and it is hard for anyone to grasp this concept until they are actually living it. Then again, an unplanned pregnancy shouldn’t sentence you to a life of shame. Those of us who have selflessly chosen to raise our children shouldn’t be punished and made to feel like failures. We should be uplifted, supported, and pushed to succeed for the sake of our children and ourselves.

Shaming isn’t the answer. Inspired by Boston activist and former teen parent Natasha Vianna, my nine-year-old daughter, Hayley, and I are ready to speak out. Hayley might be young, but she isn’t immune to the shaming and stigma that come along with having such a young mom. She has been told more times than she can count that I look far too young to be her mother. It doesn’t matter that I’m now 27, a college graduate, married, and financially stable. The shaming never ends. When she sees these ads and realizes that she, a beautiful and thriving young girl, is the “problem” they are trying to “solve,” it is hurtful. She isn’t a problem; she is a human child.

Becoming a teen parent doesn’t seal your fate. If I had listened to The Candies Foundation when I was a teen parent, I might not be where I am today. You aren’t destined to a life of poverty and shame. We all have the power to work hard and better ourselves, parenting or not. The Candies Foundation says, “We should be changing the world, not changing diapers.”

I say: why can’t we do both?

Let This Be A Sign (Part 1)

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(Part two will be up by tomorrow!)

Request: could you do a imagine where newt and the reader is in hogwarts and they are both hufflepuffs, and they are just learning together.. you know just being around each other. a little fluff, maybe shy reader..? if you could do anything like this, thank you! (ps: sorry if my english sucks a bit, im from an another country)

(A/N: Thank you so much for the prompt! I really did enjoy writing it! I did change a bit of it, however I promise it’ll have the fluff you want! Also don’t worry about your language dear! It’s amazing! )

Year One:

Your heart hammered in your chest as the Hogwarts Express whistled and blew steam out, signaling that departure was nearing. You were sitting down in a compartment by yourself and you couldn’t help but gasp when the train suddenly lurched forward, making you grip the seat tightly. You were the first of your family to attend Hogwarts, in fact, your parents were shocked when you received your letter. “Mudblood,” a few nasty people would say as you and your parents walked up to the train, “Another Muggleborn in this School, I can’t believe it.”

Of course your parents were proud to have a child with magical abilities in the family at all, but as you stared out the window, King’s Cross fading away in the distance, you couldn’t help but wonder if you really were better off with or without magic. As of right now, you were stuck between two worlds. The normal one where your parents and your friends were, and the magical one where mystery and wonder was yet to come. Although it was something definitely to be excited about, Magic seemed to be a recent cause of your insecurities.

Your thoughts were interrupted short after when a boy with honey colored hair opened the door to your compartment and stared at you, his cheeks slightly pink. “W-would it be alright if I sit here?” he asked softly, “I don’t have anywhere else to sit.”

You smiled at the boy and motioned for him to sit down opposite to you, and he quickly stepped in, shut the door, sat down, and started fiddling with his robe. Silence stretched out in the compartment you until you finally turned around and said, “I’m (yf/n). (y/f/n) (y/l/n).”

“Newt Scamander.” said the boy as he smiled gently.

The remaining travel time to Hogwarts went by in a flash for you as conversation carried on between Newt and yourself. He discovered that you were a Muggleborn and instead of gawking at you as some people did, he had a gentle look on his face when he said, “Don’t worry. If you need any help, I’ll be here.”

Year One began with a dreadful feeling, but ended with hope, slowly emerging like a sunrise.

Year Two:

A year had quickly passed since you first met Newt and in the short while that you two knew each other, you quickly became the best of friends. It was difficult to be away from each other simply because the both of you were so different. You had both been sorted into Hufflepuff, so it was no wonder why the two of you became such a great pair.

Newt stayed true to his word and while some students made fun of you for not understanding certain magical slang, Newt would always chuckle at you and explain to you calmly the situation.That being said, Newt was always amazed at how ‘complicated’ Muggle things were, just as you were equally fascinated with Magical things.

At times a few rude students would often make fun of Newt for being friends with a Muggleborn, and it wasn’t until you hit your breaking point, that you decided to cast a confundo charm on them, which satisfied you to great ends- although Newt disapproved of it, greatly. It was year two that both of you found out that although you were from the same house, you two were quite unique in your own way.

While Newt was caring, kind, and a bit oblivious to certain things, you were kind, fiery, yet shy at the same time. At some point during the year, a pair of Ravenclaws teased Newt mercilessly for not doing well on an exam, and in return, you stood up to them, and kindly told them to take their words to a place where the sun didn’t shine. This resulted in an argument that left you heated and Newt frustrated with you for being “rude.”

Often the two of you would argue about meaningless things, but nonetheless your arguments were always intense. You absolutely hated the way the two of you would argue, and at one point, your argument was so bitter, the two of you didn’t speak for a week straight. The entire school was confused on why the two friendliest Hufflepuffs in the school were being bitter towards each other. However, once the two of you realized that life without the other was dull, you both made up with a hug that lasted over ten minutes, while muttering “I missed you so much,” in each other’s ear.

Year two began with a good friendship, but by the end of it, the friendship was stronger than ever.

Year Three

In Year Three, the Duo became a Threesome.  

Well, kind of.

Leta Lestrange was her name and you absolutely couldn’t stand her. Of course you had no reason to dislike her, she was kind, smart, and easily a better version of yourself. In fact, she was so amazing, Newt was completely enamored with her, leaving you to become a third wheel in your friendship.

Eventually, you realised that a friendship could only work if it was mutual, and in your eyes, your friendship with Newt was only one sided. So gathering up as much courage and strength as you could, you left Newt and Leta alone. After some time, you started making more friends among yours and other houses, and every so often Newt would smile at you and wave, but before you could actually reply, Leta would always come in and take him with her; leaving you feeling empty inside.

Your grades started to skyrocket into Ravenclaw territory and you found yourself in the library studying more than anything, and on the rare occasion where you would see Newt, you would never return any of his waves or smiles. It wasn’t until nearly Christmas that Newt confronted you about the situation the both of you were in. “Why won’t you talk to me anymore,” asked Newt, his eyes not meeting yours, and you couldn’t help but flush in embarrassment. How on earth could you tell him that the reason you stopped talking to him was because of Leta? What if he got the wrong impression of you?

“We just drifted.” was what came out of your mouth instead.

Year three began with friendship, but ended in nothing but misery and schoolwork.

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Love/Loss (Prologue)

Summary: AU: Kylo Ren meets a girl on the distant planet of Galidraan while hunting down a force-sensitive who is attempting to rebuild the Jedi Order. The obsession that ensues is not at all what he had planned.

Warnings: Some violence. Mentions of death. 

Rating: T, but as the story progresses it will definitely go up.

Word Count: 1600

A/N: Galidraan is actually a canon planet, guys. I put some real effort into being authentic. In other words: I am ridiculously anal and should be stopped. Sorry about the delay, I’ve been sick recently but! I’m feeling much better! As always, send me any ideas as to where you want the story to go or things you would like me to include. P.S.: I am always open to compliments or just comments in general so hmu because I am desperate for attention?? 

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