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Okay so I’m calling it right here right now you heard it here first my dude this lady is gonna be one of 4 things:

1 - Conventionally attractive but shallow love interest the main dude ditches for the alt punk girl in the 3rd act

2 - Smiley but secretly prejudiced stuck-up girl who devalues/gives the main an emotional beatdown about not fitting in as the “point of initiation/action” because of course she does and then is proven wrong at the end and has a snobby meltdown

3 - Dated 1980s valley girl role, an older variant of #2 but minimized with less emotional validity and played as a secondary antagonist or for laughs

4 - Pointless and stupid background bit character who might have a few scattered lines that they just slapped on a poster and that I am now pointlessly reading way too into

Wolf Creek (Part 2)

Cowboy!Steve x Reader AU

Summary – You and Steve were supposed to have spent the rest of your lives together, but lies and betrayal tore you apart.  A family tragedy forces you to leave your life in the city and return to the Montana ranch you used to call home. Can you and Steve forget the past and find love again?

Warnings – None

Word Count – 1,473

Notes –  Well, Steve didn’t make it into this part, but he’ll definitely be in the next part. That’s when things really start to get interesting.  I’m still so excited for a bearded Steve Rogers, in boots and a cowboy hat, sitting on a horse!!!  Anyway, I hope you enjoy!!  As always, feel free to leave me any comments or feedback!

Part 1

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“I’m sure Bailey can talk to the family, explain what happened. I can make the arrangements, go with you to your apartment.  I don’t think you should be alone right now.”

You took Mark’s face in your hands as you gently kissed his cheek. “Thank you, you’re the best friend in the world.  Right now, what I need is some time alone to process all of this.  I would feel better if you talked to Mr. Frampton, you were there in the OR, and you’ll be able to answer his questions better than Miranda can.”

You slowly got up off the couch and grabbed a couple of tissues from the box on the edge of Miranda’s desk to dry your eyes.  Mark walked up behind and wrapped his arms around you.  “If that’s what you want, you know I’ll do anything for you.  You just have to ask.”

You turned around to face him.  “I appreciate it, Mark.  I may just take you up on that.  I haven’t been home in years, but I guess it’s finally time I made it back to Wolf Creek, even if it is to say goodbye one last time.”


You changed out of your surgical scrubs and made your way toward your car.  It had just started raining and you thought that the weather fit your mood perfectly at the moment.  You sat in your car, watching the water run down the windshield as the tears ran down your cheeks.  You thought of all the missed opportunities you’d had over the years to spend time with your father.  You hadn’t been home since you’d left for college, and now regret was sitting heavily upon your heart.  Thankfully, he’d been to Seattle a few times over the years, so you’d had a chance to at least see him before he died.

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Kylo and Rey’s first kiss

Kylo Ren: I’d just as soon kiss a Wookie.

Rey: I can arrange that.

Kylo Ren: Why you stuck up…scruffy looking…scavenger girl!


Rey: You like me because I’m a scavenger girl.

Kylo Ren: I happen to like nice First Order girls.

Rey: I’m a nice girl.

Kylo Ren: No you’re not. You’re a….

(remaining dialogue interrupted by Rey kissing Kylo)

I’m toying with the idea of writing a stupid high school based mystery paranormal thing with a “Twin Peaks”-y vibe

So far, I know the main character is nicknamed Ham (no one, not even her, knows why people call her that) and she solves mysteries and creeps people out a bit b/c she’s a gay kid in a small town who is into the occult. Everyone thinks she’s a witch. She runs the “Mystery Solvers Club” in her school, which just consists of her and her staff supervisor, the librarian.

Anastasia is a new student  and just moved to the town b/c it turns out her millionaire dad had been cheating on her mother (ironically,her mother and him got together in the same way) and he’s leaving her, and due to the prenup, she’s pretty much flat broke, so her mom moves them back home. She wants to be an engineer when she’s in university. Ofc there’s romance between her and Ham, who writes her off at first b/c she assumes she’s just a stuck-up rich girl, but soon realizes she’s a sweet lady who is genuinely interested in solving mysteries and being Ham’s friend.

Lincoln is a dude who goes to their school and is known for being a real loner type. Turns out he’s actually a robot and his “dad,” the scientist who made him, went missing and he’s trying to find out where he is. He keeps to himself b/c he knows if people found out he was a robot, it’d be bad news. Ham and Anastasia manage to figure out what the deal w/ him is and offer to help him find his dad, and he begins to warm up to them as he helps them solve mysteries. He lives in an abandoned grocery store and owns like, one flannel shirt.

Marichat May: Day 29; The Argument

*Slap* the sting of the girls hand hitting his face along with the sound itself seemed to echo around them. He knew now that what he said had been too much. And he regretted it. 

A routine patrol brought him near Marinette’s house. He saw her bedroom light was still on so he thought he might stop in and see her. He liked spending time with her as Chat it was fun and interesting to see her react differently then when he was Adrien. 

“Well hello purrincess.” He purrs peering in her hatch. She blinked from her seat on her chaise tears in her eyes. “What do you want Chat?” She asks in a broken hollow sounding voice. 

He dropped in landing on her bed and quickly moving down to her side wanting to comfort her. He had no idea why she was crying but he wanted to make it better. “I just thought I might drop in on a fur-end to say hi.”

She snuggled against him after a moments hesitation when he wrapped his arms around her. “Why are you crying? What’s wrong?” He asks concerned. “Oh Chat I’ve just had a really bad day is all.” 

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Save Myself - Part Two

Pairing: Jughead Jones x Reader

Summary:  One day a girl comes to town. And the information, and money, she comes with could break up an entire town.

Word Count: 1,289

Warnings: swearing, happiness

A/N: I made a part two!! ayyyee!! hope y’all like it!

Part One

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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Act 43

Mob Psycho Girl Ships: A Summary

Tsutome: Popular Girl and Alien-Obsessed Dork Girl

Mezato x Tsubomi: Popular Girl and Smart Journalist Girl

Tomerei: Psychic Girlfriend and Impressed Girlfriend

Tomezato: Investigative Girls

Emizato: Confident Writer Girl and Insecure Writer Girl

Eminori: Former Stuck-up Popular Girl and Once Outcasted Girl

Minorei: Age swap AU, Esper!Minori AU, all the AUs

Tsutomezato: No Love Triangles here, just Wholesome Polyamory


Tsuminori: 2 Popular Girls, One Troubled, One Not so Much

Pinky Promises- Peter Parker

Reader and Peter make many different Pinky Promises throughout their life together.


2478 words

a/n- i tried a different writing style and i hate it lol tbh i got a lil lazy but i felt bad about not posting i have like 8 stories in progress tho so be ready for them lmao

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