stuck with each other


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DBSK and Got7- Ending

(Un)Easy Ride

Skimmons + hated each other because of different work department (?) But stuck in an elevator for a 12 long hour so im sure you can guess where that leads

It leads to a whole lot of smut that I’m leaving open to your imagination, but I do hope that this helps a little ;)

Approximately Ninety Minutes Before

“Yeah, no, yeah. I get that you need the server fixed, Simmons. I know Fitz is on your back about it and I do realise that without these update reports Coulson will call a meeting with the board, but since I am working extra shifts to run those diagnostics and close the leaks in this shitty security system, I am forced to delay that server upgrade. I will start with it first thing tomorrow, so until then you’ll have to deal with Coulson and shut Fitz up, or would you like me to send Hunter over from Security?” Skye pinches the bridge of her nose while scribbling down some notes. Jemma is rambling in her ear about a lot of scientific things she understands close to nothing about, but she hums. She’s sure it’s actually important, but there’s little she can do at the moment.

“I will send someone to check the damage for me beforehand, okay? Thank you. Yeah, first thing tomorrow. I promise. Okay, bye." 

She drops her iPhone on her desk and grunts. Skye knew that running the IT department wouldn’t be easy, but that she would keep having run-ins with her colleagues from other departments was the thing that pissed her off most. People should stop spilling drinks on their keyboards, should stop downloading sketchy software from the internet themselves and should definitely stop downloading toolbars with the sketchy software like a grandma. The guy before her had successfully managed to cover his fuck-ups, until she came working here and decided to nose around. She found that he wasn’t only embezzling money, but also screwed up their security pretty bad. His position opened up, and Coulson deemed her worthy of his spot, but now she had to fix everything he had broken, while dealing with petty problems around the company. It was a good thing she had a lot of IT-nerds at her disposal to boss around, or she had gone positively crazy. She should throw them a thank you party when this is all over.

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Shontelle Feat Akon - Stuck With Each Other


I think the worst part about losing a friend is that you’re stuck with the memories of when you enjoyed each others company and everything was okay