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It just occurred to me...

That in any story that involves a mermaid gaining human form and coming ashore, that poor mermaid essentially loses a dimension.

Under water you can move in three dimensions, but as soon as your stuck on dry land, you can’t move up and down any more, not really. It must be like moving to flat land, having to navigate in 2D all of a sudden.

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So you know how last week Phil was complaining about not being able to sleep well because he was thinking too much and la la land was stuck in his head? Well now Dan got him a lava lamp for his birthday and Phil is specifically talking about how calming it'll be for sleep and that's so nice

On Chapter 845

So, I read the chapter several times now, and I think I’m finally able to make something like an analysis.

So, I have to say I have very mixed feelings about this chapter.The reasons why I will talk about further down.

So, first of all:

What the hell is going on with that food? xD Like, what even was happening? xD

We’ve seen some pretty sick stuff in op, but I really didn’t know if I should laugh or be disgusted. In the end I laughed ^^’ Look at that face when Yonji took a bite god… I probably shouldn’t have laughed so much.

Anyways, moving on to the more serious stuff.

What I found more interesting than Sanji’s scene with Pudding, was definitely Luffy’s iron will and unbroken spirit once again presented in this chapter.

He’s had to deal with an hour-long battle against Cracker form which he suffered severe injuries, his friends are stuck in a mirror land chased by slenderman-lookalike, he got beaten up by his own crewmate, he’s hungry and probably dehydrated and dead tired and he freaking lost a tooth and he refuses to leave, seek shelter, recover or tend his injuries, because he promised said crewmate he’d wait for him.

Like, we all know Luffy is an exceptional character in every sense, and again these panels not only broke my heart, but they also, once again, reminded me why Luffy is so so dear to me and to the audience.

He goes against all reason for his friends, he puts himself through horrible torments for the sake of his friends. What an exceptional man, truly.

But that brings me to two points I want to talk about.

Yes, Luffy showed us once again his unbreakable belief and willpower. However, looking at the upcoming battle long-term, he puts himself in an even worse position than necessary. Yes, his decision to not eat anything anymore is understandable and noble, but also dangerous, not only for himself, who already is injured and weakened, but also for his crewmates.

Nami, rightfully, is worried and pleads him to come seek shelter, but Luffy is too firm on his decision, too proud and perhaps too narrowminded what his choices as a captain will do to his whole crew. Half of his crew are on enemy territory, out of his eyesight, out of his reach if they need help.

Of course, Luffy trusts them all 100 per cent. And yet, he’s risking not only his own life, but also the lives of many more, who are by far not as strong as him.

However, I absolutely loved him in this chapter and we will see what happens to him battling the enraged army. I truly hope someone - a saviour? - comes to help him, because even Luffy has his limits and he’s running a race against time.

And Luffy’s firm, standfest position brings me to Sanji.

I have to say I am still not entirely sure how to feel about that scene with Pudding. For me personally, it felt very out of character, for me it didn’t really feel like a one piece chapter anymore. Maybe I’m the only one who thinks that, but whatever.

I don’t want to go into detail about what he says, I think it was more than obvious. Interesting, however, is when you read between the lines.

So, we have the talk between Sanji and Pudding, where he narrates his story.

When he refers to the wristlets, he mentions briefly that their only “recourse” to steal the keys is to defeat her entire crew. He says “our”, at least in the translation, so that includes her, and why I find that weird, I will say in a moment.

But as we read, he illustrates the helplessness of the situation, he’s aware of his friends now being in unbelievable danger as they are on enemy territory, he doesn’t expect any help from his family (obviously), and he refers to Pudding as his only saviour in this moment.

I personally thought that felt very out of character for him. It feels like he told her that information of his past and present situation to get a certain reaction from her, whatever that may be.
Maybe I’m wrong, who knows.

Point is: What about his captain coming to save him?

Has he given up on Luffy already?

Here we got the semi-romantic last panel of this chapter. I don’t know if they are kissing or not (I don’t think so), but at the very least, it is perhaps the most intimate moment of a woman and a man together we’ve ever seen in one piece. Especially since it features one of the main characters.

I thought these panels, with an injured and beaten Luffy struggling against an army and Sanji, who supposedly gave up already and is ready to go through with the wedding, these panels stand in a pretty harsh contrast with each other.

There’s Luffy, bless his heart, who refuses to let go of his hope that Sanji will come back to him, who risks everything, not onyl his own life but also the lives of his friends and goes against all odds and battle Big Mama’s army.

And then there’s tragic Sanji, who shows that he has no hope left, neither for him nor for his friends. As though he lost faith in Luffy, in Nami, in the crew he loves so damned much.

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I felt it was so weird for him to say those things. It feels weird that he has given up and he wants to sacrifice himself in order for his friends to leave the island.

Sanji of all people should know that it’s wishful thinking. In 800 chapters he should’ve learned that Luffy doesn’t give up and won’t let him give up, either. He should know that Luffy will fight his way through this, he’s always done that.

As I said, for me personally it felt very weird and strange to read Sanji say he has no hope for himself left. But people interpret things differently. But I don’t quite think he’s being all that honest.

And another thought on Pudding.

To make it short, I don’t trust Pudding at all. I’m not saying she’s not a good character, but as the wonderful @samiraheaven93​ put it very precisely, she reminds one of a “too perfect“ fairytale princess mary-sue.

And that does not suit one piece at all. Nor does it fits within the range of op women, who have always proved to be very complex and multi-dimensional characters. So I’m not quite buying her innocent appearance and sweet, kind behaviour.

Why is Sanji trusting her? He doesn’t know her at all. So why go out of his way and tell her things he didn’t even tell his crewmates in all the time they’ve spend with each other.

Of course, it could be because he gave up on his journey, so might as well come clean. But again, I can’t and don’t want to believe that he is serious. That he has given up on his adventure, his journey, his friends, his captain. His happiness.

We will see how this all plays out. Obviously I could be wrong. And the strawhat crew will lose a nakama this arc.

So, all in all, I found this chapter very difficult to somewhat analyse. The story twists very quite difficult to make sense off, so I’m sorry I can’t deliver a more coherent analysis. I could be wrong in every of my points, obviously.

In any case, I found Sanji’s and Pudding’s scene very strange, however the romance was put in a pretty intense and well-placed contrast with Luffy and Nami alone against the army of hundreds of enemies.

As usual, this is just my humble take on the events of this chapter. Be nice^^

However: If sensitive people here have a problem with me uttering my personal opinion and interpretation of a character or situation, please kindly do me a favour and unfollow me, better even, block me.