stuck in purgatory

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I'm at the point where I am just waiting for babygate to end. Without it I'm going to continue to be pessimistic about long term situation. If babyage ends its an indication of some steps forward. Otherwise louis' situation just continues to get worse and now we have Liam's mess. babies just seem like long term shackles.

yeah i believe with my whole heart babygate will end i just don’t know when and while i hope it’s sooner rather than later, until it actually does end, i feel like we’re just stuck in purgatory.

listen, cas

sunshine honeybee baby bird light of my life

i get where ur comin from on this, i do, honestly

i have no doubt that dean’s ween is a life-changing, perspective-altering, world-shifting experience


if this is true

i feel bad for u 

u died a couple times

u were stuck in purgatory for a year

u exploded into goop, castiel

u were goop

u gotta love urself son

Dudes. SPN headcannon here.

So the Winchesters are getting up there in age, and eventually the question of their permanent afterlife-situation inevitably surfaces.

Naturally, because they’re The Good Guys, it’s assumed that heaven is the endgame. Until heaven announces that no, fuck no, we’re not touching you with a twenty-nine-and-a-half-foot pole after the fuckery you’ve pulled! Just because the bowlegged one is dating our disowned rebellious edgelord child does not give you a free pass upstairs, you little shits. Go to hell. No literally, go to hell when you die, and stay there, because heaven ain’t taking you.

And they think, hey, that’s fair I guess. We’re not all that good anyway, we’ve killed a loooootta folks after all. Hell it is, then.

Crowley and company, heard in the distance: Pump the brakes! Do you have any idea how much trouble you’ve caused Hell? Christ on a bike, you’re enough of a hassle for us when you’re alive on Earth, there’s no way in Literal Hell we’re letting you stay here for eternity! Hard no, fellas. Ring Purgatory when you give up the ghost, hell won’t have you.

Purgatory, shrieking: Fuck that noise! Close it up, we can’t let that nightmare back in here! Help us baby Jesus!

Heaven: Come on Crowley, take one for the team. Please? Please?!

Crowley: Ha! You want to know what I owe you lot? I’ll give you a hint: It’s what a true Scotsman wears under his kilt.

Heaven: Uh…

Crowley: Nothing, that’s what! So you take Sam and Dean!

Heaven: No, you take them! We’ll even throw in Tom Hiddleston for your troubles.

Crowley: No, you take the meddling bastards! Hold the phone, is he really one of yours?

Heaven: He’s a ray of heavenly sunshine given corporeal form, of course he’s one of ours. Will you take the deal?

Crowley: Yeah no. Here’s a deal for you: I recently acquired a certain cheeto-dusted foreskin of a man who sold his soul to become President…

Meanwhile, Dean: Hey Sammy, wouldn’t it be cool to be a ghost? We could, like, haunt people’s closets and gradually hide their socks until they have none that match.

Castiel: Oh my Dad, you guys…

ASKS - The Theatre

Asks sent to my main, answered here. Theme - the theatre department, theatre majors, Midsummer Night’s Dream

cleonibbles said: Oh god the poor stage technicians. Half of them are probably actual ghosts stuck in an endless purgatory of trying to wrangle actors and directors and *fey* and they don’t even realise they’ve been dead for twenty years. A newbie backstage says the name of the Scottish play mockingly and all the techs (alive and dead) start shrieking, and the newbie soon joins the ranks of the jaded wraiths.

I can’t stop laughing at this mental image.

marithehighpriestessofmoloch said: As a theatre major I can confirm that backstage is DEFINITELY a liminal space and we also have a basement full of old costumes and set pieces and stuff like that next to the dressing rooms, and it’s called the catacombs. I found what I’m 99% sure is bloodstains down there. Sometimes we use it for extra dressing rooms when there are too many actors, and it’s the creepiest place I have ever been and I could imagine the fair folk hanging out there being nostalgic over old productions tbh

archerfox said: Do you think the superstitious nature of actors would help them? And would their non-fae superstitions have weight at elsewhere?

Superstitions are a knife with another knife for a handle. The nature of belief at unreality means that if you follow the superstitions around theatre (or anything else) because you have total faith they will keep you safe, then you will be safe. The play will go well. Nothing will break.

But. If you believe in the superstitions heart and soul (and as a collective, the theatre department of Elsewhere University absolutely does), then failing to adhere to them will have genuine consequences, without fail. 

thatgoldensky said:Based on the last theater ask, do the gentry like a midsummer night’s dream or have they made it abundantly clear that they do not approve. I’m honestly not sure which is more likely as they are attracted to the lights and glamour of the theater and it is mostly safe to show films featuring the fair folk if they are not negative portrayals. On the other hand may but take too kindly to the bard’s version of their king and queen.

They love the glitter of the show and the madness of the backstage; it’s got a peculiar kind of magic all its own. They take no real offense to the portrayal of the king and queen because the Royalty are honestly so far and away from Shakespeare’s portrayal that there’s not even the possibility you will catch their attention (and thank every god you can name for that small grace). In general as long as the portrayals of the Gentry are neutral shading to positive the play is safe to perform; because they enjoy the theatre so much there is perhaps a little more leeway in what you can get away with.

huinsutt99 said: Okay the comic mentioned the Court being present in the theatre and I have to ask - what do the Gentry think about the theatre students? Not just the performance related people, but all of the technicians and people who work backstage?

They feel about theatre tech the way most students feel about magic. Objectively there’s no magic present at all, and yet…

5/5 Stars.

I devoured this book in a frenzied state of awe, feeling grateful each moment to be experiencing something so beautiful. I’ve never read anything like it.

The entire story takes place in one night. Abraham Lincoln’s young son, Willie, has died, and grief-stricken Lincoln returns to the crypt several times to hold his boy’s body.

The narrative is entirely unique: a combination of brief excerpts from historical texts (mostly real, I believe?) about Lincoln and a cacophony of voices from the ghosts in the cemetery where Willie has been laid to rest. It takes some getting used to at first, but it’s brilliant.

The ghosts—and now Willie—are stuck in purgatory, and Willie’s arrival will change everything for them as they seek to help him transition to what comes next.

It’s a dazzling and deeply moving work of speculative fiction that delicately confronts the most profound topics: death, grief, love, sorrow, loss of a child. It’s tender, humane, funny and wildly inventive, written in prose that flows like poetry. I ached for the characters and felt such deep compassion for them, as Saunders clearly did, too.

I can’t think of a more beautiful and affecting meditation on love, life and death. Reading this was a gift and I’ll be surprised if there’s a better book this year.

Mooseful Mornings

Sam x Paired!Reader

Imagine what it’s be like living with your boyfriend, Sam, at the bunker along with Dean

Warnings: Language as always, Sam Fluff, Bacon theft.

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He had many nicknames: Moose, Gigantor, Brother, Sammy, and Yours. Everybody knew you belonged to each other in a specific way. Just a touch from you was like the glue that could slowly put his broken parts back together.

It all started with Dean and Cas getting stuck in Purgatory. You were there too. No, you weren’t any creature. In fact, you had no idea how you’d gotten there. One minute you were hunting some special kind of demon and the next your ass was in this hell hole. At first site, the oldest Winchester tried to kill you, but realized you were human. To your surprise, he helped you. So much had been said about the Winchester brother, in Purgatory and between hunters.

Anyways, when the three of you: Dean, Benny, and yourself, got out and you had nowhere to go, you stuck with them. Going everywhere they went and hunting everything they did. A connection with Dean was inevitable, the two of you would always have a bond from fighting for each other in Purgatory. What wasn’t expected, was a certain bond between you and Sam. So you had your best friend, Dean, and your boyfriend, Sam.

After moving into the bunker, there were daily routines. You’d wake up earlier than everyone, which was pretty damn early at first because neither of them slept long. Making breakfast was at the top of your list. Mainly everyday was the same, but today was different.

You weren’t the only one awake at an early hour. Long dragging footsteps approached you from behind. You payed no attention to them, knowing just by the sound who they belonged to. “You’re up early,” turning your face a bit to the right to glance behind you, Sam’s tired face was buried in the cabinet, grabbing two coffee cups.

He didn’t reply. Rather he set down the cups, came up behind you, and wrapped his arms around your chest. It was more than likely he would’ve wrapped his arms around your waist but as Dean said “You’re already short, Y/n. He’d have to shrink a few feet to make that happen,”

A short giggle came out of your body as you flipped the piece of bacon over. “Baby, I love you, but your hair is getting in my face and I can’t see,” setting the spatula down, you slipped the hair tie off of your wrist.

“Down,” he did as he was told and bent his knees and hung is head so you would be able to reach the top of his head. Taking advantage of this moment, you placed a kiss on his cheek which you were almost never able to reach.

 “Continue,” at the sound of your words, he once again wrapped his arms around you like he had before and you continued to cook.

Minutes later a very tired and grouchy Dean who already had his cup of daily coffee, came strolling into the kitchen. “I smell bacon,” walking over to you, he completely ignored the presence of his brother, took a piece, and walked back out. Only to walk back in and take the whole damn plate full just a few seconds later.

How blessed you were to have not one, but two Winchesters to love

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I leave this fandom for five minutes, and I come back to find one Soma *dying* of all people. Like, I genuinely hope he doesn't die; I want him to wake up and get better and tell Ciel that he'll stay by his side even despite the risks to make Ciel understand that his whole "I should distance people" shtick is shtick because Ciel will become more closed off if Soma died and I want things turn out positiiiiiive :(

That’s the way this fandom’s been lately. Things go slowly forever and we start leaving, then something like this happens, and we’re again stuck in purgatory. It’d be super shocking and tragic if Soma died, but I hope he lives! 

It’s true- if something happened to Soma, it’d just reinforce Ciel’s “all my friends will die so I won’t bother having any” mindset. 

I’m toying with the possibility that Soma might also be a “Sirius” blood type, but nobody knows yet. Until he’s shot and Sieglinde rushes over to help. Then Ciel will donate some of his blood to help Soma. 

One of my favorite character designs for County Road 13, even though his design isn’t very concrete.

This fellow here is The Fracture, a crossroads demon that terrorizes the souls stuck in Purgatory. Where The Shard used his shape shifting abilities to create logical forms, The Fracture takes the fluidity of form to its extreme and presents as a constantly shifting mass of fur and teeth and claws that can rapidly become very large and terrible at will.

He always displays as something resembling a black dog, but other than that there are no rules for him. He is The Shard’s biggest adversary.

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Top 5 game series you think deserve a comeback.

Dynamite Headdy, Croc, Earthworm Jim, Gex and Space Quest.
Not in that particular order, but would be nice for all of them to come back in some form.

Dynamite Headdy only got one game but was one of the most creative games on the Mega Drive.
They coudl do so much wih sequels and its imaginitive cocnepts.

Croc is purely because of nostalgia, thats kinda it.

Earthworm Jim had several 2D games and a TV show, all of which were pretty awesome, but seems to have fallen to the wayside in recent years.
A new 2D game with hand-drawn graphics would be amazing.

Gex has so much potential being a parody game, with how much stuff it could take the piss out of since 2000.

Space Quest is one of the funniest games I’ve ever played and while the original creators are stuck in Kickstarter purgatory, a new Space Quest taking notes from the amazingly good 2015 Kings Quest retelling would be great.

Also apologies for the mediocre artwork, been feeling eh.


ive had a few ideas for a webcomic ive been dying to start?? please let me know if any of these sound interesting, or if you’d like me to explain further!

- a story about four kids who try and help ghosts stuck in purgatory through harmless communication (and also a few demons slain here and there)

- a slice-of-life story about two anthropomorphic dragons in a world of fictional, hybrid, and regular animals. (think zootopia but with cryptids!) ((i have so much concept work for this smh,,))

- a dramatic fantasy story about terrain-based kingdoms (earth, sky, water, and underworld) with different citizens and cultures (i have a shit ton of concept work for this one too!)

please let me know if any of these pique your interest!! i’d love to answer some questions!

Alright, looks like today’s video is stuck in processing purgatory (COME ON, YOUTUBE) but I will re-upload and set it public as soon as I’m home after work today. In the meantime, I’ll set a couple “Discovering Steven Universe” videos live :)

Stuck In Purgatory - Part 2

Part 1

Dean was going crazy. Ever since he came back from purgatory without you, his daughter he promised on his life to safe, and the angel Castiel, also his best friend. Once he came back, he went to deliver Benny and then he found Sam. Now, he is finding a way to get his daughter and the angel.

He got the surprise, not long ago, finding Castiel in the middle of the road. He was happy that the angel came back, and he is fine. Though, he searched for you, in the woods, everywhere. Nothing was found.

“Cass, have you any idea where she could be?” Dean asked “is she still in purgatory? Is she still alive? Is she okay?”

“I do not know” Castiel admitted “I had to leave her, I kept being attacked by Leviathans. I couldn’t put her in danger, but I did try to keep an eye on her”.

“Dammit, Cass!” Dean exclaimed “why did you let my daughter alone in there”.

“Dean” Sam stopped him “we will find her. Something brought Cass here, we need to find out who”.

“Maybe if I can go back to purgatory, find her and get back to the portal” Dean planned.

“What if you don’t find it, Dean?” Sam asked him “what if you can’t find her and you get stuck too?”

“I will find her” Dean promised.

In purgatory, you were also going insane. Well, you didn’t have time to go crazy, you are fighting every day to survive with the hope that you’re father, Uncle Sam or Uncle Cass would come.

You lean onto a tree, panting after killing two vampires. You had gotten better, stronger and faster. You don’t know how much time it has been since you are on your own, but it seems like months, even years. You know it’s not years, but you feel like the days are so long, watching your back and killing things.

When you were with your father, you didn’t fight a lot, since he didn’t wanted too. Now, you fight and your clothes and face can show it. Blood is decorating your white t-shirt and black plaid, your face is covered in bruise and blood, that isn’t all yours and your hair really needs to be washed.


You get up from the ground, knife in hand and all your senses in alert. You freeze at the sight of him and the two people behind him.

“Dad?” You choked out.

“Son of bitch” Dean sighed relieved “(Y/N)”.

You run to him and squeeze him as hard as you can, dropping your weapon to the ground.

“You found me” you said against his chest.

“Always, I’ll always find you”.

You pull away and take Sam and Cass in your arms.

“How are we going to get out?” You asked.

“We find the portal and get back home” Dean passes a hand in your hair “you, little girl, need a shower”.

You smile at him and follow the three men in this dark forest. You can now already feel better, your fright to be here alone is now gone, because you now that they are going to protect you.

You aren’t stuck in purgatory anymore.

“I love you.”

Dean feels pretty pleased with himself when he dares to say it to Cas for the very first time. Hell, come to think of it, it’s probably the first time he’s said those words to anyone ever.

They’re on Dean’s bed, cuddling. Just cuddling.

Castiel smiles at the admission, but he doesn’t look like Dean saying it is some kind of novelty.

“I know… You’ve mentioned it before. I love you, Dean.”


Dean frowns, going through memories, trying to find what it is that Cas is talking about. He comes up blank.

Cas seems to know, because yeah, Cas always knows.

“You said it when we were stuck in purgatory together and you wanted me to go home with you.” Castiel supplies. “And when I tried to hurt you because Naomi was controlling me…”

Dean replays the memories, painful as they are. He remembers. Every feeling, every word.

“But I never said…” Dean starts, then trails off.

Cas is simply watching him, patient as always, never pushing his limits. Willing to wait for Dean to catch up.

And then Dean gets it. Cas is right. He’s said it, many times. Hasn’t said the literal words, but has communicated them all the same. Cas being Cas, of course he’d been smart enough to pick up on it ages ago. Has known it way before Dean dared to say it out loud, therefore isn’t surprised.

Dean grins as he crawls closer to Cas, hiding his face against Cas’ chest to cover up his blush.

“You’re right.” He confesses against the fabric of Cas’ shirt. “I did.”

Sin lilts along your breath just as the sea might push a boat and perhaps if I weren’t a liar I would admit that you’re the metallic taste of guilt rotting away at my throat but fuck, I am a liar, maybe not as good a liar as you but a liar all the same, a liar stuck in purgatory hoping to God that maybe one day I can tell you how my cells become supernovas when you utter my name.
—  #133- excerpts from the book I’ll never write