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Can i get a scenario where Suga gets jealous. :)

I’ve never been jealous

You texted Yoongi that you will be heading to the mall since you need to buy a few things for your house ,as well as some dresses since you need new ones.

After getting all the things you needed for your house you immediately went to your favorite store and started to look around . But as you were looking around you “accidentally” bump into someone causing you to fall on your butt.

You muttered something incoherent about the person you"bumped" into, they probably bump into you on purpose since there were atleast 3 customers at the store including you and a girl who works there.

You slowly looked up to see a hand infront of your face. You accepted it, and it felt oddly familiar. You muttere a thanks without looking at his face. Ypu could tell that he’s a “he” because of his strong grip on your hand. As you tried to walk past him he suddenly got a hold of your elbows.

“Yah y/n- ah is that how you treat your bestfriend?” The guy said. He sound familiar. Then it hit you.

It was your bestfriend Heechul.

You hadn’t seen eachother for so long, ever since he became a trainee he became distant then one day you can’t contact him anymore.

You hugged him so tight. Anyone that would probably see you guys would think you guys were a couple because of the way you were hugging him.

“Wow for someone who was actually thinking of killing me
few minutes ago because i “bumped” into them you’re being clingy” He said jokingly making you both laugh.

“Yah i didn’t know okay. And its because i missed you.” You said cutely. The reason why you were behaving and talking like this was because he’s always been the big brother you never had. And he treated you like a sister.

“Aww i missed you too. So can i accompany you ? He asked letting go of your hug, stucking he’s arm out for you to hold.

“Huh?” You asked puzzeled

“You’re going shopping right?” He asked then you nodded.

“Well then, let’s go!!” He said forcefully hooking your arm on his. You laughed while lettong him drag you anywhere.

Little did you know that Yoongi has been trying to reach for ages.

You guys went to different shops buying almost everything. Of course he insisted on paying but you didn’t let him after doing some aegyo you knew he couldn’t resist.

You guys continued to goof around. Enjoying eachother’s company. Unware of a pair of eyes, burning with jealousy watching the both of you.

You checked the time and realized it was getting late. Forgetting Yoongi.

Heechul offered to bring you home but you made up a lame excuse about meeting someone. He agreed and you guys exchange numbers. He hugged you one last time before he took off.

You fished for your phone. Seeing it has 33 messages and a dozen of calls. And it was all from your boyfriend.

You were about to put your phone in your pocket when your phone buzzed. It was a text from yoongi

“Im at the entrance of the mall. I’ll wait.” That’s what the message said. It doesn’t have anything hearts or cheesy things that all of his messages has. Oh no , you thought.

You ran as fast as you could at the entrance of the mall.

You saw yoongi standing there. Watching people pass by.

“Oppa” you called. He turned to you.

“Let’s get you home. Its late.” He said flatly. You knew better than to argue so you just followed him.

The car ride was silent. Then when it was a few blocks away from your house he stopped.

“So did you had fun” he said coldly eyeing some of the bags you were holding since the others are at the back.

“Uhm yes” you said carefully.

“Ok” He said then turned to start the engine. You held his hand that was gripping too tightly at steering wheel.

“Was it fun? Without me? He said not looking at you.

“I- uhm” before you could even speak he cut you off saying “ because it seems like it.”

“I saw you two. The way you laughed at something he said. You never laughed at me like that, or at my jokes for that matter. The way you two enjoyed eachother’s company without knowing the jealous stares other people were giving you because you look so good together .Tell me am i not enough? Is my love and attention not enough?“ He said he’s voice sounded so fragile."Oppa, its not like that. He’s Heechul oppa” You said hoping to atleast reassure him.

“I know him. His a sunbae” he said calmly.

“And he’s my bestfriend” You said trying to give him a hint. But he didn’t budge but he looks a little relaxed than earlier. A few minutes passed still no answer.

“Oppaaa” you cooed.

“Are you jealous?” You asked,a little giggle slipping from your mouth.“No” he said firmly“Are you sure? Why are your ears so red then?” You asked clearly teasing him.“ No” he said again with the same tone.

“Alright then” you said acting as though you had given up.

A few minutes passed..

“Seriously oppa are you jealous?” You asked again

.“I said no. Im not jealous. I’ve never been jealous. Till today” he whispered the last part but you heard him.

You moved closer to him pinching his cute little nose.“Oppa you don’t have to be. You’re the one i love . Only you remember that. He’s like a big brother to me okay?” You said giggling.

He sighed then muttered an okay.

Well that was new.

A/N: Hey, here ya go. Im sorry the ending sucked im not good at endings *cries*, but i hope you liked it. Thank you for requesting *sends ♥*