stuck in a web

pokemon au time! peter parker did not inherit his position as the bug type gym leader from his uncle, he earned it, when a terrorist organization threatened the town, peter’s uncle ben tried to fight them off and got mortally wounded, peter took up the mantle as the iconic masked gym leader and drove the bad guys out of town, he’s been gym leader ever since, its not a job he takes lightly

his gym is a bouncy labyrinth of tangled web and poor lighting, when wild bug pokemon get in peter leaves them alone, the sheer number of spider like pokemon that live there keep the walls constantly changing and moving, he has to do sweeps occasionally just to make sure nobody got stuck in a web while trying to find the exit, on the outside the gym motto is carved into the stonework, “with great power comes great responsibility”

peter’s first pokemon was a joltik his aunt and uncle gave him when he was five, they became fast friends and they’ve never parted since, his little joltik grew into a galvantula when peter became gym leader, it was the saddest and proudest day of peter’s life

peter caught his pinsir when it got into his aunt’s flowerbed and started rooting around, he and joltik were just going to beat it up at first, but aunt may suggested he capture it instead, pinsir is still a real troublemaker, but peter wouldn’t have him any other way

when peter’s childhood friend, gwen, moved out of town, they had decided to trade pokemon, peter’s pinsir for gwen’s nincada, to their surprise nincada evolved after trading and suddenly they had an extra pokemon on hand, gwen gave back peter’s pinsir and took ninjask with her, peter kept shedinja, gwen thought it was perfect because this way they both had a pokemon to remember each other by

peter caught ribombee on his trip to alola with his aunt, he thought they were so cute he couldn’t resist, ribombee is a continual thorn in his side, she doesn’t listen to anything he says and would much rather play than fight, he lets her do her own thing most of the time, she likes helping out aunt may in her garden, and she’s a sucker for sweets

larvesta wasn’t on the top of peter’s list but mj told him she wanted one and was having trouble catching it, so peter caught one for her, except when he tried to hand off the pokemon it ran away and found peter again, they both agreed that it would be cruel to keep the pokemon away from peter so he adopted it, he’s currently working on evolving it into a volcarona

peter’s last pokemon isn’t a bug pokemon, and he certainly hadn’t been trying to catch it, they just kind of fell together, peter made friends with the legendary pokemon xerneas when he got lost in the woods nearby looking for a missing child, as gym leader he’s always at the head of community driven things like volunteer search parties, the pokemon had found the child and protected it from the storm, peter found the two in an old forgotten part of the forest he’d stumbled into, peter doesn’t tell anyone about xerneas

You Meme A Lot To Me

Clint has created a chatroom.

Clint has invited Y/N, Natasha.

Clint: every breath you take, every move you make, every bond you break

Natasha: clint, it’s 2 am.

Clint: every step you take

Clint: I’ll be watching you. happy valentine’s day. my gifts will be delivering later on pls do not trash them

Natasha: is that coulson’s song?

Y/N: this explains why my room is flooded with gifts from the others

Natasha: why must tony give us all cardboard cutouts of him every year?

Pietro has joined the chat.

Pietro: couldn’t u choose a better song old man? this is why u have no valentine. even ur wife said no.

Clint: did i invite u? no.

Pietro: today is a day of love so don’t be salty

Clint: Na.

Clint: hahaha get it

Pietro: no

Clint: ofc you wouldn’t

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Come Back to Me (Part Two)

Fandom: Marvel
Ship: Peter Parker x Reader
Requested: Yes: “Can I request like a continuation of your homecoming fic, like where Peter begins to gain feelings for reader? Please?”
Genre: Fluff??
Warnings: Blood Mention
Part One Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six Part Seven Part Eight Part Nine Part Ten

Originally posted by blurryfandoms

When you heard the familiar knock on your bedroom window in the late hours of the night, you smiled. You moved from your bed and to the window across the room, opening it to see Spiderman sticking to the side of your house. You laughed lightly, still not used to the sight after this happening nearly every night for the past three months.

“Hey, Pete,” you greeted him as he crawled into your room. You closed the window behind him and plopped back onto your bed as he took his mask off and threw it onto your desk. He groaned as he laid down next to you, finally being able to relax after what you presumed was a long night of fighting.

After a few minutes of silence, he turned his head towards you. “Hey, (YN),” he laughed softly, and the smile that lit up his face caused a smile to form on your own. 

“Long night?” You asked, staring down at him fondly. He nodded, turning his head to face the ceiling again and letting his eyes fall closed. You continued to look at him fondly until you realized he could catch you, and you quickly looked down at your hands. 

It’d been three months since the Homecoming dance, since Peter had told you he was Spiderman, since Liz left the school—and the state—due to her father’s trial. You and Peter had been closer than ever. You helped him hide his secret from Aunt May, and although you were jealous when you found out Ned had known before you, it was easier for Peter to have two friends to rely on instead of one.

He had been coming over your house almost every night, and if he needed an icepack or to get his cuts cleaned up and bandaged properly, you were always ready. You hadn’t been getting as much sleep as you used to in fear Peter would come to your window severely hurt and you wouldn’t answer because you were sleeping, so you resorted to drinking multiple cups of coffee a day to stay awake and energized at whatever hour he would stop by.

“Any injuries you need cleaned up today?” You asked, breaking the silence. Peter opened his eyes and looked back at you. 

“No, I’m okay,” he smiled again. You resisted the urge to grin back at him. “Thanks, though.”

“Mhm,” you gave him a tight-lipped smile, noticing the warm feeling in your chest you got whenever he smiled at you. You looked away again. “That’s good, because you know how squeamish I get around blood,” you joked and he laughed. You knew he was still looking at you, but you wouldn’t dare glance his way when you were sure a large smile was on his face. 

You hopped off of your bed and wordlessly left your room, grabbing two water bottles from your fridge quietly to not wake up your parents. You walked back to your bedroom to see Peter now sitting up on your bed. He smiled at you again. He needed to stop that. You sat down next to him, and you handed him one of the bottles of water. 

“Thanks,” he said, and you nodded as you opened your own. You heard the crackling of the bottle in seconds, before you had even taken a sip from yours, and you looked over to see Peter’s bottle empty. You laughed under your breath and extended your arm to offer him your bottle.

“Want mine?” You asked.

“No, no, I’m fine,” he shook his head, although his eyes stayed on the water in your hands. 

You moved it closer to him. “Take it,” you said, smile on your face when he took it from you and gulped the whole bottle down in seconds again. You laughed another time as a few drops of water fell down his chin.

“Come on, don’t get water on my bed,” you chastised him and raised your hand without thinking, wiping the water off his chin with your thumb. He looked at you with wide eyes, and you froze with your thumb in midair when you had realized what you had done. 

“I- uh- I,” he stuttered over his words, continuing to stare you in the eyes. 

“Sorry,” you forced out, and you found the strength in you to put your thumb down and wipe it on your pajama pants. You quickly looked away from him and he cleared his throat. 

“I’m- uh- gonna get going. Spanish quiz tomorrow, so, I should probably get some sleep in,” he laughed nervously and stood up from your bed, and you stood up after him to close the window behind him.

“Yeah, uh, I’ll see you tomorrow,” you said. You watched him put his mask on and crawl out the window, and as he stuck to the side of your house again, ready to web himself to another building, he looked towards you like he did every night, and said,

“Thanks, best friend,” before disappearing into the night. 

You sighed as you closed your window. You shut your lamp off and crawled into bed, trying to fall asleep. You thought, these feelings need to leave before it ruins your friendship with Peter.

You didn’t fall asleep for hours.

I’m not sure I’m liking this as much as the first part, but I am planning on writing another part and making this into a mini series. Please let me know if you guys would actually like a third part!! Thank you so much for all the notes left on the first part, it means a lot!!! Feedback is always welcome, and requests are open :)


Voodoo Mama's Spellbook: Revenge Curse

*My spells are okay for any and everyone to use in their craft, not just those who practice Voodoo or Hoodoo*

Oh babies this sure is a NASTY spell. This is a revenge cross/curse. I originally got it years ago from a website and changed a lot of aspects of it. I cannot seem to find the original writer to give them the original credit but if you know please let me know. Again, I have changed a lot about the spell and have made it my own.


  • Spiderwebs, from a very dark place in your home preferably 
  • Black Square of Fabric
  • Dead Insect 
  • Plants or herbs for your intent. I will be using Spanish Moss and the flowers from a Persian Silk Tree 
  • Personal Item of the Person 
  • Black Candle 
  • Oil to anoint the candle with proper intent (Optional, I will be using Black Arts Oil)
  • Small slip of paper
  • Pen (If you can write in bats blood ink that would work amazing too.)


  1. Write what you want to happen to the person on the slip of paper. Do you want them to suffer? Lose their job? 
  2. Anoint the candle in your oil of choice and light it. Imagine everything that will happen with this curse. Really put your energy into it. If you are contacting any specific deity for this, now would be the time. If not, continue. 
  3. As the candle burns, place the cobwebs you obtained into the center of the square. This is to bind and hold. This will stick. 
  4. Take the dead insect and place it inside of the web. This insect represents your victim. They are now stuck in your web. Add the personal item at this point to bind it to them. Bonus points if it is their hair or nails as it will make the spell more likely to work and even stronger. 
  5. Sprinkle any herbs or plants that you gathered into the mixture, visualizing their intent. 
  6. Pour the candle wax into everything. Just onto all of the ingredients. You are sealing them in and there is no turning back at this point. 
  7. Tie everything together with the fabric. Thank your deity if you called them. Go somewhere dark and dank, using the candle as your only light. Like a corner of your basement, a crawlspace under your house, a hole in your closet wall, somewhere like that. Make sure it will get as little light as possible. Once you find a place, blow out the candle and let the smoke linger. Now you will leave it there for either 16 days or 16 weeks, which is 4 months. There is no in between. The number must be 16. So choose the smaller time or the longer time. Either way it will work but I would think of it like this: The longer it stays the more extreme the curse will be, as it builds up over time. Do not look at, touch, or mess with it until it has been either 16 days or 16 weeks. I would count it down to the minute just to be safe. The devil cannot even refuse you when you use the number 16. 
  8. As the time continues, you will notice things start to slowly happen to the person. Small inconveniences. This is when you know that the energy has found the person. It is watching them and waiting on your last command. 
  9. You are now to seal the deal. All of the built up energy in this charm is ready to be released. Take it and (quickly) go to a graveyard. Bury the charm under ground and as soon as it is completely covered, the energy will spark and sink into the ground. Pushed by the spirits, it will find the person you aimed it at and hit them like a ton of bricks.

Warnings: This is a very powerful spell. I would not recommend it if you just want to cause a little bad luck on someone. This is for serious revenge and someone who really deserves it. THIS CURSE CANNOT BE REVERSED. THE CURSE WILL CARRY ON UNTIL IT FEELS IT HAS DONE THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF REVENGE FOR YOU. The energy has to go somewhere and if you leave it alone for longer than 16 weeks the spell will hunt you down. If you throw it away it will hunt you down. You cannot back out after the wax is poured. If you choose to stop, before the wax is poured of course, simply take the bug out of the web and bury it and then dispose of the other items.

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Title: “Can I try on the Suit?” (Reader x Peter Parker)

Summary: A certain spider hero crawls into the confines and comfort of his own bedroom, not even realising that the reader has been waiting for him.

Word Count: 1536

A/N: OK I LOVE THIS A LOT! I’ve been working on it during my free time this week and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! :) 

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Uptown Girl [5]

Summary: Y/N comes from one of the richest families in New York. Peter crushes hard on her but knows they could never happen.

AN: first of all, i want to say thank you to everyone who’s read uptown girl!! i cannot thank you enough for all your kind words <3 second, i lied lmao there’s gonna be one FINAL chapter after this one (i promise this is for real now lmao) p.s. peter’s pov lol

p.s. (2) don’t hate me for ending this chapter where it ends lol

Peter Parker x Reader


// Masterlist //

Originally posted by buckybarnres

“Karen, could you show me the videos I took on my phone from last Tuesday.” I was laid down on the top of a building after a long afternoon of running after car thieves and helping lost tourists. All I wanted to do was see Y/N and sleep.

“I’m connecting to your phone, now.” Karen’s robotic voice filled my ears. “Playing video footage.”

My vision was filled with Y/N’s smiling face as we walked in the park. Her hair was blowing in the wind and the light that was hitting her face made her look like an angel.

“Peter! Put that away! I look hideous right now.” She exclaimed in the video. As if she could ever look hideous.

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a little gift;

summary: for the last couple of months, a certain friendly neighborhood superhero has been leaving you your favorite coffee every morning when you get to school. you don’t know how he knows you (or your favorite coffee order), but you’ve got a funny feeling you’re gonna find out soon.

relationship: lee jeno/reader.

genre: spiderman!au, romance, fluff.

words: 8.6k

warnings: mentions of violence and blood. language.

a/n: you can tell I had fun with this. inspired by spiderman homecoming and a lot of love for lee jeno! edit: ALSO APPRECIATE THIS BEAUTIFUL EDIT DONE BY @calemiel FOR THIS FIC. I LOVE HER, SHE’S SO GOOD AT EDITING. HERE’S THE FULL VERSION

It’s there again.

The first time you’d ever seen the drink stuck to the front of your locker door with an intricately weaved webbed cup holder, you had honestly thought you were hallucinating from being awake so early. You had poked at the web for several odd minutes, completely enthralled in just exactly how it was made before you realized you recognized that weird material. You’d seen it strapped around the bodies of criminals hanging from traffic lights and you’d seen it holding together broken car doors for citizens affected by the fact that there were just… people running around, wielding alien weapons these days. It belonged to your friendly neighborhood Spiderman, only… you couldn’t quite understand why it was here, holding your favorite coffee to your locker door as if it was a gift from a friend.

There wasn’t even a note to explain what it was there for; all you had to go off of was that it was seemingly for you, and no one was around to tell you otherwise. You probably should have been more cautious about drinking a strange drink (even if it looked fairly normal after you’d examined it for another set of minutes) from a masked hero you’d never even met personally before, but you were also a high school senior, and you were tired, and there was your favorite coffee waiting for you to consume, waiting to wake you up. I mean, why would Spiderman want to poison you? You couldn’t find too many reasons not to drink it.

And weirdly enough, that was the first, but not the last time.

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A Walking Cliché

Request: “could you do a peter smut where the reader was at his apartment for some reason (shit man idk why) and he comes home all beat up and she finds out about him being spiderman and she cleans him up an reassures him she won’t tell anyone and it leads to smut??? this was really long and all over the place so im sorry but i think it’d be cute?”

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 2.4k

Warnings: SMUT!!! DADDY KINK PETER BC OFC HE’D WANT TO BE DOMINANT THAT COCKY IMPATIENT BASTARD!!! Oh dear God I am going to Hell. Like this is 18+ stuff kids, you’ve been warned

Under the cover of night, everything was black. His suit was stained black, his hands coming back black after touching the stinging wound on his chest. The trail he left was black, readily soaking into the ground to be red come morning light. Peter’s breathing was shallow as he hoisted himself up the side of his apartment block, preferring the pain over accidentally waking his Aunt. Each excruciating clamber ached as his muscles weakened away to the dull throb of pain, which explained why the shadow lurking in his room didn’t tickle his spidey senses the moment he dropped onto his carpeted floor.

With the flick of your finger, light blared in Peter’s eyes, his bloodied hand coming up to shield his face. Blood poured through his fingertips, dropping onto the cream floor, staining the carpet with crimson spots. You fell to your knees, a look of both concern and anger lacing your features.

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warnings: implications of rape/sexual abuse, crying, cussing, friendship.

a/n: this is one of the fluffiest things I've written and it’s still super angsty. list of prompts here. send messages and suggestions here. masterlist here

“Good night, Bevy,” he said as he left her room, closing the door behind him.

It had happened again. Beverly didn’t think it was something that would ever stop. She waited until she could hear the tv from the other room. The red-headed girl stood, tears falling silently from her eyes, and dressed, stuffing some clothes into a bag. She made her way to the window and left down the fire escape.

Everything on her body ached, she had scrapes on her knees and back, bruises on her wrists and ribs. Nothing was okay anymore. It hurt to sit on her bike, so she stood on the petals as she made the fifteen minute trip to Richie’s.

Richie was the only one of the losers to know about what happened to her, not even bill or ben knew. She had debated telling mike before, but it never seemed right. Richie understood.

It was cold that night. Her bruised skin gathered into goosebumps as the chilly air nipped at her. She hadn’t grabbed a jacket before leaving. She didn’t care too much.

When Beverly arrived at Richie’s she went around to the side of the one-story home. Still crying she knocked on his bedroom window. The curtains were shut. She could see a light on. The curtains moved to reveal a face. It wasn’t Richie’s.

“Hey, thanks fo- Beverly?” Eddie spoke. Fuck. “You’re not the pizza guy, are you alright?” Richie was at the window as fast as possible pulling the pale girl into the room. Once she entered, it turned into a hug, Beverly crying into Richie’s shirt. Eddie looked at Richie with a confused look.

“Could you give us a minute?” Richie asked Eddie, who nodded still confused. Eddie left the room. Richie pulled away from the hug, holding Beverly’s face in his hands. He leaned down to look at her, wiping tears from under her red puffy eyes. Somehow, the bloodshot made the blue more vibrant.

“Everything hurts.” Beverly whimpered quietly.

“Where does it hurt?” She gestured to a few different spots and then held out her wrists. Purple bracelets stained her skin. Richie pulled her back into a tight, but gentle hug. Lips kissing the top of her head.

Meanwhile, outside of the room, Eddie was greeted with the rest of the boys. “Is the pizza here?” Mike asked. Eddie shook his head, confusion still present on his face.

“W-w-where’s Ri-Richie?” Bill asked.

“With Beverly.” The others looked at him equally as confused.

“I didn’t know she was coming,” Ben said. Richie’s parents were away at some convention for dentists, so he decided to have his friends over for a ‘guys night’ (it was a sleepover. They’re all lying to themselves). The only reason his mom went was that she didn’t trust his father.

“I didn’t either. She just sorta, showed up crying.” Eddie explained.

“She’s crying?” Ben asked.

“Yeah, and Richie asked for a minute. I have no clue whats going on, but it seemed serious.” Eddie continued. Bill remained quiet. Ben started panicking a little, every thought possible going through his head. Mike’s face twisted with concern. Stan’s did the same.

Richie continued to hold Beverly. Beverly continued to cry. “I’m sorry I came when Eddie was here.” She told him. Richie laughed softly.

“It’s okay. We were just waiting for pizzas. It’s no big deal.” He whispered. Beverly started to breathe easy for a second. “Just so you know the others are here too.” Richie blurted out. Beverly’s eyes went wide.

“What?” Beverly asked, pulling out of the hug. She wasn’t planning on this. She was planning on telling them at some point and it never really felt right. The mood was never depressing enough to talk about the shit she goes through.  

“I can make them leave if you want.” Richie offered.

“No, don’t do that.” She replied quickly. She wiped the tears from under her eyes and sat quietly for a minute. All the thoughts running through her brain. A series of what ifs. Richie watched her closely, he didn’t want her to do anything she didn’t want to do. He just wanted her pain to go away. “I could tell them.”

The silence in the room barred down on the two of them after she spoke. Her words hung in the air like something stuck in a spider web. “You- you don’t have to do that. I know it was hard to tell me-”

“I’m gonna do it.” She said, clearing her throat. She hugged Richie once more before Richie opened the door for her. The boys still outside of it. She wasn’t expecting to be confronted with it immediately, but she stood there and told the boys why she was there, she told them what happens, everything. She didn’t know what response she was expecting. Maybe disgust. Perhaps anger. But she was met with love and acceptance.

Hugs were shared and tears were shed, but movies were watched and popcorn popped. It was like everything was alright. Everything was normal, but no one wanted her to have to go back home. Because even though they had all been facing a monster for weeks, Beverly had been facing one her entire life.

Tired [Part:1(?)]
  • Pairing: Jerome Valeska/Joker x Reader.
  • Possible pairing soon: Jerome Valeska x Reader x Peter Parker.
  • AU included: DC/MARVEL.
  • Prompt: You had enough with Jerome as he keeps seducing other girls in front of you so you plan to leave him and go to New York. Where you will find yourself stuck in the web of another bug who will fall in love with you.


Part [2] [3] [4[5] [6]

You couldn’t believe it, just he has made an oath that he wouldn’t flirt with other girls again he was in awe at the new member of the Asylum, Harleen Quinzel. You were having a conversation to Barbara when you heard the obnoxious laugh of the duo; they look like they’re having a blast.

“Oh, puddin’… You’re so funny!” Harley gave Jerome a love-struck smile.

“Why thank you my dear Harley.”

And that’s the cue where you felt empty inside. Barbara was giving you comforting words but you blacken out in your mentality zone. How could he? That’s when you snickered suddenly it made Barbara jumbled. “I’m so dumb…” you stared at the ceiling, trying not to weep and make the stream of tears flow down. “I thought he could love me, I just noticed that I knew so many things about him but not a single thing he made an effort to know about me. I’m just another toy to him, another slave…” you stared at Barbara, rubbing your eyes and tried to hide all the evidence of wretchedness lingering.

“Barbara, if I get out of this hell hole. I would like you to know that… You’ve been a great friend and all. I want to be sane again…” smiling at her, Barbara looked at you bewildered.

She sighed, “Well if that’s what you want, but what about Jerome?”

“My ex? Well let’s just say I finally found out that I loathe him and wouldn’t like to see him again.”

Then there came the new inmate after few, he introduced himself rather dramatically and after the event, the gas incident happened. The eight including you— inmates managed to escape but then was held as captive by Theo Galavan who made an offer. You were about to refuse but one of the inmates, Sionis declined and was slaughtered by Tabitha. You figured out that it was best to shut up even though Harley keeps cackling now and then.

“Are you sure about this?” The boys were up and you and Barbara were undercover in an alleyway. Barbara gave a bag, which was filled of robbed necessities and some change for the bus. You slipped up the back to your shoulder and nodded before smiling at her and giving her a hug. “I’m going to miss you…”

“Me too.”

“Alright go on now (Y/N), I’ll take care of the group,” she said, you covered your face with the hood of your jacket and gone to the other direction and followed the citizens and managed to blend in.

As you moved on you looked at the structure where Jerome and the others are on.

“This is a choice, (Y/N). Think about it.”

The advice of Barbara made you doublethink. You saw Jerome examining the crowd you were in; he stared at swarm like a hawk stalking its prey. Then his gaze landed on you swiftly, which made you swallow your saliva for a moment. Thankfully he then continued on to gaze at the other civilians. He didn’t notice you, luckily. Just then Harley was included at the act and embraced Jerome from behind and managed to kiss him passionately which he in return, kissed back.

You smiled with a hint of sorrow, he looks so happy. The gaze you want to him to look at you for so long was now staring back at Harley. You didn’t notice that the tears are falling and your body started to move by on its own. Going away, finally moving on. You grabbed the portrait that was in your pocket, a picture where you and Jerome where fourteen. Happy faces and the stare that he looks at you was known to be “Love”, but now it was for another girl.

You waited at a bus stop far away from the incident. There was a bus waiting with other passengers going in. You torn the picture into two, smiling and is proud to yourself and run towards the bus with a grinning face. Welcoming a new life.

“Hey gorgeous!” Jerome smirked at Barbara’s scowling face; he waved at her while his other hand was held by Harley who was skipping joyfully. The inmates behind him. He looked around the location they were in, not seeming to find his girlfriend anywhere.

“Where’s (Y/N)?” he inquire while eyeing around and was even opening the garbage beside Barbara if she was in there jokingly. “Seriously Jerome?” Barbara rolled her eyes and Jerome chuckled. “Seriously, where is she?”

Barbara sighed, making Jerome raise an eyebrow.

“She is gone.”

The psychopath looked stunned but in a matter of seconds picked himself up and giggled. He was puzzled, how could she abandon him without permission. She was severely in love with him, “This got to be a quip, and I mean that fool has been in love with me for five years! (Y/N) couldn’t leave me behind like that. She couldn’t be that much of a fucking idiot. Without me she could be dead as a weasel,” he let Harley’s hand fall earning a pout from her and proceeded to place both of his hand on Barbara’s shoulder. Looking at her with an insane smile but his eyes told otherwise.

“She said that she is happy for you being happy with another, ahem… Person.” she answered looking at Harley who was looking around obviously not listening and in her own world.

“She said that she wants to feel sane again, she was happy that you found someone that can make you feel real emotions and she wants you to know that she is proud of you—“

The conductor was beside you and you gave the money as he nod and went on to the other seat. You stared outside the window. “New York here I come…

She couldn’t have done this to me…” his eyes were void after Barbara explaining everything.

Barbara nodded the other members of the Maniax to follow her, whom they followed; Harley was looking at Jerome confused but was then confronted by Barbara who pulled her.


“I’ll find her one way or another… She will fucking regret leaving me.” He soon then followed along the group, “You can’t escape Mr. Joker, Mrs. Valeska~

The Hero Next Door

Pairings: Peter Parker x reader

Word count: 2 206

Requested: heyo can you do a peter parker x reader where the reader and him are bff’s and she secretly is really into spider-man(like she has a crush on him and no one knows) and he saves her one day from whatever and she’s so nervous. ;3 (she can find out it’s peter or not and maybe a kiss??)

A/N: So so so so sorry I post it so late. I’ve no idea since when i had it in my Inbox but i finally found the time to write it. I really hope you like it ♥ Let me know what you think :) 

Originally posted by tomhollandhollaatme

“Hey, Pete!”, I whispered yelled at Peter who was sitting in front of me in our Biology class.

“Yes?”, he leaned back, still trying to take note of what the teacher was saying.

“Would you like to come at my place tonight?”

“What for?”, Was he seriously asking me this question?

“To have sex with me.”, I stated while rolling my eyes.

“What?”, he turned around bursting out with wide eyes.

“Is there a problem, Mr. Parker?”, the teacher and the others students were now looking at us, well him.

“Um, n-no, Mrs. Wallin.”, the boy stuttered and I tried to cover my laugh, “I was surprised by what you were saying.”

“You were surprised by how our heart works?”, Peter turned red immediately. He hadn’t paid attention to the teacher’s explanation, “I suggest you listen to me more carefully, Mr. Parker.”, and then she continued with her lesson.

“It’s your fault, (Y/L/N).”

“Am I guilty you are too excited to have sex with me, Parker.”, I smirked, “But now seriously, are you coming tonight?”, I asked again hoping he would say yes.

“I can’t.”

“We won’t have sex I promise. It will be a movie night.”

“I know, I just can’t.”, as I was about to protest and make him come the bell rang. We collected out stuff and exited the room.

“Is that a way to ditch me?”

Peter and I have been friends since I moved in the apartment next to his. He was so sweet and polite to me just the perfect boy next door. He introduced me to his best friend Ned and soon we were the powerful trio of the school. You know, the one that nobody notices. Almost every weekend we have a film marathon – Star Wars and Harry Potter are the most preferred ones. By that time I knew every second of the movies but still we enjoy them. But since Peter got in that internship the movie nights are rare. Yeah, I and Ned are doing some stuff with the Lego but it isn’t the same without our third wheel Peter Parker, as I use to call him.

“No, (Y/N)! But I have no time for movies tonight. I have that Stark internship I told you about.”, I observed Peter. He didn’t look at me which he did only when he lied to me.

“You are spending too much time with Stark. I’m starting to think you like him more than me.”

“Maybe he is way funnier than you are.”, the boy winked at me as we approached Ned who was sitting on our table for lunch.

“Hey, guys.”, he greeted us when we took our seats, “Ho-”

“Peter’s not coming tonight.”, I interrupted the poor boy but he didn’t seem surprised.

“Actually…”, Ned was playing with his fingers which meant only one thing.

“You are not coming too?! I hate you guys!”

“That’s not true and you know it.”, I crossed my arms and looked away not paying attention to Peter’s words.

“Are you giving us the silent treatment, again?”, as a respond I took my sandwich from by back and took a bite.

“Don’t worry, Ned.”, Peter reassured him as he tasted his food, “She can’t keep her mouth shut.”

“That’s not true!”, I burst out.

“See.”, Peter smirked but I punched him slightly in the shoulder.

Our days were basically this. We joked around and teased each other like 24/7. It’s surprising what a person hides when they meet someone new. At the beginning Peter was so shy and nervous but once we got close he let the beast out. When that happens, he is uncontrollable – Peter The sass queen Parker.  

I like all his sides. His funny one, which makes me feel better every time I’m not in the mood. The one when he is too much into something that he forgets the world around him. The angry one, because at these moments he is like a puppy, so sweet and harmless. His nerdy one which makes me fall asleep when he starts chattering about Stars Wars and tells you every detail you cannot remember afterwards which makes him angry. As I was staring at him right now I couldn’t stop smiling.

“Earth to (Y/N)!”, Ned brought me back to reality.

“Was it necessary to ruin my dreams?”

“And what were you dreaming about?”, he leaned closed and my heart skipped a beat but I wasn’t going to show my emotions so I leaned in too with a smirk.

“Not your business, Parker.”

“Look! Penis Parker is about to kiss a girl!”, I heard Flash’s voice somewhere behind us. I rolled my eyes and turned around to face him, “Did your friend Spiderman pay this girl to do so?”

“Fuck off, Flash. I’m not in the mood for you.”, giving him a death glare wasn’t enough.

“Not going anywhere, sweetheart.”

“If you really want to get your balls cut and then taste them, stay.”, I smiled at him as he gulped.

“You have luck I have something to do.”, he lied and turned around. But as he did so he bumped into a girl and the food she was holding was now on her shirt. The girl clenched her jaws and hit him with her bag…several times.

“I want to stay and admire the show but I have to go.”, informing the boys I stood up and took my rucksack.

“We have two more classes.”

“You have two more. I don’t. Our teacher is pregnant and there is no one to take her place for the moment so…goodbye losers!”

*             *             *

Would I be a whore for liking two guys?! That was on my mind as I was going home. I know I’m falling for Peter but there was somebody else I’m head over heels for (And don’t you dare laugh at me for this!) – Spiderman. I have no idea how that happened and why. I mean, I’ve never seen his face or so but it isn’t the appearance that makes my heart jump when I see him flying through the city. It’s the fact that he risks his life for people he doesn’t know. He tries to make this place better although sometimes he is failing. I wish I could meet him and get to know him, who he is, what he likes and stuff. Unfortunately, for him I’m probably just one of the thousands fangirls he has.

It’s 10pm and I’m lying in my bed thinking about the two boys.

“Fuck it!”, I groaned and buried my head in the pillow, “This won’t happen in hundred years.”

Thankfully to my stomach growing I forgot about the boys and though about something way more important – what to eat. I live alone so there is no one to buy groceries when I’m too lazy to do it. I went to the fridge but there was nothing in it when I opened it.

“I don’t want to go out”, I cried out, “But I will die of starvation…Well, at least I will lose the two kilos I’ve been trying to get rid of.”, I reassured myself for a moment, “But I’m hungry…Maybe if I go to the store I’ll burn the calories I will eat.”

I hurried to put on some clothes before I lost my incentive. I took the keys and some money and exited the building. When I was outside the cold breeze zoomed into my face making me shiver. It took me five minutes to reach the supermarket.

“Closed?! What do you mean closed?!”, it was written that the only day they wouldn’t work was today. I groaned in annoyance. “Maybe the destiny is telling me something… to go fifteen more minutes to McDonalds and eat there.”, or the destiny was  a bitch playing with me.  

As I was walking my stomach didn’t stop growing so I decided to take a shortcut. The path was dark and between two buildings. I quickened my pace in order to get out of it as soon as possible but the two men waiting me at the end didn’t think the same. As I saw them approaching I turned on my heel and went the other direction but there was a man there too. I was rooted to the sport with shock and fear of what was about to happen. Within seconds I felt a hand on my waist. I evaded from the grip but another man caught me.

“Get away from me.”, I shouted but one of them covered my mouth.

“Hush-hush little princess, we don’t want somebody to ruin what’s about to happen, right?”, I could smell the amount of alcohol they had drank. I kicked him between the legs and kicked the man behind me.

“Help!”, I screamed but the third man got me by my ankle as I tried to escape.

“You are not going anywhere, you lil’ bitch!”, He was on top of me, his weight not letting me move. Tears were rolling down my face as I understood what they were going to do to me.  

“I think you heard the lady. She said to back off!”, someone spoke with a familiar voice. In seconds the three men were stuck to the wall with web. Inhaling and exhaling I sought to normalize my breathing but it wasn’t happening.

“Let me help you.”, the man in red and blue suit came next to me and helped me stood up. He tightened his hand around my waist as I buried my face in his chest not believing what was happening, “Hold.”, and with that I couldn’t feel the ground below me anymore. For me it was like eternity but actually it took him seconds to land on the building I was living in.

“You okay?”, he asked but when he saw me crying he captured my face and looked at me, “Hey, shh, it’s alright. You are save now.”

In response I hugged him tightly and murmured a ‘thank you’. Removing the tears from my face I looked at the person in front of me having a clear vision. The situation which happened like two minutes ago was forgotten as this had happened to me several times. No, I haven’t been raped but such bastard can be met everywhere that’s why I’m always wearing something to protect myself…well besides now.

“No problems, (Y/N).”, he said and was about to jump and leave.

“Wait!”, he stopped and looked at me, “How do you know my name?”, maybe he was shocked or hadn’t heard me as he didn’t answer. I was about to ask him again when he spoke interrupting me.

“Peter Parker told me.”, I bit my lips. I had to thank that nerdy boy later.

“And what did he tell you?”

“That you are nice.”, Only that?! Peter told him only that!? Nice!? Oh he will see how nice I can be.

“I can’t believe that bastard told you only this. Why do I even have a crush on him?”, I murmured not realizing I spoke my thought out.


“What?”, I repeated Spiderman’s question, “I didn’t say anything.”

“You said you have crush on Peter.”

“What? No! I don’t have crush on Peter! I don’t have crush on you either! He is just a friend, a best friend. We…we are not a thing, not like I would mind that- Shit, I’m so nervous right now…I have to kill Peter for doing this to me!” while I was rumbling on I didn’t notice Spiderman taking his mask off.

“You can kill me after this.”, I looked up at Spiderman not understanding what he was talking about but as soon as I saw Peter nearing me my eyes got wide.

“Peter, what the fu-”, the boy connected our lips in a slow kiss. I closed my eyes immediately, placing my hands on his neck in order to deepen the kiss. I felt butterflies in my stomach and my body was on fire. His lips were soft and sent shivers down my spine. The feeling was amazing. I’ve read a lot about people kissing in my books but the sensation is indescribable. I’ve never thought a simple kiss can send you on cloud nine.

As we separated to take a breath I looked at him. He was smiling ear to ear.

“Peter Parker! How dare you not tell me you are the freaking gorgeous Spiderman?!”, I crossed my arms and looked at him seriously.

“I-um I-I didn’t know h-how.”, the boy stuttered nervously and rubbed his neck.

“I can’t believe the two people I have a crush on are actually one person and that I have a hero living next door to me.”, I finally gave up and a smile appeared on my face, “But the fact I like you doesn’t outweigh the fact you must make it up to me somehow.”, maybe it was the suit or something else, but his nervousness left as fast as mine did.

“Whatever you say.”

“I have something in mind.”, smirking I leaned it for another kiss. And another…and another.

“About the Stark internship.”, he mentioned it between the kisses.

“Don’t ruin the moment, Parker. You’ll tell me everything after it. There’s nowhere to run.”

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Spider-Webs (Peter Parker x Reader)


 Warnings: Mention of BDSM, make out

Word Count: 552

A/N: I’m so sorry this was a short one with a very short make out scene L I just couldn’t know what to do more with it :// this sucks.

It was a quiet Sunday morning in Queens, New York. Except for Peter Parker and poor Aunt May that had to deal with these teenagers’ relationship problems. She knocked Peter’s door to let his girlfriend and him to know that she was leaving to “run some errands” while they were trying to “solve their issues”.

“Come in!” Peter yelled although it was unnecessary. “Hey kids! Just wanted to let you know that I will be out for- a very long time. If you get hungry or-“

“Alright we’ll order some pizza, goodbye!” Peter marched towards to his door to shut it and painfully smiled at his aunt one last time before closing it.

Y/N’s arms were crossed and her gaze was revealing what was happening between them. Her eyes were fiercely staring into Peter’s.

“You know what Peter?”

“What now?!” Peter was fed up with his girlfriend’s non-stop arguing since they both stepped into his room earlier in the morning. He was not angry at her. He was angry at the boy.

“Despite what many think, I am completely capable of protecting myself.” She threw her hands in the air, looking like she was also fed up with Peter.

“I-I wasn’t even trying to protect you! I know damn well you would have punched that asshole in the face and he would even forget his own name! I- I just couldn’t stand him, staring at you like he was going to eat you up any second! I’m sorry but it wasn’t something I could bear anymore after he started flirting with you!” Peter was clearly pissed off. He couldn’t understand why Y/N was even mad at him. He was just jealous. And he was still jealous, thinking about what that jerk kept telling Y/N through the night where Peter just tried to calm down and waited for Y/N to do something.

“I-“ Y/N was shut by being stuck on the wall with Peter’s webs. Only her hands were stuck but even it was preventing her from moving into another place. It was impossible. Peter got closer and started to talk: “Look, I’m not letting you go until you listen to me.”


“I’m so sorry if it felt like I was underestimating you back at the party. I just wanted to protect you from a guy who clearly doesn’t understand what ‘no’ means. I’m sorry but he was making me furious. I know you could stop him too but I know I could not stop myself from punching that asshole in the face.”

Peter got closer and closer to her until their lips met. Y/N moaned his name because this sudden, very heated kiss was very unlike Peter. Peter grabbed her hips and moved his fingers around them while mumbling: “Instead of punching the guy we could do this too, it’s more fun.” Y/N giggled but she was also going insane because of the pleasure Peter gave by sucking her neck. “If you-if you could untie me…” she could barely talk because Peter was already down on her stomach, going deeper. “We could have more fun.” She groaned. “I didn’t know you were into BDSM this much Peter?” She grinned but still whimpering. She could feel Peter’s blushing face getting hotter each second because of what she said down on her belly.

Words | Peter Parker

Summary: The reader cannot figure out for the life of them, what is keeping Peter Parker so busy during the day. His excuse: The Stark Internship…

Warning: Idk…language. It is also really short so sorry.

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Type: Oneshot

Requested by: @signethatsmelol


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Split Lip (Peter Parker x Reader)

A/N: Heyyyyy I’m posting after disappearing for some time!! I’m not sure what this is exactly and there’s not really a plot line and the ending sucks but hey! It’s something that I hope you enjoy! ALSO PLEASE TALK TO ME I DON’T BITE AND I WANNA BE FRIENDS

Warnings: If you’ve read my fics you know it’s pretty much always swearing. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (also this isn’t edited)

Request: No **Literally request things pls I don’t have ideas thx

Summary: Reader is mad at Peter but then can’t remember why because of his damn cute face.

Word Count: 1.8K

“I’m gonna murder him,” you growled, rage seeping through your words as you stomped up to his apartment.

You yanked open the door with your spare key and slammed the door shut behind you.

“Peter Benjamin fucking Park- oh hey May,” you greeted. She just raised her eyebrows slightly at you and nodded her head in the direction of Peter’s room.

“Thanks,” you mumbled, walking over to the all too familiar door.

“Don’t kill him,” May called behind you nonchalantly.

“I’ll try my best,” you said loud enough so she could hear. You violently knocked on the door and didn’t wait for a reply when you pushed the door open harshly so that it hit the wall with a bang. You jumped at the loud noise and checked to make sure you didn’t break the door or something before remembering why you were here. You turned to Peter, his eyes wide with fear.

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Tired [Part: 2]
  • Pairing: Jerome Valeska/Joker x Reader x Peter Parker/Spiderman.
  • AU included: DC/MARVEL
  • Prompt: You had enough with Jerome as he keeps seducing other girls in front of you so you plan to leave him and go to New York. Where you will find yourself stuck in the web of another bug who will fall in love with you.

OMG. YOU GUYS HAVE BEEN SO KIND TO ME AT THE COMMENTS ASDFGHKL. Anyways~ Back to the point! This part 2 took me awhile! ^^”, I don’t really have much complete plot line for this story so yeah. And if you’re wondering, isn’t Gotham actually New York? Well, I knew that and this are two alternate universe conjoined to each other so mind as well say Gotham is different city in this reader insert, also Gotham isn’t really a popular city in this AU so yeah. Enjoy reading!

PART [1] [3] [4] [5] [6]

It was a long ride to New York and you were awakened around the afternoon to find the owner of the bus tapping you.

“Miss, this is the last stop.”

You groaned and hoisted, nodding at the old man and resumed on walking out of the bus. The city of New York was eventful, and you couldn’t help but gawk at how optimistic the people are here. In Gotham, people feared for their lives but here you could see children moving around freely, stands that aren’t broken and everything that is the opposite of Gotham.

You separated the hood that was covering your face off. People here don’t really know much about Gotham so why bother cover up like some paparazzi would start taking picture of you. The rumbling of your stomach disturbed your fantasy, and you started to find some restaurant or whatever eatery that could provide you food for your hunger. Your luck remained beside for you as you found a hotdog stand in a distant. You paid for the hotdog that was on a stick with ketchup that accessorized it. You sat on a bench that was shaded by a tree and started to eat the food. While eating you brought out your cellphone.

And to your fear he texted you.

“Shit, now he would start find me. Better keep a low profile now,” you winced at the thought. You always loved attention and just having a low profile is hard for the formal serial killer.  You threw the phone at the earth and started stomping on it, which made some civilians gaze at you with oddness. You just wanted to stare back at the people and threat but you reminded yourself that you’re trying a new life as a rational person once again.

“There, no tracing me.” You muttered but then you grasped at the reality. “Fuck, now I don’t have a phone…”

You heaved a sigh and clutched your bag and roamed around for a while, trying to find a cheap hotel before you get a job. But then life teases you so much as you made another turn and saw a Mall with an Apple Shop.  You smirked, “Maybe stealing for a second wouldn’t hurt.”

Dragging the hood and is now covering your face, you arrived at the mall in silence. You passed the security with a little trick that Jerome taught you once, just thinking about that name made you wince. As you passed, the guards nod and you’re now almost free to steal hundreds of things in this mall but an IPhone is the only thing you needed for now. Maybe a MacBook too, it was a good decision so you included it at the list to steal in your head.

You entered the shop, and examined for any security cameras. “Of course there would be,” you murmured as you sighted three.

You then went to a laptop, which was not occupied and sneakingly hacked the system and deactivated the cameras one by one. Now your next plan, which you weren’t proud, had, consist of aiming a pistol towards the cashier.

“I need a phone dear, the latest one. And if you don’t hand it over to me I’ll—” you shot one person at the head that was trying to escape.  “Do that to you,” you spoke. Aiming once again to the cashier. “Y-yes sir!” she complied and proceeded to give you an IPhone, “Also give me one of the MacBook Air.” The cashier once again nodded and gave you the bag of the laptop. You proceeded to put the box to your backpack but then heard the girl calling 911. You rolled your eyes then shot her but then you heard the speakers of the mall alarming people.

You took your time but then you heard someone behind you. “Whoa man, stop right there.”

Turning back you saw a man dressed up in a spider suit which was odd because spiders couldn’t possible have red and blue color at the same time, right?

“The fuck is this, child’s play?” you thought out loud. “I wouldn’t think of that if I were you sir.” He then proceeded to shoot some web trying to get the gun but you managed to toss it and catch it with your other hand, you were completely surprised. People in New York have supernatural abilities? This will probably be harder than you thought it would be. You then shot the glass wall and dived in and continued on running, gripping the two bags tightly. The spider boy continued to chase you, you tried to lose him but he was too fast. You started to climb a ladder of a building. You were really talented on gymnastics and parkour because of your job in the circus with Jerome.

When you were now at the rooftop spider boy was there, stretching.

Mister you need to give that back!” you could almost imagine him beaming in triumph. You grumbled then sprint towards him, which made him, shock for a moment but then recovered back, you proceeded to engage a fight with him. You swing some punches to him and tried to kick him, which he kept dodging. Unfortunately, he was too quick and when you avoided one of his fists your hood fell and revealed your ponytailed/hair.

Y-You’re a girl?!” he gasped but then you managed to kick him on the chest and made a run for it. But when you were about to jump off the building and land to another one with such a great distance. Spider boy achieved to fire some webs on your leg when you jumped and tugged you towards him and proceeded to shoot some webs on all of your limbs, straining you. Preventing you to flee. You wriggled frustration is getting you.


“W-whoa! Calm down ma’am.” He brought out both of his hand and raised it beside him in a mocking manner. “If you didn’t stole, you wouldn’t been in this situation.”

The man in spider suit advanced picked the bag and the other bag, which has the laptop in it, hopefully it didn’t broke “Let me just get this and call the police—“


The man stared at you as you started to cry and shout he was confused on why you were acting like that. A trick? No, it seems genuine.


The cops dragged you at the station while you were crying and freaking out. “Madam, that man is a psychopath. He could never love you, he brought you in this situation and you chose to believe him and now this is the punishment.”

NoJ loves me he loves me! He wouldn’t leave me in this son of a bitch jail…. JEROME!” you said, struggling. Some of your faith was vanished when the police said those words. No, he couldn’t possibly abandon you here. Isolated. Few ticks ago, you and Jerome slaughtered most of the children and some parents in a birthday party. One of the neighbors overheard it and called the police leaving you unalert but Jerome knew this. So when you started to blow a punch on one of the children on the face, Jerome said that he would be back with a surprise. This is the second time both of you had a murder spree, so you could call yourself novice. You nodded, grinning at him and heard the door shut.  You continued on punching, stomping, having the time of your life and releasing all of the stress that was buckled up inside you.

You heard someone unlocked the door and you turned back smiling, “Jerome! This is fun!”

But it wasn’t Jerome you saw. It was three cops raising their guns at you. Now, you could easily escape this now but you weren’t witty back then. And that lead to the condition you were, in a cold prison. How did you get out? An acquaintance of Jerome and you from the circus helped you abscond. It was successful but when she said that you shouldn’t do it again and that Jerome is a bad deal you didn’t consider her advice. The next day you went to the circus to find Jerome with a brunette playing some games.

Mr. J!” you called out, they both turned around. The girl was angelic looking but had an aura around her that you didn’t like, when you glanced at Jerome. You swore he looked disappointed but rapidly covered it up. “Oh hey (Y/N)!” No sweet calls, no welcome back. As if he didn’t care you getting sealed up in the dungeon of a jail for five months, no hugs, no anything. Your heart stopped; this was the first time your heart broke due to love. “Who’s she?” the girl inquired Jerome.

“She’s a close friend of mine, hun.” You stared at him, eyes like saucer. “Please excuse us for a moment.”

You were about to speak up for yourself when he held your hand and dragged you in a well dim place. He looked at you, smiled. “I’m happy you’re out darling.” This gave you hope, a small smile managed to creep on to your face. “Don’t worry about her, bug.  She is just my new play toy, I still love you so much. Now be quiet of our relationship darling, it will ruin the fun.” He whispered and pecked your lips, it was quick which you were disappointed about but at least he gave some of his attention.


After that, he continued to do that same act again. Making you trust him, but smash it, then having an affair with another woman but claims that the female is another toy to him and you’re his soul mate.


“Jerome, don’t leave me…. I’m sorry for being a pain in the ass, I’m sorry for disturbing your torture, I’m sorry for asking too many question about the different girls you brought in the house! I just want you to stay Jerome…”

Spiderman looked at you confused but gloomy at the same time.  He wondered what happened to your past life that made your life so miserable. He assumed it was this “Jerome” person you were confessing about. He started to believe that you didn’t seem to be a bad person at all. Well being a homicidal person is unhealthy and awful but you seemed just mentally ill and had a hard time on your life. He couldn’t believe it but he is actually convinced that you can be cured. He pondered to whether give you to the police or just probably help you cope up and have a sane life. He felt sympathy. You seemed really afraid of being in jail; all people are but you in different case.

He sighed, “I’m going to regret this.”

Spiderman!” he heard the cops call out. He then proceeded to slide down the building, landing gracefully on top of the car of the police. “Did you manage to capture the burglar?” the fat police said, while the other police searched for the robber.

“Sorry o-officer…” he gulped. He wasn’t really a good liar; he just hoped they bought it. “The thief escaped. I’m really sorry.”

The policeman sighed, “Well… It happens, not all heroes could do their job perfectly.” He winced, his reputation decreasing.

“Alright, I’ll just go…” he answered back, swinging and jumping back at the building. He saw you passed out, in exhaustion probably.

“Spiderman, helping a criminal. What a news, I just hope I wouldn’t get caught…” He anticipated, detaching his mask. He wiped his sweat and looked at the sunset, then back to you. “What was I thinking?…” Peter walked towards you and kneels down. “Well… Off we go miss criminal, I guess?” he questioned to himself before putting his mask on and picking you up then going back to his and his Aunt May’s apartment.  He was just thankful that Aunt May was on a vacation the one and only Tony Stark.

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A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (Peter Parker x Reader) (Spider-Man x Reader)


You walked down the halls of the school with your friends. It had been a summer since you had talked to Peter and Ned. Some girls had recruited you to become a part of their friend group. They wanted to help you out with confidence and just help guide you in high school. 

The girls taught you had to use makeup properly and helped you choose some clothes that accentuated your personal style and help hug your body better. 

It all began months ago when you had a crush on Peter, yet he was always gawking over Liz in the hallways. You knew he had a crush on her and watched as he watched her walk down the hallways. Something had happened with her family, and she ended up moving to Oregon. 

You had thought about telling Peter about your feelings but you watched as Peter and Ned became closer with their secrets and you began to bud out more of their secret hangouts. 

Flashback to today, the girls helped you pick out a nice denim skirt to couple your outfit. They taught you makeup that could enhance your beauty. They were all jealous of how pretty you were without makeup, after all. 

You traded in your wide lenses for a pair of contacts which helped with your sight much more than foggy glasses ever did. 

As you began to walk down the hallway, you sent a smile at Peter’s way and watched his cheeks burn a red color before he turned to Ned with wide eyes. 

“Dude what the hell happened to Y/N? She was pretty before but it’s like she’s changed she’s more.. confident.” Peter stuttered to Ned as he dreamily watched you walk by. 

“You guys are losers, you know,” Michelle piped up to the two boys gazing at you. 

Peter’s eyes watched your every step as you walked through the hallway, a wider smile on your face. He noticed as you opened your locker and squinted his eyes as he noticed a familiar blue and red logo painted on a small notecard in your locker. 

You had always crushed on the dreamy Spider boy in your city. The way he saved everyone.. it wasn’t hard to fall. 

“Well that’s how I’ll get her!” Peter grinned at Ned with an idea in mind. 


Tonight was the annual back to school party at your house. The girls freaked out earlier after they soon realized Liz used to be the house to provide party festivities but you soon stepped forward, hoping to lock in your new friend group with this task. 

As you smiled at two jocks lugging in a medium sized keg, you turned on your heel and repeatedly opened the door for the next twenty minutes as students swarmed in your house. 

As sigh escaped your lips as you longed at the door, hoping for Peter to walk through it, but you knew Peter would never. It wasn’t his scene. 

Your head turned quickly as you noticed a familiar face walk through the door. You couldn’t help but run over to the old friend curiously, wondering why he was attending a high school party. 

“Ned, hey! What are you doing here? You guys don’t usually come to parties, I mean I’m happy you’re here but also where’s Peter? Is he coming? Actually I don’t care forget I said tha-” you rambled on before Ned rolled his eyes and held up a hand for you to stop. 

“You may have changed Y/N but your personality is the same,” Ned chuckled before checking his watch multiple times as if he was expecting something to happen. 

A loud knock sounded at the door as you cautiously walked towards it seconds later. You peeped through the eyehole of the door and noticed no one anywhere to be seen. As you peeled the door open and stepped outside, a round of gasps were heard in the living room, you quickly shut the door and ran into the living room. 

In your living room stood Spider-Man, balancing himself with one foot on the top of your fire place. You staggered backwards, appalled by the surprise guest and placed a hand over your mouth. 

Before you could step forward to talk to him, the lights had shut off and everyone began to scream, you dizzily stepped to the side, gripping the wall closest to you. You stepped towards the back patio quickly, noticing the little bit of light dimmed outside. 

As soon as you stepped outside, you felt two strong arms grip around your waist and pull you to the roof of your house. 

Seconds later, a round of applause was heard downstairs as the lights had switched back on. 

“Okay Peter here’s your chance,” Ned spoke into the headset as he clicked on his keyboard in your guest bathroom. He had successfully provided a distraction for the party as the lights came back on. 

“Thanks man,” Peter spoke as he held a finger to his ear piece, before looking to your shocked expression. 

You staggered back, walking around the roof, and noticed the high stature before dizzily placing a hand on a brick stature located on the roof. 

Peter took the opportunity and reached up to the cable wiring hovering the house and stuck his web to it before hanging upside down. He cleared his throat softly, attempting to grab your attention. 

You turned around seconds later, catching Peter’s eye and stepped towards him, lips parted in surprise. 

“Why did you-” before you could finish the sentence, Peter shot out a web at you and jerked it in a sideways motion, making you spin in his direction. 

Peter grabbed your hips carefully, steadying your failing balance as he tucked a piece of hair behind your ear. 

“Ive seen you..” Peter cleared his throat seeking some other sentence, “uh, around the city and I think you’re beautiful,” he rambled in a speedy tone. 

Spider-Man’s quick yet adorable attempt at flirting caused you to step closer, you ran your hands over the web-like ridges of his suit. You noticed the wear and tear on the suit and pressed gently against the surface of the material, feeling the pressure of his muscles. 

“Aren’t you dreamy?” you mumbled, eyes flicking to the white eye holes of Peter’s mask. 

You reached up and began to roll down the mask of the dreamy hero, biting down on your bottom lip to contain your wide grin. 

As you stepped forward, you pressed your lips to his and heard as Spider-Man let out a small groan of pleasure back before reciprocating the kiss. 

A loud bang was heard miles away, a blue explosion seen in the distance. You watched as Spider-Man crawled down from his web-like hold of the cable and rolled back down his mask. His shock expression still visible as he stumbled a few steps away from you before directing his attention to the explosion. 

He turned to look at you before picking you up bridal style and jumping back down the first level of the house. He attempted to speak a few times but stuttered too much for you to understand. 

Before he left he pulled up his mask barely before pressing one last kiss to your lips and pulling the mask back down. You watched as the dreamy boy fell over his feet once before jumping effortlessly over a ten foot fence, shooting his webs at the endless light lamps down the street. 

“Oh I’m in trouble,” you mumbled, feeling the heat of your cheeks as they turned pink.