stuck on my eyes

She Meant It Kindly

I went to my hometown
The lady who lived
Up the street from our home
Stopped my sister and I
Said, “My goodness she looks
like your mama, don’t she?”
My sister, cryptic grin
Nodded yes, I stood there
My tongue stuck in my mouth
See our bewitching mom
Eyes screaming hair hissing
A mouth chiseled from stone
But she meant it kindly
But she meant it kindly
I kept chanting inside


I went blind for half an hour on my first spacewalk, which is every bit as worrisome as it sounds. You see, we have a water supply in our suits, because we’ll be outside for eight hours at a time, and space station maintenance is thirsty work. A few drops got loose, picked up the anti-fog chemicals from my visor, and flew into my left eye.

My body did the natural thing, which was to try and flush the intruding droplets out with tears. But tears don’t fall in space – they just build up like a clogged drain. And they kept building up until I was blind in both eyes. It was like my head was stuck in a fishbowl. In space.

It was a weird experience, because pretty much all of my senses were useless to me. All I could do was talk. At first we thought there might be a gas leak in my suit, so I vented it, which is another way of saying that I got to float in space while utterly blind and listening to my oxygen hiss out into the universe. It’s not an experience I can recommend, but I stayed calm – moments like that are exactly why we go through so much training and place so much trust in each other in the first place.

6 Ways Movies Get Space Wrong (by Astronaut Chris Hadfield)

Avengers: Bucky/Reader (Platonic)

Imagine you and Bucky “borrowing” Steve’s shield to use as a sled in the winter.

Author: Queen of Geeks

(Hope you like it!)

I pulled my legs onto the sofa and wrapped the blankets around myself even tigheter. While I pulled another blanket around myself, Bucky placed a mug of tea on the table in front of me. I whined and stuck my hand out of the blankets. Bucky rolled his eyes but passed me the mug.

“Thank you..” I wrapped my hands around the mug as Bucky sat down on the other end of the sofa. He looked at me in my cocoon and smirked.

“Are you cold?” He asked.

“Shut up.” I took a sip of my hot tea and felt of warmth through me. “How are you okay?”

Bucky was sitting comfortably in jeans and a regular long sleeved shirt. Everyone else was wrapped up a little more warmly.

“Cryotechnology. It fried a few of my nerves.”

I sat in my bundle of blankets in silence for a moment.

“Well, I hate winter.” I stated. “The only good thing about it is snow.”

I turned my head to looked out the window. Snow had been falling all morning and there was a layer of it on the ground outside. A smile grew on my face.

“What’re you grinning about?” Bucky questioned.

“I want to go sledding. But, I don’t have a sled.” I pointed out. Bucky leaned forwards and put his mug down on the table.


“I know where to get one.” I held the mug out and Bucky took it as I unwrapped myself. I raised my eyebrows and Bucky stared at me. “I’ll be back.” I stood up and left the floor for the elevator.

“And where was Steve when you took the shield?” Bucky asked as we made our way through the snow. It was falling a little heavier than before. But it was perfect.

Thankfully, I had visited a park out the city a year before. The hills were perfect for sledding and not that many people went there. And it was exactly where Bucky and I were headed.

“Steve was in the gym.” I shrugged my shoulders as I held the shield with both hands. My fingers were beginning to go numb through the gloves I wore. And then it began slipping out of my fingertips. Bucky grabbed it before it fell and carried it up the hill. He placed it on the ground and smiled.

“Ready?” I asked. Bucky put his foot on the shield to prevent it from sliding down without me.

“You first.” Bucky nodded. I smiled and sat on the shield cross-legged. I gripped the strap on it and held on tightly. “Ready?”

“Ready.” I squealed as soon as Bucky lifted his foot of the shield and it began going down the hill. I leaned to the left to steer the shield and it turned around too much causing me to go down backwards. It came to the stop at the bottom and I fell off in the snow laughing.

Looking up the hill, I saw Bucky standing at the top with his arms crossed. There was a smile on his face when I stood up. I shook the snow off my coat and grinned.

“Your turn!” I called as I picked the shield up and made my way back up the hill.

As soon as I got to the top, Bucky took the shield and sat in it like before. As soon as he was sitting on it, I gave the shield a push with my foot and watched as he went down. I started laughing as soon as a started yell echoed around the park.

“You okay?” I yelled as Bucky lay on the ground. He held up a thumb before getting to his feet. I waited as he walked up and dropped the shield on the ground.

“This was a good idea.” I told him as I wrapped my arms around myself. We had been going down the hill several times and both of us were covered in fluffy snow. The snow had began seeping into my coat and my skin was icy.

“Maybe we should go down a few more times before heading back?” Bucky noticed my shivering and smiled. He dropped the shield.

“Okay, this time, we both have to go on.” I told Bucky. He looked at me and then at the shield.

“Let’s do it.” He sat down crossed-legged on the shield and I sat with him. The two of went down the hill until I fell off and rolled down the hill after Bucky. I lay on the ground and laughed as Bucky ran over to check on me.

“Okay, can we go back now? I’m cold.” I told Bucky who helped me to my feet.

“Yeah, it wasn’t fun when Steve got hypothermia. I doubt it’ll be good if you got it.” Bucky carried the shield as we lef the park.

“Well, we should probably get some hot chocolate.” I told Bucky.

“I’ll have to take you up on that offer.”

this is the robotic tarantula i bought yesterday

he is cheap as fuck, barely responds to the controller’s input, and cant walk on anything but silky smooth floors and even then he fucks up

i love him and i need name suggestions
Tips for Psychics and Mediums, Tip #1


Included in the “stylistic” and “saturated with imagery” categories are videogames, animated shows, or even binge-watching a reality show on Netflix.

This primarily concerns people who rely on their clairvoyance for readings. And hey, maybe it doesn’t affect you, but I have found that for myself a heavy dose of any media that’s stylistic means that those images get stuck in my third eye. Which then requires an extensive clearing.

Energy wasted, anxiety heightened. If I know I’m doing a client reading, I save the videogames or bingewatching for afterwards.

stabbingbeauty  asked:

“I didn’t mean to draw blood, but oh well.”

Emerald glared at the other woman as she wiped some blood from her bloodied cheek, she then pulled out her guns. “I’d watch where you swing your weapon next time, could have took my eye out.” She stuck out her tongue with a slight grin.

No One Can Save You But You

I see love in dark places.
I run to all the far places.
Laughed for days as I
Trip over the dawn of day.

I found regret stuck in time.
I cry for all the wrong reasons.
Covered my eyes for hours as I
I let go of my good intentions.

I saw the truth in your name.
That’s when I found out
That no one can save you but you.
You told me you tried to quit,
You truly tried to quit.
The more you stepped forward
The more you went back.
What a wonderful way to live.

stuck together ( strange but true ) ━ train ride

being dragged from the justice building was far from an enjoyable experience, but he didn’t fight back. it wasn’t worth it. noah was confused, dazed and could barely put two and two together. yet, here he was, standing on this overly luxurious train, eyes glued to the chandelier that would certainly fall if the conductor made one wrong move. he had to admit, however, that it was beautiful; richer than all the fabrics he had seen in the district’s factories. “do you think that’d kill me if it fell on my head?” he glanced over at the girl who was, sadly, reaped along with him. he didn’t wish this kind of fate on anyone. “maybe not from the fall, but if it broke … or if one of those diamond things got stuck in my eye …”

Can you tell: Victoria

Spending half an hour behind the bathroom door Elizabeth had successfully convinced Devin that she was sick and would see him in the morning for breakfast, even assuring them that they’d spend the entire day wrapped in one another, thought that now made her ill. Even after he had gone she remained locked in the bathroom, the water running while she assessed the damage she needed to repair. After some time she heard the keys jingle, her body tensing as the first thought she conjured was one of Devin coming back to bruise her other wrist and push her around some more. Relief welcomed her to safety when she heard the click of Victoria’s heels.
Instantly she pushed herself to her feet, splashed her blotchy face with fresh water, and slid several beautiful bangled bracelets over her bruised wrist. Pushing the bathroom door ajar Elizabeth stuck her head out, “So while crying my eyes out rewatching The Notebook I’ve decided we need a girls night out, and I need help fixing this mess.” It frightened her how easily she slipped into the lie, gesturing to her face before slinking back into the bathroom to dig out her make up. In no time she had managed to cover the truth up, paint on a smile and reappear next to Victoria. “Come on, you wanted to see the city, so we’re going to the clubs out in Manhattan tonight. Get dolled up….also no posting on Instagram, tweeting or texting. No social media tonight, just fun.” And the assurance that Devin wouldn’t find out why she really left him hanging.


why did i pick this book...?

i’ve been reading confess and i’m not gonna lie - the first few chapters i wanted to incinerate my tablet bc it was so cliche and cheesy but then the plot twists have kicked in and i’m like ok maybe i can finish it no without gagging and/or rolling my eyes so far back that they get stuck but i am not confident about it.